Curren$y - Incarcerated Scarfaces Lyrics

He looks determined, without being ruthless
Something heroic in his manor
(Yup, Yup)
There's a courage about him, doesn't look like a killer
(Yeah, Yeah)
Comes across so calm
Act's like he has a dream
(At the drop spot every morning)
Full of passion
(More keys than you could want)
You don't trust me huh?
You know why
(Doing it for fun)
I do, we're not supposed to trust anyone in our profession anyway
(Do what I want)

(Yeah, yeah)
(Do it cause I want)
(Do it cause you don't)
(Cause you won't)

Uh, marble cake watch
Sliding out the 'Rarri
Smoke a zip with the young killers outside the party
Don't get stole, soul snatched from your body
Talk slick to strapped niggas, knowing you ain't got it
Tried to school em, this is drug dealer college
That logic, could bring you profit if you applied it
Instead of laying up homie, entertaining gossip
I swear some of them niggas need to see the gynecologist
Jet Life, this mafia shit
Stashed the Corvette and the luggage set
By my one doctor bitch
At the drop of a hat, I could hop scotch the [?]
Plenty stacks from this digital trap
Now you see me, now you don't
Buying pretty much anything I could want
Hustling, like I don't have a home and a studio
With the bone, stuffing hella game in these songs
I came in the Range with the fog lights on
Smoking champagne, only the finest strains
You still smoking on that motherfucking reg strain
While I'm running on that 93 octane
Audio Dope Man, Dope Man
Real as a motherfucker and so is my gold chain
Penning that cocaine and you know mane

You know mane
Weed & Instrumentals
Part 2
Dadada da da
Dadada da da
Jet Life, Jet Life, Jet Life
Jet Life, Jet Life, Jet Life

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Curren$y Incarcerated Scarfaces Comments
  1. made desires


  2. Austin Robinson

    Underrated AF


    He too high to care tho lol.

    Bonus points for knowing where that line comes from..

  3. Marcos Paulo

    Som bem loco 💀🇧🇷

  4. D!p-STiCK GODz

    Who’s/what’s that in the beginning??

  5. Torien Turner

    Modern day Mac dre

  6. Abragram Stinkin

    Rain delays is more concrete than this.

  7. DanThaMan Rodz

    The realest

  8. Phil Taylor

    Spitta never fails thank God homie 💪💪💪

  9. loboy Dolo

    This forever 🔥 #JetLife 🤙🏿✈️

  10. P. Sz.

    mirin dat rollie

  11. Collin Rose

    Had too come bac 🔥🔥🔥

  12. Eric White

    Where can I get this Hat??

  13. adrian garcia

    Had to pack anotha dab for this

  14. brad h

    i just noticed curren y's hat


    She ain't for you. she for the game

  16. Segah

    i just BODIED this beat and its on my page NOWWWW

  17. Supreem Scheem


    The Melvin Family

    Supreem Scheem you already

  18. Supreem Scheem

    ok spitta thats how you coming

  19. Trey B

    Jetz fool!

  20. Andres Rincon

    jet life...✈

  21. Q kinG

    Chi town Jets in here

  22. Scotty P

    whats the name of the liquor he drinking


    grand maneier

    Leo Velli

    *Grand Marnier

  23. Devon Amo

    Spitta my guy but i needed more on this beat right here


    Nah man he killed this beat!

  24. ____

    yessss more spitta! badass!

  25. Viktor Moreno

    He hit that hoe right? lol

  26. Flamez Kush


  27. Devin Ciccarello

    i like it but he sounds a bit sloppy too

  28. Strategic Air Command Sports TV

    the best

  29. Jeff Rayborn

    Listen to Vibe Feelings- N- Dealing$ EP by rayborn-89 #np on #SoundCloud

  30. Melly Mell

    Only Spitta! #JetLife

  31. orlando gamez

    yoooo what are thoes shorts with the blue and green "OG" ?? too cold.

    Kevin Barreto

    orlando gamez Andretti OG. His brand

  32. Cee Dagr81

    Jets bitch!!!!!

  33. tobin Cirullo

    woooh wonder how the god rae feel about curren$y use his beat
    wutang foe life

  34. smoke a joint

    I can hardly keep up, this nigga work so hard

  35. Jordan LeSaicherre


  36. Leo Mendez

    Loving the flow

  37. Leo Mendez

    what movie's are played in the beginning?

  38. Leo Mendez

    what movie's are played in the beginning?

  39. The WonDufful Channel

    the epitome of independent artist. game strong bruh

  40. 93remix

    I hope I'm not the only UP NORF EAST COAST DUDE that KNOWS this is what RAP is supposed to sound like. good SPITT! LOL!

  41. JREEL

    My nigga

  42. Esther Evonne Purvis

    Love Spitta.....been listening for a min. He's in his own lane. Don't know any artist who stays so on top of their game. His only competition his himself.

  43. GMR9X

    Boy said he's in the range with the fog lights on....I had too replay that shit back. Too real..

  44. Jonathon Martinez

    You just DON'T STOP ... GOAT

  45. Jet Mistress

    i LOVE when he raps cocky because he has every right too. Gon head Spitta. Talk that shit!

  46. Jet Mistress

    i love this man a little too much. Fuck. He's really my favorite. I would HAPPILY only listen to him and his work for the rest of my life, with no problem at all. He is just too cool, too dope, and all the way real. Mad inspirational to a young woman like me. Mad Love Spitta.

  47. Cris G

    damn Spitta thats some fire 🔥

  48. Vanessa Verrilli

    Come back to Toads in NH. CT.🎧🎶😎✌

  49. Vanessa Verrilli

    love that you brought this beat back to life👌🎶

  50. Fliii High

    all they need is stalley ,big krit

  51. 408skills.

    Hella lame.. what is this two and a half bars on a already been produce.


    +Fliii High yee ive got that work and that old How Fly album and all the shit after

    Roy Joshua

    This nigga probably jams Young Thug and Future religiously lol pay him no mind, just another fuckboi

    Roy Joshua

    +TheBX420 *real niggas not on that jet life lol that dude's a lame, Spitta throws flows for us down to earth homies


    +Roy Joshua what?... I be on that jet life

    Roy Joshua

    +TheBX420 not you nigga lol I'm talking about that lame who posted this original comment

  52. Angel 666

    I haven't heard currency's music, but he was actually spitting some heat! Hol up

  53. George Jurgens

    Big ups to Raekwon incarcerated scar faces- Spitta still G as ever!

    Century SAM

    Big ups to RZA for this beat...

  54. Mr.Jemehl Neal

    that my dog

  55. Jahlil Leewilliams

    That ending clean asf. 😌

  56. Adam Paolella

    never stop

  57. Wakanda Savage 9000 AF

    Raekwon would be proud LIFE!!!

  58. Stakk Boy Lo

    Let them fools sleep we gone keep cruising



  59. uga honkey

    Hell yes that rainy dayz intro my man spitta keeps it old school

    Robbin hood Theory

    That intro from cuban linx purple tape. Raekwon. Dont know what movie raekwon got it from maybe somebody will fill me in

  60. My Name Is Chavez


  61. Jan Aeschlimann

    Raekwon over this anyday....

    456 123

    your point? lmfaoo its not a comp, get outta here with tha negativity

  62. txfc23

    sorry spitta you have to roll with the og's on this one. Rae and Ghost killed it on the flow and knowledge... pay some homage to the wu.

  63. Dontcha lovevegas

    The OG version is one of my top 10 fav songs of all time. Raekwon and Tony killed that whole fuckin cd tho..

  64. Brodii2Raw !

    Respect for that Sammy Watkins jersey!
    #BillsMafia #JetLife

  65. GEE WEST

    I been sleepin on 👀'z are wide open! #DopeArtist.. #JetLife #LowriderLife

  66. Brandon Baker


  67. mercarelli the don

    this is a straight insult to the original version or anybody that ever freestyled to this beat

  68. 4peace equation20

    u have to smoke weed if u listening to spitta or else u wont understand this nigga cuz his style too fly

  69. steeler904

    the video too dope!

  70. 13huala

    man i got one question why doesnt He cut his finger nails

    Reality X-avi: Graphic design, Editing & etc.

    to break the week strains and to hold the roach


    +xavier smith thanks man i was wondering


    1. INSTANT BLUNT CUTTERS!! 2. u can dip a nail in some COKE to make sure your product is good 3. true pimps(and I don't know if he claims PIMPOLOGY) but, if u watch the documentary AMERICAN PIMP, the OLDEST and REALEST PIMP in the game have manicured nails. #LESSONs

  71. HighDeasTV

    *Nods* - MH

  72. Nate Knows

    Only dislike was from spitta cos he know he can cause damage in this game! #Jetsforever

  73. 420_visionZ

    I'm J.E.T.S.

  74. Guilty Simpson

    Already a legend

  75. silentchaos14

    Episode 2 don't work, fix that shit already.

  76. Jonathan Doesepth

    that smokewiser hat tho

  77. Alec Garcia

    Man this shit ride

  78. icebergs4

    The fact my mans aint got millions of subscribers is disrespectful.

  79. Harp Eight Sixty

    One of the dopest beats in rap history....

  80. maicol cordoba

    currensy excelente

  81. 305 R.A.P

    i was sleep but soon as i woke up i seen it, notification game on point

  82. Holmquist

    0 dislikes


    not anymore

  83. Reggie Camofliyge


  84. Torres Chumel

    "Some night we look cool, some night we look crazy"

  85. OG Loc


  86. Alejandro Andrade

    Only Built for Cuban Linx #JetLife WuKillaBeez

  87. YoungDavis419

    Stack Or Starve And We Eatin Out Chea ✊🏽 #JETSnoNY🌬💨💨💨🛫🌫☁️🌧⛈🌨🌫🛬

  88. Paper Plates Clothing Co.

    Currency's stock goes up by the week.

  89. D' Boi Cardiyae

    Jet La la la Life😎😤✈💨💨💨💨💨💨💨💨💨💨

  90. D Distance

    Killed this

  91. RickJames1811

    Another Audio D shipment...Strictly for High Pilots

  92. JetxLife408

    Jammin to this 🔥🔥🔥

  93. t2p

    Shout out from London UK.... Jet lyfe


    @t2p Shoutout from Birmingham UK. Jet life 👊🎧


    London Lyfers, we need the EU tour asap!