Curren$y - Drugs Wars & World Tours Lyrics

[Corner Boy P:]
Weed & Instrumentals
Drug Wars, World Tours

Drug wars and world tours
Slutty bitches, love these hoes
Money's something I can't ignore
It's the beauty in the eye of God
It's the beauty in the eye of God
But the money's something I can't ignore
Slutty bitches, love these hoes
World tours and drug wars
Pure white call it [?]
My trap house a holy place
Both hands together, amazing grace
He was lost, but they found him slain
Come and slow dance with the Devil
Won't cha-cha with a shotta
Hundred guns, team strong
Still hustlin' money long
Assassinations for the throne
At the table, each his own
Ice water in the bong
Some niggas real, some is clones
My main homie switched up on
I'm in the field all alone
So I'm cautious on the street
Pistols all through the home
'Cause if they catch you slippin' then you dinner
Don't be an entree on the menu
Ain't fucked her since September
And I ain't talked to her since September
So many hoes, I don't need remember
So many drugs, I don't need remember
Got hella stoned out in Denver
All these rocky miles around the finger

Money stacked tall as me
And all I did was keep it G
I never jumped in other lanes, no matter what they offered me
What label work as hard as we?
We drop them kilo's every month
Got Cutlass, Monte Carlo, Regal's
All kinda action in the trunk
Fiends lined up out front
Have your mind set on what you want
When you step inside the workshop
Put your hustle down, and then you stunt
Skipping levels get's you fucked up
It's a game and every step you learn
So don't be so quick to jump
One false move will get you burned
I'm rolling up, as I turn, the corner smoking marijuana
You can smell me from the curb
When the Rolls Royce pull up on you
I'm smokin' stronger than pneumonia
In an Andretti kush coma
Smoked a half before the morning
No sleep, niggas still going

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Curren$y Drugs Wars & World Tours Comments
  1. SLR Route

    Aight so who originally mixed this beat? 😂🔥

  2. Damian Williams

    I would love to hear this song slowed and reverb

  3. Alright Visual

    he killed this

  4. FAtal Tha One

    these nigga hard af

  5. King Jae

    I need this actually instrumental dog this shit speaking to me

    BugsBunny 313

    DJ WILLI is it speaking English

    King Jae

    Naw Bars


    this song get me through the day everyday