Curren$y - Canal Street Boys Lyrics

(I won't stand for this)
Yeah, yeah, yeah
300 grand on it
Pull up to the show, hop out the stand on it

300 grand on it
Pull up to the show, hop out the stand on it
Did my dance on it
Don't try to copy me, fuck up your advance homie
You're not the same, your hustle must expand homie
If I like where I land then I cop land
Nice crib with a pool and I party plan
Your bitches comin' where it's money
They ain't have to have it, they just wanna touch it
Had three of my Rollies on when we was fuckin'
Cause I ain't trust [?] to come up, move for these suckers
I'm way above 'em
Stand high, my name buzzin'
That's from that stuntin'
They taught me not to be a factor
But now they love 'em
Heard 'em dabbin' and then some actin', that's more money
Every angle of the game I attack, it's all covered
Came through in that sun-meringue coupe
It was island water blue
If you broke, you never knew, you never in the loop
I'm ballin' out, too small to be playin' hoops
I'm still slam dunkin' Chevrolets on stainless shoes
Double S Impala yeah bitch I'm seeing twos
Double S Impala yeah bitch I'm seeing twos
My diamonds reflecting different hues
I tell my girl to run upstairs and switch her jewels
Put your evening wear on we making night moves
She watch me sign a big deal in her Giuseppe heels
Shit straight, I always knew this was how I would feel
I ain't always had that paper but I been real

Keep it in, Chevy on switch a nigga
We smokin' weed in it, laughin' in the picture
Keep it in, Chevy on switch a nigga
We smokin' weed in it, laughin' in the picture
Laughin' in our picture, niggas really get hit
Wouldn't talk about if niggas wasn't listenin'
If you need to see it you can come and visit
Yeah niggas different
Keep it in, Chevy on switch a nigga
We smokin' weed in it, laughin' in the picture
Keep it in, Chevy on switch a nigga
We smokin' weed in it, laughin' in the picture

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Curren$y Canal Street Boys Comments

    Everytime I think I heard everything....boom...another one🔥. Lol, archeologist will be finding new tracks a 1,000 years from now like damn son!

  2. Skktj

    version with st wiz also nice

  3. Albert Rob


  4. qwertykevin1

    Certainly has remained real. No doubt there

  5. freee sosaa

    300 grand on it...

  6. Jama MOOS

    Jet Life to the Next Life from Somalia 🇸🇴✈💙✌🏿

  7. Sacred Starlight_94

    My man Spitta can hop on any beat and just be guaranteed to straight kill that shit Jets 🤙

  8. Kilo

    who here for 2019 ?

  9. Jordan Harris

    still fire

  10. 3rd coast shots

    How is this not on 20 million views shit 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  11. D Abraham

    Where he get that hat from

  12. bangla shaq

    First rule:never trust a bitch.
    currensy props as always

  13. Jimmy Bangerz

    Love This Track ! Canal St. Is Where I Was Born !

  14. HazeMazter Cayenne

    2018 till the year 3000 iLL MAKE SURE MY KIDS BANG THIS........ 4 2 0 All Day Long.....

  15. Shawn Yarrell

    should have over a million views this is sad guys...jetlife


    s p I t t a ✈️✈️✈️

  17. Diego Rodriguez

    yall sayan hes in his prime when he stole the beat from fat nick and $b-2 hot 4 u

  18. fuckwhatuthought

    2:28 jordan?

  19. kevin Armstrong

    This is the shit

  20. Leo Velli


  21. Chüy BLönte

    From g.shocks to Rolex’s 🤙🏼🤙🏼 check out his music video for “16 switches”

  22. kevin Armstrong

    Love this

  23. Jake S

    Caught on late you fuckin spazzed

  24. J&A Adventures

    Jet life 4 life 🛫🛫🛫🤙

  25. Ejik Lumbres


  26. ybzuoiun ygzh xintyawmade

    Big ups to the Rich Uncle if that Weed & Instrumentals 3 finna drop!

  27. Kylen W

    True Og

  28. sddgyiiioo xfggghjjjk


  29. chris young

    Whats the original instrumental?


    Rick ross?

  30. Jatyrus Glass

    Curren$y the homie

  31. Dago Rosa

    Did my dance on em ! Huhh !

  32. María camacho

    You dont need to know him like that to realize you'll get along with em... He just straight chillin

  33. Vivie Vei

    my nigga

  34. Keith Bell

    Currensy the most consistent fab is defiantly right behind em

  35. yung existential crisis

    hold up my nigga of the month been liftin? icu. still rockin the high socks like a mug. much love always.

  36. J Kush


  37. Napalm Life

    This song takes on a whole new meaning in Manchester

  38. Atunga Kabogo Wycliff

    Nigga smokes the hell out of weed..

  39. Andres Chavez

    its aight...

  40. EricFIT

    1:30-1:37 fire

  41. ola dioss

    spitta going off on them experimental beats...he needs to do more shit like this...P.S WE WAITING ON ANOTHER COLLAB WITH AL THE CHEMIST!

  42. Levar Hicks

    Damn, if you blink you'll miss a curren$y song


    It's made to play to whole mixtape front to back

  43. Eric Gucci

    I aint always have that paper but i been real !

  44. Vincy Boy

    I really like this song🔥🔥🔥 what's the instrumentals called ......

  45. P.G.Justin J


  46. Adam N.

    Double Ss Impala's Yeah Bitchh im seeeing twooo's - Classic

  47. Ivan Torres

    he's always with that fire

  48. Martin Pizarro

    @Marvin Mcgill feel ya on that. im from Wshington state everyone tryn hear panda or something else 8 cant understand

  49. Boobie Brown

    Who originally got on this beat anyways??? I sincerely feel sorry for em'.

  50. David De La Cruz

    killed it right quick

  51. flyboii214

    🔥🔥🔥🔥 in need of new speakerz

  52. Taylor Collins

    Spitta is my favorite artist in the past 14 years, and has been consistent for the past 4 years straight, only getting better #Jetlife #Cruiselife #SpittaAndretti #StreetCustoms

  53. Catch Wreck

    Damn wish the song was longer

    Mr. T Bean

    Live Grenade listen to Street Wiz Jets ova everything. JETLIFE

  54. Brielle Thomas

    Well said every damn track

  55. Ryan R

    damn right, shit is so sick

  56. RickJames1811

    9 F00Lz missed this Jet! This gotta be one of Spitta's hardest cuts...and he has a lot of em'. Respect

  57. Nathan Fleming

    This shit go sooo fuckin fuckin harrrrrrrddduahhh 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  58. Dashaun Hawkins

    i played this same song more than most cats entire mixtapes.rap game legend


    i did too haha

  59. Jeffery Barbee


  60. Kdawg #Louisi-Animal

    Man couldn't wait til Spitta cop da SS impala one my favorite whips

  61. Лубомир Фенык

    respect every non mainstream rapper who rocking gold rolex

  62. OnlyOneBeezy


  63. Lance Daniels


  64. sebastrik


  65. MoneyMone985

    2.BIG/2 Pac
    3.Jadakiss/Styles P
    5.Max B/Raekwon/Big L
    6 man. UGK

  66. Truth Reason

    Jet Life💨

  67. Ike Jaramillo

    Woah 5 dislikes

  68. rudy camacho

    Visuals always fire

  69. the real deal

    jet life💰💰

  70. Rodtinae Jones

    shit tough


    Probably the most hard working rapper to this day he always dropping something that's a rapper for your ass

  72. Big Duce

    Spitta The Realist doin it, Consistently putting in work! Salute Jet Life!✈✈✈

  73. Boom Da Cannon

    snapped on this

  74. Haks Hustle

    3 Ross related tracks in a row.. Maybe he's working on something with mmg or maybe he's just vibing

  75. Another Stoner

    same hoes

  76. Art Da Prophet

    let My slang be next.....Lifeeee

  77. Art Da Prophet


  78. teknikal

    3 G stuntin....JET LIFE

  79. Christian Germosen

    people who slept on spitta are having nightmares now, JETLIFE.

  80. Cartier McGwire

    my dawg always workin

  81. jul392

    Wow ! I need this song in my spaceship, damn!

  82. square1990


  83. Shawn C Gomez

    curren$y is in his second prime...better yet his third my nigga shit is timeless

    Kevin White

    always will be in his prime

    Morgan Stephens

    Dude's mastered stoner rap.
    Am I right, or am I right?
    Yea you got Snoop, Cyprus Hill..Dr. Dre's Chronic...
    And unlike that 90's stuff, oh and Bone Thugs...
    Curren$y is one of the most unique, understated and slept on MCs of all time.
    He's turned this shit into a brand
    Moving that audio dope
    Jet Life
    Spitta Andretti

    He took what they put down, and ran with it. Usain Bolt style ya digg

    Shawn C Gomez

    +Morgan Stephens preach young wigga preach

  84. Ramon Morales

    Why does this sound like fat nick 2hot4u 😤

  85. Wezzy B

    2 guys disliked cos spitta hits their girl

  86. Axel Smith

    Curren$y low key working out

  87. Air McCarthy

    Island water blue . .... You are surely overlooked and it shouldn't be like that jet life or it's no life ... Only independent record label that pushes their whole roster ... Spitta Diamond boys are apart of the movement my whole team cap.

  88. Hell Rell

    this dude putting in work and killing it but it don't seem right w/o hearing Roddy and Smoke Dza and Fiend

  89. Roll Safe

    Swear this is the same hoes instrumental, Rick Ross 🤔

  90. Julien Alexander

    I fucks with Curren$y

    Diego Rodriguez

    he stole the beat

  91. Broyale26

    I throw up that JETS sign while whiteboys suck me up-no homo.

    Mr. T Bean

    Broyale26 yo are on every you a wild punk. Do you though.

  92. G1990ist

    where can I find that hat? but with Southeast Los Angeles on it

    Ebony Mosley

    only got them kind in new orleans pr on hos website

    Ruben Medina, Jr

    G1990ist tonto

  93. steeler904

    if I like where I land then I cop land! lets gooo spittaa, jets at ya fuckin neck

  94. Beast Laser

    y'all sleeping