Curren$y - All On One Tape Lyrics

Rest in peace Soulja Slim, Lil Snupe, Big L
2 Pac, Biggie, Lil Derrick, Pimp C, Yellow Boy [?]

Got me feelin like
This weed got me feelin like
This money got me feelin like

I'm hella high and these niggas so jive
Hate in they eyes as I drive by, but never will I ask why
It must just suck to be a never fly, underling
This is a boss thing, and these are boss rings
Sunshine on my fingers through the windows of the Gulf Stream
What you know G? Hoe, you don't know me
41 millimeter Rollie, tryna be low key
Please, them bitches spotted me soon as I slid in
I had my girl with me it ain't make them hoes no different
They was still tryna get it
But you ain't gotta lie to kick it
Might be down with it, if she dig ya
I'm outside with the killas, talkin peace
In the breeze, smoking weed but next week I'm Snow Beach Polo Skis
Four inch freeze, me in the prime of my life
I made the hustle and my bitch become sister-wives
And now the love is intertwined, money on my mind'

Got me feeling like 8 Ball, MJG and Too $hort was all on one tape Lord
Got me feeling like, Jay-Z, AZ, Nas, Rick Ross, Scarface was all on one tape Lord, got me feeling like
Tha Dogg Pound, Nipsey Hussle, DJ Quik and MC Eiht was all on one tape dawg, Lord
Got me feeling like OutKast, Cam'ron and Lil Wayne was all on one tape Lord, got me feeling like
All on one tape
Like they was all on one tape Lord, got me feelin like
Soulja Slim, Pimp C - all on one tape Lord, got me feeling like
2 Pac, Bigge Smalls, Eazy-E was all on one tape Lord
Got me feeling like
And Dilla did the beats
Max B
And then DJ Screw slowed it up
Dom Kennedy
Then Jam Master Jay did some scratches on it
Big K.R.I.T., Killer Mike, Slim Thug, Gunplay
All on one tape Lord

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Curren$y All On One Tape Comments
  1. Twizz The Whiz Kid

    "Got me feeling like Dogg Pound, Nipsey Hussle, MC Eiht, & DJ Quik was 'All On One Tape'".

  2. New Dope


  3. Thabo Segota

    this deserves a grammy..way ahead of its time

  4. Tony Borum

    Outkast, Kamron, and Lil Wayne?? Sheesh...

  5. Myra Chocolatechipz

    Still listening in 2019....

  6. qwertykevin1

    Talk about a hard chorus to try to sing a long too

  7. qwertykevin1

    Everyone mentioned in this song shall live forever

  8. Deem E

    Rip Slim his career was over the same year it started

  9. Badboyjoey 3

    Lol No Drake That wassup 😂🔥🔥

  10. ryan fish

    Quiet when bosses speakin


    2019 still working for me!

  12. Trevy M

    R.i.p Nipsey Hussle. Jet Life!

  13. Lamereo Hargett

    He said nipsey hustle name in there it crazy that hes dead now....riplegendnip

  14. Dax Comer

    Rip nipsey Hussle

  15. Clem Fivekiller

    Curren$y is from New Orleans you bitch ass playlist Foo. I'm here now fr Htown respond when you read this. Respect Louisiana artists bitch


    This production is fuckin sick!!!!

  17. eetherMaN904


  18. Henry Miller

    Ppl do not appreciate this man OMG how is half of his music not at at least a mill , this dudes been putting out pure soulful classic music consistently for years now but then again views mean nothing in my book 🛩️


    Thanks 4 not selling out... True Boss!

  20. Terrence Booker

    I imagined all of them artist on One Tape

  21. Nappy Ty

    Still bang 018$

  22. Karl Sylvain

    spitta please never die

  23. Alex Mark

    Asombroso 🙏

  24. Dee Dee

    Dude the real og bro

  25. Landon Oilphant

    This beat Jesus

  26. Fonso Lbc

    Im glad he got new music. It was right on time. We are need of new music from these OGs cause the new rappers arent doing so well






    dope theme lord

  30. loboy Dolo

    #JetLife ✈️🤙🏿

  31. Dewayne Smith

    Listening to his art makes me believe he really did want to be a teacher #jlr

  32. plus77mann

    Used to play this joint EVERY morning

  33. jason andrews


  34. James Hudgeon

    the most perfect laid back beat ever made period

  35. Ostrich Wayne

    this shit is fire

  36. Ostrich Wayne

    curren$y is hip hop.

  37. Ostrich Wayne

    DR.DRE, produced this shit Curren$y is that dude.

  38. Valentino Parker

    the track has this feeling tho

  39. stanis3k

    so chill

  40. Dontae Fisher

    dope shit

  41. Jet Life Gaming

    Till the the next

  42. _Jaydee_

    41 millimeter rollie tryna be lowkey please them bitches spoted me soon as i walk in


    Good to see my nigga spitta actually has a record player he can play some of those records Nardwuar gave em.

  44. Alexander Stockton

    This shit is velvety smooth

  45. sddgyiiioo xfggghjjjk


  46. Chapo Benz

    Wayne would be smooth on this beat with his flow

  47. Louis B


  48. Matt Barz Productions

    i make some hot curren$y type beats though

  49. David Geer

    I swear this beat is so chill!

  50. JosephEyE

    damm spitta this shit baaangg how us natives say it on the Rez rezpect👌🏾 🎶😎

  51. Bj Redus

    yo currensy is a legend in my eyez!!! hell I got a CD book wit just his music only!!! but I feel what he rappin about Dow.. I feel that way 2!! u smoke or drink @ listen to oldies u know what I'm sayin!!! I'm sure alot of kats do that!!!! but that nigga got me on the records Dow... I got tha throwback CD's!!! lol jetlife!!!!

  52. E.N.G Creation

    the goal is still to have Spitta on one of my beats... since I started back in 2010

  53. Fliii High

    he is acknowledged is just that because hes not on the radio thats all..he didnt sell out..thats why on his blue 65 it says way better off

    Raheem Shabazz

    Fliii High I'm underground so I dont get that mainstream shine and my people complaining about it all the time, I send em pictures of my Rolls Royce next to my Ferrari let em know that I'm doing fine

  54. Kyle Duke

    spitta one of the illest

  55. Adiyb Hill

    The ones who sleeping on it don't deserve it

    Mac TV

    Adiyb Hill exactly

  56. Kimrelle McClure

    true fans of his music realize that he's comfortable with the recognition he gets. Don't think he's trying to take that mainstream route. This is what makes him better than the others.


    He never was trying to become mainstream, he's wants to stay underground.

    Khamisi Lightbourne

    He already was mainstream just didn't blow up

  57. banister nisba

    SpaCe is the limit ; )

  58. Psilocybin Enhanced Monkey

    Trademark, Roddy, Spitta, Smoke DZA all on one tape.... lalala lala #JetLife #MissTheTrio

  59. Psilocybin Enhanced Monkey

    Spitta is that dude

  60. Noah Van Way

    Got me feeling like Spitta , J.Cole , Kendrick , & young Roddy was all on one tape

  61. jdrobin1

    Gotdamn this shit is flames. Man this dude really never disappoints. Keep it going Spitta. This shit makes folks dream when we smoke, drink and ride out. LEGEND

  62. Paper Plates Clothing Co.

    Lil wayne.. if your reading this. Please drop a 16 on this masterpiece

  63. Loudpac31

    Bumbaclott. This shit is Fye 😂

  64. Zek jr

    tru #ugk

  65. Owl FPV

    Yo I'm white AF and I love this nigga... Smokin that legal weed up in Maine...respect to the spitta!

  66. Maurice Pollock

    "picking up bags" should be a video #greatpieceofwork

  67. michaelmarlowe221


  68. Rad Cowley

    who made this great beat? raise your hand

  69. Kev Knows

    so, Kayla is officially his girl now ??

  70. huddy combs

    Where did this sample come from???

  71. Avenue Boy Nino

    come check out my latest music on my page

  72. john1120

    "N.o One E.ver R.eally D.ies in search of" one ofthe greatest albums ever.

  73. 678WiseGuy

    love this guy , we have almost the exact same taste in music too

  74. Reggie Camofliyge

    rip mr magic cant never forget .spitta camofliyge all on one tape dawg......... Life✈

  75. Slymm Star Beats

    Hit my page for them Jet Life beats. I swear to God. Quality Lifer beats. Marcelo owe us a track frfr.

  76. Mdot

    lawd jesus

  77. Young French

    smoking purple & Sour Out Tha Raw

  78. 2Cara Banks

    thank you 4 rapping some real shyt...Spitta we need ya big homie

  79. Dour High

    word 💯😎

  80. Ash ketchup

    those shoes ,the flow, the coolness,what a G

  81. Lewis Gilfillan

    If he stayed with young money back in 2000s he would be more known. But he decided to do his own thing and went independent.


    nah if he stayed with cash money he wouldn't be booming like he is now.

    Lewis Gilfillan



    @Lewis Gilfillan no really he has creative freedom thus creating his own lane. JETS INTL.

  82. Mitchell Sadowski

    What message is he conveying in this song? What's he meaning



  84. ciel phantomhive

    jayz big pun aliyah all one tape. lord

  85. Deon Mclemore

    Usually rappers get on tracks and talk down on all the rappers in the game.. leave it up to OG Spitta to Turn the hating into congratulating.

  86. PHONE ON 2%

    I See Spitta Fuck With Camp Lo ✨ Who Else?

  87. PHONE ON 2%

    Imagine This Song Slowed Down....

  88. 408skills.

    current$y drop bombs on this track

  89. Working Hard

    man spitta this realest ,,1hunnid ,,new orleans forever

  90. 757Ptown

    Thank you!!!!! This is my personal favorite off the mixtape. This joint should be played on the mainstream fo real

  91. James

    I made the hustle and my bitch become sister wives . bitch hoooollin' ! 🔥🔥

  92. StreetKurrency Entertainment

    Never a let down Curren$y came with some real 🔥🔥💯

  93. CHAD !

    i Luvv It

  94. Steve

    Why isn't curren$y noticed as a legend yet to the whole hip hop community , shit is pissing me off on how this man drops classics and nobody ain't saying shit 🤔


    @X X I'mma real fan dawg, don't trip. That's why I said homie been in the game for a minute. I got over 700 songs with Spitta in them and I'm pretty sure I have every tape. Even got Sports Center.


    Damn you are a true fan too, smoke one to dat


    this nigga been on since no limit he a legend fuck anyone who disagree


    X X he's an underground king and a legend. I don't want fuck boys to start fucking with spitta, he for the lowkey niggas getting money in there own lane

    Kelvin Jenkins

    Yeah, I was about to say majority of the world don't see him as a legend, but the real fans view him as a Legend.

  95. Anthony Archibald

    So glad me made a video for this track, deserved it.

  96. soufseas

    Can't wait to get og inna shirt he motivate n always givin game @soufseas2k check my shirts out y'all

  97. Dwayne Gayle

    spitta my brother ✈!!!!