Curren$y - All I Know Lyrics

Adidas slides, when I arrive
Hundreds socks, money knots
Left a couple killers outside, under strict instruction
If I ain't back in 15 minutes, They tryin somethin, Rush em
Chichi get the yayo
We could shape into what we want like Play-Doh, with this batch
A Ferrari FF hatchback
Brown cajun, blazin out the sour patch
Time lapsed, clouds passed, My mind wraps around plans to bring in more cash
Make em more mad, Jernt burnin slow
Biscayne Bay, Cigarrete Boats go fast
I know what they used to call em, because Im OG used to ballin
Now homie you can’t see, but you pretend that you was lookin for em
In a player ass loft witcho girlfriend cookin for em

Money hoes clothes, yea that’s all a nigga know
Stars on the roof bitch, marble on the floor
A hunnit jernts comin yea that’s all a nigga know
Tell the truth you know I get it bitch, and all these niggas know

Fifty roaches in the ashtray
Smokin better than good on a bad day
I could see my cars from this balcony
Bitch you could touch the stars from this balcony
Schoolin em
Teachers lounge, Drinkin crown with the faculty
To trade this, I had to be crazy bitch
Thought I made dumb decisions til they saw I made it stupid rich
Played it smart with my mind, not my heart
Automatic start, and assisted parallel park
And I don’t even like new cars, this for my broad
Grind hard with my dogs
Day oners, front runners, the done numbers
1997 Bulletproof Hummers
61 Impalas with the gold bumpers
Double antennas
Rap hustlin ass niggas smokin out yo bidness center for the whole winter

Money hoes clothes, yea that’s all a nigga know
Stars on the roof bitch, marble on the floor
A hunnit jernts comin yea that’s all a nigga know
Tell the truth you know I get it bitch, and all these niggas know

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Curren$y All I Know Comments
  1. SuperCake 22

    "50 roaches in the ash tray,
    Smoking better than good on a bad day" 😎

  2. Christopher Pixley


  3. Furious Stylez

    Ton of gemz spit in this song weather u wanna hustle illegally r legal this song give u that drive to get it in a safe way real boss talk

  4. Nicholas Rolling

    Take that 5million advance and make the PT4

  5. jeremiah perry

    Industry sleeping on my man

  6. Versus

  7. Anthony Johnson

    I love this music

  8. Demi

    This is on my "Smoke" playlist that I've just now gotten back into. I remember a year ago in my old apartment I'd stay up late and smoke excellent bud grown from bodhi seeds. I had a 24" glass bong with a 1g bowl and would fill my room with smoke. Now I'm 8 months completely sober, and I swear I can almost feel that high again when I listen to Curren$y... those were the good days.

  9. Daron Boyd

    Beat is bomb. Best track he ever made GEAH DOPE

  10. Micah Freeman

    Fuckin 🐐🐐🐐🐐

  11. Micah Freeman

    Why df ain’t u like rap God to Errybody!

  12. KekeBeatzTV

    Whos here from the #lifeburgernola IG video?!

  13. Sergio Nossa

    Level up!! de tema 🎶🎧🇨🇴

  14. Brandon Foley

    spitta da goat

  15. WVG103

    Still on repeat in 2018

  16. Vuelo Corp.

    Bitch you can see the stars from this balcony

  17. Fobeo Potent

    One of the greatest to do it

  18. Tony Blowmo

    Cali got this on Slap since Pilot Talk 1 💯

  19. Awtumn Rackley

    Didn't like it at first! But pilot talk 3 grew on me, I like curren$y 💯

  20. Fish Scale

    “Westside right on time ...”

  21. K-Man Shepherd

    I bet most of u guys are from or are in louisiana. I am neither. But I vistit new orleans because I have fam on my dads side.

  22. K-Man Shepherd

    My calm meditation

  23. Alec

    Best use of this sample 🔥🔥🔥🔥 Better than westside right on time....


    i agree 🙏

  24. Dee Dee

    Time laps clouds pass

  25. invinciblejets

    Still in my daily playlist....

  26. Desmond Cleveland

    What to say. All i know

  27. ChadstaBOI

    YO DIS SONG IS SO FIREEE currensy quickly became my favorite rapper wish i bumped this in highschool...

  28. Chris Phan


    david townsend

    Chris Phan right bro flexington my shit

  29. Reese Jay

    I listen to this almost everyday this track go so hard

  30. Lukas Joch

    Imagination ;)

  31. Abragram Stinkin

    "If I ain't back in 15 mins they trying something, rush em Chi Chi get the yayo"

    Bob M

    Damn he literally used a line out the Scarface movie as one of his rhymes. I tripped off that too when I heard it. Awesome

  32. Reese Jay

    Still bumping this every since it came out classical

  33. Brian Quarles

    mofos still sleepin on spitta, that's ok more for us


    Brian Quarles the ones who sleepin on it don’t deserve it

    Bob M

    2019 and only the woke are not sleeping on him

  34. Madd Oaks

    wish I would do music one day....

  35. sean brick

    get the yayo we can shape how we want understand

  36. Khairul Jasmizan

    more flow.. I like it..

  37. Joshua Keys

    & I don't even like new cars this for my broad

  38. GGHSteam

    chi chi get the yayo!

  39. Josh Batiste

    50 roaches in da ashtray smokin better than good on a bad day..........#Jetlifeeeeeeee✈

  40. MCGbeats

    westside right on time🎶

  41. rhyme123ify

    i got faded af to this on my 16th birthday

  42. Alex Andrade

    kendrick killes it better but i like this beat better idk why even tho there so similar

  43. Mikey Junior Ballesteros


  44. Brandon Foley

    Greatest shit ever i swear💭✈

  45. justin rhynders
    check out my remix

  46. Jordan Williams

    Spitta for President

  47. DR_Noisewater

    9th Wondra "Beautiful Decay"


    DR_Noisewater the sylvers how love hurts

  48. Darius F.

    So underrated. So much flow and no recognition.

    Kelsey Harden

    Fr , some bullshit, it’s because there’s not enough real ones in the world , cats needa get educated and become aware

  49. samuel richardson

    so dope

  50. Zack W. Varela

    Gat daaamn I fucks with 🔥🔥

  51. Thysson Krupp

    Spitta Slay Shit

  52. Malcolm Bartley

    this shit go hard

  53. AMPup4

    if you like this check out kendricks Westside right on time. same sample as this. way more fire too

    The Machine

    You right, that's one of my favorites from Kendrick. Though I'm trying to place which sample exactly it is


    Formless Shot the sylvers how love hurts

  54. Nino pop

    stars on my roof, u been got dat Rolls, MY NIGGA jetlife

  55. Tay Matics

    Check out my remix tryna live paradise on my YouTube page shyt bangs

  56. Brandon Bodie

    jet life that's all I know

  57. rapmessiah

    u should check out my version of this song on my channel show some love its my first ever song!

  58. 2jzandy s

    Like those scarface references

  59. rollon babe

    This mofo always gets the best beats just cant like his flow that much

    rollon babe

    And I was talking about his flow not his lyrics

    U D

    listen to the second verse on the song "boulders" the flow is crazy on that one


    +rollon babe dog the thing is that there's now 2 types of hip hop. there's the deep shit like what some people do, and there's chill shit that other people do. like wiz and curren$y are the guys that are just chilling and rapping about what they're doing. Like they're not out there getting all stupid and arrested and shit so they're not going to talk about that. like watch raps and low riders man its just what it is. I honestly don't know how anybody could listen to deep rap man like my life stressful enough now I gotta listen to some fool bitch about his life. like god damn man I'm trying to burn something down lol

    rollon babe

    Yeah I get what you mean man I have mood where I like listening to stuff like this too it all comes down to the beats for me. But when im stressed I could actually learn alot more from deep rap I guess to each his own.

  60. Joshua Mitchell

    this sample thou

    Bob M

    And the drums and keys. They kickin

    Kal-el 2Ts Montoya

    Ole simple ass

  61. Kexd


  62. go2guy2133

    yall all loafn. hw da fcuk boulders ain't rite in line with drug prescription. biggest knock on the big homie is he boring. nigga can't switch 2 his lft hand tho...

  63. احمد hmd

    rush em chi chi get the yayo

  64. Eduardo Maldonado

    Mr. Flexington.

  65. GLz Witty


  66. liam ormes

    kanye would of been fire on this

    Aaron Benson

    liam ormes you not even playing, woulda murdered


    agreed he would have a sick outro on the track

  67. Robert Fontes

    i dont know what they use to call them, but i'm use to ballin

  68. Robert Fontes

    i dont know what they use to call them, but i'm use to ballin

  69. ImmexicanBITCH

    This is the one right here

  70. Fun Guy

    Too dope

  71. telepathy90

    strait fire

  72. Sesay Muhammed

    The sample of this was the same sample in Skyzoo's "The Beautiful Decay"

  73. El Swizzo

    I can smell a video coming soon pure fire !

  74. Betty Williams


  75. britt vassiliadis

    "50 joints in the Ashtray, Smoking better than Good on a bad day...I can see my cars from this balcony." The truth #504

  76. El Swizzo

    Best song all the album! "50 Roaches in the ashtray, Smoking betta than good on a bad day" Spitta #JetLife

  77. Demetre Battiste


  78. mrNdark

    whole album bumpable! over and over......

  79. Johnathan Crawford

    7 more lames#LIFE

  80. Johnathan Crawford

    All I know is my favorite cut off this....JETLIFE

  81. Keidrick Harrell

    This music is life ####### I listen to curren$y music everyday riding through the streets. Shoutout to everyone who love this kind of music, I'm doing better then I use to be. (334 Alabama) -Lil Harrell- Smoke & Chill

  82. Furari23

    So I was listennin' to the whole album and  when this track started I was like "Oh shit that sample, it's gonna be hard!" and I wasn't disappointed !

  83. 32bdavi

    One of the hardest tracks on the album

  84. LVM94

    Kendrick had the same sample on his song Westside Right On Time Ft Young Jeezy, they slayed that track but spitta did his thing on this one.

  85. Jazz Roberson

    This that drug prescription feel straight boss shit


    Jazz Roberson FACTS

  86. Aaron Johnson

    Where does that sample come from?

    Shamae Wooldridge

    The Sylvers - how love hurts

  87. Jazz Roberson

    That's how you start a new year . Jet drugs

  88. Kyle V

    lovin the production and sound of currensy over these beats. great work.

  89. Sho Nuff

    Fuck yeah same song they sampled for project pats Flexington, cant go wrong wit da classics

  90. J Will2952

    Absolute 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  91. Jordan Greenwell

    [email protected]+ iz [email protected]

  92. Kevin G.

    Mainflow and 7l feat. Cormega - forever. I knew i had heard this sample before other than beautiful decay

  93. Wolfgang TheHigherPilot

    One of the hardest tracks on this album.

    Tony Blowmo

    Wolfgang TheHigherPilot this one and Lemonade Mimosas are my favorites

    SuperCake 22

    Pot Jar ❤

  94. Abragramstinkin

    All his shit is timeless.

  95. Derek Warrior

    Heard kendrick & jeezy on this beat too but spitta knows how to do it on this

  96. NEXUS X

    My fav song on the album. That beat is crazy!! Spitta for Prez