Cure, The - To Wish Impossible Things Lyrics

Remember how it used to be
When the sun would fill the sky
Remember how we used to feel
Those days would never end
Those days would never end

Remember how it used to be
When the stars would fill the sky
Remember how we used to dream
Those nights would never end
Those nights would never end

It was the sweetness of your skin
It was the hope of all we might have been
That filled me with the hope to wish
Impossible things
To wish impossible things
To wish impossible things

But now the sun shines cold
And all the sky is grey
The stars are dimmed by clouds and tears
And all I wish is gone away
All I wish is gone away

And all I wish is gone away
All I wish is gone away
All I wish is gone away
All I wish is gone away

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Cure, The To Wish Impossible Things Comments
  1. Yasmin




    that fills me with the hope to wishhhh impossible thingssss

  2. Max Bebop

    My heart was broken
    I had just lost the girl in my life
    just because I had been impulsive
    and now 20 years later, I find myself thinking about her
    but, looking back on those days full of life, I found a new reason
    my only mistake was to wish impossible things

  3. Sofva Lauren

    Some days I just need to hear this song on repeat

  4. Marius Cristian


  5. Starr Wallace

    Beautiful video

  6. stijn hoolsteens

    the first 3 notes , and I feel myself back into the year 1996 with that feeling again , you know .....

  7. Jose Julian

    Allí donde estés, siempre te recordaré


    The Cure. The band for every emotion a person can have.

  9. Mariaconcetta Celi


  10. John Benson

    It breaks my heart & tears me to pieces knowing that our kids , grand kids & so on, will never experience
    rock & roll as I lived it from the 70s, 80s & 90s - so many amazing & unique artists, a never ending number
    of concerts and going to the record/cd store to buy all of your favorite bands music as well as discovering
    the new artists. Plus there was loads of cool artwork & you got to talk to people w/ the same passion for
    music. The Cure are one of my many favorites & I have heard this song lots of times, but today it really hit me hard & unleashed some built up emotions - only great music can do that to me.

  11. jozzybadges

    WoW ! beautiful ! thank you ! best wishes even impossible things !

  12. reni maus

    Für immer ein treuer Fan

  13. Andrew Reed

    Sadness and beauty make life all the more precious..

  14. JM Veda

    the cure mellows me out about that one that got away

  15. PAGAN


  16. Brandon Patton

    It really is the most amazing song

  17. Jaime De Oliveira Andrade

    Top music,the cure.

  18. Alexa Martins

    🖤💔🌷😰 ... all I wish is gone away ...😢🥺

  19. Gwendoline Gwendoline

    Une de mes préférées ! 💓💓💓

  20. Dominika Szafranska

    This is The song i want to be Played at my funeral

  21. Macushla XOXO

    This one is about wishing you could go back in time, do things differently and relive an experience that brought you so much joy...


    In all my wrongs
    I want to write him,
    in a time
    where I can find him.

    Before the tears that tore us,
    when our history was before us.

    - Lang Leav

  22. Statelesslife Unconventional Art Channel

    My Love for Anto is an Impossible one!

  23. Paulo Oliveira

    a memory of a landscape...and the cure one man band -vizualizated bye satalites and the the philips

  24. snorre lersta

    i close my eyes and i see the most butyfol girl <3

  25. Neide Franca

    too beautiful this song...

  26. jose gomez

    Dedicated to everyone who has lost a loved one from cancer.

  27. Lisa Sez

    Lovely..thank you..

  28. of j

    Thank you

  29. GLS SH

    Dec 6. 2019 Friday

  30. alexloveless

    3seconds in & im already about to cry from the feels... how have i been in love with this band for so long & never knew this song existed?? ✨😭✨


    11-30-19. This poem IS THE STORY OF MY LIVE LONG DAY!!! Boo hoo
    Makes me want to ride my CBR1000RR into OBLIVION!!!
    Cheers to all!! Happy happy

  32. Zbigniew Kochanczyk


  33. taka tam


  34. Milena Orlač

    "....but now the sun shines cold
    and all the sky is grey
    the stars are dimmed by clouds and tears
    and all i wish
    is gone away
    all i wish
    is gone away..."!

  35. Ján Olas

    one of the best song ever made.

  36. Rafia Eliza Khan

    Dedicated to my Ari by the Lake.
    R.I.P. love x
    Thank you for introducing me to this brilliant group and their incredible songs such as this exquisite one.
    I miss talking with you into the early hours.
    ... ... all i wish is gone away... ...
    Shine bright my Finnish Viking 💝

  37. Paulen Paulen

    To feel the impossible is possible

  38. Fiona A


  39. Maria Lane

    What a spiritual journey the Cure takes us on, whether we are aware of it or not! He is a musical genius of our time! I feel blessed to be on this planet at the same time he is! Namaste 🙏

  40. Joanna Holka

    My funeral

  41. Ileana Draganescu


  42. linda from ga

    To wish my loved one peace ! Wish they loved me unconditionally

  43. Jose Elizondo

    GREATEST BAND EV 🙌🏼🔽 yup go ahead & keep playing this ♓️ it’s your bed get comfortable B

  44. Jarka Királyová

    Wonderful music and pictures💖❤️🍀

  45. Pere Serra


  46. Greta

    Impossible beauty.

  47. Darin Attard

    Dedicated to the people who I will have the pleasure not to meet once more.

  48. JsnRpg

    SEU and my little ladies, I miss you

  49. Nikolai Saunders

    Beautiful video, thanks.

  50. Sophie WILLEME

    Sublime ❤️😍

  51. ObsequioGalanteo

    Beautiful, I just got a thrust to the gut today and needed this....

  52. Spiros Blackhead

    Για την Γιάννα Πατρωνη 🖤😎

  53. alx Chávez

    Wow una delicia de canción ,the cure es arte gracias Rober Smith y compañía

  54. Jenny Jaehnke


  55. Seli Neli

    I miss you M...❤

  56. Besiana Hoxha

    A true masterpiece ❤️

  57. Juan Martin

    Que preciosidad de cancion, la belleza elevada a la maxima potencia, elevacion, sensibilidad, misticismo y encuentro del equilibrio musical.

  58. Frankie INC.

    Why can t I be you. ...............

  59. Darien Garnett

    Most important song on this album IMO.

  60. Mimi Cakes

    Remember how we used to feel those day's will never end. ❤️

  61. Goldilocks ClyQ

    But now the sun shines cold
    And all the sky is grey
    the stars are dimmed by clouds and tears
    All i wish is gone away
    To wish impossible things

  62. chris lawrence

    I still miss you. I will always miss you. I will always blame myself. I will live with this until the day I die. If I could go back I wouldn't. I have made a new life but I want you to know, I drown in this song. I drown in your memory.

  63. Clemente Rossi

    How can 285 idiots dislike this......!?

    Raw Key

    Cardi b fans 😒

  64. JodyeSX6

    To WIsh impossible Things..

  65. Juan Roberto González Pacheco

    Eres único entre miles y el mejor de todos entre estos miles
    Saludos !!!!

  66. Ilona Grzywa

    brings memories

  67. Michael Rice

    Hey guys, SWEET VIDEO! Thanx R.& the gang

  68. Dolce Scarlett

    Pure Magic 💗

  69. Salvy

    For Sue... and i couldn't care less who's sick of hearing that.

  70. noel Trace

    One of the best bands on planet earth I mean music and lyrics no one can touch the lyrics are beautiful what a great writer Robert is amazing and the band wow!!!!!!!

  71. J Systems

    What a song... My god so sad, so sad

  72. Bradley Zachary

    There’s a bit of Pantera and Kenny G as well...

  73. Bradley Zachary

    This sounds like Pink Floyd and Black Sabbath.

  74. Aleksandar Jurak

    Sjajna pesma




    НА КАНАЛЕtnc

  77. Rainbowdust74

    This album came out my senior year of high school. I've always thought this song is so depressing. It reminds me of having my wisdom teeth removed, being on painkillers, and being depressed. Summer of '92! LOL

  78. Casey Buckler

    I'd like to honor my dear friend by dedicating this monument to his memory; Charles "David" Kuhn. When we were 12 he came over to play music with me and didn't sit still long enough to even pick up the guitar. He was on about this band called the Cure. He forced me to listen to "Head on a Door", "The Forest" and countless others. It was my 1st experience with alternative music, other than what I heard at the mall. His first concert was the Cure, and quite fitting, his last, in Portugal. Passeio Marítimo de Algés, Oeiras, Portugal on July 11th, 2019. And just like that, he was gone. February 4, 1977- July 24, 2019. He was a supernova of talent of effortless abilities and I will always miss him. I wish you were still here son.

  79. Jimmy Scutts

    Integrity and sincerity is hard to find in modern music.
    The Cure had it in spades.

    Andrew Reed

    Hard to find in modern people 😂

  80. zeze do bone

    It's all about the Mi5 when they try to use the honey trap to make me leave the country!!!
    They are day dream believers and when insisting in weak plans like that they are not more than 'wishing impossible things'...
    Congratulations!!! You guys just wan the 'chuckle heads award'!!!!
    🎼 "Some heads are gonna roll" 🎼🎸🎸
    🎼 "Some heads are gonna roll" 🎼🎸🎸

  81. S C

    Rised up with the cure and duran duran... sorry 🐷🐷

  82. S C

    My life had still to begin then... 49j now and still sometimes a struggle. Ups and downs... tiereying....ffffff

  83. Ricardo Negrettiz

    Ya se quien publico este hermoso tema jiji y esa hermosa mujer alfinal seeee por dios un angel forever sin palabras imprecionante la vida te da sorpresas

  84. Aditya mishra

    Now the sun shines cold
    and all the sky is grey....
    The stars are dimmed by clouds and tears....
    and all i wish is gone away....

  85. Quietly Ecstatic

    This is the saddest, loneliest song in this planet <3 to wish impossible things is to wish your loved ones will always be in reach. The sooner you realise they won't be, the harder but the better...

  86. ViajeAstral21

    The Cure siempre sera mi eterna inspiración

  87. Daniel Lefevier


  88. God:hacked site World Leader,go to new site

    Hi sopo :) I love you 🙋 Grace God 💋💏

  89. Larry Gonzalez

    The cure makes the world more beautiful and I feel it

  90. francesco tamburini

    Immagine to dance this song with somebody you loved

    Andrew Reed

    To wish for impossible things..

  91. Ricardo Negrettiz

    Todo es energia

  92. Ricardo Negrettiz

    Fue un dia magico

  93. Ricardo Negrettiz

    Lo bueno de vivir es que hay momentos unicos y hermosos dias

  94. Ricardo Negrettiz


  95. Natalie dC

    To wish impossible things

  96. Kathryne Fletcher

    Robert Smith, the BEETHOVEN and/or MOZART of our times!

  97. Zebra Strumpf

    That hurts. And will ever hurt, when you've loved somebody as much as you could.

  98. Sgt. Bastard

    Beautifully done video to a beautiful song. Thank you. 🙏