Cure, The - This Morning Lyrics

Nothing left to feel
Nothing more to do
Nothing left to give
Nothing more in you
Nothing else to have or hold
Nothing left but time to go

Years go by
We didn't really say that much at all
And months just fly
We didn't ever really touch at all
Weeks always run down
We didn't really get that close at all
And days fall out
We didn't ever really know at all

And then we're here in a room
Too clean and too bright
She stares at you for an hour
You stare into the light
For one last hour in the room
So mean and so white
I stare at her in this room
As she stares into the night

Nothing left to feel
Nothing more to do
Nothing left to ask
Nothing more of you
Nothing else to share or show
Nothing left but time to go

In his eyes as we turned
No eternity of life
In his eyes as we turned
No infinity of why
In his eyes as we turned
No beautiful goodbye
In his eyes as we turned
Nothing but tears

In his eyes as we turned
Nothing but tears

The dawn call was broken, short, disconnected, far away
I couldn't understand too much of what was being said
A matter of minutes, peacefully, so sorry
I had to think to breathe, my heart bursting in my head
We moved in silence through a slowly waking world of pale grey rain
And as we drove, a strange sun split the sky
In that moment I knew nothing would ever be the same again
I knew nothing would ever be the same again
Nothing would ever be the same again

The days fall out
The weeks always run down
The months just fly
The years go by

And then we're here in a room
Too clean and too bright
I stare at you for an hour
You stare into the light
For one last hour in the room
So mean and so white
You stare at me in this room
As I stare into the night

Nothing left to feel
Nothing more to do
Nothing left to take
Nothing more from you
Nothing else to need or know
There's nothing left at all but time to go

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Cure, The This Morning Comments
  1. Karen Hannegan

    Whoaaa...sad, beautiful. The speaking part.

  2. Federico Bottacini

    Great song

  3. Ryan G.

    Thumbnail is the wrong lineup for this song..

  4. 13MARY67

    Amazing !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. M.S. Davis

    First time I've heard this, so dark and beautiful.

  6. Carlos Castillo J.r

    The Cure knows exactly how I feel, makes me scream and then I cry! NOTHING LEFT BUT TIME TO GO.....

  7. Chuck Desylva

    That tone rocks.

  8. DaveLuca

    i love this song...<3

  9. Ki11aBEE

    Wow. This is amazing. And I thought I heard every rarity.

  10. Cyril

    The only good thing that came out of the Robinson sessions (ok, maybe A Boy I Never Knew, but they didn't release it!!)


    We don't know for sure (unless you do, I can't say for sure) that Christmas Without You and ICNBtS are the same- I would certainly think, given how he described CWY and the lyrics of ICNBtS that it is one and the same, but I've never heard confirmation- again, maybe you have.

    I love WMS- maybe not as much as Wish or Disintegration, but it had a nice feel to it. The 13th was a bad first single because it wasn't indicative of the overall album and, well, it is the one song the Cure did that I can absolutely say I despise- not bad when you look at their body of work, but it is a style of music I don't like and it has so many of the Robert-isms that irk me. That one goofy voice he uses- the one that works well in Harold and Joe, Lullaby and Club America... yeah, I've given the song multiple re-listens and i never warm to it. But then I love Strange Attraction, a song many fans claim to hate, so... In fact, had I been the promotional lead on that album, Strange Attraction or Mint Car would have been my choice for lead single.


    As far as I know 'It can never be the same' is a 4:13 Dream sessions song that was reworked for the tour with Reeves Gabrels. At least that's what Eden Gallup said. So it is highly likely that this is Christmas Without You. Eden Gallup himself said he knows nothing of a Cure song of that name and thought it was an awkward name for a song anyway.

    I love Robert's deep voice. Worked perfectly for Untitled, Harold and Joe, Fear of ghosts of Club America. Makes the songs much deeper than his high voice and screaming. Check the screamed version of Going Nowhere - totally ruins the entire song. But the deep voice version is perfect and gladly they decided to release this one. Club America is one of my fave Cure-Rock song - infact I like it more than Fascination Street.

    Strange Attraction is a beauty. But I always thought it would have worked better as an one-off Single right after WMS along with This Is a Lie. Like they did it with Cut Here/Signal to Noise after Bloodflowers.


    I actually love the alt version of Going Nowhere... maybe more than the released version. Depends on the day. Just like I prefer the Entreat version of Homesick to the album version for most of the same reasons. I've always liked Robert's voice most when it's at his most emotionally raw, which is why 2004 disappoints me- there are a lot of really emotionally powerful moments, but that pedestrian production defuses a lot of potential tension.

    Fear of Ghosts is brilliant. Probably in my all time top 10 Cure songs on most days. So in the right song, I love the Robert whispered or deep voice.

    Aaron Westall

    i couldnt agree with u more i dont listen to much after bloodflowers because of the production the b sides and demos are better strum a boy i never knew going nowhere plenty of great songs but they never saw their potential this realy started happening with wish they ruined the big hand ant that was dave so my guess is robert likes some of that loud non melodic shit seems he has gone out of his way to never do another faith or didintegration a demo a few stand out album tracks and b sides but nothing that just flows i think lol tolhurst kept robert ego from becoming bigger than the cure after he left it was never the same


    Robert Smith said he wanted a 'heavy' sounding cure album and that's what he got. It's a great album

  11. karl Joseph Clarke


  12. Esteban Barraza

    damn you cure band
    this is soo good.

  13. Franck Gérard

    simply fabulous song of Cure <3