Cure, The - The Last Day Of Summer Lyrics

Nothing I am
Nothing I dream
Nothing is new
Nothing I think or believe in or say
Nothing is true

It used to be so easy
I never even tried
Yeah it used to be so easy...

But the last day of summer
Never felt so cold
The last day of summer
Never felt so old
Never felt so...

All that I have
All that I hold
All that is wrong
All that I feel for or trust in or love
All that is gone

It used to be so easy
I never even tried
Yeah it used to be so easy...

But the last day of summer
Never felt so cold
The last day of summer
Never felt so old
The last day of summer
Never felt so cold

Never felt so...

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Cure, The The Last Day Of Summer Comments
  1. Robert Collins

    Embarresed about them

  2. Robert Collins

    I thought the rich would understand but when I realised they all had m this m that I never looked at them the same

  3. Robert Collins

    To be at the rich

  4. Robert Collins

    It's time

  5. Robert Collins

    Don't like 4th reich

  6. Robert Collins

    We don't like your ahhh

  7. Robert Collins

    And peerivate schools🚸🚸🚸🚸🚸🚸🙋🦅

  8. Robert Collins

    We all know Highgate aint

  9. David Douglas

    The unsolved mystery of life is beautiful ; the unresolved heart the same. The unsolved equation drives the mathematician mad. Perhaps our own analytical side drives us half mad seeking searching to solve the equation of life. We don’t know and will never know certain answers—the meaning of life etc—the wisest have not come to definitive conclusions—we will always feel we are running on a treadmill in this universe. Robert Smith is a master mad genius at understanding these yearnings, nostalgia, regrets, hopes, fears, both in music and lyrics , in fact it can be argued his dirge like tunes are more powerful than his poetry. I’ll keep listening——

  10. Ale -

    I'm Getting old and realized that everything that I used to believe is gone and this song represent for me the disbelief.

  11. miltduhilt

    LoSt my wife in 2012........and this is ONE of the tunes that made me cope with the we are again in 2020.....i still mourn her loss, but its getting better.....and relocating to the North West Pacific aka Hawaii, helps :)

  12. Deviant A

    August 31..My birthday.. ((

  13. Nat S.

    How is this band so consistently great?!


    The Cure open closed chapters of my happiest days. I don't know if that makes me happy or sad... It's both

  15. Eitapahdumitaan

    I allways will remember summer 2019 for this song. So many good memories.

  16. Petal Ivy

    Yearning for the beginning of summer :) I cannot wait and I will be ready for my blooms in June.

  17. guilherme vital paes

    toca a alma...........

  18. Marco Martinelli

    Gennaio 2020. Ore 23.18 del 4 gennaio 2020... The Cure The Cure The Cure. vorrei sempre ascoltare e vivere con queste melodie fantastiche... Grande Smith

  19. M.J. Leger

    I'm not fond of this music but the pictures are lovely. My idea of the last day of summer is:
    THE SUMMER KNOWS, which Sinatra sings so well. Lyrics:
    "The summer smiles, the summer knows, and unashamed, she sheds her clothes.
    The summer smooths the restless sky,
    And lovingly she warms the sand on which you lie.
    The summer knows, the summer's wise, she sees the doubts within your eyes,
    And so she takes her summertime, tells the moon to wait and the sun to linger,
    twists the world around her summer finger, lets you see the wonder of it all,

    And if you learned your lesson well,
    there's little more for her to tell,

    One last caress, it's time to dress for fall."
    (The song so aptly tells what happens as summer ends.)

  20. Зулика Кимельбаева

    Listening this song in the end of the whole decade...2019 bye. Bye childhood...hello new year . I hope next decade will be less depressed🙏🏻
    Happy new year , Guys 💛 love yourself , love indie rock and DONT THINK TOO MUCH. Summer always in your heart ❤️

  21. zuzzo 1974

    I'm sorry, but I think he's happy to hear this song, wherever he is

  22. Gordon Freeman

    Meus Deus, a Legião Urbana escreveu uma música que se chama Metal contra as Nuvens, que parece com esse som...

  23. Rebeca Boeing

    Robert's voice is something out of this world. I love the cure so much. They're my favorite band of all time. Its a perfect mix of happiness and sadness at the same time, I just adore.

    Shannon Ofner

    his atheistic darkness is a mirage.......light always prevails.

  24. Kcr Kcrowski

    Why Such a great songs are hidden Deep in yt?

  25. Monica Galbardi

    There are 1982 comments under this song. It's my Birth year 😊 Love you The Cure ❤🌈

  26. Peter

    I don't see it as a depressing song! On the contrary, a happy song to whom it concerns!

  27. Jred Hamilton

    Last day of summer in Michigan ?

  28. Joanna Holka

    The last Day of my life... 1.12.2019


    new born

    Joanna Holka

    @DePic Please somebody, help me after my death. Macin Kreński is a bad person and liar.Nobody bieleved me.+31 647932685


    @Joanna Holka keep strong :))

    Joanna Holka

    @DePic my life is over. I'll hang myself today

  29. Rosaura Deininger Pereira da Silva


  30. simona palanca

    Mi ritrovo sempre. Nonostante tutto.

  31. Michał Deviln

    So sad , but so beautiful..As much as pictures on clip..

  32. SuperBlok37

    The Cure is the cure

  33. Joseph Molfetto

    Mom passed. next night Bloodflowers concert in NJ. Played the album start to finish. still emotional after all these years.

  34. Siti Mariam

    Your my love...I love you...Forever.the all...

  35. Luigi Noto

    Every time I listen to the Cure I feel like I've finally come home...

  36. bryam ska

    Perú, Lima, Chaclacayo... 2019 un sábado trémulo me asecha.

  37. tripjet999

    They've had much better tracks.

  38. Dragon Island

    So so good, punk type new wave band goes psychedelic. The best by far as really meaningful!!

  39. David Douglas

    Life is beautifully painful sometimes and he cure takes us back and through those feelings. It’s a unique music that makes us painfully joyful. Life is beautiful and dark and all things. It is all things. All faces good bad evil ugly. The Buddha learned these truths. Everything is part of the whole. It is all lovely.

  40. David Douglas

    Amazing intro as always. Masterful

  41. Alan B Real

    Summer then Winter
    Nothing in Between
    Summer then Winter
    Never too Be Seen

  42. John Beckers

    Lost my dad mid summer 22 -6-19 miss you

  43. Edwin Staps

    Brillant song. Great pictures are passing by (in this vid).

  44. jaime arellano

    Que linda cancion. Una poesia a nuestras vidas. Nuestra primavera del año 1 al 19, nuestro verano de los 20 a los 39, nuestro invierno de los 40 a los 59 y el otoño de los 60 hasta nuestro ocaso.

  45. Ajax Singha

    I close my eyes and ...

  46. GonSnakexx

    One thousand idiots dislike this masterpiece

  47. Jarosław Rybicki

    Lubię takie klimaty.

  48. Chortle Chortle Chortle

    I want to go home...

    Neil A. Kajbare

    me too.

  49. Paul Rose

    Songs For the X, 80s kids... You wil not understand......

  50. Christian Murphy

    The Cure, songs that touch the soul

  51. dj.Ereck



    What beautiful track

  53. Trev Mahoney

    Purealternative FM Through the night Sunday Night Monday morning

  54. Luis Aguirre Ortega

    I love this song

  55. astrit trzydzieścitrzy


  56. iamthebyron

    I'm listening to this song right now, so today's the last day of summer.

    Shiny Pepper

    Me too 😔

  57. Giulio Luzzardi

    The Cure..cures me .

  58. Κική Κερεφίδου

    This song reminds me a friend,who lost in a car accident,at the first day of summer this seems like the last dayof summer for my bill😔😔😔


    me too i always listen to this song helps me cope even though its hurts losing someone to an accident im sorry for your loss <3

  59. Lisa Gingrich

    I think it is a very good song and true.

  60. Rodolfo Gramaccini

    AUTUMN 2019... S T I L L
    A M A Z I N G 🎈

  61. Donald Mathieu

    So nice.

  62. Sintra Kano

    After many nights of doubt and issues concerning myself, I broke up with my girlfriend yesterday.
    It was our first relationship and my heart is broken, but I know it's for good.
    This is to you, L., I really hope you will be happy.

    zana 58

    Just moving on... 😌

  63. Natashia Smith

    God I miss being a kid during summertime: it was endless and life felt like it would always be like that. Makes my heart ache💘

  64. Joseph Aguilar

    Peace out summer

  65. Dhuxthar Henoch

    so nostalgic....normal way... as ever.. then i get bloom at the end of this song...

  66. Valerio Frappa

    TODAY is last day of Summer 2019

  67. Maja !

    Everything dies so that everything can be reborn...last day of summer 2019.

  68. Martin Nevarez

    September 22, 2019; the last day of summer here in Los Angeles.

    Laurel Younge

    Here in oKKKlahoma too!

  69. cyonide

    I suppose Youtube showed me this because today is the dawn of september the 23th. What a year, i write it here. I survived a pain i never thought was even possible, the word for it is mourning, it doesn't say a thing of how petrified it leaves you. And yet it takes all your creative energy to get out of marble. I imagine the world where we'll meet again, if there will be place for the other people we've loved, how we see, how we move, how we fail and cherish with our new lot of bodies. we'll be hot again? we've been so imperfect in love in this one life. yet it was all we had. one life to learn, one to live, deal? i'd do it all again, i'd be the flawed human being who can't see much ahead, i'd forgive myself for all this flawness, and i knew i could forgive you. i can't believe you died, though i know no soul should bear the pain you bore. you left me here alone. you must have had some faith in me.

  70. frank Smith

    is this planet we live on truly amazing !

  71. Sofia Lopez

    Last day of Summer 2019 from NYC 🤗

  72. Versus the Rest

    Hello to all truth lovers out here today! <3

  73. Szymon Konik

    I was here on the last day of August, and here I am on September 22nd. It feels like a time travel - I've experienced the last day of summer twice. Oh gosh how I love nostalgia

  74. Spirit Orb 1616

    Last Day of summer 2019! Here comes the cold and pumpkins!


    I like cold and pumpkins ! Everything is beautifull. I can't imagine my world without snow, cold, leaves, warm wine, candles ecc.

  75. richard vanthourout

    A JADW.... Ange parmi les Anges
    Today it's the last day of summer ...Tomorrow, it's the first day of Autumm ...
    Premières promenades amoureuses et langoureuses sur les quai de la SEINE in PARIS - Déjà les feuilles tourbillonnent et tombent sur l'eau, deux à deux.
    Deux à deux, aussi, ces amoureux du monde entier qui viennent s’asseoir sur la pierre encore chaude - Ces feuilles qui tombent sont elles des âmes perdues ? et ces amours naissantes ? Sur l'autre rive, Notre Dame de Paris blessée jusqu'au plus profond de son cœur comme je le suis aussi, moi, le "Gosse de Paris"Quelle douleur !!! Le son de ses cloches fusionne dans ma tête avec celui de la guitare magique de Rober SMITH sur ce magnifique "Last day of summer" A cet instant, le ciel fusionne avec la terre - Il y a donc de l'espoir pour Toi, pour moi, pour nous deux, pour nous tous.... https//

  76. Ona Oza

    Ostatni dzień lata....
    Nie wiem co tak naprawdę chce napisać... może tylko że kocham Cię i tęsknię
    it used to be so easy
    i never even tried
    yeah it used to be so easy
    but the last day of summer
    never felt so cold
    the last day of summer
    never felt so old
    the last day of summer
    never felt so cold
    i never felt so alone...

  77. Kato Fanelli Evans

    Today is the last day of summer 2019 in the north hemisphere... and the last day of winter here in Argentina, spring started :)

    Luca Quiroga

    Obvio papá !

    Marina Castaño

    spring would feel better with a Cure ticket in my hands, though. Sunnier, warmer and happier


    2000 : " Res del que sóc
    Res del que som
    No hi ha res de nou
    Res del que pensem, creiem o diem
    Res és veritat

    Allò què solia ser tan fàcil
    Ni tan sols ho vaig intentar
    Sí, allò que solia ser tan fàcil ...

    Però, l'últim dia de l'estiu
    Mai m'havia sentit tan fred
    L' últim dia de l'estiu
    Mai m'havia sentit tan vell

    Tot el que tinc
    Tot el que està malament
    Tot el que allò que sento
    Tota la meva confiança en l'amor
    Tot allò que se n'ha anat

    Allò què solia ser tan fàcil
    Ni tan sols ho vaig intentar
    Sí, allò que solia ser tan fàcil ..

    Però, l'últim dia de l'estiu
    Mai m'havia sentit tan fred
    L' últim dia de l'estiu
    Mai m'havia sentit tan vell

  79. End Less

    It's the day last of summer - again - 21st September 2019 - but - I feel warmer now than I ever have before ( born 1967) <3 <3 <3 you all <3 <3 <3

  80. Daniel Fernandez

    last day of summer song in last day of winter from "south and cold" hemisphere

  81. Beat on the Brat

    the best way to finish summer is (obviously) listening to this

  82. J.D. Lechliter

    A winter's day never passes as quickly as a summer season....darkness replaces warm breezes n bright sunshine becomes bitter chill.....

  83. radkoWCI

    summer is gone, now is the time for cold, sadness and depression.

  84. Rafael Alatorre

    Si me parece muy bien

  85. Sonia Smith

    If I could hug you Robert I would, a youth gone by but found again 🤗♥️

  86. A Mor

    Who else will play this on September 22, 2019? The last full day of summer???

    Attila Tóth

    I certainly will!

    Martin Nevarez

    I will as well!!!👍

    Roman Foma

    I will.

  87. Massimiliano Marzano #Isogniarretrati

    Devastante ❤️

  88. Robin Friday

    Thanks summer 2019 🇮🇹🇮🇹🇮🇹 😘

  89. marco cerminara

    4 anni oggi che ho perso il mio amico... Cerco di trovare conforto.. ❤️🤘❤️

  90. N Hajizadeh

    Last day of summer. And u haven't come yet.. Sadaf u left 2018 and we are on 2019. Come back

  91. Jatmiko Marsudi

    This song is way underrated..

  92. Damir Gazetic

    And I miss her... Again...

  93. 00000000 00000000

    It's not about the exact day, or at least it doesn't matter to me, anymore, it's September 2019, but here in Greece it's still summer practically. Having lost my mentor, and missing a person that was able to actually give and produce.
    With his complex existence and unfair passing away, he taught me so much about life. He wasn't a sibling, a parent, or a lover, or relative to me, he wasn't a close friend of mine. He was an artist, (The last original rocker of Greece by my opinion), the one and only true and pure voice, both metaphorically and literally.
    He was gifted and aware of the horrific social and economical background here in Greece, without ever being a pollitical party supporter, (such a usual thing for artists here), he was such a fighter for his entire life (my family being close to his friends knew details about his personal life struggles. Including the early loss of his father, both of his brothers, and his spouse's first daughter) his face is associated with hope in m
    Just a creative person who only wanted to tell the truth and write awesome rock music.
    He almost always wrote in Greek or Italian. He was just 63, he just suddenly had a heart attack. He was found by his poor beautiful daughter. Deserved his relatively painless end, cause he left this world happy in contrast to what he had been through in his life, but it is still unfair, it was too soon for such a gifted, strong, inspiring and underrated by Gods and man, existence. He was known but never received the respect he deserved from the Greek audience. Gone but never forgotten. Shame for such a loss of an unnoticed musical genius, and for the immature crowd and audience.
    Damn, I was listening to this song the danm night he passed away without even knowing about it and I already had a summer that was anything but pleasant. I always felt sad when summers were gone, but that last day of summer (for me) I have never ever felt so cold.
    PS: Also Huge Respect to The Cure
    (Kindly thankful and Devoted to such quality of Artists ~)
    Sorry I just told you a boring, Clisè, and sad story. I can't talk to my people or any of The bereaved about it they are all still too shocked. The main reason for why I find this loss so devastating, is that his music and face are associated with hope, and now all that light is gone.

    Jonathan Powling

    00000000 00000000 become a mentor. I’ve had several along the way.

  94. Parislive007 Great

    Absolutely magical

  95. Sennstrato

    I so hate winter. It's all I can do to not put one in my skull.