Cure, The - The 13th Lyrics

"Everyone feels good in the room" she swings
"Two chord cool in the head" she sings
"A-buzz a-buzz a-buzzing like them killer bees... "
Tell me this is not for real
Please tell me this is not for real...

From time to time her eyes get wide
And she's always got them stuck on me
I'm surprised at how hot honey-coloured and hungry she looks
And I have to turn away to keep from bursting
Yeah I feel that good!
She slips from the stage
A foot no more
But it seems to take an hour for her to reach the floor
And the two chord cool still grooves
As she slides towards me smooth as a snake
I can't swallow I just start to shake
And I just know this is a big mistake
Yeah but it feels good!

Do it to me! do it to me! do it to me! do it to me!
Do it to me! do it to me! do it to me!

"if you want I can take you on another kind of ride... "
"believe me I would but... "
Deep inside the 'but' is 'please'
I am yearning for another taste
And my shaking is 'yes'

"you will be all the things in the world you've never been
See all the things in the world you've never seen
Dream all the things in the world you've never dreamed... "
But I think I get a bit confused...
Am I seducing or being seduced?

Oh I know that tomorrow I'll feel bad
But I really couldn't care about that
She's grinning singing spinning me round and round
Smiling as I start to fall
Her face gets big her face gets small
It's like tonight I'm really not me at all
And it feels good!

Do it to me! do it to me! do it to me! do it to me!
Do it to me! do it to me! do it to me!

It feels good!

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Cure, The The 13th Comments
  1. angel electrico

    4:17 robert is the joker

  2. Thiago Muneratti

    Just listen and I'm romantic.

  3. Mecome Eltiburon

    Los amados 90

  4. Jovan Ristić

    What was wrong with this song? Well, nothing. It's just Robert's discovery of mariachi...

  5. Drea Van Scott

    I love this song 😍 who plays the "bride" though 🤔

  6. Jonatan Herman

    Person: how many times did you press the replay button?
    Me: Yes

  7. Jonatan Herman

    0:41 *fANtAstiCO*

  8. Speggy Merbles

    I wanna f**k him 😭🥵

  9. Marco Fabio Lazcano

    Seems like the Joker

    Ignacio Olguín

    We sing in a society. Goths rise up.

  10. Alberto Cabezas

    La muchacha morena es igual a una amiga.

  11. Santo Cristo

    Why is not this on VEVO?

    Jonatan Herman

    Santo Cristo good question

  12. Dan Fer

    Robert es un genio realmente...... que temazo y que tremendo video jaaaaaaaaa

  13. Kewpie Doll

    He is so pretty!!!

  14. Patricio Arce Caroca

    Alatinadamente thecuriana

  15. Analyn Abril

    La modelo es guapa pero nomás que no se ria :v

  16. Analyn Abril

    Me encantó la canción! Y el vídeo también aunque casi no le entendí :v

    Pablo Moreira

    Moraleja: mujer de gran porte, viene con picaporte ;)

    Analyn Abril

    @Pablo Moreira explícame :c

    Pablo Moreira

    @Analyn Abril el video es una critica al feminismo radical que denuncia y lo manda preso a uno sin pruebas, entonces hay que buscar alguna alternativa que sea mas segura que las mujeres :/

    Analyn Abril

    @Pablo Moreira ok... Algo más o menos así lo entendí... Pero también noté que trata de los hombres que están casados y se meten con otra mujer. O simplemente de los hombres que caen en tentación... Con eso de que dicen que a los seres humanos nos atrae lo prohibido... 7w7

    Pablo Moreira

    @Analyn Abril muy interesante tu observacion... seguramente nunca sepamos el significado del video y de muchas cosas mas, justamente hoy pase todo el dia preguntandome si los cangrejos creen que los peces vuelan pero llegue a concluir que no vale la pena preguntarmelo porque nunca sabre la respuesta

  17. Claudio Guglielmi

    Brano particolare per i cure ma video fichissimo gran testa robert

  18. Bruno Gomez

    stills sound fantastico in 2018-----------------

  19. Naoj Leunam

    99% comentaries: "Robert is so hot. I hear with my ovaries".
    1% comentaries: this song suck!!!

  20. Stevie Blunder

    I weirdly enjoy this song, in a humerous way.

  21. curlyhaircowboy

    my favorite song of The Cure, M is the 2nd!

  22. cupula empresarial de s.a de cv.

    *Infancia en 3, 2, 1........*

  23. Нина Гендельман

    He is so hot omg

  24. Alice The Witch

    I'm confused.....................but Robert is hot hot hot so I guess it's okay

  25. Lady Luna

    I just know this is a big mistake, but it feels good... sums up most of my reasons for doing anything 😅

  26. Lady Luna

    I love this song so much ❤

  27. Liz Albarn

    Asdfghjksha❤❤❤, I can't handle him in this video

  28. Ricardo Sanchez

    i like this album, i dont know what the "criticians" dont like, stupid people

  29. Luis Arranz

    Buffff , posiblemente una de las peores

  30. Иштван Кароль

    Вау, какое упоротое видео у Роба))

  31. BM N

    I really really really really hated this video and song when it was airing MTV when i was 14 years old! I got pissed off!

    Wait for it.. Now the cure is my fucking life.

  32. alex fernando Huenten

    as rumba.

  33. madsteve9

    Ah, Robert Newman is the presenter at the beginning.

  34. Valentina Otal-Pradas

    Fantastique 👌🎶❤💁🎶🎶💁

  35. Yanina Vizcaya

    en estos momentos paso lo mismo

  36. Maurfer

    i dont know why i feel really good when i listen to this song

  37. momech65

    Best. Video. Ever!

  38. corey ray

    I may be the only Cure fan that thinks this is their best song ever, must be the memories that came along with it.


    Not the only one.... i've so many memories on this song... it makes me cry every time

    Hermann Souza

    The first time I've heard the cure, was with this song, it's not only the nostalgia the track is also amazig. Now I've been listening them for almost 23 years!

    Melisa Sánchez Arias

    You're not alone.. This song is fantastic, I love it

    Juliano Arruda Castor

    Rock roll ,bro

    Eduardo Sturla Ferrer

    Correct. One of the most unique Cure track. For me right up there with The Caterpillar, Six Different Ways, etc. Underappreciated masterpieces. Curiously seldom played live. I saw the Cure only once at Miami Arena, during their US Tour of Wild Mood Swings. I was expecting this track to be played, but it was left out of the playlist, even though they played about six songs from WMS and then did a whole greatest hits from their huge catalogue. A 3 hour plus set.

  39. Leandro Gomez

    gotta love this band

  40. Natalia Martin

    He is so so so gorgeous i love you Robert!


    You must be joking

  41. Mike Kiske

    gosh, Ive looked for this video for decadesss.... thanks a lot!!!!!!!


    Mike Kiske Great! Hope you enjoy it!

    Dewyn W

    I have been looking for this for ages too. Thank you!

  42. Giulia Traglia

    4:18 omg it's Jack Nicholson's Joker

  43. Keinda Mad

    dunno why so much hate for WMS, i do really enjoy it


    Keinda Mad Me too! Sure it is kinda cheesy and not "curish" at all but it is a great and a valuable piece of art conceived to be noves and not hated by the fans.


    Keinda Mad *to be loved haha


    @ULTRA huh.. WMS is perfectly curish. it just had a dodgy lead single and a couple of naff songs

  44. Marcos

    Bad very bad.

  45. Silvia Villarespe

    ¡Ay Robert, amor! Me traes loca; me excitas

    Mary Vere

    Silvia Villarespe Anuma, también a mi C:

    kurizu kiryu

    Diablos señorita.jpg

    Analyn Abril

    A mí también! Pero de joven, porque el de ahurita...

    Tenebris Lunam

    Diablos señorita x2

  46. Varnquein

    Wow, the song's meaning is completely different with this video.
    Both meanings - amazing :)

    Paula Núñez

    What are the two meanings that u look?

  47. Inga Hiltunen

    :D what this song about?!


    cheating i guess

    Lily Bird

    Inga Hiltunen I heard its about a time when Robert had an affair with an exotic dancer on the 13th day of a month.

    viva la sophie

    Lily Bird uh what?

    Pablo Moreira

    @Lily Bird exotic? Ladyboy!

  48. Phil philly

    Nice....but she wants 2 kill ME !!

  49. Victoria Whincup

    hes so hot.

  50. alexander samano

    genial !!!!!!!!!!

  51. Tomy Chael


  52. AlexSometimes1994

    ...............And my ovaries are gone


    its a fangirl joke


    yeah me too

    Geeks in love

    TheCureHeadGirlAlex rip my ovaries


    Youre a disgusting fat slob

    fucsia (emilia c.)

    Mine too xD

  53. caterpillar girl


  54. Valentina Otal-Pradas


  55. Happy Radio

    "Am I seducing or being seduced?" You're seducing....delicious.

  56. olitlaloc

    Wow, I remember I was very exited when it came out. It was artistically free and real. The last time I was really exited by a new Cure song.

  57. juegomivida


  58. Ara Moonlight

    @closermix I would drown in the deep sea of those blue eyes

  59. ImaginaryGirl1321

    no lo puedo creer...

  60. closermix

    If only I could lose myself into those beautiful blue eyes...

    Famird Jeremy Poma Meza

    me encanta the cure desde los 6 años y no lo paro de escuchar