Cure, The - End Lyrics

I think I've reached that point
Where giving up and going on
Are both the same dead end to me
Are both the same old song

I think I've reached that point
Where every wish has come true
And tired disguised oblivion
Is everything I do

Please stop loving me
Please stop loving me
I am none of these things

I think I've reached that point
Where all the things you have to say
And hopes for something more from me
Are just games to pass the time away

Please stop loving me
Please stop loving me
I am none of these things

I think I've reached that point
Where every word that you write
Of every blood dark sea
And every soul black night
And every dream you dream me in
And every perfect free from sin
And burning eyes
And hearts on fire
Are just the same old song

Please stop loving me
Please stop loving me
I am none of these things
I am none of these things

I am none of these things

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Cure, The End Comments
  1. Sascha-Alexander Hallen

    Best Album

  2. paulhorn27

    There's a definite psychological arc to this album. But it's made clear, at the end, that this is indeed the "End."


    i know FOUR END....Beatles,,,DOORS...CURE...and MINE...

  4. agro academia

    Long live rock!

  5. Aditya mishra

    T i r e d d i s g u i s e d o b l i v i o n
    is everything I do....

  6. Sebastian Mueller

    Stop loving me, i'm none of these Things...

  7. Sed Brown


  8. Elijah

    This song always takes me back to the darkest times in my life, out of all their songs, it's this one in particular that just washes me over with pure melancholy and hits deep.

  9. Ike

    The cure has a way of doing one off songs. They never did another song like burn and to a lesser degree like this one.

  10. gato faminto

    Magnífico 👏👏👏👏

  11. White Wizzard LLC

    This is the Cure meeting in that juxtaposition of My Bloody Valentine.

  12. Sword Of Light


  13. SystemeDprodFilms


  14. Daniel Midi

    Forever sound of Cure, I love you Robert!

  15. Süleyman Tekin Gürmen

    This is a great album, A masterpiece!

  16. deloreanized

    This song is a miracle.

  17. George

    perfect breakup song

  18. K 'Stardust And The Spiders From Mars'

    Heavy, killer bass line. Awesome little grasshopper.

  19. ric h

    This came out when I graduated high school. I just turned 45. Everything has changed so much, the world, me, everything. It makes me sad.

    Brandy Ledbetter

    I bought this CD right after I graduated high school....I still listen to this album....shows how great The Cure is.....never get tired of their music

  20. Malena Rodríguez Bustamante

    Envolventeeee....cual caramelo ácido

  21. Arthur Whittle

    Great album, great song.

  22. kelly Robinson

    Love me

  23. mY PoP iS PunK

    please stop loving me ... génial ça faisait longtemps que je ne l'avais pas écoutée... toujours aussi génial

  24. Mario Pantoja


  25. uli u

    My first album by them I was blown away by every song and his poetry

  26. George Camargo

    Uma das músicas mais lindas do Cure

  27. Joe Marrone

    I had this album when it first came out and End was my favorite song off the album.

  28. R Foster

    20 bellends and dilberts need to listen to this again and again until they are are non of these things

  29. rhythmnresin


  30. journeystarr

    Boris beating the shit out of the drums is testament to him being the best drummer The Cure has ever had.

  31. Semolina Pilchard

    Nobody can touch this.

  32. euro missiles

    great end

  33. Lucio Andriulo

    One of the few songs written by The Cure after 1985 I would save

    Bava 72

    So you haven't heard Kiss Me Kiss Me Kiss me then.

  34. Christopher Varney

    So absolutely brilliantly agonizingly emotional and real it breaks my heart decades after first hearing it. Such an incredible experience it has been throughout my life to listen to The Cure, from World War to Sinking, In Your House, Three Imaginary Boys......almost every song they ever did has been brilliant

  35. Lilly Cox

    Leave it to The Cure to have the song I need in my life atm

  36. ElectricFilms

    Borrowed the riff from "Are Friends Electric?" just there methinks.

  37. James Ashford

    This song takes me back to the early 90"s as a soldier stationed in Berlin, Germany. I remember going out all night and then coming back to my room and playing this song (and album) while being so stoned.. Yes I got stoned and never got caught. Ever!! I enjoyed listening to this album all by myself. It was a self awareness that I needed for myself. Great times!!!! I will always love Robert Smith! Such a wonderful person and artist To say the least. Cheers!!!!! :-)

  38. baal403

    I have heard repeatedly that this is a big F*** You to his fans, but that was never what I took away from this song. Being bipolar with suicidal ideation often, I can relate very well with the lyrics. Wish they still rocked like this..

    Mark JN

    I wouldn't be surprised if it WAS a big F U to his fans. Smith is an asshole and has a rep for being hard to work with. This coward fired band members through E-MAIL.

    uli u

    It’s just about fame in general who the media wants you to be what the fans want to see how you have to feel to make your art and still make everyone happy and be a star when you only really started because you felt so small and alone

    uli u

    and bored and curious


    @Mark JN You clearly have no clue who Robert Smith is. You've merely used a couple disparate shreds of second hand hearsay to slop together a vastly uninformed and extremely shoddy opinion. That's all.

  39. Guts Glory

    This song always made me get goosebumps and I heard it for the first time in years and I still get the same feeling

  40. urckrecords

    Reminds me of the time when I worked at Virgin Megastore on Sunset/Crescent Heights late 90s. They did an in-store autograph signing. 5000 fans showed up. LAPD SWAT team in full riot gear with helicopters had to be called in. A guy knocked over a security guard, hurtled racks of CDs and lunged at Robert Smith. Everyone assumed it was a murder attempt on Robert. He handed the band a court summons. Pre-Internet memories!

    William Sullivan

    urckrecords that's a great story thanks for sharing that... did you ever find out what the summons was for?


    Apparently the guy worked security at one of their concerts and was suing them. That's all I heard.
    Also, Robert refused to sign any autographs until the manager blasted Thin Lizzy in the store, hahahaha

    Otto Greenleaf

    Cool story.


    that's so cool

  41. Celt 5971

    they were THE soundtrack to my acid trips , right or wrong , indifferent , who cares ?


    not me.

    Brent Vermette

    Celt 5971 I can totally relate
    Too much lsd and too many mistakes

    Brent Vermette

    Many many long nights always fucked up


    Did you ever listen to porno for pyros tripping? It's an event.


    I do. mbv, cocteau twins and the cure on my best trips <3

  42. Woo Such Kroc Brunch

    this is a song to god from Jesus sung in heaven.

    Woo Such Kroc Brunch

    no it's not.

    Woo Such Kroc Brunch

    yes it is. stop playing games

    Woo Such Kroc Brunch

    passing time away?

    Woo Such Kroc Brunch

    it will take place at least I know that the message from you in advance.

    Matt Sproule

    Talk to yourself much?

  43. Woo Such Kroc Brunch

    appointment with disappointment is pin-point.

    Woo Such Kroc Brunch

    pin-point disappointed appointment.

  44. Celt 5971

    Great tune when you're high on acid .

  45. Matt Sproule

    0:00-6:41: Amazingness.
    6:41-6:43: Ear rape.

    Mark JN

    "6:41-6:43: Ear rape."

    Look out! Don't be critical of The Cure. The little fanbois might attack!

  46. 267y21

    That song is propably Robert Smith's rant about his popularity at the time.

    peter dembinski

    i think y're right

    Marisol Hachenberg

    You are exactly right. ws

    Ed G

    no, it's a song he wrote for Budweiser.

    Mark JN

    I wish I could have those problems. (See what I did there?)

  47. Anthony Bannino

    one of their best song for me

  48. Elizabeth Taylor

    Please stop loving me
    I am none of these things

    Ed G

    Your mom used to sing this to me over the ole telephone back in the day. After one of our classic screaming matches,

  49. Æ Kiwi Dan

    Fantastic song - one of their most powerful but you don't want to end up in this place, I wouldn't wish it on anyone.

    Eric Briglia

    You mean acid? lol too much perhaps

  50. Armando chavez

    Boris Williams made a magnificent work here

    julian patrik

    Armando chavez amen . itiz true welcome to TBR and thank u ' made my daydream inn


    Armando chavez honestly he was their best drummer

  51. novymir

    One of my favorite Cure songs. It's a shame it's a F Y to his fans.

  52. bob smith

    please stop loving me...
    I am none of these things...

  53. Chris Springer

    I used to rock this album in high school non-stop. LOUD as fuck!!!

    Otto Greenleaf

    What do you rock now?

    Ed G

    your mom and me used to rock out to PICTURES OF YOU

  54. Rand Johnson

    This song still blows me away.  Of all of the songs in the Cure's canon, this one always impressed me.  It's swirling and cathartic shoegaze with an attitude.  The production is fantastic:  the pre-echo and reverse reverb on the emotive vocals, the beautiful splash of the crash cymbals, the reverse effect on the flanging, wah-ing, panning guitar solo, the punching springing bass, and the lyrics...  "Please stop loving me; I am none of these things." A very obvious plea for fans to stop idolising him.  With songs like this, it's a dodgy request.

    Ron Fiasco

    Rand Johnson perfectly put.

    Zachary Page

    Rand Johnson acid-shoegaze


    Also, this song marked the "end" of the Boris William's era of the Cure's ever changing line up. This is the last song on the last album where Boris was the drummer. The drums are fantastic on this song as is always the case with Boris. The Cure, in my opinion, were lost when Boris left. Their next album, Wild Mood Swings, is widely regarded as the Cure's worst album. And they would never really return to form thereafter, although Bloodflowers was a valiant effort. But this song, to me truly was the end of The Cure in their songwriting and recording prime. Don't get me wrong, I'm thrilled they're still around and planning some ambitious tours, and I am excited for their perpetually forthcoming album. And seeing them live in 2016 was fucking amazing.

    dark stanley

    MonkyMonk729 Word! Just wanted to mention Boris Williams, but as I see you've done this already. His part especially in this song is simply fantastic, mind-blowing. Best drummer The Cure ever had...

    Foniks Monkee

    ​@MonkyMonk729 Except he recorded the song Burn after this.

  55. Ed G

    I think I've reached that point_

  56. nroks

    ultimate song

  57. Viktor Dorm

    Невероятная песня !!!

    Иван Иванов

    Viktor Dorm мои 18....

  58. Maria clayton

    Yes like she fucking light her husband to be with the one she ment on her fucking faces BOOK we no how good man i am happy for hin he can do way better than that thank GOD

    Anthony Scott

    +Maria clayton . . . Speak English ! . . . WTF !

  59. Trish Nieto

    so dang cool. Glad to be a part of this generation!

    julian patrik

    Trish Nieto if only you had been there with us on the wish tour. Now this generation of the Fig Tree (this one) the birth pangs r getting nigh .....

    Joyce Cunningham

    Trish Nieto right on kiddo!

    Schwarzer Graphics

    dang cool, for sure

  60. skozra

    Not heard this is years, still amazing 

  61. Largactyl Kid

    @ Trevor Wood...Better to 'Worship' a band than some God who may not exist & seems to cause friction,hate, wars & other negative things. If loving/worshipping a band helps you get through moments in life that are hard work to deal with, come out the other side & feel better & not hurt others, then why not?

    Kevin Young

    Robert himself is a sad atheist, not an angry one. HE wishes there was a loving God, but holds out little hope. i wish he was wrong, but fear he is right

    We Live In A Zoo

    @Kevin Young You know Robert do you? 

    Mark JN

    +Largactyl Kid I love listening to Internet Theologians like Largactyl Kid who clearly have not spent more than 5 minutes reading or thinking about intense subjects like the existence of God.

    If you are uninformed about a subject, don't comment.

    Mark JN

    +Kevin Young How do you know what Robert Smith wishes? Seriously.

    You Joker

    So religions have never caused friction, hate, bloodshed & wars? Have you never read a history books & counted the many wars caused by opposing theological beliefs, the killing in the name of God

  62. Largactyl Kid

    This is what a 'Wall Of Sound' IS. Amazing.

  63. Shawn Ashby

    my favorite cure album!

    julian patrik

    Rob Jomes whosoever listens graced with an attuned ear wish will prophet of its riddles via its message welcome to TRB ....

  64. Trevor Wood

    would you please get up off your knees and stop the worshiping. it's just a band like any other.

  65. Sébastien St-Pierre

    You're so popular!

  66. chris lawrence

    They hate you. me . and everyone.

    William Sullivan

    chris lawrence ....,hhh6,. I am⅞6777⅞6±::±.: ñ curious to know if I knew it would


    Who are they? Whatever.... doesn't matter, actually.... that's a pretty delusional comment.

  67. Melinda Lee

    i think ive reach that point where giving up and going on are both the same dead end to me... both same old song. no one can speak emotions better than robert smith.

    Schwarzer Graphics

    agree, the cure

  68. Sébastien St-Pierre

    PLease stop saying that
    Please stop saying that
    We want none of your crap

  69. Gondwana

    And this song gave rise to my YT name like 6 years ago!

  70. ChaitanyaChandra Lowe

    There's so many emotions here all at once...

  71. HuZone karoona_b

    Can never decide what's my favorite Cure song...

    julian patrik

    HuZone karoona_b CLOSEDOWN ..... THE REAL BELEIVE

    dark stanley

    Yes, hard to say. I think for me it's The Same Deep Water As You.

  72. mitch aguilar

    great music

  73. osikoXosiko


  74. Anna Morgenstern

    This is actually my favorite Cure song. I think this is the apotheosis of everything they were going for.

  75. Konrad Waszkiewicz

    Najpiękniejsze piosenki świata.

  76. REMChicagoBoy

    I listened to this song today after a *very* long absence from The Cure, and I loved it. It's time to get back into The Cure... :-)

  77. DepressedBot 3000

    I fucking love this song...

  78. richard Gatfield

    Fucking awesome. One of the greatest intro's of all time. My favourite Cure song. Thanks for posting.

  79. VagelisOpeth

    @curelove29 you do I know all these are truth?

  80. Gilly P

    wow. yeah, you do that...not likely.

  81. barronfitz

    i wore this song out on 4 different wish cd's. just remembered that none of the music i've listened to since even comes close. i will never neglect myself of the cure again!

  82. Erik Taurus

    Agreed! :D

  83. clare hibbert

    @GabeCure94 true

  84. Michał Kozłowski

    who are the fucking 3 people who dont like this song?!?!

    masterpiece. respect for mr Smith & Friends.

  85. m0zc0re

    @jickerack I have never heard a more apt description of this track. Very nicely said.

  86. Kiersten Hammon

    @GabeCure94 haha

  87. Wildlife

    boy, the wish album reminds me of like 1992 and all of the '90s...

  88. Mia Avery

    I used to listen to this on long trips across country. The entire cd fits the scenery.

  89. Anna Kah

    puts me in a mood where i want to pump up the volume
    i see open windows blue sky and me jumping through my rooms when i listen to that sound of musical gods - they are!


    I don't think so. I totally disaggree.

    How can you go too far when you are sxpressing yourself?

    You can only not understand how far a person has gone and why.

    But don't feel badly. You just don't understand; but most of US do.

  91. Teun Koning

    It does sound like Radiohead. Radiohead used it in a song in the album The Bends. This is the first time i hear this song and it immidiately reminded me to Radiohead. It really dissappoints me of Radiohead that they steal riffs.

    uli u

    Teun Koning like a branch of a tree .. inspiration and love for the source then they became themselves

  92. Gino Basile

    One of the best from '92. Sweet sounding song. Very creepy.

  93. nico_001

    love this



    I understand.

    The Cure and The Smiths helped me build an inpentetrable fortress in my head that I still retreat to.


    Shut your fucking mouth!!!!

    Just j/k, but seriously...The Cure cannot sound like Radiohead anymore than Rick James or Prince can sound like MC Hammer.

  96. Devon Morrisey

    From 30 Seconds To At Least 43 Seconds It Sounds A Lot Like Radio Head!


    what jmoore said is so true... the cure helped in creating me...and i like me... i was so young.

  98. NostalgicDays88

    You just took me back to the good old days known as the 90s... when things were far better than today's music cliches.

    I still own a walkman lol.