Cure, The - Cut Here Lyrics

"So we meet again!" and I offer my hand
All dry and English slow
And you look at me and I understand
Yeah it's a look I used to know
"Three long years and your favorite man
Is that any way to say hello?"
And you hold me like you'll never let me go

"Oh c'mon and and have a drink with me
Sit down and talk a while..."
"Oh I wish I could and I will!
But now I just don't have the time"
And over my shoulder as I walk away
I see you give that look goodbye
I still see that look in your eye

So dizzy Mr Busy, too much rush to talk to Billy
All the silly frilly things have to first get done
In a minute sometime soon, maybe next time, make it June
Until later doesn't always come

It's so hard to think "It ends sometime
And this could be the last
I should really hear you sing again
And I should really watch you dance"
Because it's hard to think
"I'll never get another chance
To hold you to hold you"

But chilly Mr Dilly, too much rush to talk to Billy
All the tizzy fizzy idiot things must get done
In a second, just hang on, all in good time, won't be long
Until later

I should've stopped to think, I should've made the time
I could've had that drink, I could've talked a while
I would've done it right, I would've moved us on
But I didn't, now it's all too late
It's over, over
And you're gone

I miss you, I miss you, I miss you
I miss you, I miss you, I miss you so much

But how how many times can I walk away and wish "If only"
But how many times can I talk this way and wish "If only"
Keep on making the same mistake
Keep on aching the same heartbreak
I wish "If only"

But "If only"
Is a wish too late

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Cure, The Cut Here Comments
  1. Cristian Togno

    How many times can I talk this way and wish, if only...

    I miss you, I miss you, I miss you so much.

  2. Christophe Bouttemy

    Sorry for your father's dead. But when you listen to this song be sure he is dancing in heaven watching over you.

  3. Bogo Pin

    to jest zaie... zaieeee......

  4. Harold Daniel Matos Murillo

    I miss you, I miss you, I miss you, I miss you, I miss you, I miss you so much...

  5. Dante Jimenez

    I miss my dad so much this was one of our fav he worked so hard to provide for our family now he is gone he died too young at 49 i miss him so much

  6. MephProduction

    odd choice for a single this.

  7. antonio paul vity

    the cure una banda que le gano al tiempo

  8. Julia Berthold-Kosok


  9. Dungeonfreak

    I miss you bee 🐝 x

  10. Foad Alejandro Castillo Ferrufino

    The Cure may not be of many commercial successes, but its albums and presentations are very complete.

  11. skye kerrigan

    What a beautiful song, I cant believe I havnt heard it before. You just dont get the airplay you should and have more than deserved.

  12. Laura Tyler

    Heartbreaking, saddest song.

  13. Mirko Celegato


  14. Michelle Siggs

    My favourite.

  15. eddieskyclad

    I miss you, I miss you, I miss you, I miss you, I miss you, I miss you so much...

  16. Alan Ake

    Creí que era una canción de New Order xD

  17. venus_. 13

    pegadisima con este tema 🎶🤤

  18. ariston marcelino

    Em 2019 Brasil ouvindo The Cure

  19. Taddeus Gozer

    Per chi non conosce la storia che c'è dietro, questo brano può sembrare scritto per una ragazza.. ma non è così.

  20. dav67820000


  21. Paolo Taormina

    ….when he says I MISS YOU___

  22. Paolo Taormina

    So sweet this song...

  23. TheKoopaClown

    Out of The Cure's whole anthology this song hits the hardest. And that's saying a lot.
    I became a fan when I was about 16, but now in my mid 30's after some actual real life experience (and not just trivial teen problems) the lyrics are about 100 times more impactful. This song in particular hits me so hard that I can only bring myself to listen to it about once a year now

  24. Ahmad Fahmi

    My fav song..

  25. Jervin Marco

    Lyrics is genius

  26. Paul Fodz

    Constantly reminds me, whenever I play this, to remember, keep in-touch and meet-up with people that I may not have seen for a long time, and to make time for friends and family, anyway, just in case.

  27. Anni Anxiety

    This song makes me sad because my friend asked me to coffee too and I said no and two weeks later he killed himself.

  28. pablo

    Geil und ich bin über ein halbes Jahrhundert alt.

  29. Claudio Guglielmi

    Bel testo musica emozionante i cure sono sempre i cure👍👍

  30. Nathan Parsons

    Heartfelt tribute. Billy was brilliant.

  31. Conkan Larsson

    Perfect, melancholic, sad and beautiful. Just like life itself. Thank you, Robert Smith.

  32. Harold Daniel Matos Murillo

    I miss you so much...

  33. Prachurjya Pradip

    a few modern bands do this and they get called posers

  34. unclenene

    Creo entender como se sentía Robert Smith en ese momento. La canción me entristece muchísimo, la he cantado innumerables veces después de que mi novia se quitara la vida, es terriblemente difícil sobrevivir la pérdida de alguien amado de esa forma...

  35. cem çağlayan

    Çok güzel

  36. y el juan!

    Busqué bastante este tono 0:34


    Unbelievable deep song

  38. Luan Henrique De Vasconcelos Eça

    Que musica !!! A melhor do the cure !!! S2

  39. Maui

    I don’t think The Cure has a bad song...all of their songs are beautiful and so meaningful...I adore them...

  40. Radek Ventruba

    Thank you guys!

  41. Chelsie Waite

    This song brings my Mum and I to tears. My Dad absolutely loved The Cure and was always dressed identical to Robert Smith (Make up and all), and he sadly passed away when I was 9 months old. My Mum never got a proper chance to say goodbye, and my brother and I never got a proper life with him at all.
    Just sitting here now listening to this has me in tears again, while I look at a photo of him holding me when I was a baby, not long before he was gone.... A lot of The Cure songs hit me right in the feels, but this one takes the cake.

    "Until later, doesn't always come"....

    Rip Dad, love and miss you always xoxo

    Karl Sebastian Sollenhag

    I lost my dad a couple years ago. He was a The Cure fan.
    Your post is very touching.

    I used to feel a pain in my chest when hearing this song. Because of something I should have done. But now I don't, because I don't feel that way for her.
    But this song reminds me of dad now.

    Jeremy Watts

    I find it difficult to listen to too, not because for any particular life event reason though

  42. roby kristiawan

    I miss you, miss you so much..

  43. Steve Birks

    Don't they look rough round the edges without their makeup on ??? ...

    Steve Birks

    ...Arrggh - Was only kidding ! - Don't string me up !
    Love this song - means a lot - I Let the girl , the one I would have married - slip through my fingers - the fickle finger of fate ruined every thing ! Not one month goes by without PB appears in my dreams ? - She still looks fresh & beautiful like everyone did back then ? -
    ♡I miss her ♡ I miss her ♡ I miss her♡ I miss her ♡ So Much ♡ No one took her place !
    Great Song - I love it - just reminds me - use the phone & explain whats happening - we could have had a wonderful life together ( well I could !)

  44. omg.curefan_xo

    2:27 sounds like Robert is rapping

  45. omg.curefan_xo

    My brother is called Billy 😂 also i lokey kinda like this song

  46. alex777 kotin

    посвятил другу, который повесился.

  47. Esmeralda Luna

    Like si eres mexicano pero ademas de ser fan viniste por mundocrepy

  48. Claire Grube

    think about it. i know that feeling. you cant change it. never again.

  49. Harold Daniel Matos Murillo


  50. Gabriella Curti

    Non mi piace

  51. Valentín Diomedi

    Billy Mackenzie

  52. Tom O'Neil

    lipstick on a pig comes to mind

  53. 劉大勝


  54. Susan Bennet

    Oh, Robert. You're so lovely.

  55. Pasquale Ciufo

    Also treffen wir uns wieder! Und ich biete meine Hand an
    auf die trockene und langsame englische Weise
    Und du schaust mich an und ich verstehe
    Ja, es ist ein Blick, den ich einst kannte

    Drei lange Jahre und dein Lieblingsmensch
    Ist das eine Art "Hallo" zu sagen?
    Und du hälst mich als würdest du mich nie loslassen
    Als würdest du mich nie loslassen

    Oh, komm' geh mit mir einen trinken
    Setz dich und erzähl' ein bisschen
    Oh, ich wünschte ich könnte und ich werde
    aber jetzt hab' ich einfach keine Zeit

    Und über meine Schulter, als ich weggehe,
    sehe ich, dass du mir den Abschiedsblick gibst
    Ich sehe diesen Blick noch immer in deinen Augen

    So dumm Mr.Beschäftigt, zu viel Eile um mit Billy zu reden
    All die dummen, albernen Dinge müssen erst erledigt werden
    In einer Minute, irgendwann, vielleicht nächstes Mal, im Juni
    "Bis später" kommt nicht immer
    "Bis später" kommt nicht immer

    Es ist so schwer zu denken, dass es irgendwann endet
    Und dies könnte das letzte Mal sein
    Ich sollte dich wirklich noch mal singen hören
    Und ich sollte dich wirklich tanzen sehen
    Denn es ist hart zu denken, dass ich nie eine weitere Chance bekommen werde
    Dich zu halten, dich zu halten

    Doch der kühle Mr. Seltsam, zu viel Eile um mit Billy zu reden
    All die kleinen idiotischen Dinge müssen erledigt werden
    In einer Sekunde, warte kurz, alles zu seiner Zeit
    Wird nicht lange dauern bis später

    Ich hätte eine Denkpause einlegen sollen, ich hätte mir die Zeit nehmen sollen
    Ich hätte einen trinken geh'n können, ich hätte ein bisschen reden können
    Ich hätte es richtig gemacht, ich hätte es einrichten können
    Aber das tat ich nicht, jetzt ist es zu spät
    Es ist vorbei und du bist fort

    Ich vermiss' dich, ich vermiss' dich, ich vermiss' dich,
    ich vermiss' dich ,ich vermiss' dich, ich vermiss' dich so sehr

    Aber wie oft kann ich weggehen und mir wünschen, "wenn doch nur"
    Wie oft kann ich so reden und mir wünschen, "wenn doch nur"
    Mach' immer wieder die selben Fehler
    Spür' immer wieder den selben Herzschmerz
    Ich wünsche, "wenn doch nur", aber "wenn doch nur" ist ein zu spät kommender Wunsch

  56. Monstroterratum

    I get cured every time I hear them.

  57. amycanbe

    perfect song and words go so well together - sad but lovely

  58. Derek B

    This song really gets to me.

  59. Bre CK

    La última vez que platiqué con mi mejor amigo, fue por teléfono. Quedó pendiente una visita y reencontrarnos. No volvió a suceder. El falleció meses después. El "luego nos vemos"puede que jamás suceda.

  60. Chiara Carinini

    Molto bella

  61. Student EHESS


    Chelsie Waite

    2019, and always will

  62. lovefashro

    Omg Robert is so hot here...

  63. Gianluca Bianco

    I miss you, I miss you, I miss you I miss you, I miss you, I miss you so much.

  64. vlada milosavljevic

    jako dobar bend engleski postoje i dan danas svaka im cast

  65. Michel M. Valpuesta

    Because it's hard to think
    "I'll never get another chance
    To hold you to hold you"

    What a powerful song! This phrase totally breaks my soul :'(

  66. Nicolas Acevedo Rubio

    Alkaline Trio did it better

  67. Captain Sensible

    Pure shit

  68. peter stainton

    Best love song with most honest painful lyrics

  69. TheShepherd82

    But "if only" a wish too late :'( <3

  70. супер кошки


  71. Rute Pereira

    Amei ouvir

  72. jolly fresh

    your garden varety illumnati who somehow fooled even neil amrsntorng on ebig foot in mouth poor silly billy

  73. jolly fresh

    this fools lok says it all

  74. aw man

    Reace in Peace, Billy Mackenzie

  75. Sébastien Rivière


  76. Michael Colello

    The Cure do madchester?

  77. Gareth Thomas

    Thanks Olga 😂😂

  78. StMarksGov&Politics

    Just the saddest song

  79. Irina Jorgensen


  80. jose martin

    Obra maestra new wave

  81. Alexandre Grund Gamer

    Gothic is the power...

  82. ViajeAstral21

    El 22 de enero de 1997, la depresión a causa de la muerte de su madre contribuyó a que Mackenzie se suicidara.​ Abusó del paracetamol en la casa de su padre en Auchterhouse, Angus. Tenía 39 años. La canción "Cut Here" de The Cure, escrita por Robert Smith, amigo de Mackenzie, trata sobre la culpa que en ese momento Robert sentía por haber visto a Mackenzie semanas antes de su muerte tras bastidores en un concierto de The Cure, y por no haber podido dedicarle un poco más de tiempo a su conversación ese día.​

    Antonio Coelho

    Quien era mackenzie ??


    Mira aquí:


    @Steve Birks Here you go! On January 22, 1997, depression due to the death of his mother contributed to Mackenzie committing suicide, and he abused paracetamol at his father's house in Auchterhouse, Angus. He was 39 years old. The song "Cut Here" by The Cure, written by Robert Smith, friend of Mackenzie, is about the guilt that at that time Robert felt for having seen Mackenzie weeks before his death behind the scenes in a concert of The Cure, and for not having been able to devote a little more time to their conversation that day.


    @Antonio Coelho cantante de The Associates


    @Claire Grube The Cure song "Cut Here" in 2001, written by Robert Smith, a friend of Mackenzie, is about the regret Robert felt about seeing Mackenzie a few weeks before his death backstage at a Cure concert, and not giving him any of his 'precious time' and fobbing him off.
    According to wikipedia

  83. Ricky Galaxia

    “Oh, vamos, toma una copa conmigo
    Siéntate y habla un rato…”
    “Oh, desearía poder hacerlo… ¡Y lo haré!
    Pero ahora simplemente no tengo tiempo…”
    Y sobre mi hombro mientras me alejo
    Veo que me das esa mirada de adiós…

  84. Dani C


  85. Viv valle

    sad!! 😢

  86. Michelle Búcaro

    "Until later... doesn´t always come" Love you Robert.

  87. ElGusArt

    Criss Cross

  88. Thomas Quill

    Knowing what this song is about, it's one of the saddest things I've heard.

  89. Giorgi Jangirashvili

    i miss the feeling of missing someone.

  90. Cosme Farias

    Amo essa música do The Cure!!

  91. A m e U z u m e

    RIP dear Billy. Surely Robert he'll be always watching over you with love even if time never let you have enough memorable time with him.

  92. Annett Wennberg

    I miss you, i miss you, i miss you, so bad 🦋🕊

  93. Lionnel Pinto

    I should have stop and thing !!
    and should have made my time.....Now its all too late its over and you're gone.

  94. Yovan Nieblas

    I heard this with my headphones on while ground was falling into my father's tomb. I didn't want to hear other people's crying so I rather listen any song, altough I never tough evetything I meant to tell him was told in this song.

  95. Mochilazo Cultural

    We all know what's behind this song, but is also valid to think about how many chances we have lost with that girl, just because of the abashment (or other stupid things).

  96. Luca Arnesano

    Favolosa !!!

  97. Kenneth McKay

    For Billy