Cure, The - Bare Lyrics

If you've got something left to say
You'd better say it now
Anything but "stay"
Just say it now
We know we've reached the end
We just don't know how
"well at least we'll still be friends"
Yeah one last useless vow...

"there are different ways to live"
Yeah I know that stuff
"other ways to give"
Yeah all that stuff
But holding onto used to be
Is not enough
Memory's not life
And it's not love

We should let it all go
It never stays the same
So why does it hurt me like this
When you say that I've changed?
When you say that I've aged?
Say I'm afraid...

And all the tears you cry
They're not tears for me
Regrets about your life
They're not regrets for me
It never turns out how you want
Why can't you see?
It all just slips away
It always slips away

So if you've got nothing left to say
Just say goodbye
Turn your face away
And say goodbye
You know we've reached the end
You just don't know why
And you know we can't pretend
After all this time

So just let it all go
Nothing ever stays the same
So why does it hurt me like this
To say that I've changed?
To say that I've aged?
Say I'm afraid...

But there are long long nights when I lay awake
And I think of what I've done
Of how I've thrown my sweetest dreams away
And what I've really become
And however hard I try
I will always feel regret
However hard I try
I will never forget

I will never forget

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Cure, The Bare Comments
  1. glmr fshee

    I'm going to write something that will, most likely, piss off everyone.

    Another heart-breaking song.
    Yes; it's just a creative venture and has nothing to do with RS'S life.


    Scores of songs.
    I suppose that this creative outlet improves his life.
    Perhaps these lyrics are merely ... fleeting thoughts.

    What if they aren't?

    These songs are so emotional that it's difficult for me to feel that these gorgeous, heartfelt songs are just fleeting moments in his mind.

    Of course, it's quite possible :(

    I just Wish He could be Happy😕

  2. Hamish McDonald

    His voice! Resonance. Message? So clever. So in awe.

  3. Carol Stephanie Taype Aspilcueta

    Dulcemente desgarradora 💜
    Robert is a truly genius at writing.

  4. tone penley

    Whoever came up with this format for a lyric video is a genius. I love how the lines are so illuminated and partially overlap.

  5. DragonCraft Plays

    The Cure cure. Sigh!

  6. Pablo Ramirez

    May 10th, 2010.... May 30th, 2010 my son Finlay Oliver was born, a beauty amongst the English. May 31st, 2010 was my 33rd birthday.

  7. Angelica Gutierrez Jimenez

    Truly Beautiful... Love them...

  8. zionistatwork123

    The older I get, the more I regret..............

  9. Dananan Bananan

    Уоу, как можно было так упороться и написать настолько грустную песню

  10. David Ellis

    I will never forget .

  11. Greg Sovine

    It amazes me how this is basically a deep track song, and yet it has more emotion and meaning in anything you will ever hear in the top 40. A truly underrated song, by one of the greatest lyricists/musicians the world will ever produce.

  12. mando sm

    Wow! What a beautiful song.

  13. Luca Palazzi

    One of their best song ever. Lyrically, musically, such an incredibile song. And yes, it makes me almost cry..

  14. Karen Hannegan

    Ohhhhhhhh….Ripped my heart out.

  15. JsnRpg

    I love this song . I hate this song . It makes ache . Miss my wife

  16. Jotabe1k976

    Far fucking Out...

  17. spudcustardx1

    just got the cure  Bare that will doo

  18. Kureme

    This is what happens when you´re all boozed out and have a label deadline to meet.

  19. Indi Ish

    Thank you for this; couldn't listen to this song for a long time. It was a painfully much-needed lightbulb, once; a glaring realization in an anonymous crowd of thousands, over two decades ago....just incredible. <3

  20. Daniel M

    one of the best songs in my humble opinion, a favorite one

  21. pumbarash

    прекрасный трек

  22. Mr. Tommy

    This is one my favourite song. poem.....this in my life

  23. spudcustardx1

    for my friends

  24. nothanks

    Thank you.

  25. Beth Ziegelmeyer

    I’m 19- I’m simultaneously grateful for my youth yet sad that I didn’t get to grow up in a time period characterized by more meaningful music

  26. Kunwar Bedi

    I will never forget

    This ones for my dog

  27. Neventual

    Starting over isn't always pleasant. Hearts do heal and souls become whole. Most importantly "Keep the lesson in".

  28. Mr. Tommy

    This is my life.....Really Genius artist!

  29. Pedro Henrique

    Não é uma música, é uma obra de arte <3

  30. spudcustardx1

    cute isn't it

  31. spudcustardx1

    don't moan at me for re posting this chums for posting this

  32. spudcustardx1

    If its not under your skin I apologise for the interruption, I know nothing, guess its under mine

  33. Roberto Morales

    Thank you for the video is great.

  34. On Someone Else's Dream

    Such a sweet song

  35. Antoni o Santos Ángel

    It is a masterpiece.

  36. D M

    There's only one way to begin again.

    The End.

    It's not easy and never will be easy to "fin"; yet oh so necessary 💞☔⛅✨

  37. Franz Dal Sasso

    i will never forget

  38. spiritualseeker amor

    Thank you. This is like a summer day in mid-winter.

  39. Tyrone Koumoundouros

    If we are not together
    Then, there is no friends.

  40. Darrin Zabolotney

    Robert is unleashing the exquisite agony of the inevitability of the emotional self flagellation.after another,but he stresses that one will get 2 close and U heart will be 4ever scarred ,by love

  41. Semy Darak


  42. Nathalie Kansaye

    In fine we re in the same boat, 😚😚😚😚😚😚😚😚😚😚😚😚😚😚😚😚😚😚😚😚😚😚😚hundred millions bottles friendly

  43. 水沢Amy

    I ❤️ this song and this album . d=(^o^)=b

  44. Sandy Kluth


  45. Vincent Knox

    He is a god 💚💚💚💚

  46. David Ellis

    This ended an album that was the first substandard Cure LP. This was easily the best track. The upload is one of the best sounding on You Tube. I Will Never Forget .

  47. get the fvck out


  48. get the fvck out

    He says these so lowly but you can feel the actual feeling of it; pure anger

  49. Inga Hiltunen

    Beautiful sound @-))--

  50. Stevie Blunder

    Her majesty: queen Robert Smith

  51. jenee blatzer

    Just Divine! 💋

  52. Gary Melvin

    a diamond & a sigh

  53. glmr fshee

    One last useless last useless vow :(

  54. glmr fshee

    truncated version: FKN WTF???

  55. glmr fshee

    how does RS seem to know what and when... I'm/ we are thinking, yet in a ... a....a... in such a more beautiful and eloquent manner??
    this song is almost as nearly as old as I -- yet I find it tonight.
    exactly when I need it....

    Thank you, Robert.

  56. glmr fshee



  57. Carrie Stephens

    Nothing stays the same..... I was the one who changed.

  58. Fátima Vezu

    Q saudades dessa epoca....
    Amo esse musico desde a adolescencia😆

  59. Paulo Roberto

    This is a poetry masterpiece!!

  60. JD Blatz

    Just heart gripping! ❤

  61. Janus Bifrons

    ' let it all go, nothing ever stays the same...'

  62. Me Me

    The video was amazing. Craftsmanship rarely seen. It truly does this beautiful song justice.

  63. Melissa Torok

    This song will never get old to me, beautiful...🖤

  64. Tanielss Ssleinat

    Fuckin amazing¡!

  65. Chris Callahan

    It's not like a little bit of the depression and anxiety we have? The only way to describe how happy he is,well if you can socially drink and drive back home the next stage.... You can see you internal and external,and take that an maybe, just maybe, in a few minutes inside the love and what the hell is going to be good in your life is a better person😴😅...find out and get back to work on it.. you know how much is left in body and soul!

  66. Dom Book


  67. Christopher Bell

    Thank you for all the work you did adding the pictures, lyrics and so forth! I was able to visit Australia before, wonderful country.

  68. Carmelo ll

    Me deprime pero me gusta.😉

  69. christine pencrech

    Thank you Robert.I will send this song to the best friend\lover I' ve ever had.And,I' m okay.It' s just life,it' s just love...And it' s magnificient....

  70. Damien Espinosa

    Oh wow...this c.d is soo old I've never had it but I've heard songs off of it n this song is deep fits the relationship I'm in ...its prob over now :/ ..."at least well still be friends..yeah just one last useless vow"

  71. Roshea Heather


  72. Escombros Cósmicos

    The Cure, para las etapas del enamoramiento, las grietas en la misma y un inminente final 💔

  73. Franko kramar


  74. SuperCell Gaming

    Beautiful song and so true of people we used to love and will never forget ...............

  75. Giordano De Luca

    The last great album by the Cure. After this, only good, professional stuff, but not burning.

  76. TheAceSpaceman

    this song haunted me for a long, long have no idea, by a failed relationship I really felt like the song, always made me cry, but you know? It was like a calling for me to be better everytime and never forget what did I had and received

  77. Richard Martin

    this mans words are so true to life.

  78. Saul Star

    youre a great man l speak for everyone here when l say thank you Cheers Aussie

  79. Norman Erak

    Simply The Cure

  80. Noway Youknow

    How come I did not know this!!

  81. Angie Castaneda

    His face and his voice. <3 <3 <3<3

  82. Jean Fontaine

    this the song of my love clarence

  83. Shawn Oday

    Great video my aussi friend. thanks for your time and work. good stuff.

  84. Robert nieSmith

    Love this song

  85. joo pie

    very beautiful album of the Cure, but only one of another great albums. I really love WMS and i hope Robert will put on a next trilogy with the Kiss me - Wild Mood Swings - The 13rd



  86. Sprucy ****

    Have to have control all the way up to the end,huh?

  87. Steve Leinweber


  88. Nurit Levitas

    A beautiful poetic ballad by one of the 10 top greatest bands of all time.

  89. AIV SM

    Thank you......your 20 hours brings me a lifetime of joy....

  90. Commandant Bod

    Wonderful song

  91. Melissa Torok


  92. Chris Verstraete

    Always loving Céline.Forever

  93. Shaindarkart

    Robert Is a lyrical Genius and a TRUE POET.

    Ivan Snegireff

    he'll yeah listen


    aw heck yeah dude better than that morrissey douchebag!

  94. Brianna Dahl

    wow, perfect video

  95. マイキ マイキ

    Vivo dias sem noites
    aonde sonhos nw existem
    vivo dias que ja foram vividos
    antes mesmo de vc ler isto

  96. Kevin Deeb

    I think this is one of my favorites!!

  97. Giulia Traglia

    this song is Amazing...

  98. Janet Atherton

    thanks for the sweet message. if i had my way i would fly around to many shows (hope to for future shows)!! I used to see him at least 3 times while he is here in CA. Tried to get the Vegas show and meet/greet.....the setlist was sick!! i even planed my italian vacation around his tour dates, then was still lucky enough to catch him in san francisco when i got home. the shows used to be 4 and a 1/2 hours when he had no open act. the stage sets were insanely amazing too. 4th of july was a fab show once, and he even stopped playing to watch the fireworks when they went off.
    even though i am still quite young, i have been obsessed with RS for almost 32 years!! i have so many stories, collective materials, etc. no one will ever or can ever be this talented, with such a distinctive look, which makes all us girls have crushes on him. I call him the modern day mozart, as he can write, arrange and play any insturment. Hope he plays well into his 60's as he soooooooooooo can get away with it. When the cure ends, what a sad, sad day in the universe, that will put a huge whole in all of our hearts who love and adore him. don't you love it when he talks too, i could listen to him all day :)
    Oh Robert, you make us all lose our minds in the BEST way possible!!