Crystal Gayle - Ribbon Of Darkness Lyrics

Ribbon of darkness over me
Since my true love walked out the door
Tears I never had before
Ribbon of darkness over me

Clouds are gathering over my head
They chill the day and hide the sun
And shroud the night when day is done
Ribbon of darkness over me

Rain is falling on the meadow
Where once my love and I did lie
Now she is gone from the meadow
My love goodbye

Ribbon of darkness over me
Where once the world was young as spring
Where flowers did bloom and birds would sing
Ribbon of darkness over me

In this cold room lying
Don't want to see no one but you
Oh, I wish I could be dying
To forget you

How I wish your old heart could see
How mine just takes and breaks all day
Come on back and take away
Ribbon of darkness over me
Come on back and take away
Ribbon of darkness over me

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Crystal Gayle Ribbon Of Darkness Comments
  1. Alice Tullier

    Very soothing voice . Loved it in the 80's and love it now.

  2. Viktor Milovat

    OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Crystal is BACK!!!! I adore her since 1980 and I am so happy that she's released a brandnew album!!! Love u, Crystal

  3. Wayne A White

    Her voice is just as sweet and innocent today as it was years ago. She hasn't lost her ability to sing

  4. Dwight Wolfe

    Sweet smile, gentle voice and loving heart. Still missing you Brenda.

  5. shona goobie

    beautifull as always your voice is amazing and you are beautifull

  6. Kenneth Kiser

    Still riding those shirt tails of sister Loretta Lynn. RIDE ON Cowgirl.
    Would love to have the money you put forth on hair care & hair products over all of the years!
    I'd be a Rich Man.

  7. Jhina Orpiano happyme

    Love it😍new subscriber 😊

  8. Matt Lidyoff

    Still sounding great 😊

  9. K & E Fleming

    Always been a fan, your now and forever a beautiful talented lady !

  10. jod6cindy

    BEAUTIFULLY produced by Crystal Gayle and her son, and she sounds wonderful.

  11. Bill Tallant

    Love it

  12. reddirt roots

    Love it. Instant classic!


    Typically talented lady

  14. Music Man

    So glad that the new album is going to be released soon! Crystal Gayle's voice is wonderful! Great performance.

  15. fast fretting

    It is GREAT that you have recorded a new album Crystal and it sounds real good to me ,why you waited so long is puzzling to me.Crystal you really should not tell your true feelings for me to the public.HA HA. The next time i see you i am going to at least try get a hug.8/10/19

  16. phantom collector


  17. Felicia Barlow Clar

    Still such a clear, beautiful voice.

  18. jscountrygirl85

    A wonderful new song from Crystal, and she's still sounding great as ever! I wish beautiful songs like this could get played on today's country radio. This kind of country is timeless!

  19. Jim Quinton

    LOVE IT! So glad to hear new recordings from Crystal, can't wait to hear more :-)

  20. Sean Avidano

    Your voice is timeless and hasn't missed a note! What a wonderful song. I'm eager for the new album. It's been TOO LONG!!!! You'll always be my all-time favorite singer!!

  21. Ken C

    Great song looking forward to the album. Saw your concert last night. We had a wonderful time and thank you for coming to sing for us.

  22. Manuel J.

    Extraordinary song Crystal, really extraordinary 🎶

  23. Neville N

    A stormy Friday morning here in the UK. What better to lift the gloom! Beautiful Crystal sounding fabulous. The clouds have been well and truly lifted. Love you Crystal......❤❤❤

  24. He’s_THE_WAY

    Love it! Love her so much! 💞

  25. Sarah Grizzard

    I love it!!!! Ahhhh!!!!

  26. Sonia Ibarra

    Crystal is so beautiful and sings very beautiful!!❤❤🎶🎶🎶 Lots of Blessings to her.🙏🙏❤❤

  27. ArmInYan

    Crystal is SUPER 😍

  28. Jerry Jackson Jr

    LOVE IT!!! XO