Crystal Gayle - Another World Lyrics

I've always seen myself as a reckless gambler
Risking all that I had
Whenever I could

But then one day it happened
You appeared like from a dream
And we moved in synch like dancing
With our hearts in harmony

You are my way
To another world
Your are the one who makes me fly so high
You are the rain when my spirits run dry
You give my life
A hope that's real

'Cause when I'm with you
You take me away
To another world

All my life I've been called a hopeless romantic
Waiting for my prince
To sweep me away
But when I found you I felt different
Than I ever felt before
Suddenly I was taking no chances
By walking through your door

You are my way
To another world
Your are the one who makes me fly so high
You are the rain when my spirits run dry
You give my life
A hope that's real

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Crystal Gayle Another World Comments
  1. Eric FOUDA

    Who stands here in 2020 ?? I do !!

  2. Walter Repass

    1987-1996 gave us this great Another World theme. What a great soap. And, it was cancelled and replace by silly, crazy, Passions. Shame on you NBC and P&G Productions.

  3. Pjay

    Her voice is so BEAUTIFUL!❤💃🎵🎶🥂❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  4. Monica Kercheval

    Beautiful!!! All those years ago and still today!! Incredible artists!!! I’ve been a huge fan of Gary’s for many, many years!!!

  5. stev al

    Perfect song - great that it was used as the intro to the soap opera!! What great voices!!

  6. TobiasRaphael1

    Two lovely voices!!!

  7. Patrick S.

    What a fantastic song for a fantastic soap opera.

    jett woodward

    Patrick S. You took the words right out of my fingers!

  8. christy Williams

    My faivrt song

  9. Suzie B.

    Wow...take me back....this song is lovely....loved Another World and watched it for years!! Such feelings of nostalgia....

    jett woodward

    Suzie B. I'm cheering and crying!

  10. Brent Woods

    Love this song and love crystal gayle

  11. Melissa Taylor

    What song name is lshadie the power of. His named

  12. Dragishawk

    Still beautiful even after all these years.

  13. Greg Palmer

    #4 on the Country chart.... doesn't sound country at all.

  14. Joe Flash 4

    I always think of the time my Mom used to tell me if I had of been born a girl I would have carried the name Rachel named after The Rachel Coy Character from the show Another World.

    Nathan Steinhoff

    That's actually pretty cool!

    jett woodward

    Awesome.Tbey should have named you Mac,Cass,Wallingford,Lucas or Michael then.

  15. Jake McKay

    Make America Great Again!

  16. Robert Lanier

    I really miss the show Another World! Will always love this song!

    jett woodward

    Robert Lanier You and me both!Sob!

  17. lanny ross

    like the song, do not care for the show.

  18. Ronbo710

    This song should have reached Number #1 easily. *BRILLIANT* !!

    Joe Flash 4

    I agree. I used to also think of Crystals earlier hit Don't it make my Brown Eyes Blue. i used to think it was titled Donuts make my brown eyes blue. Crystal had another lovely duet she did with the Late Eddie Rabbit Just You and I. Yes I agree. BRILLIANT !!

    jett woodward

    Joe Flash 4 Both of those were. great. I thought it was Don't Ut Make My Brown Eyes Blue.

  19. George Tunstill

    If you own an iPod and want to buy and keep the song, iTunes is selling the song as a download for .99.  The song is in Gary Morris' Greatest Hits, Vol.2, track 10.

  20. Messylin

    Felicia Gallant, Cass Winthrop, Cecile De Poulignac, Donna Love - enough said!

    Douglas Morris

    cannot forget Carl Hutchings and Rachel Coy!

    Robert Lanier

    Messylin Jake and Paulina Vicky and Marley were all my faves

    Joe Flash 4

    Speaking of which You know I would have been named Rachel after Rachel Coy the character my Mom used to love on Another world If I was born the opposite. How amazing does that get?!!!

    Tracy Edwards

    Donna, Michael, Marley and Victoria! Yes!!

    jett woodward

    Wallingford😪😥😭,Ada😢😖😥,Catlin,Lucas,Maggie,Michael, Reginald.

  21. Dave Wollenberg

    ACC's #83 song of the '87 survey year. Crystal and Gary hit #4 in Billboard, 7-11-87. Bless you, Anjan, for postin' it. Thanks! Have a blessed week!

    Anjan Chakraborty

    Thanks for the comment

  22. Danny Eyheralde

    was this song written for the show or was it something on it's pwn and AW just happened to use it?


    It was written for the show, I believe.

    It was part of a storyline where Crystal Gayle played a freind of Linda Dano's character.


    If memory serves, I read somewhere that Crystal was a big fan of AW and wanted to be on it.  They wrote this story line for her and she either wrote, or just performed/released this song, along with Gary Morris. 

    George Tunstill

    +bibartlesvilleman +DakotaCelt1 I think you're both right. I'm not a soap opera fan but I am a big Crystal Gale fan and I remembered reading or hearing somewhere years ago that the song was written for when Crystal appeared on the soap. It was never intended to become the show's opening theme but after the song became a big hit on the Pop, Country, and Adult Contemporary charts that was when NBC and the soap's executives decided to use a cut-down version of the song as the opening theme until the soap ended several years ago.

  23. raulantonio65

    Great song.

  24. cuddlylittlelamby

    Love this song...... a great one for the previous " Another World " Soap!    If  ever a reunion  I'd sit back an watch it! 

    jett woodward

    cuddlylittlelamby Me too!

  25. dumb boyiam

    This type of song was Billboard Pop top 40 material around the time the theme that it replaced debuted on AW.