Crystal Castles - Insulin Lyrics

We dissolve everything
Scratch follicles so they don’t grow
Expose your shame for all to see
Sell your bones as ivory

Perfume in my blood
Nails grow through the glove
Bruise my embryo
Lay them down lay them down in rows

I sleep for you when you’re exhausted
Your first born will be accosted
Fill their lungs with tar and sage
Make the stem cells act their age

Perfume in my blood
Nails grow through the glove
bruise my embryo
Lay them down lay them down in rows

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Crystal Castles Insulin Comments
  1. Deonis Adonidis

    Заебись инсулин пацаны)

  2. rondel bradley

    fucking awesomeness dude

  3. Anabasic

    It's a great way to make a living, or make a living, or make a living, and get the best out of your life. This is a great way to enjoy the best of my life.

  4. Eddie Scott

    Still my jammm

  5. Macabre Blood

    Im love this

  6. Eddie Scott

    My jam!!!

  7. insulin babe

    i think she decided the name because insulin is like a metaphor of being addicted to something to death without wanting it, also i love the word insulin

  8. insulin babe

    This song made mi instagram username be legendary

  9. ayşeli çelik

    Diyabet hastalığını araştırırken kendimi burda buldum 🤦🏻‍♀️

  10. ugly TM

    this is what i imagine drowning sounds like

  11. Hoshi Buraito

    pqp q susto no começo


    Diz aí se não é uma delicinha

  12. Güne Bork

    stillll fuckin my mind

  13. Jeremy Paddock

    That's not even music...

  14. Nina

    It's been resonating in my mind all day and now i listen to it and feel i've got run. From or to... i don't know.

  15. b00T

    Love the song. Hate diabetics

  16. Eddie Scott

    Jamming 2018!!!

  17. Matt Kemp

    I would kill to hear the raw original vocals of the chorus..

  18. oatmeal

    is this song about the struggle of having type 1 diabetes

  19. unreghypercam2

    We dissolve everything
    Scratch follicles so they don’t grow
    Expose your shame for all to see
    Sell your bones as ivory

    Perfume in my blood
    Nails grow through the glove
    Bruise my embryo
    Lay them down lay them down in rows

    I sleep for you when you’re exhausted
    Your first born will be accosted
    Fill their lungs with tar and sage
    Make the stem cells act their age

    Perfume in my blood
    Nails grow through the glove
    bruise my embryo
    Lay them down lay them down in rows

  20. D W

    I listened to this song on repeat for 12 hours while on a meth binge once. Ahhhh good times....

  21. Lana

    Sério, alguém pode me explicar o motivo disso ser tão bom?

    o Thiago

    nao sei, deve ser o efeito castelos de cristal


    1 ano se passa e eu continuo loucona do efeito de castelos de cristal

  22. Axolotl Seawitch

    I am offended and I find this song diabetic.

  23. Sashka x


  24. angelofdeath275

    What the shit this has actual lyrics

  25. Salma Loredo

    Wow! No queria creer lo que lei en el canal de kbzas, de que tu canal daba mas miedo jajajaja me gusta c:

  26. christopher pesce

    this shit so sick always

  27. General Tso Joe Hayabusa

    Maaaan... I just imagine this as a last boss theme. I wish game developers picked you guys up to create music for games.

  28. Alvaro Becerra

    It's 2017 and I still don't fucking hear any lyric on this one... Only weird whispers and some distorted Alice's voice.


    keep trying

  29. FLUTCH




    D W

    Because there is no such thing as a 13th floor.

  30. Daniel Mejia

    What is this about? The lyrics seem to be allegorical to abortion, or oppression towards women's rights on reproductive rights. Why Insulin though?

  31. John Doe Jr.

    Perfect for driving 130mph through late night L.A. traffic.

  32. wendy's

    are my earphones being little shits again or is the distortion the song


    I think it's the song

  33. PHat in a hat

    FIrst 7 seconds - mm, this is interesting, kind of eerie, but also kind of cute!
    0:08 - aaargrgh GOD my ears! WHAT THE FUCK?!?!

  34. Blood Klotte

    IDM and rythmic noise? nice, nice nice nice

  35. Hoyhhh

    I still can't believe this has actual lyrics

    aijan 11

    And good ones....

  36. Philip Roseel

    wish this was longer...miss you Alice

  37. none ya

    fucking love this track

  38. Anthony

    I only came here because I'm diabetic

  39. rm ツ

    i have insulin 22 yr old diabetic only classy or preferable actress girls private message

  40. Quinton Brown

    I wish this song was longer. at less 4 minuted.

  41. Bryan Prado

    wtf lyrech

  42. ozzietheassassin

    this song makes me feel like im suffocating.

    Thanasis 25

    don't listen:)

    cheryl alcock

    I totally get that.

  43. Roy Mustang

    I have diabeetus

  44. clown emperor

    0.5 lel

  45. Belén O Rincón Rosselló

    not to b hateful or anything but i cant compare Alice's lyrics to Edith's i mean 'perfume in my blood' so much more expressive and personal idk

    vos es verum

    Amy's Sacrifice um... she's saying the opposite of what you think she said.


    another boy, another girl SHE IS SAYING WHAT YOU JUST SAID.

    Blue Ghost

    Yep, Alice is soooo good at writing lyrics. She said that for some songs she used some of the poetry she wrote when she was 16, to think that she was that young and yet that deep, obscure and unique will always amaze me. She seems to have such a poetic and dark view on the world, I would love to be in her head for just 5 minutes to see how she sees

  46. Almendra Barrón

    Ojalá se vuelvan a juntar para una gira.

  47. Emmanuel Cortés

    the hardest song of (III)

  48. Zaira Cobain DTS

    Perfume in my blood!

  49. Ferchii Jumper

    Why this isnt 3 mins?

  50. Pássaro Do Gozo


    Lozano TV

    Meu, Sai Daqui.

  51. Filifjonkan

    dietetyczna piosenka bardzo melodyczna

  52. Abraham Wright

    idk if I like this or Doe Deer more


    then listen fainting spells

  53. Ferreteh

    This song is scaryyy. I love it.

  54. MadButcher81


  55. intor / flowers

    still loving this song so fucking much

    Caio Mazzali

    +intor / flowers oiiiik

    intor / flowers

    tudo nbom *-*

    Caio Mazzali

    +intor / flowers td e com vc

    intor / flowers

    +Caio Braghetta to com a laganja doendo

    intor / flowers

    +Caio Braghetta garganta*

  56. TheFelippePvP NOVO CANAL NA BOX!

    huehuehuehuehue '-'

  57. Whetsit Tuya

    I love how distorted this song is, it's like an analogy for the destructive habit catalyzing obesity


    Whetsit Tuya that makes no sense.

    Whetsit Tuya

    Shut up fat! **Sticks a pump in your stomach and sucks out all your fat and uses it as fuel for my car**


    @Whetsit Tuya nigga what the fuck

    Whetsit Tuya

    It doesn't have to my car now has gas for lyfe homie

  58. L Mauerstadt

    Here's another diabetic who is watching this after injecting my insulin and now eating, wondering why the hell this song is called Insulin.


    Same *high five*

    Christian Gagnon

    Also in this club.



  59. Mariela Duarte

    life, yes...

  60. Tefferen

    I desperately need a lyric video!

  61. André Filipe


  62. Nicholas Kinsman


  63. Emily T-J

    nightmare material

  64. carlos mauro


  65. Lil Mane

    Puro grito una mierrda prefiero las licuadoras de musica

  66. headnodnout

    sweet noise to my ears

  67. intor / flowers


  68. Josefina Majareta

    i watch this on 0.5 and omg

  69. Mariel

    Love this. Wish there was a longer version though

  70. Amir Saunders

    this sounds like micheal meyers is getting possessed 

  71. Bronze Serpent

    Where is the artwork from? Anybody please?

    Lucas Scaglia

    it's from the crystal castles' album (III) cover. There are 2 versions of the cover.

    Bronze Serpent

    where did they get it from though?

    Lucas Scaglia

    Album artwork
    The album cover features a picture by Spanish photographer Samuel Aranda. The image depicts a woman named Fatima al-Qaws holding her son, Zayed, who was exposed to tear gas during a street demonstration in Sana'a, Yemen, on October 15, 2011 

    from wikipedia

  72. Timeoable

    Best way to blow steam, is to listen to that song at a maximum level. This is so fucking liberating.

  73. Cesar muñoz


  74. Weronika Juszczak


  75. Jesús

    this is my favorite song from (III) TBH

    Super Astral Health

    what means TBH?


    @Spacecowboyable To be honest

    Assburger Man

    Mine too, it makes me angry

    Andy Simons

    Jesús mine are wrath of god, kerosene, mercenary, transgender and this one. in this particuar order :3

  76. Eric1HBK2

     I listened to "III" for almost two years now, and why the hell i never heard this track before?

    N¡gh†m∆res ∆nd 8Ø8s

    guess you never really listened to it then

  77. Leonardo666ism


  78. Christian Mauck

    @Holly mackintosh: right now, I'm thinking by myself: "how sounds Insulin?" ;-) (well, i guess either a lot more sweeter or a lot less sweeter than this *g)

  79. Holly mackintosh

    i'm diabetic and i don't understand why this song is called insulin

    Rodrigo Morales

    I’m diabetic too and I can’t understand too.. XD

    Vlăduț Geană

    Maybe it's about inheriting diabetes, or more likely about it's hereditarity, and how your offsprings may have a chance of having diabetes : "Bruise my embryo/Lay them down, lay them down in rows". And it may not specifically relate to diabetes, but to any hereditary disease and about how guilty you feel as a parent for your child in this situation(even though it's not your fault)


    @Vlăduț Geană how do you understand the lyrics from crystal castles songs? I've listened to them a lot and I don't think I've caught a single word haha
    edit: oh. just noticed that the lyrics are in this very video's description... I'm an idiot haha


    Lol same. Diabetics al around the world are searching for music about insulin and finding this insanity.

    L RX

    theres a group on facebook called "using insulin syringes for things that are not insulin", food for thought lmao

  80. Katrina G.

    I just loooove it!

  81. Matthew James

    Real good, thanks guys

  82. Seppukuu

    Trippin' out. So good.

  83. RottedDollFace


    Faq Yoo



    @Faq Yoo tacos

  84. Marco Gonzales

    I love this song and especially the cover for this album it reminds me of a character 

  85. Sherand Girdiaz

    i love you crystal ♥

  86. KendylTV

    Whenever I hear this, I imagine it being the sound you hear when you're being stabbed to death... If that could be conveyed through melodies, anyway.

    Crystal Castles are fucking amazing.

    Алексимир Атанасов

    the sound of being stabbed to death is the sharp object going through your organs soooo

  87. strigori mortis

    thank you cc

  88. strigori mortis

    sooooo much

  89. strigori mortis

    i love youuuuuuuuuu.

  90. SKAgirl181

    It's good, but sick. I feel anxiety in my chest. :O

  91. seeriktus

    all aboard the rape train

  92. JAWS

    I have returned to you

  93. Alan Medina Cruz

    me muero! D: que orgasmote

  94. Timeoable

    I'll make my children listen to that, I promise.

  95. ChristinaLoveization

    try sleeping while this


    this song feels like the air is in front of me and its pushing me forward

  97. lordofdapuss 21

    that song is so fucking hardcore, and i love it