Crystal Castles - Child I Will Hurt You Lyrics

Keep them locked away
Reduce them to strays
Clean their cuts and scrapes

Mercy we abstain
Hope you’re entertained
Snow covers the stain

Forray forever

Taught them with solace
They know a soft caress
To lower your defense

Hide all that you could
Done for the greater good
It’s later understood

Forray forever

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Crystal Castles Child I Will Hurt You Comments
  1. Alex Vidi Vici

    Beautiful song when you watch snow falling

  2. moo f

    takes me back to december of 2014 or 15.. i cant remember which it was. but just being in my childhood bedroom laying in bed and looking at my christmas lights while this was playing from my computer speakers

  3. pwoswald

    am I about to get transported to hell

  4. O. D


  5. Emilio Enriquez

    This is fucking beautiful

  6. Adrian Romo

    ls thAt A dlsclple healing the guy

  7. spikesspikesspikes

    you could hear her voice break a little at the end of 'its later understood'. just a small detail i noticed that really adds to the emotion of the song

  8. Supposedly a Person

    If this isn't played at my furneral I ain't dying, simple as that

  9. corina mora

    I still cry to this song

  10. Aaron Clements


  11. Auva Stratos

    are there any other songs like this?

  12. Angie

    minha musica favorita...

  13. MissMichSan

    This reminds me of arcade fire song I forgot the name of it

    a n g e l x c x

    MissMichSan probably black wave

  14. a1uM1nuM448

    *the goblin king wants to know your location*

  15. Alek Henderson

    When kids scream in public

  16. fabook1

    Beach house vibes

  17. Dominic Gutierrez

    i had a dream that there was a project x at my old high schools main stadium.. and one of my best friends who is also the love of my life went to hide in the locker room in the staduim and when i walked in the room it was a dresser room 0:20 of the song came on and the room was foggy and my vision had the quality of an early 80's camera ..i asked what was wrong and she said "she has no one not even her fam"......this was a week before her dad died and several months after her mom died .. i told her to go for a walk with me to talk... then all the students started a big ass bonfire with all the schools furniture in the middle of the feild and we were wathcing from the roof of the school and it ended with handed holding

  18. hani abdi

    Only God forgives

  19. Higashikata Mista

    dont u hate it when u find out what a band is in 2017 then two years later find out they're broken up.

  20. JasonPlayz901

    i always think of this song whenever im sad
    i can't stop thinking about this song, i cant find a girl

  21. zorinant95

    Legit one of the most painful albums for me to listen to. I remember listening to this song when I had surgery-appendix- and this was what I primarily listened to beforehand and afterwards.
    This album has so much pain in general, but that memory just makes this album all the more painful.

  22. KetaKidd

  23. Omaru Senpai

    This song makes me sad idk why maybe bc is nostalgic

  24. ayooub xino

    me emmy ❤️

  25. NW Cultsightings

    This song is probably about satanic cults

  26. Juraj Jakubec

    me when a baby starts crying in the bus after a long-ass day

  27. Angie

    close your eyes and sleep.

  28. would siets


  29. Gil Bunny

    I love this because sounds very different <3

  30. embrace pure

    this was the background track i chose for my first dmt trip, an interesting lens, distant beings and open eye energy trails

  31. Omar Mccray

    I'm watching Gerontophilla, this song just came on love it!!!

  32. Gabriel Henrique Santos

    Como eu não ouvi essa música antes ♡♡

  33. Mila Flores


  34. issa m æ ł ï şş ā

    dete jebacutimajku

  35. Shenequa Neckface

    whenever i listen to this song it makes me reflect on my abusive mother and my utter fear that I will end up hurting my future children as part of the cycle haunting song

  36. Saul Antonio

    pretty sure this is about the whole adrenochrome thing

  37. death violets

    crystal castles forever

  38. Trevor

    this song title is relatable when some fucking shit tries to steal my garcloc bread

  39. Airey B

    When you release paper lanterns into the air

  40. Rebecca Chiptune

    This song is my go-to for coping with CSA and other types of abuse. It just feels like the song that my dying, child self is yearning for. Its nostalgic, and tragic.

  41. milkman's wife

    hide all that you could
    done for the greater good
    it's later understood

  42. Matthew Erickson

    I've been looking for a song that sounds like my childhood nightmares.

  43. tor bjorn

    jar of hearts is ripped off from this

  44. Beck

    I've been looking for this song for 10 years

  45. christopher pesce

    this song is next level shit

  46. Maria Mota

    this song makes me feel like i have to protect someone wtf

  47. Honey Baby

    not that anyone cares but I always cry to this song...

    a n g e l x c x

    Katie love you’re not alone.

  48. wendy's

    what the fuck, i can never listen to this song without wanting to cry. it makes me feel like i'm living a tragic life that i'm not. makes me feel almost mad with sadness, how the hell can a song evoke such feelings??

  49. Dave The Future Wang Rec

    the Crystal Castles

  50. Cihuatlan Califaztlan

    this song is so sick an beautiful 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  51. Ed C

    This song sounds like Christmas

  52. Omni Memex

    My favorite song.

  53. Angel I.

    it's been a while since I have heard CC so the other day I heard this song. a day later I have this dream. I'm on a train with a friend (who in real life is only a familiar face) and it's this girl, but I'm not interested in her romantically since I already have a gf. So we're just talking and then the conductor talks through the intercom saying that we are going to be coming to a stop but into a wall and that our time has come, but he says it all calmly. everyone seems to accept it but they all looked depressed. I yell "come on! what's wrong with u people?! we are going to die and your not even going to try to live!" so I'm trying to escape and finally I find a way out and I jump out with my friend and we make it, just us two. (this song plays in the background all dramatic like a movie) then the girl tells me it was meant to happen and she had to go back. I try to tell her other wise and we are both crying. she says I love you and kisses me. but it's not like a romantic kiss at all. it's like im never going to see you again kiss. she turns around out of sight I'm just there crying. and it ends

    Crystal F

    Angel I. Wow...

    Jake Wood

    I’ll take 500 for things that never happened, Alex.


    @Jake Wood it literally says in the comment that it was a dream


    such a great music which I never listened!

  55. Meme Parody Productions / Meme Sheep

    Still waiting for the 5th album!

  56. Monchis Reex

    me gusta un chingo♡

  57. Aitor

    Their kindness is charade

  58. CY EN


  59. Hollow Inn

    This song is the fucking song! Please make more melancholy.

  60. Planet Telex


  61. Fernando Mendes

    this makes me sad :c

  62. delius amat

    I always imagine gazing at stars while this song plays. Hopefully one day I can go somewhere where the light pollution isn't too bad, and I could see the Milky Way


    Oh hellew

    Black Forest Pygmy

    undertakerfreak1127 hellew!

    Alastair Gilfillan

    We all will, one day.

    Antti The Internet Guy

    Alastair Gilfillan shhh god is dead and we have killed him, only sweet release of the cold void will set us free

    Antti The Internet Guy

    delius amat oh and milkyway is nothing after you've been in lapland and seen the northern lights dancing over the landscape of snow and ice sureounded by deep silemce of the winter nights

  63. Shöne LeJeune Stéphane

    The best song of this album . I'm happy o discover crystal castles :)

  64. Felix Dailey

    this song's twisted af!

  65. J‡MSTER 420

    this songs epic

  66. Pona4

    Does anyone know what they are saying?

    Felix Dailey

    it's in the description

  67. Nip Pregnancy

    cannot and will not stop listening to this song. scary how addictive it is.

  68. Merry

    This is very relaxing... I love it !

  69. eli

    This song has such a sad feeling... It suits me.


    +Teru marry me


    ~every weeaboo 2k16

  70. Abraham Wright

    this song is intense for me sometimes, ugh

  71. wally wright

    and thats the end of JAM #14.

  72. J S

    hauntingly beautiful

  73. Alejandra Centurion

    I heard this song in Gerontophilia.. I love it, and I'm discovering new great songs too from CC!

  74. Jakob


  75. Mauricio Björk

    adiós crystal castles para mi personal sin la vos de alice ya es otra banda
    lo mismo que pasa con alice in chains o queen
    ya no es lo mismo aunque sea mejor
    si ethan tiene una nueva cantante no sonara cómo crystal castles aunque sea mejor ya no creo que sirva ese nombre, eso adiós :´( como extrañare a estos 2 juntos joder

    Mitternacht K

    Es lo mismo, la voz de alice en los records esta tan modificada que no tiene gracia, puede ser reemplazada por cualquiera... de hecho ya fue reemplazada y escuchando frail uno se da cuenta de que crystal castles es ethan y no ethan+alice...

    Mauricio Björk

    Tienes razón

  76. pierreerichexum

    You listen to this then listen to Frail and Deicide and it's obvious Ethan hasn't only lost Alice Glass but also his inspiration


    @pierreerichexum I actually really like both those songs! Although they can't compare to this.

  77. little Vixen

    All parents harm their children, trying to protect them from the harsh reality of the world.

  78. selenophilia

    I cannot love this song enough!
    Are there any other songs out there like this one? Cause I need to make a playlist.

    veg An archist

    Proud - You're My Dream

  79. Sean

    So hauntingly beautiful. Dangerous even.

  80. foodProcessor

    Crystal Castles rocks for uploading this.
    Now I can listen to it repeatedly without copyright guilt.

  81. mulysablue

    Please anyone explain to me what Ifunny is??

    a n g e l x c x

    An app that's full of stuff that's not really funny


    @Altaïr Ibn-La'Ahad lol thanks, but why was cc there?

    a n g e l x c x

    @kissangel471 there's a picture that says "when a child acts up in public" then it shows the title of this song 

    Austin Coates

    +Altaïr Ibn-La'Ahad
    ...that's it?

  82. Tarhiel

    Gerontophilia brought me here.

    That scene was fucking amazing!

  83. specter0008

    google brought me here...

  84. may fernandez

    People say ifunny. I came rrom facebook

    Brian Thomas

    @may fernandez me 2 lol

  85. ʙᴀʀᴀ

    their songs are literally poems

    a b s i n t h e

    that's what songs are

    Ghost Pop

    Alice did win a poetry contest during her school years

  86. ♡angelpuff♡

    national anthem for aliens lol

  87. Not Human

    An abusive paedophilia themed song that ends with murdering children? Sure thing, I'm in. FUCK NO!!!!

  88. AmykinzVlogz

    well...i'm suppose to write an essay about a song with symbolistic meaning, and how the song can easily be taken out of context. Totally found it. Thank you CC.

  89. MrRimenez

    David Lynch like this.

  90. marda379

    i cant ever listen this song to the end, i feel like i am going insane with it, seriously if you have problems please dont listen to this song, its not comforting, its just overwhelming and suicidal

    Mitternacht K

    I feel a little bit your comment, this brings me so much sadness, more than i can express, but i feel that song it's beautiful in a strange way, and for that my feelings are confuse... after all this is gorgeous :)


    I have problems yes, but I will continue listen to it because it helps me to redeem my anxiety and calms me down. so no, I will not stop listening to this hauntingly sad but yet beautiful song.


    That's the thing though. Crystal Castles has a very dark, haunting style, and the title reflects that... But if you pay attention, many of their songs are deceiving. In Untrust Us, they claim you shouldn't do cocaine, as it's bad for your health, but the title tells you not to trust them. In this one, the title suggests horrible acts of violence towards children... but instead, it's much closer to a lullaby, instead saying how parents sacrifice everything to protect their children from the world, causing them to be harmed by the world when they have to leave their parents' protection and face it themselves. So in a way, the song is actually beautiful. Reflecting the sacrifice and love that a parent can, and should have, for their children.

    xfainting spellsx

    when i listen to this, it seems like i travelled to a distant place i call home, lost but content

  91. Oliver Schratz

    Im here because The crash reel, rip Sarah Burke...

  92. MaroonCacti

    This song is so relaxing
    Also ifunny sucks ass


    you're just mad because no one likes your garbage meme website. trust me in 5 years you'll look back at the time when you used to go on ifunny and regret every second of it.


    @MaroonCacti If I felt any bit of agitation or perturbance, I would portray my frustration through brushing off any said hatred.


    keep pretending you're some kind of higher intellectual, it sure will get you a lot of places ;^)



  93. ilubmiself

    i actually came here from tumblr

    PC Guy

    And bronyfag? Wow. This, my friends, is a failed attempt into society.


    im a girl. and i dont even watch the show any more. this profile picture is from 4 years ago

    Rebekah Rosella

    @PC Guy Wow, a douchebag? Pathetic.

  94. AgressiveSillence



    then dont read the comments


    @Hayley Pengelly That's what I am wondering, too...


    @Hayley Pengelly a shitty app

  95. Georgia Aj Scratch

    μελωδικο ...

  96. Kara B

    This is music?

  97. Zakeiya Caesar

    Here from Ifunny 😔😔😔

  98. the shafts super happy awesome fun time show

    Lol ifunny