Crowley, Beth - Here We Go Again Lyrics

Here we go again
Our game of tug-of-war
For me it’s real now
I’m not playing anymore
You try to wear me down
With your pretty pretty words

Just when I think I’m done
I’m halfway out the door
You pull me in again
Promising to give me more
Yet I’m still surprised every time that I get hurt

I reach out to touch the flame
'Cause I refuse to think it burns
Retreat and lick my wounds
But of course I never learn
You’re a rocket to the moon
I’m stranded on the ground
Come back for what you lost
Let me show you, show you what I found

Here we go again
I lose myself in you
Your love defines me
In a way I didn’t want it to
If I keep holding on
You’re going to bend me til I break

I’m coming face to face
With what I’ve always known
That I am terrified
Of who I am when I’m alone
But now it’s time to choose
Which one of us I’m going to save

I reach out to touch the flame
'Cause I refuse to think it burns
Retreat and lick my wounds
But of course I never learn
You're a rocket to the moon
I'm stranded on the ground
Come back for what you lost
Let me show you, show you what I found

You could be
The greatest chance I’ll never take
You’ll always be
My worst and favorite mistake

I reach out to touch the flame
'Cause I refuse to think it burns
Retreat and lick my wounds
But of course I never learn
You're a rocket to the moon
I'm stranded on the ground
Come back for what you lost
Let me show you, show you what I found

And here I go

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Crowley, Beth Here We Go Again Comments
  1. Ramon González

    From where do you get this inspiration with the music?!!! How do you compose?!!! Beautiful!!!

  2. Joanna Villagomez

    This song reminds me of red queen and made and maven's relationship

  3. Rajashekhar karajagi

    Lost love could be mother of all the philosophies and prophecies of the world!

  4. picky ally

    I feel like this song could have matched Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber!

  5. Michele Ross

    I can relate. But I don't think it's so much that I never learn than it is that I wish things would change every time

  6. Madi Sue

    I have listened to you for about a year now, and I just came across this today. After listening to it once, I replayed it to hear the words closer, and I just started to cry. The line, "I am terrified of who I am when I'm alone," Really spoke to me. Your music will inspire anyone who hears it. Thank you.

  7. Sidra Arshad

    omggg.. ever word resonated! I cant thank you enough Beth crowley.. you just described my feelings perfectly in words.. something i couldn't even do myself! <3

  8. Ramer Call

    This song reminds me of russian movie called "Hold My Hand" about a woman, who lost her son, and her husband began to drink alcohol because of his son`s death, he lost his job, forsed his wife to forget about having kids again. Soon he got placed in hospital because of his drugs, but there wasn`t enough money to heal him. In despair, his wife Ann looks for a job and finds it as a babysitter for three girls: 16 year old Violet, 12 year old Snowzhann and 6 year old Margaret. Girls lost their mother and now have only a father who often leaves his home because of his job. Three sisters absolutely hate their babysitters and always find a way to chase them out. Ann desides to try to get along with them. She goes for impossible things, forgives everything girls do to her and first gets along with Margaret, showing a little girl her dream: with help of Ann`s friends they bring a "unicorn" in the forest during the night. Margaret`s father gets mad over Ann for putting his daughter in danger and barelly chases her away, but Margaret stops him. Then she gets along with Snowzhann, by helping the girl to prepare the house for her father`s birthday. Violet decides to act on her own and destroys the last memory of their mother: Snowzhann`s birthday recording, and blames it on Ann. Still, Margaret and Snowzhann don`t turn against Ann. But suddenly her husband comes and begs Ann to start a new life together, promising it will be better than before. Ann agrees and leaves her job. But her husband lied to her. Ann returns back to her job. Her husband "comes back" multiple times and takes Ann away, but in the end she finally leaves him, saying what she will never come back. Finally, she gets along with Violet by replasing her partner who abandoned Violet and by participating together in the musical show. Ann starts a new life with everything she wanted.

    "Just when I think I`m done, I`m halfway out the door, you pull me in again, promising to give me more" - Ann and her husband try to live together again.

    "And yet I`m still surprised everytime that I get hurt" - Ann realises her husband lied once again.

    "I reach out to touch the flame, `cause I refuse to think it burns" - Ann deciding to try and doing her best to get along with three sisters.

    "Come back for that you lost, let me show you, show you what I found" - Ann begging her husband to stop drinking.

    "If I keep holding on, you`re gonna bend me `til I break" - Ann believes what he can change, but the truth hits her again.

    "And now I have to choose, which one of us I`m going to save" - Ann chooses between healing her husband or having a peaсeful life.

    "And here I go...again..." - Ann leaving him forever.

  9. SkyfallTheTimeCat

    Oh my... I found this song the minute after I FINALLY mustered the strength to end my own situation related to this song. This song is perfect for it and I'm glad. You are a beautiful singer! This song will now always remind me of the time I was brave and set myself free from slowly killing myself every day with somebody. Thank you, Beth, so much...

  10. Lydene Wolf

    "I reach out to touch the flame, 'cause I refuse to think it burns' speaks to my soul. Have you really been in a relationship where trust was always a question, and not because of their actions, but because you've been burned in the past and are trying to heal and move on? That's what I get from this, and I can relate so hard. Thank you!

  11. Winter Eskola

    Reas the house night books please id love to see what u could make from those

  12. Sajia Saaz


  13. Fangs Of Romance

    Hey Beth, can you do a song for The Vampire Diaries, I love you're music, it's beautiful

  14. Jody York

    I just heardvthis song for the first time and after 9yrs of going back to him just to be hurt again i finally found the strength to move away for good where he cant find me , i got a new phone number and had my mail forwarded to my daughters so she can mail it to me so he won't be able to get my address in this new town and state

  15. Abby Hobbs

    Thank you so much for music like this. Literally all you music I relate to in some way and it helps me heal so thank you.

  16. Grace Miller

    When did you start writing music? Your so talented.

  17. Cailyn Holloway

    Please write a song for the Hero's of Olympus series!!!!!

  18. R O

    I am a fangirl, so I can’t help it, this song screams Rumbelle for me if any of my fellow Oncers are out there like if you agree. Great song by the way, Beth beautiful work as always

    Eloise Gardener

    I so agree!

  19. Themajesticmoose

    Joker and Harley anyone?

  20. Tina Doyle

    This song just speaks such a powerful message behind the lyrics.. this song speaks to those who have been through the heartache of going back to something that is our worst and our favorite mistake.. we continue to go back and lick our wounds no matter how much they hurt.. but there comes a time when we have to fix ourselves... this song speaks to me on so many levels and I'm thankful you wrote such a beautiful song to express all the feelings that others don't really feel unless they have been through it.. 🙌🏻👏🏻❤️

  21. Beth Ferris

    I love the fact that most of her songs are meant to go with books

  22. Sanjana Sateesha

    U r amazing!!!

  23. Sanjana Sateesha

    Beautiful song!!!! Beautiful voice!!

  24. Sam Hernandez

    What about the imposters show

  25. GX B3a5t

    my fiance likes this song it helps her

  26. Kawaii Shu

    This song is 1 of my 2 favorites

  27. Rhys Natoli

    can you dedicate a song to the throne of glass or ACOTAR/ACOMAF books

  28. Gigi Turkmani

    Could you do an instrumental to this song? I really want to cover it

  29. Aden _

    Could you think of doing a song on the book The Darkest Part Of The Forest by Holly Black?

  30. Sierra Barton

    you a rocket to the moon

  31. little princess

    what was her inspiration for this?

    Marieke Elzer

    it wasn't a book, maybe a real break up
    or just complete imagination

  32. Sandra

    I'm at a loss of words. How did you manage to write exactly everything that I haven't dared to say? Hope the best for you, Beth.


    It'll get better. You're getting your hair dyed. You got into your dream school. You're dancing through the woods happy. You're beautiful. Hang in there, me.

  33. Adhara Raine

    👏👏👏👏👏👏👏 well done, Beth! What a beautiful song.

  34. ariane.

    Honestly the lyrics ''I reach out to touch the flame, 'cause I refuse to think it hurts'' is just beautiful

    Maya Tanner

    I was just thinking that. That was my favorite part.

    Jordan Michelle

    That is my favorite part of this song for sure

    Lucy Gray

    ariane. Reminds me of Mare from The Red Queen.

    Michele Ross

    I agree. All her songs. So relatable

  35. An2 N.

    best song ever

  36. Jahari Bethea

    Amazing song, you have been an inspiration to me since I was 8. Would you mind creating some sheet music. This is probably asking a lot to ask but it would be so great if I could learn to play this beautiful song 😄😃😀

  37. Vanessa Acosta

    Can you please write a song for the book, Hush Hush by Becca Fitzpatrick???!!! :)

    Anna-Elina Rajala


    God, I loved those books so much. They made me laugh, they made me cry, they made me feel so many different emotions

  38. Annabelle Kelley

    what book is this based on, i want to read it so much now

    Chantel Egan

    It's not based on a book :-) It's one of her originals

  39. Olivia Richmond

    I can't help but think about the episode Alone at Sea from SU when listening to this...

  40. F AngelsDevils

    You should write a song for the Shatter me series! It's a beautiful series! I strongly recommend it.

    Heather Grace

    Yassś or the twilight stories 😩👌🏽

    Ellie Traves

    YES PLEASE!!!!!

    Savannah Price


  41. Hannah Blackwood

    I added some song that I could find and added it to my music's playlist

  42. Gabriella Stein

    Do one on dangerous lies by becca Fitzpatrick

  43. Shae

    Is this song based off a book?

    Alyce Mae

    almost all her songs are XD and btw big fan of Fairytail just not more Nali


    @Alyce Mae Okay,thanks. And me,too But I am (obviously) more of a NaLu fan,but,Nali is a good ship too.

    Izzy Guerdette

    Although most of her songs are based off of books, this one is not. Some others are 2007, Nothing Left, Make Me Yours, and more.


    Oh, okay!

  44. worldsthroughwords

    oh shiz..your songs are amazing.. :o

  45. Anna L

    I don't have words to tell how beautiful this is. There's always so much emotion in your songs! ♡

  46. ImNotThatAmazing

    I keep coming back to listen to this, the lyrics are so amazing and the emotion in your voice is excellent (as always). I love this song so much! Thank you so much for your absolutely amazing music, Beth! <3

  47. Bethany .W

    Such a beautiful voice!!! 💛

  48. Sunmi

    Beth Crowley you are so amazing! You continue to inspire me. Your voice is so beautiful and not to mention your lyrics are powerful. As a writer who is addicted to words I get chills every time I listen to your voice. Your voice and the lyrics has a way of touching my soul. You have no idea how much your music has changed my life. Thank you so much for inspiring me.

    Serena Herondale

    I know right! She is absolutely perfect, chills every time !!!!!!

  49. Stucky Wolfstar

    Here we go again... You destroying my heart with your amazing music

    Wolf Fang 95

    Stucky Wolfstar it's not 'her' music, you fucking dumbass!

    Wolf Fang 95

    Riley Hawkins No it ain't SHE'S not the REAL Beth Crowley!

  50. Erika Bryn

    hello!!! I love your music so much! you have inspired me so much. i always sing your songs without even realizing it. ily!! you should write a song about winter from the lunar chronicles, because i am having withdrawls and i can only listen to your midnight so many times. 😊

  51. Katrina Martin

    I love this song so much! Gaah. All your songs are great.<3

  52. Jaqueline Martinez

    you made me cry of happiness, I was feeling down and you brought me up again. I love your song and I just want to say that you are the best

  53. Lilac Winter

    ... Sorry ran out of words

  54. Mary C

    your songs are always really pretty! :D

  55. Lydia Hatfield

    This song is so beautiful Beth you are amazing ilysm

  56. Katie Halliday


  57. DeeDee Skinner

    This is such a meaningful and powerful song, totally one of my favorites <3 :)

  58. Simply Chey

    Your voice is stunning and this song is amazing! 😍☺️

  59. irislyblue

    Beautiful. Thanks for sharing your music with us. Love u, Beth.

    Greetings from Chile.

  60. Barbora Fojtíková

    This is totally your best song, you're very talented and just awesome!!💜💜😍😘

  61. Arabella Reveli

    love this song! <3

  62. MolflakeMagic

    Beth oh my god.. you inspire me so much with your songs and I love hearing you sing, you are amazing and I never want you to let anyone get you down, you are such a wonderful person and you have such a beautiful voice! Sending you love, you are a star!! :) <3 <3 <3

  63. Lilián Garay

    Never let that horrible person win, look at the other comments! We love, admire and believe in what you do :3

    Marieatta Onuoha

    +Lili Carstairs I totally agree

    Gavin Decker

    That we do.

  64. Lil' Lina

    So dreamy... Thank you, Beth.

  65. Curtis Davenport

    Beautiful song Beth!!!!

  66. Twihard Gleek

    Your songs are amazing and your voice is so beautiful. Love it!

  67. Ceci L.

    This is such a beautiful song. Strong lyric, strong yet vulnerable voice. Love it <3

  68. Marieke

    This is so beautiful, I love it!

  69. blaumina

    <33 This is amazing! <3

  70. Sharley Rowe

    I love this song 💛