Crowell, Rodney - Leaving Louisiana In The Broad Daylight Lyrics

Lord, Mary took to running with a travelin' man
Left her momma crying with her head in her hands
Such a sad case, so broken hearted

She say momma, I got to go, I gotta get outta here
I gotta get out of town; I'm tired of hanging around
I gotta roll on between the ditches

It's just an ordinary story 'bout the way things go
Round and around nobody knows, but the highway
Goes on forever, that 'ol highway rolls on forever

Lord she never would've done it if she hadn't got drunk
If she hadn't started running with a travelin' man
If she hadn't started taking those crazy chances

She said daughter, let me tell you 'bout the travelin' kind
Everywhere he's goin' such a very short time
He'll be long gone before you know it
He'll be long gone before you know it

She say never have I known it when it felt so good
Never have I knew it when I knew I could
Never have I done it when it looked so right
Leaving Louisiana in the broad daylight

This is down in the swampland, where anything goes
It's Alligator Day and the bars don't close
It's the real thing down in Louisiana

Did you ever see a cajun when he really got mad
When he really got trouble like a daughter gone bad
It gets real hot down in Louisiana

Now the stranger better move it or he's gonna get killed
He's gonna have to get it or a shotgun will
It ain't no time for lengthy speeches
There ain't no time for lengthy speeches

She said never have I know it when it felt so good
Never have I knew it when I knew I could
Never have I done it when it looked so right
Leaving Louisiana in the broad daylight

She said never have I know it when it felt so good
Never have I knew it when I knew I could
Never have I done it when it looked so right
Leaving Louisiana in the broad daylight

It's just an ordinary story 'bout the way things go
Round and around nobody knows, but the highway goes on forever
There ain't no way to stop the water

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Crowell, Rodney Leaving Louisiana In The Broad Daylight Comments
  1. Jeannie Hobbs

    I love this song and didn't know where the Oak Ridge Boys got it...not even surprised to find Rodney wrote it! This and Flyboy are two of my very all time favorite songs.

  2. P3RSY

    proper cnt

  3. finster909

    Fantastic performance.

  4. Caesar Chavez

    Classic,the best ever!!!!

  5. sbmj87

    Who is the guitarist on the left?

    chuck stranahan

    John Paul White, formerly of The Civil Wars and featured on Rodney's superb video "It Ain't Over Yet" from the CD Close Ties. The fiddle player, Eamon McLoughlin (sp?) is an amazing musician as well. Flat-out virtuoso whose musical taste simply adds texture to the music - he's there with all you need, never oversteps his marks. I recently heard Rodney, Eamon, and Joe Robinson at the Wilma Theater in Missoula Montana - a 2-hour set that was one of the finest musical performances this erstwhile musician ever heard.

  6. Joshua Brooks

    Rodney looks pretty rough, but he still sounds good.

  7. Eric Ericson

    Rodney Crowell has outdone himself with a cover of his own classic song. Four minutes of pure listening pleasure.

  8. kilted911

    That accordion. Icing on the cake!

  9. Barbra Joan

    Rodney, I fell in love with you when you first did “Couldn’t Leave You if I Tried “. We were about the same age back then and I still watch the vid today. Love all your music and still love you.

  10. jack bobrick

    the highway goes on forever to nowhere,,then back again to where your at,,,,

  11. Lynne Schantzen

    No one can do his song better than he can. He was Johnny Cash's son-in-law, and he earned his own way in to the annals of country music history. There is never any arguing with talent

  12. Terry McCowan

    I love this song, have heard many versions but this one tops them all! Such an underappreciated talent.

  13. Cory Baldridge

    One of the greatest songwriters of our time. Much better with age....his last few albums have been true genius.

  14. john riggs

    Wish I had his talent

  15. Kevin L Nenstiel

    This has long been one of my favorite songs, but re-recording it with some years under your belt, I just feel like there's something deeper and more complex than in any previous rendition I've heard.

  16. Fett mycket Tracktor

    Love it!

  17. Carolina R.

    God BLESS YOU Rodney Crowell ❤️💚🇧🇷

  18. chris chamaschuk

    Fuck me I don't want to age like rodney has

  19. T Tvc

    play on dude

  20. Eric C Hughes

    Is that Eamon playing fiddle? Awesome!

  21. queenfan69


  22. perry scott

    Rodney just keeps on getting better and better. A gift to anyone who hears him and senses the love and authenticity. God Bless Rodney Crowell and all his relations

  23. gonzo ron

    Is that Kenny Vaughan on fiddle?

  24. Stephen Schuffert

    This man lives it. And continues to do so...god bless him.

  25. 72olds350z

    Rodney is looking old

    James Cain

    Looks like he's been up since February

  26. Carolina R.

    I'm Brazilian. I love Country Music. Love your songs 💚💚🇧🇷 Congratulations Rodney ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️🎄🎄

  27. R. .Moore

    Love it. Great use of the mic by your gang.

  28. Alma Naylor

    love Rodney, no matter what he does.

  29. MisaelFarias

    Great !!!!

  30. Lisa

    He still has it.

  31. chuck7

    Rodney Crowell and Emmylou Harris Two of the Best in the Music World

  32. em couts

    He doesn't look healthy...hope he's okay...

    sammy scotch

    First thing I noticed was a strange stare. Perhaps he has glaucoma. Acrually think he did have major health issue las yr tho. I hope he is ok

  33. ZoneFighter1

    I've only heard the Oak Ridge Boys version before. This one's great.

    Robert Cranford

    Emmy Lou Harris has a great version.

  34. Septimo Amanecer Tardio

    Lady and getlemans mister rodney crowell sin palabras Bravo rodney this is Cancún Cancún 7

  35. Asociación de Música Country de Uruguay

    Absolutely amazing: Crowell, Emmylou, Willie Nelson, Dwight Yoakam, Waylon Jennings, Cash, Marty Stuart, Vince Gill, Travis Tritt, MMCarpenter, Carlene Carter, are all amazing artists who represent American culture at its best and cannot be put in the same Country category as rubbish like FGL, Sam Hunt, Dan+Shay and today's so called Country artists.

  36. Septimo Amanecer Tardio

    Magnífico rodney

    Septimo Amanecer Tardio

    This is country music Bravo desde barcelona spain Saludos de yuro

  37. StormsbrewingNC

    Ordering the new acoustic album. Love. ❤️

  38. alan kalitta

    my type of music .Great

  39. Lisa

    Love his songwriting. Wish I could write with him one day. He never got the recognition he deserves .

  40. VALERIE Purnell

    Absolutely love this, great to see Rodney happy & sounding awesome. Can’t wait to see him on July 26th London x

  41. Bryan Ferguson

    Love , love Rodney, long history of great music


    I'd take abullet for Rodney

  43. Larry Seiden

    Until "It Ain't Over Yet," Leaving Louisiana has been my favorite RC song. I've always loved the line about "a daughter gone bad."

  44. James Miles

    A superb performance Rodney! Keep the tunes coming. I will always be a fan!

  45. BlueEyes BlueToo

    I just got struck by lightning 💙

  46. Faye Isabelle

    Faye Isabelle loves Rodney's voice and personality even more each time she hears him!

  47. skipwaytube

    I had to watch this twice; it's so tasty! No one can sing your song like you! And .it's so great to see a happy face on you. Rejuvenation!

  48. skipwaytube

    Sounding GREAT, Rodney!

  49. Sarah Lifton

    If you haven't read his memoir, Chinaberry Sidewalks, you really should. He's not just an extraordinarily gifted songwriter but a damned fine writer of prose.

    David Anthony

    fantastic book..sad.funny poignant..just like Mr.Crowell

    Mark Sutherland

    Thanks for the tip, I didn't know about it. Going to see him in Minneapolis on July 19th.

  50. Lorin Guy Singer/Songwriter, Folk&Americana

    one of my favorite songwriters, can't wait for July, Crowels Writer's Camp in California USA. I'll be there !

  51. Lucinda Seaton

    Love it. I love Rodney.

  52. freetickeys

    A seminal figure in country music. An icon.

    glenn h Friedmann

    make up your mind .

    Crisis Cast

    Yes Sir.

  53. Rudolf Seiz

    The Song is OK! But the Fiddler destroys everything!

    e l

    He is the house fiddler for the Grand Ole Opry, knows his stuff.


    Fiddler+accordion = 👍🏻

  54. Angie Veri

    The accordion really adds to the song, giving it that little "punch", although all the instruments sound awesome. I am looking forward to this new Acoustics Classics album when it gets released in mid-July. Rock on Rodney Crowell... Love these songs you're singing and playing again.

  55. Richard Mayes

    Always preferred Emmylou's version over the one on Rodney's debut album. After watching this, I'm thinking he must have too. This is like a fantastic Emmylou inspired rendition, love it

    Sandra Haight

    He wrote it. It's his song.

    Richard Mayes

    Steve Haight I knew he wrote the song, I just thought his original recording was missing something. This makes up for it.

  56. Susan Predis

    Thank you

  57. barry smith

    More of this music please it's great

  58. Jack Shaheen

    Rodney if you remember years ago you played a show in Austin at the UT student auditorium. You and band came on after Elisa Gilkyson. I had seen you perform many times before. 1st for Eliza. You both were great. I was sitting on the 2nd or 3rd row and was calling out “Highway 17” after every song when you were quite going into the next song. I thought well I guess I won’t hear that song tonight. Then you looked over in my direction and said something like “There is a gentleman over here that wants to hear Highway 17” and you played it. Still remember that and how kind you were to play it for me. Seemed very personal. Thank you again for all the times I went to watch and listen to you perform. Just remembered you were playing an outside gig near Austin and afterwards you were signing autographs. I had a young lady with me wearing a Beatles T-shirt. We had your latest CD. I told her to go ask you to sign it. You were so nice to her asking if she liked the Beatles then signed the CD Jack and Annie.

  59. Jack Shaheen

    Great songwriter/singer/musician. All understatements!

  60. GoodnightIrene

    Great song, great voice.

  61. Stephen Patrick Webster

    Amazing songwriter

  62. MrHillbilly49

    I've always liked this song, but this version REALLY brings out the story and the music in the way you would expect to hear it down in Louisiana on the bayou.  Laissez Le Bon Ton Roulet !!!!  We may have to add this song to our set list.  Thanks, Lew Dawg, The Stray Dawgs, Plantation, Florida