Crowder - Back To The Garden Lyrics

I was born to be royal
I was made to be free
But I was torn from the garden
When that devil lied to me

I was formed from the soil
I got dirt inside of me
But I was born to be royal
I was made for glory

Take me back to the garden
Take me back and walk with me
For Your presence I am longing
Take me back
God, take me back!

Take me down to the river
Down to Eden's crystal streams
Where every sin can be forgiven
Holy Ghost come set me free

Take me back to the garden
Take me back and walk with me
For Your presence I am longing
Take me back!

God, take me back!
Back to Your Kingdom come
Take me back!
Back to Your Kingdom, come!

I was born to be royal
I was made to be free

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Crowder Back To The Garden Comments
  1. Mark Saunders

    Awesome song!!

  2. Danielle shaw

    The Fact that everyone is Barefooted is so Authentic and Raw, as they walk as if they are being Drawn by God. I know that feeling. To drop everything your doing and run to go in a sense of need, a thirst, for Jesus. Yes, and Amen is my answer to the Kingdom of God. This song is so meaningful.

  3. Enchanted soul

    Just found Crowder* I know the Lord sent me here❤

  4. Sandra Jeffares

    First Adam lost everything last Adam is a living in us never to leave us he paid the price for us. The penalty was death. He broke the confounds of death and was declared holy now living in us Jan 22 2020

  5. Colin McKendrick

    You know a song is good when you get chills up your spine

  6. Christina Maria Mary

    Here we come

  7. nvsbl2

    Love your voice, music, lyrics. Not crazy about the mixing in all the dark visuals

  8. Sam Donlin

    3 years ago I was Jewish, lost, hating God because my mother died 8 years before. 8 years of hate eight years of sin and pain. Then my friend brought me to her church and they played your song come as you are. That song really spoke to me and i felt like all the bad I had done was forgiven in the instant and now I am Christian and I have never been happier. Thank you

  9. Chef Squish

    I love this song

  10. Dillon McRae

    God Is God how could the creator of heavan and earth know a drug infested demon such as I was thank you God for no more ⛓ chains.praise the great I am

  11. Alan Scott TenBroeck Jr

    I Love you Crowder.

  12. Garrett Kelsay

    love his obvious knowledge of scripture love love

  13. Susan R Archbell

    One of your better songs and videos! Really describes the relationship between God and we His people! Has the sorrow, joy, and anticipation o our future to come in His kingdom with Him!


    Amen I Was Born To Be Royal 👑

  15. Joseph Scrivani

    Awesome Crowder !!!

  16. Thomas Moreland

    That'll give you chills

  17. JENNA H

    this is another one of crowders epic songs and videos.. that's why i want to see the other songs on video... thank you and god bless you

  18. Todd Sullivan

    I come to you broken and desparate for you lord

  19. Jo In

    Powerful song but I disagree. White people and black people can get along but we shouldn't "MIX". If you believe in the bible, you know. The scriptures even warn us of doing attention!

  20. Morne Terblanche

    Love his songs , it is all true!! Amen!!

  21. Shelly H


  22. Lisa Warren

    To you all with the thumbs down. Seek Jesus and the Holy Ghost will set you free from the devil. Jesus will take you into paradise. Blow your mind, beyond your imagination. God says call into me I will answer thee and show you great and mighty things you never knew. Jeremiah chapter 33 and verse three in the Holy Bible. God loves yall. God is awesome. Please seek God today.

  23. Brad

    'if and when I pray my final pray,I know I will be free,I will have been let go from this world and enter into God's Kingdom' and into the garden.✝️

    Melissa Baird

    This song is refering to the now, going back to the garden and being kingdom.
    Being the original design that papa made us to be.
    Leaving the opperating system of judgement where the enemy no longer has a hold on us, why? Hes already been defeated.

  24. TheRisenSoldier

    Am I the only one who got a Far Cry 5 vibe? I know it's unintentional, but that was my immediate first thought

  25. Rick Andrews

    mind blowing CROWDER. saw him in Raleigh a few weeks back,

  26. Mildred Obrien

    Just listening now by accident. .I'm blessed and on fire...glory glory to jesus..always glory..

  27. Carl Dean

    Great song....this is the heart cry of return to living in His Presence on earth.

  28. Sara Nicholson

    Please pray for my unborn baby.

    Bob Maniuk


    j shays


  29. Cara KaLeigh Miller

    One of my favorite songs❤️

  30. Alisa Taylor

    Wowwww, I do appreciate the "authenticity "of his lyrics, but I have to question the symbolism of the "red and blue "in the advertisement...for the prince of the air and his cohorts (free masons and elites)attempt to keep us asleep 🔥🔥🔥

  31. Podrick Payne

    Sounds a bit like Bright eyes. Brilliant. I wanna go back

  32. Sain Cain

    🙏 🙌

  33. Masfaith3

    How to go back to the garden where Adam was banned. Through Jesus Christ we enter back into the Garden, Paradise on earth. We must become like children and have the faith of a child, not learned or well studied or experts just a humble child. “Loving Jesus” is the first commandment, the way not to sin.

    To obey all commandments, “love Jesus”.

    Peter never went to school nor studied the Hebrew text yet he is the Head of the Church. The Holy Spirit reminds him of the word of God.
    Peter had power to heal the sick! Don’t believe anyone unless they have “faith in the power of Jesus” name to heal. Like Peter
    The Soldiers in the garden pierced Jesus side to make sure he was dead. They pierced his body all the way to the heart this is why, blood and water flowed. His heart was pierced in a sense.

    What is very exciting is that 3 days later Jesus received new blood and the blood flowed through his body and brought it back to life, And Mary his Mother saw Jesus alive again!
    Jesus died and suffered for us, so we don’t need to suffer. When we turn to God he forgives us and heals us. Jesus died to save our souls, minds make us mentally healthy. Jesus gives us peace in our souls.
    The Very “words of The Gospel”, this good news is the power of God to heal our souls. Meditate on “God loves us”, saw the suffering of man because of sin, and he sent Jesus die in our place now what ever the trouble we go to God. We pray, wait on God and God’s peace will come back to us. God is just, he makes everything “right”, fixes things, he heals any situation.

    Three days later the soldiers are all going to see Jesus with brand new blood flowing thorough his body and his heart pumping having a healthy body that they had shredded, Mind Blowing!
    Adam was created by God. Adam came to life, had blood pumping through his body in a Garden! Adam sinned and God had to kick him out of the garden, never to return. Jesus fixed everything Adam did and came back to life in a garden. Do you see? God is just. Adam sinned. The punishment for sin is death, Jesus took the punishment for that sin and because of Justice our lives are healed. The price was paid. Mankind is now reconciled back to God, can return to the garden, paradise, heaven on earth. Each person can walk and talk to God in the garden again! Every minute, every second of there existence. God does this for every sin. When we turn to him. Jesus die in our place now what ever the trouble we go to God. We pray, Our Father who art in heaven thy will be done on earth just like it is in heaven. Give us our daily Bread. Forgive our sin, make it right like we had never sinned, forgive others who have sinned , and sinned against us, heal our souls, bring peace to our souls, their souls. Then we wait on God and God’s peace will come back to us. God is just. God through Jesus death on the cross, paid the price for all sin, God makes everything “right” healed again.



  35. Jo In

    I don't understand all the black women on a white lady? Was that on purpose or what? This ain't pornhub where white women love black men.

  36. Zodiac_Lover 12

    I love this song! I'm ready to go back to the garden.

  37. Anna Ferguson

    This is beautiful

  38. Sain Cain

    Thank U David

  39. Sain Cain


  40. Sain Cain

    AUMen David..

  41. Bow Bow

    Hand print fading yeah cross stated siara ward

  42. Colette' G.

    🎶♥️🎶 I’m so in love with God ❣️

  43. Donald Lemoine

    Crowder has some GREAT music!

  44. Patricia Tefft

    This is one of the most powerful worship songs that I have heard... but what does the sword of fire toward the end mean (I can sometimes be clueless... lolol)?

    j shays

    Patricia Tefft Wh er n Adam and Eve sinned, the Lord drove them out of the Garden of Eden and placed a flaming sword at the entrance to keep them out. We can’t get back in as long as the earth remains yet as Christians, we desire to. Some day...

  45. Arthur Greve

    Present presents

  46. Jake Ryan

    John reincarnates coming to baptise you ALL in HOLY waters ......each of you will be fed with milk and honey before i give you the meat....

  47. stephen sherman

    Thank God my cubits are carved in the old sandstone.

  48. Alisa Taylor

    Yahweh is raising up His Remnant

  49. Gretchen Metalsky

    Crowder brings us right into the garden at Jesus feet with his powerful gift of song

  50. Susan R Archbell

    I was born to be royal and made free! God’s perfect purpose in all things is the perfection of His great Glory!



  52. Arthur Greve

    The tree

  53. Arthur Greve

    Potters clay we r

  54. LuAnn Schmidt

    First time I heard this song. God gave me a revelation of me walking in the garden with Jesus. Thank you Jesus😍

  55. Alisa Taylor

    Glory!!! To The Lord of lords and King of kings!!!

  56. Michelle Martin

    support persecuted christians around the world with prayer advocacy letter writing and financial giving remember the bible says the Lord loves a cheerful giver

  57. GåmïñgÊrrør404TM

    Make this blue if u have the Holy Ghost

  58. Heather Lambert

    My godly brother is goin big ain’t he ! Top favorite right now ❤️👌

  59. Gavin Offutt

    i got saved last night,thank u lord😭❤



  61. Tiffany Elliott


  62. Sir Good Game

    God's a waste of time

  63. Wanda Letney

    ለአ85አከተአቶዘአጀፊeዶረዘሌዘ60አከiደዶተዘ፤iሰፊለረሰሊሰ7ለሰ7ለረሲለፈሰሊተሰፐ7ረሰ7፤ ሰ8፡ ዘ8፤ረሰ7፡ረሲረሰ8፡ረሲዘረ8ሶረሰረ8ሲረ84ደከረረአረ8ዶተአረ8ዶረዘረ8ተፐተአተ9ኢተደ74ደከረአሪደጀፈዘ7ረዘፈከዘ7ረጀፈዘዙለዘዚ፤ሰ8ተደረ8ሰ8ረሰሪሶኢተኮተከአ8ተዶተአ84ሶተደ8ረሰለ8ረዲረአ84ዲዘ9ተዲረዶረደ8ረሲረደ8ረዶተአረ8ዲረዲረዶረኢረሲፈአሪደሪሲአሪኢረኢረሲረሲረሲረሲረኢረኢረዚረዚረኢረዚረዚረዚረዲረኢረኢረዘጀረዚረአከተኢረዘከረዞረአከረኦረሲረዞረአከተኦተኦረኦረአከተአተከአሮኦረአተከኦተኦተኦተአከተኦተአሮዘለገአከገአከገአገከአከገአከፈኦተኦአተፐአከተአከገአከገአቶአገከአለገአከገአከገአከፈአከፈአከፈአፈከ ከገአመገአከፈአከፈ ፈከዘመቸ ከፈአመቸ ከፈአፈመ ከፈአመገ ከገ ከገ ከፈ መፈ ፈከ ጓ ጸለአለገአ፤ሀአፎፎተኤፐአፐገአ8ደተከአ8ተኦተዶተአተ8ደቶደ8ተዶተዶተደ8ተደ8ረደሮኦተአ8ተዶተአ8ተደቶአ8ተዶተደ8ተደቶደ8ተደ8ተደ8ተደ8ተደ8ተዶተአተ8ደተ8ደቶዶተደተ8ደተለደ9ተዶተደ8ተዶተደ9ተደ8ተደ8ተዶተዶተደቶኦተኦተደተ8ደቶደተ8ደ7ደ84ሰ95ደረ8ደ84ደ8ረሰ4oደ48ዶረደ8ረቶደ84ዶ4ደ84ዶ4ሰ48ሰ4oሰ48ደ84ደ84ዶ4ደ84ደ84ደ84ሰ84ደ8484ደ84e84ደ84ደ84ደ84ሰ84ሰ8ደ84ደ4ሰ84ሰ84ድ4e84eው4ወ84ደ48ሰ84ደ84ሰ84ሰ84e84ደ84e84e84e84e84ደ84ሰ84ድ4ሰ84ደ84ወ48ሰ47ሰሰ47ው4ዌ3ዌወ84eው4ው4ዌ3ው4ው4ወ84ወ84ሰ48ው4ው4ወ84ስ4ወ84ድ4eወ84ው4ወ84ድ484ስ4ደ48e84ደ84e84ድ4e84ሰ48e84ደ84ድ4ሰ4ሰ84ወ48ደወ84ዶ484ደ8e4oዶ4ደ4oድeo4ድ4e4oዶ4e4oድ4oደ4e48ድ44e84e84e5e95ደ59ደ9ተደ8ተደ8ተደ84ዶተዶተደተ9ዶተደ9ተዶደ95ዶተአተ0ፈሪዶተዜ0ዲረዱeዲአ8ረሰከአሮደረከአረ8አሮተአ8ተዶረሰረ8oተዞተፈለዘፈፐተሰፐተሰተፐሰቶተሶረሶተሰፐተዶተአቶኦተዶተዶተዶተደቶዶተዶተዶተኦተዶተአሰሮoዞረሶተሰደቶደቶደቶዶተዶተዶተዶተዶረዲረዲረኦረአኢረኢሮረሲረሲረዶረሶረደቶዶተዶረተደቶዲረዶረዲረአሮአረ7ሲረዚረሶተአሪሰረከኦተአከተገኦተሰተከኦተአከፈኦተአኦተኢረኢረዞሮተኦሮተኦተቶተኦአከተኦተአከተኦተዘከፈአከፈዘከፈ ፈከአከገ ከፈአከፈአፈከአከፈአከፈአከፈአከፈአፈከአፎአፈከአፎከፈአፈከአከፈአከፈአከፈአከፈዘገለአከፈአከፈኦፈፈአፈከአፈከአከፈአፈከአከፈአከፈኦረኦረኦተኦፈአአከፈፈዘከፈኦፈአፈከአከፈፈአከፈአከፈአከፈአፈከአአሮሮዘፎዘከፈፈዘከፈአከፈኢፈዘከፈአከፈዘከፈአከፈአፈከአፈአከፈአፊዘከፈአከፈዘከፈዘፈከዘከፈአከፈዘፈከዘከፈዘከፈዘከፈዘጀፈዘጀዘከፈፈዘከፈዘከፈዘፈከአፈከአከፈአከፈአከፈአከፈኢረዚፈዘከፈአከፈአፈከፐገፈፔዘረፐፉለረሰ፤iረሲ፡ረሰ፡iረሰ፤iረሲ፤ተደ፡7ተደ፤iረደ59ፊረፈ9ተደ59ደ95ደቶደ84ዲረዶረደ8ረዶተደተ8ዶተደተ8ዶተደቶዶተደቶዶተዶተዶተአቶዶተፎተደደተ8ገ8ተዶተዶኦተደ8ሪረዚረዚሰ፤ueaፐ6eaፔeaሉeሰሉeዘ፤iረአ፤iረኢ፡ተዶተደ8ዶተ95ዶቶyደተ8ዶተዶተዶተዶተዲተዲተደተዶተዶ5ፎተሰ፡አቲ7ሶአተ9ፈሌአ9ቸ

  64. Apachie

    This is just an awesome video and awesome song. I wonder if he would take me back after all i have done.

    Bob Maniuk

    Every time!

  65. Cathleen Castillo

    This song gives me chills every time. Praised be the One True King

  66. Shannon Sexton


  67. Shovel to the Moon

    David please do a song with NF

  68. Libra Pitts

    My daughter danced to this song at the Good Friday service we had at church. It was incredible! This song was perfect for the service.

  69. Minister Joseph

    Stand for Christ July 4th 2019 @t

  70. The Book of Geoff

    @CCCB for that new hymnal. @pontifex

  71. Donnie Brown

    Christ works

  72. Daria luba Burbelo

    My favorite

  73. Daniel Benson

    The truth is, because BOTH Adam and Eve CHOSE to DISOBEY The Lord God Almighty, they ate us out of house and home.Preacher Hagee said this in one of his sermons a few years ago.wado,Ann Benson.

  74. Austin goodwyn

    This has the same melody as an old hymn called wayfaring stranger

  75. Javier Orejarena

    Gloria a Dios, llévame al jardín

  76. Bob Mistark

    Wow! How does Crowder keep putting out so many Spirit-filled songs that are so over the top? God bless you sir.

  77. Richard Bond

    So Crowder, so good!!!

  78. Tiffiany White

    I love you...hurry please.

  79. Amanda Sheffield

    This song couldn't have come at a better time in my life....
    I love these guys !! God is good today ..tomorrow and forever

  80. tik tok famous 123

    Love your songs

  81. Barbara Blackburn

    Awsome. Awsome Awsome David good song I could feel the Holy Spirit as you sang. What a beautiful song simply beautiful . Your amazing...all GLORY TO GOD. Awsome

  82. Nik Nak

    Instant fan

  83. Michelle Spires

    I WILL. I don't ever break a promise. 🌈 #covenant #spiresholyfire #HOLYGHOSTFIRE
    #jesuswalks #godisherewithus

  84. Susan Jenssen

    Wow! God bless you hon! What a performance! Some of your greatest vocals. Have you ever heard of the sadly missed Keith Green, the intensity reminds me of him. I believe his Easter Song live might impress you, it’s kinda my way of introducing you to an old friend. Every penny he made out on the road went to helping battered women and their children, with no middle man or organization in the way, because all the people he and his wife were helping actually lived at their house! Anyway man, I love your work, takes away the pain. I hear this in my adoptive son’s voice, not only does he need to get free and safely out of Ghana he has this hunger for Christ, and this fierce devotion. He is changing his last name to ours this week! Yes, you see he is Nigerian and if I want to in his culture, my husband and I can adopt a thirty year old son, but he’s been family to us so long, he writes me beautiful prayers that always make feel better. I can’t wait to share your music with him! And with another lost Nigerian Christian young man who was studying serious piano before they all had to escape to Accra. I know you are a very sensitive man, but I have to give you an idea, after they got out, 179,000 Christians were killed this year from Delta State Nigeria and no one cares to report it. I will pray and sing this song for all the street people of Accra Ghana, brought by rescue and promised jobs, most of them end up nowhere. Not my Oscar, he will sit by my side and see this video with me, all things are possible through Christ who strengthens me. But first I need a nap.

  85. Leonard Johnson

    I like this song! I like this song writers message! The quality of his music is tremendous! Very talented, and with a mission.

  86. joyceleigh1

    Crowder I have just recentluy found your vudeis and music. I wanted to let you know I love it!!! Beautiful, Thank you ❤

  87. Abraham Lincoln penny

    This is Brilliant

  88. DAVE B

    love this song

  89. Little Shrimp333

    Keep the songs coming. Praise God Almighty


    I Love This Song 🌹🌹🌹🌹

  91. Hunter The Lion

    Peace thru the heart of the Believing that I am so thankful for the ones that are scared of the heart and soul that fall to greed

  92. Joshua’s Right

    It’s like Phil Collins meets Tron Legacy and found Jesus there. Awesome job Crowder!

  93. Truth LIGHT

    Thank you...
    Makes this Grandma of 8 very happy 😇

  94. Natalie Renee

    Powerful Strong Song, WOW got the tingling sensation around my heart... Thank you Jesus for pulling me out of that grave I couldn't have made it without you. You didn't give up on me when I was giving up on myself .

  95. donna croft

    I LOVE HIS MUSIC!!!!! and that guitar :-)