Cross Canadian Ragweed - Jenny Lyrics

Jenny come back from California
She said her mother's doing fine
Jenny come back from California
With a sparkle in her eye

Early last June, she bought a round trip ticket
To San Francisco by the bay.
Trouble at home, she said she couldn't take it.
She needed time to get away.

Jenny come back from California.
With a brand new pair of shoes
Jenny come back from California
She come back without her blues

Well there's something about that ocean
that's got a romantic feeling
When you're standing by the shore
A little more time, a lot more healing
Maybe she'll love me once more

Jenny come back from California.
A little lighter when she steps.
Jenny come back from California
Full of life with no regrets

Never knew what she saw in San Francisco
Maybe moonlight by the sea
It can fall off in the water
Just as long as she comes back to me.

Jenny come back from California
With a brand new diamond ring
Jenny come back from California
She gathered up the rest of her things.

Jenny went back to California.

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Cross Canadian Ragweed Jenny Comments
  1. Joanna Robertson

    An amazing band!


    such a great songwriter, one day there will be a reunion tour, and it will be huge, hide and watch!

  3. AcrossTheStageLIVE

  4. William Collins

    coolest ever

  5. manjiwolf

    Sofuking good!

  6. David Scott

    Great band. Too bad more people don't know about them.

  7. MyMoppet52

    This Oklahoma Southern Rock Band is singing "Jenny" from their "Carney" album. I added lots of "Jenny's" so they could see what they'd be missing. Even though they have disbanded, there are two sites below. One for their Cross Canadian Music, which you can purchase, and one for their new groups and endeavors. Enjoy!

    Gary Brinker

    MyMoppet52 love your Jenny's love this band!

  8. Michelle Llamas

    Beautiful Sound. I've been ill as well this made me feel alive. Wow! Tears! Where have those been??? Off in that broken Heart. Maybe it will beat again!

    jerry rice

    You sum bitches need to get together one more time at Eufulua , that was the shit ! Blow rocklahoma out of the water , am I wrong people ?

  9. sirnathan

    Oprah Winfrey I think.

  10. Luke Wise

    Mission California was their next to last studio recording, recorded in California. If you haven't checked it out, do yourself the favor. The newer recording of Jenny really showed their evolution as a band. It went from a good song on Carney to something that will rip your heart out of your chest on California. It's really haunting the way the melody reflects the song, especially for someone that had never heard the song before. I sure do miss these guys.

  11. jonesy35aj

    Who is the woman singing backing vocals?

  12. JUAN US

    greetings from Colombia, Good music ♫

  13. MyMoppet52

    You've got a nice Jenny then. Give her our best! I'm glad to see your comment. I've been ill for so long, I have just about given up on responding. This past week I seem to be getting much's time. Anyway, that's why I'm late answering you. Thank you so much for listening AND taking the time to comment! Again, tell your Jenny 'hello' from all of us here in the States. My best, Moppet

  14. MyMoppet52

    Thank you for your comment. I've been ill for a few years and am late on getting my responses out. I'm finally getting better, so I am having a lot more fun on utube again! Hope to be posting more regularly. I appreciate your info that Jenny was on Mission California. They must have put it on a couple or albums, cause mine was on Carney. Perhaps that was a 'hits' album? Thank you, I appreciate all comments very much. I need all the help I can get. I am often wrong! My best to you, Moppet

  15. todd27505

    Album was Mission California*** Thanks for the post!

  16. 1STAR1Music

    Nice real music but my daughter Jennifer is her in berlin germany lol

  17. MyMoppet52

    p.s. I moved so much, I had storage units & I'm getting them emptied. I re-read what I wrote & it didn't make much sense. :)

  18. MyMoppet52

    Your timing was great. I've had my music all over the country for about 22 years and am in the process of getting it all collected. This came in a few weeks ago, so I put it up as soon as I found it! I'm so glad you found it here! Thank you for taking the time to comment. I appreciate each comment I get & it is nice to know when someone likes what you've put online. My very best to you, Moppet

  19. MyMoppet52

    I grew up with music. My family had music of all types on all the time. It just rubbed off on me, I guess...

    Thanks for listening. (I don't have any of my "world music" or rock on yet!

    My best to you, Barbara

  20. screwmaster404

    Barb you are all over yhe map. How cool are you!