Cross Canadian Ragweed - Dimebag Lyrics

Dimebag Daryll godbless that man
ripped from us by the devils hand
only thing in his plan was love and rock n' roll
cowboy from hell on a twisted trail
swept away where the wild winds wails
sad truth is you can never tell when its your time to go.

well, bad news travels faster
than any good new that you hear
just one more dark disaster
makes you wonder why we're here.

where were you in 94 when they found him
down there on the floor
guess he couldnt take no more
guess he needed a loaded gun
where did you sleep last night
with the angels locked up tight
love was his only life
did she have another one?

well, bad news travels faster
than any good new that you hear
just one more dark disaster
makes you wonder why we're here.

well, bad news travels faster
than any good new that you hear
just one more dark disaster
makes you wonder why we're here.

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Cross Canadian Ragweed Dimebag Comments
  1. Vulgar Display Of gunPowder

    GETCHA PULL!! RIP Abbots.

  2. Legendairy_Angel 94

    Just lost a good friend today. He loved this song. RIP Josh

    Milan Phillips

    I lost a good friend and musician his name was Josh also o know what your going thru its hard

  3. Michael Murray

    God bless Dimebag and CCR

  4. lingeringlead

    This is great. RIP, brothers.

  5. Matt Keeton


  6. arbuckle

    Be at peace and rock out in R&R heaven, Vinnie and Dime.

  7. Eric Sutton

    Rip Vinnie Paul

  8. Dovahkiin Parker


  9. Jeff Tiz

    Dime Bag Darrel was the Man!
    Dimebag was the Man!

  10. TictacOnCrack 113

    If only ragweed would have stayed together

    Dovahkiin Parker

    TictacOnCrack 113 they all hate eachother now

    TictacOnCrack 113

    Dovahkiin Parker yea I know and its really sad bc they were an amazing band best I’ve ever heard

    Nomad x

    @TictacOnCrack 113 care to share some of this history? This is a good band, I didn't know they split apart and hate each other

    TictacOnCrack 113

    Nomad x off the top of my head I can’t remember who’s but someone’s son had autism and being away from him made things harder and worse and the lead singer and him got into a fight and a couple of em still play together but yeah

    Nomad x

    @TictacOnCrack 113 ah that sucks, thanks for the info.

  11. Potato Spud

    Forgot to mention...this was back around 1984 when Van Halen's song Jump was a hit...they used to play it in the bars with a keyboard on stage

    Mark Niland

    I remember. Oak Cliff native here..

  12. Potato Spud

    I got to hang out with Darrell when we were 17 for a couple weeks. Saw him play in bars in Dallas. He was a damn funny dude

    austin hawkins

    You hung out with Diamond Darrell, not Dimebag Darrell, Dimebag Darrell didn't play bars until he was with Damage plan

  13. aus10

    I love this solo!

  14. benjamin smith

    Dime is the fucking man. this song fucking sucks.

    J Braunfels

    get out Bitch! We don't like opinion! Leave!

    benjamin smith

    @J Braunfels oh hurt your lil feelers? this sucks get over it. dime wouldnt of liked this shit either.

    Warwick J

    +benjamin smith dime would have loved this! You never heard dime's country songs??

    Edward Amos

    benjamin smith y b bjźuku k j

  15. ElementalAdversary

    Happy b-day.

  16. sjeverett75

    I saw Pantera and Type O Negative at Ozzfest 97. Black Sabbath headlined. I never would have guessed that Sabbath would out live Dime and Pete Steele. I'm very fortunate to have gotten 4 Dimebag picks at that show.

  17. J.a.J

    Horns up on the Right and a middle Finger on the Left.......If there is a Heaven or Hell, they got one fucking kick ass band !
    Raise my Jägermeister.........

  18. Chandler Barker

    R.I.P Dime

  19. Wolf Reaper


  20. BigKozy77

    10 years gone today. R.I.P Dime

  21. Charles Chandler

    You can never tell...when 'it's your time to go!!!...)O(...

  22. Dorelaxen

    Most philosophical lyrics I've ever heard.

    Makes you wonder why we're here.


  23. Woka Boka

    Very Nice Will you make a video of Johnny's Song another great CCR song great job on this one!

    Lupe Villarreal

    Didn't have to make one, found this.

    Woka Boka

    Thanks Lupe! Appreciate it...

  24. David Lumbra

    miss you DimeBag

  25. Sanitys Void

    Anyone know if the bass player is using a five string? 

    George Rocheleau

    Jeremy Plato uses a Edge 6-string fretless bass.

    Sanitys Void

    @George Rocheleau Thanks. I needed that info when I was in a cover band. They replaced me not too long after my post LOL

    George Rocheleau

    Sorry to hear that!

  26. Anthony Baleur

    RIP DIME..\m/

  27. WLDB

    My favourite as well.

  28. Tim Betzer

    Thanks for putting this together \nn/

  29. Carl Cook

    \,,,/ ( > _ < ) \,,,/

  30. Carl Cook

    Thanks for the good quality video. Never been able to find one.