Cross Canadian Ragweed - Cry Lonely Lyrics

When the rain runs down your window
And you can't hold back your tears
And you're so afraid to be alone
You know I'm always right here

You cry lonely
And I come runnin'
I come to your rescue; I'll chase your blues away
You cry lonely, but you don't really want me
And I won't be there one of these days

You always say your heart is breakin'
Then you hear the wolf outside your door
I know you, you just use me
Till you don't need me anymore

You cry lonely
And I come runnin'
I come to your rescue; I'll chase your blues away
You cry lonely, but you don't really want me
And I won't be there one of these days

Someday when you know you really love me
You're gonna cry my name
And I'll be gone

You cry lonely
And I come runnin'
I come to your rescue; I'll chase your blues away
You cry lonely, but you don't really want me
And I won't be there one of these days

I won't be there
When you cry my name
I won't be there
When you cry my name

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Cross Canadian Ragweed Cry Lonely Comments
  1. jonathan ferdy7

    Fuck you all

  2. Jordan c

    Yes siiiiir CCR

  3. The mad commenter -

    Chris Knight or cross Canadian ragweed?

  4. Rebecca Weaver

    I don't know about 2018 but i'm still listening in 2019!

    Aliah Stevenson

    9 yrs strong

  5. Mercadez Gang

    I play this song an rock band on county

  6. Mercadez Gang

    I love this song so so so much ❤️

  7. Dale Montgomeey

    Love the comment every good man knows this song and dance that's no shit

  8. Jordan c

    Miss these guys

  9. John Harker

    As a product of good 70s rock real rock these guys nailed it , 20 to 30 yrs later. Music media consultants have riuned mainstream radio


    I think that day is here....

  11. Stefan Pisarek

    Swietny zespol.
    Wlasnie nabylem ten album.
    Po CCR to najlepszy zespol folk -country rocka.

  12. Veronica Mendez

    Definitely listening 2018 my favorite group

  13. clinton campbell

    Who’s a guitar 🎸 hero ?

  14. Elsie Fox

    This song is so amazing. With CCR's catalog of truly amazing songs, they should have been household names. In another time, I think they would have.

  15. Chuck Venrick

    I am this was one of the songs my band played and I sang. Love it

  16. Amber Rose

    Who's still listening in 2018?!😀

    Wrigley Wade

    March 2019 - Still Rocks

    Mark Jamison

    @manuel caballero Where are they still paying? Would love to see these guys.

    manuel caballero

    @Mark Jamison not really, he formed another band - Cody Canada and The Departed they play some of their stuff from this band

    Art Arizola

    Jason Natan o

    Joel Gaytan

    @manuel caballero thanks for the name of the band. Been tryna to listen to his "newer" stuff

  17. The Last Mamba

    Good drinkin tune drowns a broken heart

  18. TheBarnzilla

    Fell in love with this song on “Rock Band”.

  19. Adam Sabata

    Great tune boys!! I like it a lot!! Keep it up

  20. Nelson Williams

    I know this song to well i am always that guy.

  21. Elsie Fox

    One of my all time favorites by this band. This song should have been a freaking HIT, on every Country/Rock radio station in the country.

  22. Nelson Williams

    this song is the story of my life

    Veronica Mendez

    I can so relate

  23. Helen Lizzy Stewart

    A Chris Knight song for memory and also think Chris version way better more heart in it

  24. Pat Capp

    Love twangy country. Randy Rogers good too. Radney Foster awesome too.

  25. ddellwo

    Nope -- not as good as the Chris Knight original....

  26. J Hernandez


  27. David Dennis

    Chris Knight does a gd cover, but hard 2 top this.

    David Toney

    You do realize this is the cover and Chris Knight and Gary Nicholson wrote this song. With that being said, I do like this one better.

    David Dennis

    Nope didn't know that, thanks 4 the info.

    David Dennis

    Nope didn't know that, thanks 4 the info.

  28. Wehrwolf Spirit

    Every good man knows the feeling here.


    Sucks ass man.. always being the back burner

    Dylan Miller

    Yeah man that ain't no lie. it's even worse when they tell you that they love you and nothing is wrong. Then bam they're gone...

    Rosemary Shelley

    Women feel this song to the bone! They support people who walk all over them and are expected to smile and act like everything is ok...

    Stephen Honeycutt

    Wehrwolf Spirit xxx be

    Jake Walker

    Damn it. And I wish I didnt

  29. Robert Cochran

    bad ass song man.. true stuff right there.. I can relate

    Nelson Williams

    Robert Cochran me too

  30. Joshua Tackett

    When you are from Oklahoma red dirt music just makes you happy inside!!!!!!

    Nana Loves

    Joshua Tackett I used to work with a some guy with that name he had a twin brother it was at a casino in Oklahoma.

    Josiah Johnston

    Austin western Washington too

    Nelson Williams

    Alaska to

    Josiah Johnston

    Nelson Williams nice bro! Beautiful state. Washington isn’t bad but not as beautiful as Alaska.

    Nelson Williams

    Josiah Johnston thanks bro

  31. Mark Jaramillo

    I'm always down for some good ole' fashioned Country Music this song takes me into deep thoughts great times of my life, I love this jam, along with Whiskey Myers.

  32. cotton candy

    Thats a very cool song.

  33. cotton candy

    Very cool song.

  34. Rachelle Tidwell

    I was living with the Wolfe

  35. Jordan co

    Damn shame they broke up

    Joshua Tackett

    They are getting back together brother

    Gerry James

    Joshua Tackett John's on wr


    Always have blackberry smoke 💨

  36. Clay Fiske

    Great version of a Chris Knight song

    Steve Drake

    exactly the opposite of what you said is true.


    Exactly Steve.

    Del Wilkins

    Chris Knight covered this.....right?


    Del Wilkins chris knight. Wrote it

    Elsie Fox

    I like Chris Knight a lot. But, his version of this song does not come close to CCR's version of this song.

  37. Colter Keller

    damn good song

  38. raulantonio65

    Great song

  39. Brett Stirrat

    Really good album.

  40. Edie Bumgardner

    love this music

  41. Darla Wood


    Robert Cochran

    Darla Wood that's where I first heard this song.. Rock band. I love it

    Kyle Webre

    +Benny Ramos because when these guys were around, the Texas country/red dirt scene wasn't as big as it is now. They broke up a long time ago, but the lead singer, Cody, has another band called Cody Canada and The Departed.

    Darla Wood

    havent been able to check my email, password problems!! sorry didnt answer anyone!!

    She Wolf

    Darla Wood I like your, darling I'm a drummer also I don't know just enjoyed your comment I guess I don't know holler at me by

    Billy Key

    My favorite band seen high school pink Floyd but I'm all country now