Cross Canadian Ragweed - After All Lyrics

When you think you're doing good
It all comes tumbling down
When you think you'e beat it all
It crashes to the ground
When you gonna come around
Maybe someday

Someday's never coming
If you wanna know the truth
Everybody else, they're gonna lie to you
I see you runnin'
With your back against the wall
Waitin' for your call
Hey, but after all, maybe someday

You say you're sorry
With teardrops in your eyes
It's only black or white
And never compromise
And never someday
And never someday

Judgement is the one thing
You could do without
Remember back to yesterday
When you knew without a doubt
It was gonna work out
Maybe someday

It wasn't that long ago
But those were different times
Back then it was under control
Now it's always on your mind
I think now's the time
And not someday

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Cross Canadian Ragweed After All Comments
  1. Benjamin P Barrett

    Casey Garrett if that's true someday did come. He's still here and making awesome music!

  2. MrDixieD

    This song reminds me of someone lost to mental illness. You hope and pray for a change, people tell you it can happen, but with time you know it never will.

  3. Cactus?

    e' un pezzo fantastico

  4. ironhorseoutlaw11

    someday is never coming, if you wanna know the truth. everbody else is gonna lie to you. someday will nwver come!!!! so true

  5. Ed Souter

    If you want the truth, open your eyes.

  6. Deerslayer and Train chaser Outdoors

    This song reminds me of my break up with a girl that I just dated for 2 years. And found out that she cheated on me the whole time :(


    Damn dude sorry to hear that. Could be a blessing in disguise! Gitcha a real woman now

    Deerslayer and Train chaser Outdoors

    +99FAILURES yeah just don't know how to get a real woman though.

    z Trubble

    +Ryder Kallus You become a real man first. Then you let her come to you. Real women are drawn to real men.

  7. Teresa Swigart

    Maybe someday I say.Is that procrastinating or what?LOL

  8. jesse deane

    top fav band super good

  9. Casey Garrett

    This song is about Jason Boland's drinking.