Crooked I - W2CC Lyrics

The Weeklys
We back
My-My Brother-Brother Dizz-Dizz Made This

Now it's old versus young, that shit is kinda corny
If you autotuned your album, you probably ain’t rhymin' for me
I know old has rappers who weep and they kinda bore me
Either wack or you dope, the only two categories
Setting fire to these beats, homie, that's manadatory
If I’m rapin' classic tracks, it's too old to be statutory
Most the rap media so pussy they had me horny
Plus they sleepin' on the west, so they tellin' you half the story
First they love the homie Em, then they made him a vulture
Got love for you, Slim, won't let a hater insult ya
Know what I thought about? Hmm
Without Slaughterhouse it's an everyday struggle to watch the state of the culture
Nah, that ain't a shot at Joe ’cause we was all on rapper’s heads
Now the game feel sedated, we relaxin' on some meds
Even though the game is ours, I like Charlemagne the God
’Cause how can I not applaud? He's blacker than most celebs
Plus he know the ledge
How many rappers are keepin' it real?
I be on the edge, you rappers are givin' me reason to kill
Loadin’ the chrome with lead
Squeezin' the steel, people get killed
Sleepin' for real, leavin' a will
Worshippin' money, they don't believe in skill
Told 'em to go to bed

Welcome to Crook's Corner
It's G's everywhere, the planet is California
There's beef everywhere, you slip and you'll be a goner
Police everywhere, they workin' with them informants
Rappity, rappity, rap, I don't give a fuck
Crackity, crackity, crack, niggas pushin' drugs
Blackity, blackity, black, lift my people up
Happily live happily ever after

Welcome to Crook's Corner
These young niggas got the block hotter than Arizona
You see that green cross? That's the spot with the marijuana
Got high with a pair of stoners, dozed off like it's Melatonin
Woke up, I was so smashed, I forgot my own phone number
Then I hopped on Instagram to laugh at the troll hunters
Doin' fuck shit for fame, faster than road runners
If you fuck with my game, I'm snatchin' your soul from ya
African soul brother, that's the shit he be on
Y'all throw a peace sign right after you empty your chrome
Just let the beef slide, on top my city belong
I throw up east side, rockin' five Infinity Stones
So what that beach like? Zoom, I'm rushin' passed a hater
In order to catch me, they need a Flux Capacitator
Yeah, you was real tough until you touched an affidavit
Yall think dope dealin 'a gift, I'd rather fuck with wrappin' paper
Used to ask for collabs, I was reachin' for some help
These rappers fear the collabs, keep the features on the shelf
I don't need nobody else, I'm superior
Like takin' a nap on a mirror, guess I was sleepin' on myself

Welcome to Crook's Corner
It's G's everywhere, the planet is California
There's beef everywhere, you slip and you'll be a goner
Police everywhere, they workin' with them informants
Rappity, rappity, rap, I don't give a fuck
Crackity, crackity, crack, niggas pushin' drugs
Blackity, blackity, black, lift my people up
Happily live happily ever after

It's the Weeklys
Shout out Colin89, WolvesOverHumans, FaithAdam
RyanUrasie, yeah
Where we at?
Oh, we goin' into, uh, volume three?
Yeah, this the beginnin' of volume three, I guess
I'ma continue to put my cigar out on these fuck ass rappers
Yeah, real shit
I fuck with y'all though
If you see me, you already know
Bark at your dawg

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Crooked I W2CC Comments
  1. Patrick McDonough

    I got love for you slim wont let a hater insult you then back hand and they talking nick cannon and why i think someone pulling strings i mean Suge cmon love it KXNG

  2. Emery505

    Everytime I listen to crooked man this shit makes feel bad ass

  3. Samuel Baker

    Beat is stupid took that goodie mob and flip it

  4. Daniel Hill

    Like taking a nap on mirror .... guess I was sleepin on myself 🔥

  5. planetmonkey star

    The hook bananas !!🔥🔥🔥

  6. L. Carter

    It's so sad that in today's music, skill doesn't equate to success

  7. Tony Wall

    I guess I was sleeping on myself 🎶🎶

  8. Matthew Steehler

    The weekly's love that Goodie

  9. crazywayz77 crazywayz77

    When the scene, unfolds, young thugs 13 yrs old exposed to disease. Loving that beat off that ol shit G, got more stretch Mark's then these hoes, hollaing they got raped

  10. P. SCRILLA

    thank god 4 cats like crooked real talk 97% these folks blacks mainly need 2 be straight ashamed of them self SMH SMH y'all love this dr. zeus tele tubes as flows,wack lyrics, off beat hollering az shit n can't 4 get tha al capone , begg a chick, simp raps, pablo escobar raps 90%of fools shit sad fact only a a few can spit that escobarshit right 90% need 2 stop it , botom line y'all so ignorant / dumb its funny sorry 4 got jealous most definityl that its funny my so call hip hop folk such of disgrace yep disgrace no nonthing gimeck after gimeck no stabdard well 4 some the 90 gloss/ turn a blind eye over azz 4 standards / bar not no more ,been gone yeah folk try 2 put some typ of bar /standard no hell naw no rapty rap fact....tha new bar iz = if a mf breathing thats fire

  11. Ghost Grillo314

    Hell yeah on point,original beat different hook,,,much luv from ST. LOUIS....

  12. Gvon G.gfunk

    Never step to crook
    Thankyou homie

  13. Look! A black atheist.

    Always fire!

  14. Geald Brisoce

    22 you got em I might spit to this

  15. Geald Brisoce

    You do what you do killing it like you always do you always murdering verses

  16. Daniel Arismendiz

    Legendary Status KxNG Crooked! Live from Planet California

  17. Kliklakbeatzitup Music Producer

    put the cigar out on em fam! Fire

  18. Jesus Saves

    One dislike... there's the snitch nigga, bead on 'em

  19. Patrick McDonough

    Yo Is anyone reading between the lines. All I got 2 say is im a white boy with junkie mom and ones like fem giving us a bad name. You got it upside down ww you dont walk around shit!!! Just blow some smoke then pick it up my dogg crook got you shook c'mon toy soldiers it ain't ****. King crooked maybe 10 mill if you look like Paul McCartney but you dont it's more like dark like Marcus Garvey or even dark bacardi. My bad if I messed that up Crook I haven't played in like 15 yrs.

  20. TonyRockix21

    This is my type King Crook I absolutely Love on the Sickest Goodie beat!! 🔥

  21. Ebola Thuh Sik

    R.I.P. to that beat🙏

  22. xKingXero

    "it's a everyday struggle to watch the state of the culture"

    Chris Poggi

    Without slaughterhouse! Don't ignore that crazy setup to that punch

  23. Chad Rowell

    A real ass dude and the sickest artist out with the lyrics every week I anticipate the next bar to come out your mouth bro thanks for never letting a fan down

  24. Michael Crooks

    Bout gave me a panick attack with this day late shit lol checked 3x yesterday


    Keyboard Killa no doubt

  25. Lcarter52

    damn Crook be flexin so hard these days you can tell at this point it's just fun to him

  26. Brian Wendell

    This dude said "like takin a nap on a mirror- guess I was sleepin on myself"

    To all the insecure, crab in the barrel fuck niggas who were afraid to do collabs with Crooked, yall can choke on a thick slick of sour dough bread with 3 inches of old peanut butter and no water.

  27. Brian Wendell

    "Yall think dope dealin a gift / I'd ratha fuck wit rappin papa." Kxng Crooked
    I caught that double meaning. Crooked is a walkin cheat code. This dude spittin from the akashic records.

  28. tintara1

    whos that peeking in my window.. Pow ... nobody now

    General McD

    ..complex apartment an to moved family my then And

  29. ismail bhamji

    Hip hop Masterpiece 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  30. Cullen Ball

    bark at ya dawg

  31. pullup188

    crook be creeping at wack rappers windows.

  32. MrArsh

    Nothing but love this is 💯🔥

  33. Keith R

    Where does he officially drop these?

    Tomas Dahlström


    Keith R

    @Tomas Dahlström No official utube? Crooks corner doesnt even seem like its his channel.


    @Keith R especially since another channel here puts them out faster than this channel. I wonder about that...I subscribed to Crooks Corner

    Keith R

    @idrisdadgocrazy Yea I just wanna give me mans his views.

  34. James V

    Dopest remix for this beat fucc Kodak

  35. Agent009

    Its da muddafuckin weekylzzz boiii we baaaaaaack baoooow

  36. Vice Versa

    Back again with more 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🏆💯💪🏿kxng crooked back the weeklys

  37. Jamaal Horton

    Crooked murders anything PERIOD!!!

  38. Steven Bell

    the one thumb down is a mumble rapper LOL
    #KXNGCROOKED your too much talent!


    Proobaby Man Bun Kelly

  39. Jose Romero

    Hands down the hardest in the west and one of the dopest in the game... keep the flows goin crook

  40. Nathan Westra

    This track is so dope,Crooked is on another level 🔥🔥🔥

  41. PopOut Lee


  42. Michael Seward

    1 of da last real 1s left

  43. bigboysaul


  44. MC Q The KURST ONE

    ohhhhhhh shit!!!!

  45. Neter Ankh Hotep-El

    Alright alright. I been waiting on this since yesterday. I needed my fix now I can calm down. Salute Kxng. I'm waiting for the next album too!! And do an album with Royce. My fav 2!!!

  46. IdeasDontBounce

    Clockin in 17 minutes late but fuck that. We here listening to Crooked I now. Work!!

  47. joshua hardegree

    They wanna catch me they gonna need a flux capacitor

    Brian Wendell

    That bar was flame

  48. William Kepa

    Mad props. Let’s get some gangstarr mass appeal or code of the streets remix that and tear that shut up

  49. duce Kong

    You scared me for a minute bro!
    Ok now im listening
    Baltimore love bro 🦍💯

  50. queen Solid


  51. Kenneth Basham

    Ya late brah.... 🤷‍♂️

  52. Yaneile P

    🐐🐐🐐 I'M READY

  53. Chris Irving