Crooked I - Uh-Oh Lyrics

Uh-oh nigga
Bring it
This is what happens when you bring the orchestra to the ghetto (live orchestra)
Yea, is ya'll ready for this?

Bein' the ghetto representative I am
I'm guaranteed to slam
When I drops that whoopty wop bam
Somebody stop me from poppin
I'll be god damned
I'm at the chop shop gettin my drop top slammed
I'm hotter than a skillet
Grabbin' the mic to kill it
Pillage your village
With the illest lyrics
I feel as though my skill is the realest asset
That I possess
It's Crooked I takin' over the west, yes
I'm at the Benz dealership, cell phone and a glock
Straight outta the ghetto lookin' like I don't belong on the lot
But I'ma cop one, drop one
Then I'ma smash through LA county
Jump out that V6 with house shoes and brownies
Flossin' on the one time
Money burnin like a vampire in sunshine (burn)
For those who don't know what I said
Game I'm spillin'
It's like the ceilin'
Over your head

It's the C-R double uh-O uh-O K-E-D
Rockin' the whole sha-oh uh-oh
It's the C-R double uh-O uh-O K-E-D
Rockin the whole sha-oh uh-oh
Uh-oh, uh-oh, uh-oh, uh-oh

The prolific writer inside of this pacific sider
Won't let me write up
Simple hate in spite of the money I might acquire
I gotta be tighta
Than any thug that recite a
Yea my pockets mighta get wider
But see I'm still a RIDA
I slide up on hoes who be clubbin'
'Cause I don't see nothin wrong
With shovin' a muffin up in your oven
The lovin' after the huffin and the puffin
You can choose, I ain't hand-cuffin
Baby I'm reppin from the W-E-S
Wait a minute... T-S
I-D-E-S we get ready to B.S.
P.S. we fresh for '99 you suckas
No more hittin' licks and trippin' off these fuckers
Now that ski-mask is strictly for Aspen
I used to crack crews like statues in Agnes
Now I got 'em slam dancin' like Marilyn Manson fans
And throwin' a tantrum to the anthem


Known Crooked I comin' steadily, heavily
In felony they tellin' me my pedigree
It better be incredibly high fidelity
See, let it be known hypothetically
Step to me?
Wrong theoretically
Your head will be flown, flown
I'm backstage in the zone
It's 10:54
Six minutes Crooked I and you're on
Uh-uh on first I do my s-s-song
Then I take a lady h-h-home


...And there you have it
Thats what happens when the T to the I-L
Connects with Mr. Crooked I
You see us comin?

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Crooked I Uh-Oh Comments
  1. spacewaLker

    January 4th 2020

  2. Joe Marasa

    This takes me back!!

  3. Benoit Berends

    still bumpin this 2019

    John Carter From Mars?

    Hell yeah one of his hardest songs and it's from 99'.

    Patrick Paz

    Same bumping the weekly then I jump to his old gems definitely the goat

    John Carter From Mars?

    @Patrick Paz hell yeah killed the first 52 wks now doing it again. This was right before Crook signed with Death Row. His debut was on Suge's Death Row Too Gangsta For Radio with Death Rizzo. After this it's been no other imo comes close to Crook. He's rappers favorite rapper lol. I'm from the Beach and met him once at the Fantasy Castle in Long Beach the local strip club lol. So humble and remembered me when I went to one of concerts. Still my favorite KXNG Crooked times are his Death Row/Tha Rows days with Eastwood, Kurupt, Spider Loc, NINA aka Lisa Left Eye Lopez, Petey Pablo, Virginia Slim and a few others.

  4. Jordan

    Lowlife /private eye

  5. Paul McCann


    John Carter From Mars?

    Love when he says that

  6. poe tic

    damn this is hardcore

  7. Joe Marasa

    I can't find this on I tunes god lord help me!

    Edwin Torres

    The next realest rapper to Pac

  8. shawnmcfith

    naw fool this is from escape from death row

    Joe Marasa

    shawnmcfith who? Now you’re just making shit up

  9. piiimpin

    its tha C-R double uh-oh uh-oh K-E-D

  10. Triple IX

    Death Row

  11. Ray Espinoza

    Unfuckwittable!....Orchestra Murdered....