Crooked I - Storm Lyrics

Yo, last week was the calm, this is the storm
Shout out to everybody fuckin' with the Weeklys (Yeah)
"Hold up Crooked, now what you up to?
We don't trust you to give the classics just due" (Huh)
Who flippin' classics better than us two?
My attitude is just like Prodigy, nigga, fuck you

I'm takin' music to the left side like a clef note
Grab a NY classic and drag it to the west coast
Put it on hydraulics, had that motherfucker hoppin' with a yappa in the passenger seat, signin' your death note
I cock and spray got your body armor slayed
Blood drippin' out your body armor like it's marmalade, karma pay
Helicopter blade, helicopter fadel
Lyrical gangbangin' like Dr. Dre in a Chronic way, except it's modern day
If any opponent enter my zone, the serial killer is gettin' it on
Niggas are pitiful, thinkin' they lyrical, how many syllables fit in a song?
Just leave the spitter alone, sendin' you home, splittin' your dome
Did it alone, but they think I did it with clones, just like it was three of me
I got so much G in me like Eazy-E, but it ain't easy bein' me
Shady with the nickel-plated nine just like BME
Bad Meets Evil, the Desert Eagle is on creatine
Bullets from the iron remind you, the flyin' guillotine
Witnesses outside, they lie, too blind to see a thing
Crooked I's alive, but I decided to be a king
Battle rappers want me inside the arena ring
They know I'm barred up, look at me, God
I been in real bar fights, under my eye I'm scarred up
I ain't hard up for no money, I fuck a snow bunny
Give her the black cock, jackpot, that's some hard luck
Like I'm dark skinned, Puerto Rican and Asian
Word to Phife Dawg, I ain't like y'all, I just night crawl
When the night fall, peep the invasion
I remember when beefin' had a nigga sleepin' in Days Inn
I'm a east side nigga, Long Beach nigga
I'm a nigga with a attitude, I'm spittin' gasoline
The track is gettin' fucked with no vaseline
I'm a '91 Ice Cube, bow down
Hyenas are on the prowl now, animal version of savage
Insurgents with cannons and turbans, we gon' wild out
They found out what my fighting style 'bout
Kicked him from his front yard to his back, now that's a roundhouse
Crooked's immortal, I travel through different portals, I got a different decorum, these whores wanna give him oral
Want me to store 'em and horde 'em, force 'em against their morals
While me and her nigga quarrel, so me and my dick ignore 'em
But I might be at the 'cino if that chocho lookin' fat
That mean lick her in the front, poke her in the back
I'm so many in a slot, give me that honey and your pot
Thinkin' it's funny, 'cause I got my car running in the lot
When this over, it's a rap
Back to the grind again, I got a coal mine, not the kind that you find miners in
I'm from a different a cloth, you niggas soft, you niggas average
I'm from a different fabric, I write with a designer pen
When I'm listenin' to Mobb Deep, mind state is hungry and skinnier than Gandhi
You won't need a stethoscope to listen to my heart beat
I do it for the block, just put your ear to the concrete
Speakin' of heart, picture me stoppin' the heart of every popular artist toppin' the charts
You put a battle rap out? That's like sippin' yak during a black out
Shot in the dark, I flood shit, hop in the Ark like Noah
You wanted ridiculous lyrics, here it is
I'm on some other shit, like parkin' my mothership
Hop out, rockin' some khakis and house shoes in my pyramid
I don't care if you listenin' 'cause I know your spirit is
Still spittin' that real ass shit, ill ass shit
My fans sayin', "Kill that shit!"
They sayin', "Go Crooked, kill that shit!"
They sayin', "Go Crooked, kill that shit!"
You think I ain't, when I am? Yeah (Huh)
I hear your rappers conversations when the mic's off
Some Mass-hoes avoiding you was the right call
Why would I talk around the same piece of the shit I would walk around on the side walk? I ain't like y'all
No, I ain't like none of you niggas in the industry and every week I'm goin' on another killin' spree
Fuck outta here with them Roseanne bars, you big pussies
No wonder I'm so damn hard, I get busy

Yeah, the Weeklys (Weeklys)
Every Friday, you know what's poppin'
It's that time again, you know I mean? (Time, time, time)
Jewelry (Yeah, R-I-P Prodigy)
You see me in traffic, bark at ya dog
Ayo, Nate, let's get the fuck outta here, man

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Crooked I Storm Comments
  1. ynot rivera

    Why would I talk around the same piece of shit I would walk around the side walk them I'm is some hard hard bars and I want to know what Massachusetts rapper that's about cuz he started that bar with "some Massholes avoiding you was the right call"


    11:52 pm

  3. clive Ryu mgc

    King Crook, Horseshoegang COB!!!

  4. Brian Wilson

    One of the MOST under appreciated Emcee’s living today, Bar for Bar he can got toe to toe with legends. 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  5. PEK16


  6. Matt Henry

    Amazing that this man gives this shit away for free every week. We are truly blessed. Crook top 5 dead or alive period.

  7. DJ Highnoon

    How a lot of these cats gonna take years to drop 52 tracks and none of them one tenth as hard as this... Crook on one for sure this time. Cats dont know about hyenas like this 🔥🔥🔥

  8. Adrian Huskey

    Happy Thanksgiving! Have a Healthy and Blessed Day.

  9. Afrikan Kodo

    The opening chords... I recognise it's the classic "Quiet Storm"... I immediately like... Now I can listen.

  10. Andrew Legacy

    Idk how my battery life went from 5% to 100% 🤯

  11. Mwangi Muthui

    Crook u wild my nigga

  12. The Hockey God

    This guy’s nutts man thanks Gus for giving us da crook man mufuckaz best to realize this guy’s Sick as fuck

  13. H B

    Eminem , Crooked , Chief Keef 😈

  14. caeon Pace

    This is when u spit ugly a monster or a booger wolf...I shake these wack niggas but they already shook enough....This criminal running....what for?... I'm already booked enough.... showing you new niggas my Brooklyn stuff.... disrespecting the fam...yeah!You took it tough like a normal citizen does!...When I'm spitting n given'um dust..just sitting still n still getting'um crushed with skill from my pencil I use to paint a picture with a brush until niggas still!,....I kill niggas....on mics....I will get a certificate....if ur interested in my penmanship cuz u witnessed this lyracist spitting taking a shit on bitches without listening....this type of visioning is bringing in new words to use Everytime that I think 'em this ink pen leaking words instantly the instant I see'em.....I'm being a great being basking in ambience albeit my prominence is dominant if u finding this hard to swallow then blame it on the hearts of men then this lyrical feature won't eat ya!....Soul seeker standing in fire n speaking ether yeah the feature is out of reach to you bums reaching out shit you in need of these tums......

  15. Frank Smith

    Em Royce and Crook Bad meets evil meets the devil let’s go

    Anthony WillowRiver

    Im all for that, track would be a lyrical classic

    Frank Smith

    Damn right!!!!

  16. Kelby Chesshir

    KXNG CROOKED is the truth lmao

    Kelby Chesshir

    THE TRUTH!!!!!

  17. lastname first

    lyrically he's been and alwayzz will be a beast!!!This is one of HIS GREATEST VERSES EVER..

  18. sean bennett

    Id LOVE 2 hear a track with crooked i and REKS!

  19. sean bennett

    Love the Mobb Deep "infamous" sample!

  20. Jared Chisholm

    Love this guy fucking goat

  21. BigStevie316

    He's been in my Top 5 Dead or Alive for Years!! 🔥🔥🔥

  22. Rhashid Glover

    OK let's make this CLEAR.... The best rapper EVER ( now and then) he's better than EVERYBODY now and then... If u don't agree u aint hip hop... U pop bitch!

  23. Red Skittles

    I just love he's switch ups 🔥🔥🔥

  24. Frank Smith

    God the fuck damn oh hell no im telling!!!! I got crook on Murder, assault, maiming by mob, rape, vehicular and lyrical homicide. Damn damn R.i.p. that beat there’s nothing more for you in life ty for your sacrifice!!!!


    There was nothing quiet about that storm!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Damn damn damn

    Repeat x10000 just today lol

  25. kas0016

    Last verse was fire

  26. maine 1

    Shit hard nigga!!!

  27. DJ ICEMAN Big Boss Beatz

    YO!! thats dope!!

  28. Dj Iceman

    YO!! thats dope!!

  29. nvf73186

    If you dont see the best mc you're crazy

  30. Billy X

    My goodness?! KC just blacked out on this one 🔥 🔥 🔥

  31. Ray Espinoza


  32. Ray Espinoza


  33. Robert Martin


  34. DJ ICEMAN Big Boss Beatz

    YO!! thats dope!!

  35. Dj Iceman

    YO!! thats dope!!

  36. Shannon Strong

    No one got barz like shoegang...You know what we say #SuttSutt

  37. Dominique Banks

    Good lord

  38. Carl G

    god damn!

  39. queen Solid


  40. Kxng Kulu

    God mode👽

  41. Shawn Kemp

    Black Thought
    Remy & Papoose
    BARS over Everything

  42. Sébastien Seguin


  43. Jaydene Kingi

    kicked him from his front yard to his back now thats a roundhouse. bars

  44. Mr lines


  45. The Dizzle

    Just heard this on shade45 4 days ago and almost crashed my damn car 😵😵😵

  46. Dylon Ogren

    Crooked is a damn serial killer!! He’s got a pattern of murdering beats systematically the rap game is the victim😵🤫

  47. Edward Tabora

    Fuck the Game, Snoop, Kendrick Kxng Crooked is the king of the west

  48. DJ ICEMAN Big Boss Beatz

    YO!! thats dope!!

  49. Dj Iceman

    YO!! thats dope!!

  50. Calum Mcleod

    How the hell is this guy not blowing up 💯🔥

  51. Blake Mosses

    Crooked deserves all the Grammys

  52. Dexter M

    nobody alive will top the hip hop weekly series

  53. Omni Smoke

    Kxng Crooked= G.O.A.T

  54. Marro

    My fans sayin', "Kill that shit!"
    They sayin', "Go Crooked, kill that shit!"
    They sayin', "Go Crooked, kill that shit!"

    You think I ain't, when I am? Yeah (Huh)

  55. ismail bhamji


  56. flynuyorican

    This dude is so fuckin underrated n under appreciated. It don't even make sense, smh..

  57. Keith C

    6 people don’t know what good music is

  58. s.p. mex

    Why crooked so fkn hard tho 🔥🔥


    these beat flips are too dope . Then you have the best true mc tearing them apart . Thank you KXNG . sutt sutt


    lick her in the front

    poke her in the back

    liquor in the front

    poker in the back

    Might be reaching but sounds cool

    Barbaric Barrry

    Like a casino

  61. Robert Wright

    Damn it’s game of thrones all over again! Fire EVERYWHERE!!!! 🔥 🔥 🔥


    Helluva recording

  63. victor griffith

    Calm down crooked, ya nearly broke my android!! 🔥🔥🔥

  64. Jeff Trinkle

    I'm the one who told em he shouldnt flip still dre n he blocked me lol

  65. Patryk Turczynski

    Crooked still one of the guys destroying shit after so long. If it aint broke why fix it. 💎

  66. Eth q

    Sut sut! Long live the kxng

  67. rajpacket101

    Never heard a bad verse or freestyle from him in almost 20 years of listening. Since that verse on DPG’s - Gangsta Rap 🔥

  68. Liek Washington

    This nigga is a fucking Monster

  69. Cali Card Collector

    #Fire 🔥🔥🔥 Amazing!!!

  70. Juggalo Fred

    Did prodigy ever apologize to crook for dissing him about the xxl top rappers article?

  71. Chad Rowell

    Crooked you are so under rated I know my opinion don't mean much but you definitely top five if ever there was someone to take the top spot from shady it's you shady 1a king crooked 1b Royce 2 and I'll keep the rest to me self but Joel is up there and Obie and severely underrated cat name bingx

  72. George B

    Murderous. Like fine sliver said...ain’t no such thing as a half way crook

  73. Tucker Moses

    Gawd Damn It Dawg this was like watching a serial killer assassin murder a baby infant... This is the Top Spot Track... So if anyone drops anything less energetic and mind blowing than this, I'm just going to post a penis in their comment section to let them know Crooked I ejaculated in their mind, blinding their third eye and should probably consider retirement, haha... Jesus Christ and his Father was head banging to this shit... Bravo Brother Bravo, this was freaking epic. Stay Blessed and Have a Blessed Day...

  74. Automatik

    Now crooked always make fire,... but this might be the illest sh*t I've ever heard from Crooked in my life!!!

    Frank Smith

    I swear I’m a huge Slaughterhouse, C.O.B, Family Business etc etc and Automatik I usually don’t get into favorite or best if I’m really down with that artist but damn I’m gonna agree this shit is unbelievable.

  75. 30KillaBeatz

    Your dope! amazing melodies! Subscribe back!

  76. whoplaysgames

    They be selling fire on crooks corner

  77. John Doe

    No words can describe this man skills. 💥💥💥

  78. Mathew Wickemeyer

    WE FUCKING LOVE YOU CROOKED!!! thank you for the real hip hop, please continue to slaughter these tracks and putting these wack ass MCs in their places

  79. IdeasDontBounce

    Yee! Westbound, America.

  80. Josh H

    One of todays GREATS mang

  81. Kxngcrooked 2pac em

    1 of the best so far all hail the kxng

  82. KingDPurple

    Crook and Locksmith did this beat the dirtiest

  83. Ailyis

    The mf goat!

  84. Wahrheit

    Crook please be Crooked i again...great song

  85. Soul tape 5

    jigga what jigga who

  86. Buck Fudker

    ayooo….really? god damn

  87. moat vandal


  88. Kevin Adams

    🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 My Black Brotha 🤴🏿✊🏿

  89. Terrance Collins 318



    The best everywhere

  90. rebel cintron

    Str8 fire

  91. Ghost Grillo314

    On point ,FAM your in your own lane Perfect Storm, real talk...much luv from ST.LOUIS

  92. dynamic


  93. Eddy Jackson

    Sheesh 🔥🤦‍♂️

  94. Dave Crackk

    When are you going to actually Battle someone and not just rap about it ....................?


    Theyre asking HIM because of his Zen like flow...he flip so many styles and deliver effortlessly, flawlessly. They just wanna see him battle they already know he's the champ in the regular arena....they wanna Krown him champ in battle.

    Andrew Legacy

    Shug would make MCs battle him when he was on The Row

  95. bugi





    He is #1 on my top 10.