Crooked I - My Lowrider Lyrics

Cherry '64 (my lowrider), hop in the low low (my my lowrider)
Chrome hydraulics, all-black Impala (my my lowrider, my my lowrider)
Three-wheelin' the '64 (my lowrider), hop in the low low (my my lowrider)
Chrome hydraulics, all-black Impala (my my lowrider, my my lowrider)

I see 'em tryna shine like Tech
'Cause I shine like I be grindin' on the set, d-d-diamonds on my neck
Most talked about when I hit that strip, watch it bounce when I hit that dip
Come too close, might get that clip, click bang
Don't trip, Tech don't slip, let's up the road, go get my bitch
Get my grip, talk my shit, hit my switch and dip
Switchin' lanes on them Dana-Danes, same color as that candy paint
Tangerine, wit' metal plates...

I tried to tell you never sober, chalupa, longer than a roller coaster
Out here a hub a head a do-ya, for a quarter ounce of yola
Venomous snakes, like some cobras
Up top is where I'm from, we lettin' out nuts hang over our shoulders
Figure-8 and goin' dumb
Drivin' wit' all four doors open, gassin' and brakin' and yokin'
We hyphy, we stupid, Vallejo, Richmond, 'Frisco, Oakland
We 'Niners, we Raiders, we some hustlas and some playas
We got '64's and low-low's, but most of us ridin' scrapers

[Crooked I:]
Please Lord forgive me, it's in me to toke Semi's
Grope Penny and Remy, my pockets was so skinny
Now I blow pennies on four Hemi's
Run the whole city, hoes, I put dough before any
My 6th sense helped me view better cheddar kid
I fucks more hoes than Hugh Hefner ever did
That new leather shit, the coupe hella sick
Dude move ahead of whoever 'cause dude never quit

Cherry '64 (my lowrider), hop in the low-low (my my lowrider)
Chrome hydraulics, all-black Impala (my my lowrider, my my lowrider)
Three-wheelin' the '64 (my lowrider), hop in the low-low (my my lowrider)
Chrome hydraulics, all-black Impala (my my lowrider, my my lowrider)

Cranberry Impala, that's my lowrider
Slide by ya, North sider, rider wit' a hoe driver
G'd up, from the feet up, plus the heat tough
Toe game, crack the Grey Goose, and spark the weed up
When I'm in L.A., I go in Crenshaw and floss a little
Slot a lot thang and them Black Wall Street
Double-U and P and C-P-T, we keepin' it G
In our lowriders, riders, riders

[Lil' Rob:]
We put them cracks up on the wall, cucarachas crawl
I keep my head up and it won't fall, no not at all
I'll break yo' jaw like I break the law, leave you all in all
And the ride is so clean, you won't know what you saw
I sit low with a tall can, in a brown bag
With a brown rag, bouncin' a brown rag
Wit' the Mexican flag and the American flag
Hittin' the fronts and the backs, watchin' out for the badge

[Paul Wall:]
Home boy, Big T, better known as Tyrone
Is the first person I ever seen wit' a Chevy on chrome
My partner got it, bought the slab, wine berry over gold
With screens in the head rests, just to let you know we holdin'
I fell in love wit' it, and I dropped off some cash
Now that's me you see, flippin' slab, ridin' on glass
How much it cost? Don't ask, baby just know this
I could've bout a Benz instead wit' the money I spent

Cherry '64 (my lowrider), hop in the low-low (my my lowrider)
Chrome hydraulics, all-black Impala (my my lowrider, my my lowrider)
Three-wheelin' the '64 (my lowrider), hop in the low-low (my my lowrider)
Chrome hydraulics, all-black Impala (my my lowrider, my my lowrider)

[The Game:]
My '64 sittin' on that chrome, chrome glock sittin' on my lap
Three hoes ridin' in the back, candy paint, nigga fuck with that
Three-wheel motion I'm sittin' high, Daytona's that's all we ride
Hit that switch it's do or die, ride on me, that's suicide
I be in the hood smokin' that green, Dr. Dre know what I mean
Swisha Sweet and them purple leaves, California, we got that weed
Black diamonds off in my chain, ask around niggas know my name
Compton's own, the rap LeBron James, ridin' low, I'm switchin' lanes

Make that brain splat, 30 thang-thang clap
Known for the game rap, wit' the chrome frame wrap
From Harley-Davidson's to low-low's, we do tip 'em
13-hundred spokes wit' that blue nipple, get the picture
Disrespect, I'ma draw slugs
But ain't no set trippin' 'cause nigger it's all love
Dub-C drop the real on 'em, Chevy chrome grill on 'em
Posin' in the intersection, three-wheelin' on 'em nigga

[Ice Cube:]
Raspberry '64 bring your cherry, and
We can make a Sunday, come home Monday
I'm sittin' on the one-way, up on the boulevard
Act hard, put yo' thoughts on the dashboard
'Cause if I come through wit' the little homie
Nobody better fuck wit' the little homie
I hope Compton unite, South Central unite
I hope my chrome, dance wit' the moonlight

Cherry '64 (my lowrider), hop in the low-low (my my lowrider)
Chrome hydraulics, all-black Impala (my my lowrider, my my lowrider)
Three-wheelin' the '64 (my lowrider), hop in the low-low (my my lowrider)
Chrome hydraulics, all-black Impala (my my lowrider, my my lowrider)

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Crooked I My Lowrider Comments
  1. Sergio Flores

    They all did it on this jam dope af 👊🏽👊🏿unity

  2. Isabel Astorga

    Why tf did they take this off of Spotify?

    Isabel Astorga

    Was it to brown for them?

  3. Jeron Rawlings

    Still jamming to this shit in 2019

  4. H T H

    Makes me remember when I had my Impala now I want a Impala again

  5. Albert Mauwee

    Man Paul wall killed it best verse

  6. david hobson

    damn i remember when this dropped...techniec and crooked i had the best verses

  7. Peace Maker

    That simulated lowrider horn sets it off.

  8. Raquel Cardenas

    United We Stand ✊
    Divided We Fall..2019💯

  9. Jose Casas


  10. Matthew Hidario

    July 2019! Why isn’t music like this anymore ?lil rob was up ese! San Diego stand up 🤜!

  11. Al Fersnoz

    The ultimate soundtrack to a Lowrider , it's the EM-i bummpin' this hit while my B gvn me head Oowee

  12. Jesse Astorga

    This what A west coaster can put together !! No walk rumens OR mumble bullshit ... This Bangs !!

  13. Jesse Astorga

    This still go hard !! Way under valued Banger !

  14. Adrian Ferrera

    cube killed

  15. Shelly Forster

    Fuck your shit westside

  16. DGMoney

    Fucking 2019 💯💯💯

  17. Sergio1503714 big goofy


    Sergio1503714 big goofy


  18. Svt Marauder

    This shit Bang💥

  19. Douglas Lucas

    I remember The Midnight Club ❤️

  20. Boston Ghost


  21. Calikushsmokin


  22. Chevyman510

    Forty killed em all..this song go tho..

  23. Kelly Lopez


  24. lokz73 lewis rams

    2020 shit still be slappin

  25. SD 4 LIFE

    Sick ass beat

  26. Mr300millz

    This has been a Chops production.


    Tall can in brown bag!!!!

  28. Fernando Esteban

    I was 14 when i found this classic

  29. yik3s1


  30. Benjamin Marquez

    2019, who else turned up the volume to this banger?


    Your mum

    Sergio Flores

    All day this track goes hard af

  31. Anthony Mcmillan

    You know Game got $ because there's 8 rappers on this song. Definitely lowrider music.

  32. timothy donatelli

    Ice Cube merked this. The Westcoast Warlord. #AmericasMostWanted!

  33. mike r.

    Nah fool 2019!

  34. S R

    I remember bumping this in my 87 back in 08

  35. cjb cjb

    This was the shit back in the day

  36. Pinshe_Loko

    When you grow up and become a domesticated dog, you may run into this song and feel the wolf in you wanna come out.

  37. R.L GOMEZ


  38. Freddy Dee


  39. SUPRA799

    All dat brown pride shit nigga stfu u still black if u dnt wanna claim it fuck you if u a dark brown u black

  40. Lena Howell


  41. Java Man!

    Lil Rob! Simon!

  42. foetwintee

    Lil Rob had the best verse on this bitch

  43. Jigga jok

    Techniec and Crooked I straight MC's 🎲🕶👌🏽

  44. Timothy Hudson

    Pure bangin! The shit

  45. Raymond Harris


  46. B MzRaiders Martinez

    Still bumping this jam

  47. Fred Rech

    2005 2006

  48. Jayva Elev

    *_My shyt right here_*

  49. LRZAY 88

    2018 anyone?

    Nemohoez 90

    2019 Classic shit 🔥

    Svt Marauder

    Lime wire days

    sesi sesi


  50. Christian Bravo

    Having chelas and blasting this OG track reminisce 2006 when I was young & reckless

    Jesse Astorga

    Christian Bravo With the Mexican flag and the American flag hittin the fronts to back

  51. Luis & Jacky

    Lil rob did go hard tho

  52. Jerry Navarro

    This is why game is the shit in my book! He united all the real rappers from the west coast down south and mid West and put real ones on , Ice cube E40 , Lil Rob, ppl from his camp , chingy, WC , ECT! Much respect!

    Albert Mauwee

    Jerry Navarro forgot to mention Paul wall sleeping mayne

  53. Daniel Dimino

    Game killed this shit

  54. Daniel Dimino

    3 Wheelin the six fo... Hoppin da low low my lowridah my my lowridah

  55. Daniel Dimino

    All black impala my lowrida my my lowrida.... Love this song so much

  56. oliverrando

    man crooked i he should do more songs with game but techniec i heard of him but like he underrated

  57. MTLbigJ

    Bumping this in the gbody just reppin my hood salute from Eastside MTL city 514 😈😈😈

  58. pittriversavage

    2018 still slappin

  59. steven rubio

    Haven’t listened to this in over a decade!! God dam this shit fireee

  60. Robert Thomas

    I don't know what DJ came up with the idea of continually running samples of sirens and a guy yelling throughout his mixes, but I wish they hadn't.

    Don Permian


  61. Lena Howell

    Cra cra, still pumping like making a banana Sunday on a Monday!!! Lmao

  62. Alol Lool

    E 40 KILLED IT

    Jesse Astorga

    Alol Lool E-40 always goes Nice

  63. dennis

    Someone put this shit on spotify so i could added to my playlist 👌🏽bump it back in 06 and still bangs

  64. Chalsey Brown

    E 40, wc & cube went in on'em #Legends

    gregory vega

    Damn right. 🔥🔥💯

    SD 4 LIFE

    Game was like my six four sittin on that chrome my chrome glock sittin on my lap 2 hoes in the back fuck around with that ...

  65. Ross Findlay

    put this Jam on my Toast every day !

  66. Raymond Harris

    West Coast...👌💯🔫🔪🙊

  67. YouTube Nerd

    I remember when this 1st came out i was bumping it 24/7 i found it randomly on limewire

    RonRon TheProducer

    Uh Idk can’t forget about those tracks we randomly downloaded on limewire because why tf not right? Lol good times

    deez nutz

    Good old times on that limewire

    Micheal Castor

    I found this song on frostwire. Danm ol times

    Timothy Hudak

    YouTube Nerd dude same!

  68. SleepyMonkey 714

    DJ Clue always fucking up the song. Hate having to hear his ass speak on a track.

  69. SleepyMonkey 714

    DJ Clue always fucking up the song. Hate having to hear his ass speak on a track.

  70. Oscar Diaz

    ice cube said chillin on the blvd act hard put your thoughts in the dash board...everybody got off

  71. da real matafuckin wayne not little perry don wayne

    man this song bring back some good days i use to bang this shit in my 65 custom made buick skylark 4 stage paint job


    bad song!!!

  73. John Galindo

    all these mfs kill this song to Paul wall,Lil rob,e 40 errbody!!

  74. Raymond Garcia

    What Happened To Hip Hop Yo😕🖓🖓

  75. Mani Girl

    Tall can in a brown bag!

  76. Darrell Henderson

    this shit hard

  77. Definitely not D Gribbz

    2017 still Flame

  78. Kurtis Ginter

    2017 still blasting this shit

  79. Anthony Herrera

    Who produced this?

  80. Steve Owens

    this shit knoccin

  81. Claudio Pantaleon

    lil rob is the best

  82. R.G. Stentje

    when you say underated mc you say techniec


    R.G. Stentje lil rob too

  83. Rafael Leon

    wtf?!? ice cube ain't even on this

    prestigious 05

    Rafael Leon 04:27

    Elizen Siado

    Rafael Leon he’s at the End you Cum Drinker


    STFU DJ!!!

  85. Mario Sanchez

    brown pride

  86. carlos lora snooplok

    I'm gay hmu

    Nedal Salman

    Wtf. You had to fu&k up a perfectly good song to tell us how you enjoy s*kin d*** and tskin it in the a$$? Yup. Your generation is all a bunch of soy bois and it aint even your fault. I blaim the babyboomers. The generation before mine. Whos polices caused this. But my generation (generation x) we just wanna hear a good song without hearing about your mental illness and sexurall preference

  87. Brianna Bailey

    We Raiders!

    JP Tyson

    and youre hot

    Nomad Loco

    Brianna Bailey Stay Raiders

  88. Lil joe

    Fuck you if you aint down with this song

  89. Celia Tapia

    Hahahahh Iol I Love E40.

    We 9er's we RAIDERS we some hustlers and some players.

    Internationally Known Freddy Tiffany

    E-40 my favorite verse on this

  90. Lee Robinson

    40 coming with it time and time again ,my big homie showed us how to do whatever it takes to get it done one luv,springs rd -Vallejo Calli 💰

    YouTube Nerd

    Lee Robinson 40 who ?🤔

  91. James Amendt

    fuck lil rob other than him....this song slaps. coming from cutler-orosi. my uncle used to play this jam alot. he past away years back. ima keep this track bumping forever ima show it my kids and then on!!!! shaow!! central valley tc 559 reppin....

    Noahkiin Ports idler

    +Rubes One enci gangs aren't even a thing anymore I know a few old OGs and they're wack. They aren't active the vista homeboys make enci shit themselves

    Jose Martinez

    Rubes One u took a L

    YouTube Nerd

    No not fuck Lil Rob he did hes thing on this track he represented for Mexicans like Wc said no set tripping its al love

    Jose Martinez

    brazy Montana dude lil Rob was the best part

    YouTube Nerd

    Jose Martinez Lil Rob and Ice Cube and Game went hard but im not downing Lil Rob this dude said fuck him which i dont under stand he was repping for the Mexicans why hate on that he should be happy or proud

  92. Marcos

    This song alone shits on half the songs that have been released this year lol

    Mario Sanchez

    shits on almost all of em

    deez nutz

    All of them fuck it jaja

  93. Adam

    I remember i had this song back in 06 in my fuckd 89 red Falcon, i lost the cd and forgot all about it, and today was the first time hearing it in around 10 years. What a fucking gem, everyone is on this track

  94. Juandais Whitehead

    bra I'm late as fuck I thought this was brand new I went brazy when I heard this just now

    Mario Sanchez

    Lol came out 10 years ago when I was 18


    Juandais Whitehead same here bro this shit is fire

  95. YG SEDS

    Still bangin this shit 8-22-16
    young Serio said that shit !!!