Crooked I - Menace II Sobriety Lyrics

I twist the cap off the Jameson bottle, yeah
My aim is to swallow my grief my pain and my sorrow
It seems to places that I go the danger will follow
So hallo my 38 stainless chambers with hollows
They say I'm fucking my kidneys and my liver
I'm sipping 'nough liquor up to take a piss and fill a river up
I couldn't get enough wouldn't give it up
Just fill a cup getting drunk
Cuz when I was gettin' drunk I didn't give a fuck
Blame it on that al-alcohol was my favourite song
Me and T-Pain was on the same shit to the break of dawn
Wake up in my driveway I'm blown, how did I make it home?
They say I'm wrong when I got hungry fuck it, I ain't patron
Landed my first DUI, cuz I was major faded
I hit LA County Jail these niggas gang-related
I bailed out by the bottle I couldn't wait to slay it
Damn, I m a real alcoholic but I just hate to say it, word!

There's nothing wrong with what I got
Going on and it s a red cup
Yeah, I'm tired yeah, I'm so stuck, I'm solo
I'm on one
My team is getting loud I gotta drown 'em out
Closet full of skeletons they bustin out
Devil on my back he s trying to run me down
Death is at my door trying to take me out
My team is getting loud I gotta drown 'em out
Closet full of skeletons they bustin out
Devil on my back he s trying to run me down
Death is at my door trying to take me out

Thought I was good cuz I never got in an accident
But I got drunk pulled out my gun and shot It on accident
I gotta relax with this to practice abstinence
I almost blasted my own homey pictured to miss out of an ambulance
Pictured them dying cuz I couldn't put the liquor down
Picture me dying cuz I couldn't put the liquor down
Blood pressure high as a bitch up they had to sit me down
In the emergency room goddamn this shit is gettin' wild
I'm stuck in the bed the nurse is trying to offer hope
Heard the doctor tell her a joke said I was a walking stroke
Shit made me think of Nate Dogg damn
My heart was broke seen him at the hospital days later that's all she wrote
Made me think of my uncle he was only 50, shit
He died in the same hospital that Biggie did
His memory lives but he ain't get to live
I made it out of yarn and twisted the henny legs

There's nothing wrong with what I got
Going on and it s a red cup
Yeah, I'm tired yeah, I'm so stuck, I'm solo
I'm on one
My team is getting loud I gotta drown 'em out
Closet full of skeletons they bustin' out
Devil on my back he s trying to run me down
Death is at my door trying to take me out

In alcoholics, anonymous
I'm not anonymous. Hi, my name's Dominic
Here's what my problem is
I break open bottles and then I'm breaking promises
I like to get fucked up more than I thought I did
I'm getting money like a drug dealer
Still sneaking bottles out the club nigga
Liquor got me moonwalking see the glove glitter
Abuse is a bitch and I'm in love with her

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Crooked I Menace II Sobriety Comments
  1. Mwangi Muthui

    2 years sober 3/13/20 real shit crook salute

    Damn I’m a real alcoholic and I just hate to say it

  2. sam wise

    sLow but sTeady we getting there --- u guys should spam this ON NOSHaqlife twitter page .. . or duaneTV or ScrueFAce ... share ur favorites on their twitter and ask for a reaction !!! ,,, 6-k subscribrs ,,, *Crook* is releasing weeklY ,,, spam them now while its bakinG

  3. Brandon J

    Realest shit they never heard salute crook goat 🐐

  4. TwinCities4Life

    Jameson and Ginger Ale were my favorite. Now my vision's clear as fuck without it.

  5. MicMan

    Had two cravings for a drink today and I stumbled across this song. Thank you Kxng 🔥

  6. Carmine Naugahyde

    Almost stopped at the liquor store on the way home from work today I fought past it and then this played on WFMU
    Moved me to tears. 2 months sober. One day at a time.


    Niice! 💪🏽

  7. Elroi The Overseer

    Just use the instrumental tho don’t change the drums hate that shit

  8. Tarius Garrett

    Great song Brother...all the way from Alabama

  9. shortbus1127

    Sober 7 years, thanks for this

  10. little wolf

    Roll up to my AA bumpin dis

  11. Dallas Carlos

    I honestly thought this would have hit at least 500k views already

  12. Real Nation Business GBAll


  13. SuperMateoWorld1988

    This is hip hop. thank you Crooked

  14. Mazzaratti P

    THANK YOU CROOK🗣💯🙇🏾‍♂️🙇🏾‍♂️🙇🏾‍♂️🙇🏾‍♂️

  15. newton

    Lost my mum then drank my self into depression anxiety and nearly suicide two year sober now

    Mazzaratti P

    Lost my dad to alcohol as well and I'm fighting alcoholism as we speak 🙇🏾‍♂️🙇🏾‍♂️

    Sancho S

    'Pain is temporary but glory lasts forever. Never ever give up.' - dunno who said that

    Sancho S

    @Mazzaratti P if There was an easier way than fighting it, would you do that instead?

  16. James V

    They don't know shit about this locc

  17. ramadan mustafa

    I feel this but I aint ready


    You'll be ready whenever you decide to be. It wont come on it's own brotha. You gatta make that decision🙏🏼


    @MicMan True story. Said the same thing 2.5 years ago. Toxic substances never made it better in the long run. Realizing to quit has been awesome.

  18. Travis Hicks


  19. Jeremy

    Songs like this invoke change. Thanks Crook. 🙏🏾

    Mazzaratti P

    Facts 💯💯💯🙇🏾‍♂️🙇🏾‍♂️

  20. WLMPRO

    only 3.99€ on amazon go get that. undervalued anyways

  21. Melvin Tejera

    Fire! Crooked been one of my favorite rapper for years so underrated

  22. Stay True

    Sounds like Budden influenced this


    Hardly crook spitting his life he was a alcoholic now recovering

    Stay True

    @newton Him and Biden already have a song like this discussing it. Biden always spitting about his life addiction feelings and down falls. Has Crook??

  23. Disrespectful young man

    Kxng Crook never disappoints 🤙🏾

  24. monteself1968

    I was waiting for MC8 to jump salute O.G.

  25. James Henley

    Thats Lecsi Tomorrow bruh

  26. Jon Guzman

    A bottle of Jameson is my best frienddd!!!

  27. Ant Jonez 218

    Fallin from Montell jordan and Flesh Bone. Alright Crooked i hear ya 😁😁😁🔥🔥🔥

  28. Jay Ali

    Wake your punk ass up for the weekly's!! #sunny cali 🌴🍷☀ 👙 🔫!

  29. Othon Pedro

    Crooked I dropping that fire. I wish the hook was different, lyrics are fire

    evan needham

    Othon Pedro Yea bro hook is awful

  30. Sloppy Joe

    How many rappers talk about getting fucked up all the time but never rap about the reality of it like Crook

  31. beway86

    Thank you for stay'n up on #KxngCrooked for us all ! Much appreciated #COB #Blessed only way I can keep up with his output is because of you!

  32. Jamaal Horton

    I have never drank or smoke one day of my life but I feel this song because I grew up with and around addicts I saw their pain!


    Blah blah blah

    Jamaal Horton

    TrailingSkies27 damn you mad because I’m sober and didn’t rely on a chemical to get me through my trial and tribulations?


    @Jamaal Horton tha F? Hahahaha... relax, lots of us dont use anything. Chump. You ain't special. I jus dont brag on it.

    Jamaal Horton

    TrailingSkies27 Actually, I’m extremely Special!!! To grow up how I grew up and where I grew up to not do any drug at all ever is Alien!!! I shouldn’t brag about being sober, changing my life, changing my mind set, but I should brag about my days of selling dope, robbing people, kicking people doors in, bank fraud, gang banging? People like you are sad! I just felt the song!

  33. dubhow_206 dubhow

    How many times crook gotta do this before people see crook the 🐐🐐🐐🐐


    Apparently thousands isn't enough

    that dude

    People really are asleep.

    Brett K

    He's been the goat for years IMO.

    The White Wolf

    He’s def God Tier. Sitting on The Mount Olympus of rap.

  34. ljwallace89

    I'm ready to pre-order whatever comes next. This ep beyond fire...this is volcanic magma!

  35. MrTraveller

    I’m 2 yrs sober on Aug. 5th
    Still thought of having a drink tonight. Thx 4 the great song. It hit home. Thanks from Chiang Mai, Thailand 🇹🇭 🙏🏽🔥🏋🏻‍♂️✅

    little wolf

    Respect💪, Canada


    Good job man. 98 days here.


    TwinCities4Life 9
    2 minutes here

  36. BlueRoomProductionz

    Only the realest are subs to this channel

  37. Charley Culbertson

    🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 give it up for crook 💯💯💯

  38. 1EyeWilly

    Shit hit home like a mug. 🤜💯

  39. Stricknine

    Damn I noticed that all of Sex money and hip hop had been taken of youtube. Wtf?????


    It was spose to be bought by fans that was the purpose of the album as far as I know. I got a letter with it when I got it asking me to not leak it 🤷🏻‍♂️

  40. Gotti Sinatra

    My whole day better now

  41. William Kepa


  42. Danny Myers


  43. duce Kong

    Baltimore love bro
    Classic shit

  44. Brandon Zukowski


  45. Joseph Brown

    Real story tellin!!! Rip NATE DOGG.

  46. Street Sweepa

    No doubt! 🔥🎼🔥

  47. AlumureS NairB

    All hail the KXNG!!!

  48. Tee ABDON


  49. OG Classic Jones

    JEZUS !!! Im still sharing and there's more FuCCN FIRE being dropped!!! #SSUUTT2X #COB #FOREVERCOB #MENACE2SOBRIETY DROPPIN TOMORROW!!!!

  50. Official PATEGEE


  51. El Prince Kapone

    Kxng Crooked my favorite rapper since Pac. Love you bro. Thanks for always droppin this real ass shit