Crooked I - Good Lyrics

Rest in peace, Freaky Tah
Rest in power
(What's happenin', Freaky Tah?)
We back, The Weeklys (Keep your name out my mouth)
Shoutout to Marie from Sydney, Australia (Salute), yeah
Sam with West Coast Goods (West Coast)
Jdilla19 (Jdilla19)
Slow flow, know what I'm sayin'?
(My Brother Dizz Made This)
Dizz, let's make magic

Abracadabra, this industry's an illusion
The higher ups only picture a nigga losin' (Yeah)
But my success is speakin' louder than my doubters
Jump off my dick and jump on some different conclusions (Let's go)
I know a rapper that ain't never ever did crime
He got a deal and then he bought himself a big nine
Start livin' reckless, he said trollin' made him big time
He caught a case and now that troll is doin' big time (What)
Yeah, they always keep us rappers thinkin' 'bout them other bars
'Til we fightin' for our life just like the under card
And I don't care about the beef, you rapper's comin' fraud
Just kick it off, I'm guaranteed to run a hundred yards
Twenty points on my wrist, I put all the jewels in
My mindset the illest vehicle I cruise in
These record labels are boostin' up all your views
Until I come in every week, excuse the intrusion

I'm hungry even though I ate (Yeah, yeah)
Gotta put some more food on my plate (Yeah, talk to 'em)
I'm doin' good but get comfortable? No, I can't (Never that)
'Cause good is the enemy of great, come on
Good is the enemy of great, come on
Good is the enemy of great, come on
I'm doin' good but get comfortable? No, I can't
'Cause good is the enemy of great, come on

I never look back, I just keep it movin'
My old life was a bitch 'cause the bitch was snoozin'
Sleepin' on me like I found her on some downers
Now the new version of me got her woke, that's conscious music
I kill a vulture for the culture, I'ma go hard (Hard)
My custom cordless microphone is in my Goyard (That's hard)
Industry niggas tried to block me, they don't know art
Like flagrantly foulin' D. Rose, I'm a Bogart
Yeah, I read your comments everyday, keep barkin' at your dawg
Weekly shittin' on your favorite artist's catalog
To keep up with me they gon' have to swallow Adderall
Rappers on your Mount Rushmore, I body bagged 'em all
I learn from failure, so I'm winnin' when I'm losin'
Stress is my enemy, I focus on solutions
Family Bvsiness, C.O.B., Crook's Corner, The Weekly series
I love when you fuck with my contributions (Contributions)

I'm hungry even though I ate (Yeah)
Gotta put some more food on my plate (Now talk to 'em)
I'm doin' good but get comfortable? No, I can't (Never)
'Cause good is the enemy of great, now come on
Good is the enemy of great, come on
Good is the enemy of great, now come on
I'm doin' good but get comfortable? No, I can't (No, I can't)
'Cause good is the enemy of great, come on

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Crooked I Good Comments
  1. Aijalon Pace

    My God why God has abandoned us this planet is full of lil angels plus a mic slaughterer when the right words I write I don't.... other's brought it up to who ever think they the best they not cuz I was the first nigga who thought it up if you tired of going to the store and buying stuff then tuff...luck you in a makeshift Forrest full of hungry jungle lions take it...for now cause one day you might make it out the slums with your craft like you made it on a spaceship nothing about it's basic make you think of everything that you fucking saying and I am not lion when I say niggas come as many as Forrest trees keep quoting me this Bruce Lee when he hitting poetry sianara to ya bitches not even knowing me lovily the way I'm living my life comfily until what they call a bitch nigga come for me then I will knock that bitch straight outta his dungerees with no punches I'm smart enough to save energy but knuckledhead so go off misbehave and act miserably until I make sense sensibly sense it's me on the beat! destroying it endlessly with little to no effort......I'm bodying niggas on m.i.c..'s mind body in soul separate when we separate for instance Off the bat I'll just instigate with every word I use in sentence to kill niggas cause that's exactly how I'm feeling in general it's minimal to me to be a thug mixed with a villain the way I'm seeling niggas fates you'll think that murder was the case so just in case this live wire fire cracker go off in your face,it won't take that to soften my embrace around this rap cuz it's a rap...I can use words to put your lights out like I just took a nap or perhaps come back with 9 of my lives like I am a cat who raps a lot like it or not I just gave you few who listened this as food for thought not trying to be hard or soft but hot in the area like a Molotov....... feeling like a boss when I toss one of y'all off the bridge ya building before it's fall!....So fall back all of y'all cause I'm so empty inside you will call me the holocaust even when at a loss I'm not mad at ya'll but still break n shatter jaws like it's a law if u piss me off squash u little pussies into sissy sauce just for being soft.....cuz my beings boss in the first place so much that I'll never see a loss....goodnight and it's none of ur fn business how much my evening costs!

  2. Marcus Washington

    I've been hoping for a Doc J and Crooked album really...I'll hope.

    Yo Crooked!! You a legend. Nobody can take that away.

    Marcus Washington

    And tell Julius ain't nobody fucking wit yall.

    Flint , Michigan checking in.

    I'm in ATL now. Bring the crew and do a show.

  3. Marcus Washington

    Where the fuck are all the comments. King Crooked killing the weekly's.

    Stupid, sick, dope.

    Lately I've been moving rappers around in my top ten. But I got Royce, Crooked and Julius in my top 3. Fuck the order.

  4. G.E.L LEX

    this is the best song from the weeklys, imo.... all straight fire tho no doubt

  5. z TG o 01sHoT x

    Week 20? I missed 20 fire tracks n this nigga been droppn every week! U gon b well known here in new zealand crooked 4 real 🔥🔥🐐

  6. Brandon Zukowski

    The 🐐 ... Nothing but 🔥🔥🔥 .. Salute KXNG Crook 🙏🙏👏👏

  7. crazywayz77 crazywayz77

    Give it out to my shorty, shorty, Lost boys shit got me on 1, naw fuck it, I'm on 2

  8. Gvon G.gfunk


  9. Carl G


  10. Different Steez

    Watching this after the crooks corner with Nina . I love it when dope artist influence other dope artist ... we need more of this in the game right now

  11. 2daWest

    Straight 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  12. queen Solid


  13. J2MTR

    Lost Boyz Rene beat , Crook killed it🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  14. GoldenBallz Productions

    Peace KING. Keep banging they ass with that real shit. #Love4HIPHOPmixshow

  15. D SpottedEagle

    Completely consistent.

  16. Sean Scott

    Kxng Crooked and Dizz!!!!!

  17. 30KillaBeatz

    you got mad talent! your produce hard music! Subscribe back!

  18. TIKI Tube

    6ix9ine made it into Crooked song. Crook was speaking truth how the labels use you.

  19. Joseph Baer

    The g .o.a.t

  20. Kliklakbeatzitup Music Producer

    .... Mission complete. Crook has to be mentioned amongst the greats. Period. IMO 🙏

  21. kxngCrookCrypto Crypto

    Kxng crooked the G.O.A.T. !!!!

  22. Jon Stone

    How does this not have a million views🤬

  23. Mario Villafranca

    His music can start a revolution 🤔🤔

  24. King 50

    Welcome rap

  25. trevor Howes

    One of the illest!

  26. Jaricho Yoakum

    The comments =💣💥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  27. Jason Morris

    Crook became My Favorite Rapper him & Tech 9 & Locksmith Add A Hopsin n its Slaughter House The New Version ( Room 4 Royce too) #Ideas 💡 #TheWhiteSpadeSpoken🕣

  28. Jay Ali

    Level up people!!! #C. O. B= Cleaning our brains!!!

  29. Just Real Truth

    (@one3dsoul on Twitter)

  30. monteself1968

    CONSISTENCY......My brother been dope. One of the most underrated.

  31. Dexter M

    nobody alive will top the hip hop weekly series

  32. Jegz TV

    Inspire with ur fire from your heart u been in the dark now walk the life of woke as we all sit back and Toke to ur rhymes damn music so fine flow is more than a co sign 🤔🤔 u get me going n I just love the shit but u inspire the words n rhymes that come to me kxng crook kxng of kxngs on the mic legendary

  33. Trevor Sandoval

    Better than a lot of Main stream artist!

    Golden Arms

    ..than every single one..

  34. MakDeeZiL

    Geezus...definitely one of my TOP 10 greatest hip hop artists of all time list...Damn Crook this is too nice bro..Im tuned in


  35. Brian Wendell

    "Good is the enemy of great" If the rap industry lived by this mantra Crooked would be the richest artists in history. Instead there is, and has always been an all out war on excellence in the rap game.

  36. Ron Miller

    He sampled one of my favorite instrumentals n song hell yeah

  37. Exo-Ultron4.20 WCFGOTPTBIT

    Always at war, near my home
    Raised with the
    warriors and wolves
    And there story never gets told
    But if they could say something they would say fuck the glory and the gold
    Just get what is yours in this world and give the glory to the hoes

  38. Adam J Cook


  39. Wham Bam Bigelow

    Crook is not just West Coast Royalty. Dude is Living Legend in this Rap shit. Sooooooo slept on still

  40. lifetodeath Bryson

    Keep it up crook!🔥

  41. Joey Dynasty

    I just feel we are all really blessed to actually listen to the GOAT! If only people knew what they was missing out on! Crook you have never disappointed even in a collab with a so called nobody he still comes correct! Salute and bark at yo dawg! COB

  42. bigboysaul


  43. Inabiff

    Uuuuuuh Huuuuuuuuh

  44. Raphael Albert

    Already hit the like before i started listening to it

    Kyle Polite

    Raphael Albert who u telling

  45. Christian Ferrari

    GOOD Shit Mann! ;-P

  46. dynamic


  47. nate solomon

    Ssutt Ssutt Man! Week 20, get it crook!

  48. Kxngcrooked 2pac em


  49. Danny Myers


    Kurt Schrute

    U gonna kill Diz?!!!

  50. Darius McBride

    This king is unstoppable

  51. Jaden Peltier


  52. Ailyis

    Again to say he’s the 🐐

  53. AlumureS NairB

    The KXNG 🔞💯

  54. KxiZxku Shirxhige

    So refreshing to see a new Kxng Crooked joint after a week of bullshit. Crook do your thing man you're killing it.

  55. Brian Mitchell

    I speechless...20 wks of mayhem,,..never a let down,, making every beat sound like i never heard it before.. by far snatching top five spots every week.......again speechless so imma just play again i smell smoke???.. speechless nah ya thang kxng crooked..

  56. Kevin Adams

    I'm so glad you're Black 🤴🏿🙏🏿

    Golden Arms

    Weird comment. Glad u like the beast that is Crooked tho

  57. Erik Alaniz

    A Ghetto Love is the law that we live by and day by day I wonder why my shorty had to die I reminisce over my ghetto princess everybody give it up for my shorty


    The Lost Boyz beat from the song Renee. Boyz were 🔥🔥🔥🔥. Rap/hip hop was so good back then. Nothing today can even touch that greatness. That we accept what is good enough like today's rap. Compared to what it could be like rap in the 90's which was great.

  58. Matthew Blackbear 318


  59. letshearyourverse

    I'd say again how Crook is on another level entirely, but if you're here, you probably already know... 🛸🔥

    Dennis Mroczkowski

    crook is a beast id love to see him and locksmith collab.

    Dillon Jacques

    fr 😂😂😂

  60. Noel Johnson

    Talking bout tekashi in that one bar

  61. Donni Baby

    My brother Diz made this! 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  62. Snipe Show21


  63. jay Louis

    Yo you need to touch that Kurupt TRYOLGY beat, you mass murderer you keep killing.🔥🔥🔥🔥

  64. Psychotix COBStreeteam

    The weeklys!!

  65. Julius lucci

    🔥🌨🔥🌨He just go so hard on every beat like he said b4 Go Hard or Go Home

  66. LevelzInThe Streakz

    Never Disappoints The Culture💯💯💯💪🏾💪🏾💪🏾🔥🔥🔥

  67. Jeremy Coleman

    Mr.Cheeks, Spigg Nice, Pretty Lou and Freaky Tah would be proud how the "Renee" sample was used.

    Paco Ortiz

    Every day I still wonder why his shorty had to die.

  68. WestCoastGoodz

    I finally got a shout out!!!! Sam with

    Joey Dynasty

    Haha i was gonna comment about it! Congrats homie! SUT SUT

    duce Kong


  69. Alex

    how does this man manage to make bangers every week, bangers every time, flawless.

  70. duce Kong

    I would like to take some credit for this because when crooked i put out the question as to which beats haesere do I definitely put up lost boys rene definitely
    Baltimore love bro 🦍♠️🎯🙏🏿

    Jamaal Horton

    duce Kong Word??

    duce Kong

    @Jamaal Horton Yes my brother he request is people to give him suggestions on difference freestyle songs he sees and I definitely put that up there cause I was thinking his style will go great over there beats

    Jamaal Horton

    duce Kong that’s dope!! To know he reads and gives his fans what they want! I promise I used to say Crooked “barred up” then he made a song called” barred up” I was like nah he didn’t get that from me!

    duce Kong

    @Jamaal Horton 🤣🤣👍🏿👍🏿💯 much respect my bro
    We definitely spoke dat ish into existence bro
    He actually say on this he read comments lls

    duce Kong

    @Jamaal Horton jus noticed i like a comment of yours on crooked half way crooked weekly lls 💯💯💯💯

  71. Techn9cian__

    True Legend

  72. 40 KEVINS

    🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥He couldn't wait to drop just like we couldn't wait to hear it

  73. Juggernaut Loco

    Drop'd EARLY on em!!

  74. Jamaal Horton

    20 weeks 5 months of bars!!! read this slowly 20 weeks is 5 months of bars!!!

    Josh Johnson

    Why do we have to read slow?

    Jamaal Horton

    Josh Johnson so it can sink in!! For 20 weeks or 5 months Crooked hasn’t made a whack song, has repeated the same bar. For 20 weeks constant blue flame bars! Unheard of!!

  75. blvckrose

    Beat & Bars 🔥👑🔥

  76. BlueRoomProductionz

    Flow smooth as butta!

  77. JuneyTooLooney 216

    U could've used the beatbox shit from the end on the entire beat. Like "waiting to get dissed" the shit would be crazy, bcuz it's mostly just u and the chant. They conjure up more energy, but yeah man keep going in every week and ima fuck with it.

  78. L Ll

    Mans a genius

  79. Vice Versa

    King crooked back with that street 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥💯spit straight ⛽️⛽️🔥bars

  80. MrSoowoo17

    WhAt's the beat I know it but can't pin it

    Chris Mitchell

    Lost boyz renee


    @Chris Mitchell that's right!! Yhx

  81. Ed Santos


  82. 21 Streetifucation


  83. dre98002

    Top 5 SSUUTT2X

  84. Street Sweepa

    Lava!! 🔥🔥🔥

  85. JuneyTooLooney 216

    "the weeklys"