Crooked I - Familly Lyrics

(Weekly's we back, illest family in the mothafucking rap game hands down)

Fam Biz in this mothafucka
Fam Biz in this mothafucka
Y'all know what it is in this mothafucka

Life I'm not livin my best one yet
Ice box live in my effin chest
I'm cold hearted like pac
Bishop the resurrection
I'm not risin inspect the deck
Nigga protect your neck
Or 5 shots send you to heavens steps
My god nigga catch a breath
I'm a mutant Cyclops mixed with Professor X
We both X-men but you transitioning to live as the fairer sex
Fuck nigga it's like our hands are tethered
Y'all scared of us nigga
It's not a diss
Crooked dropped weekly songs way before the rapper Russ Nigga
Debo tell em whats up nigga

We in the belly of the beast
Yeah the beast pregnant
I'm coming out the cut like a C-section
In the land full of Crips that's the C section
In the city by the sea that's the... You get it
Livin life in the trenches
To hit a lick is vital nigga this survival of the fittest better get a rifle
Imma start pushing white like the Christian Bible
And your religions that's stricken with Vitiligo like my Nigga Michael
We the New Slaughterhouse with no Drama
We kick Benedict Arnolds out
Kick Em out the car and yell this is [?] while the car in route
Now we literally had a falling out

Yo you might see me as a quiet nigga
But Dice is also a shooter they call me Kawhi Leonard
A silent killer I snipe niggas my choppa heat any Pussy it ain't got no type nigga
Just wait till the album drop
This shits harder than marble countertops
We finna flood the streets and drown the block
You can't count us out we don't know how to stop nigga
You mothafuckas ain't driven like us
You trippin if you think the haters gettin to us
I could look in the mirror while I'm dicking a slut and still couldn't see myself giving a fuck

I don't ever trip on what a whore says
A chick knows I don't take lip unless it's for head
Uh, you wanna get buck?
You wanna get buck?
I wanna get bucks
Not gonna give up
Couple stars in the group you can call us big dippers
Some of you are near sighted you don't see the big picture
Time to chew you niggas call it crunch time
You front in your lines call it front line
A chick told me you and I are one
I inserted the D now you and I are done
Imma be the first to win a human race on this earth
Mane I'm supposed to be in first place in the first place

[KXNG Crooked:]
I pull up on your block and I bleed it
Blueface (let the hammer blast)
Put a bag on you any way you breath it (anywhere... suitcase... that's a travel bag)
Baby girl like to swallow should have seen it (toothpaste... what you smiling at)
Her ass like a peach that's a new meaning (for what?) Fruitcake (that's an apple ass)
Niggas ain't intelligent smart is the new swag, every lyric made of medicine I'm in a new bag
I'm balling like David Letterman in my favourite Letterman
I'm wavy as a Navy veteran rocking a Durag I hop in a blue Jag
My pistol is itchin to shoot a dude into a different dimension like toodaloo
Like solving a Rubiks cube using telekinesis I ain't gotta touch a square to twist him in different positions
Now who are you?
Cause me I'm loco and unstable
Still get calls from Execs who run labels
I know the squad is soon to be popping
Cause opportunity knocking like sugar free on them lunch tables
Like sugar free on them lunch tables
Like sugar free on them lunch tables

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Crooked I Familly Comments
  1. Music Fan

    this shit is toooooooo 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  2. Brad Schuster

    Dam this shit is dope

  3. Alicya & Nicholas Diaz

    Krook is a problem!

  4. kwazi rich Mvuyana

    KXNG CROOKED I🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
    Easily outrapping his brothers again. Man is a Beast! 🦍
    That's why he is my no.1 rapper along with Royce in my Top 5 for Lyricsm! ✊🏾🔥

  5. ivan moreno

    Ill bars..

  6. Wolfgang ATK

    Your religion got vitiligo lmaoooo

  7. Brandon Zukowski


  8. 40 KEVINS

    Should do a video for this wit Suga free in it

  9. Josh Cook

    Oh shit this is oldschool debo

  10. Josh Cook

    Ive missed you Julius

  11. KJ from OC Podcast

    Knew it was a Sugar Free beat

  12. Z N

    Duuude this shitss 🔥🔥🔥

  13. Jarrod Shisler

    This is crazy!!

  14. Jarrod Shisler

    They call me Kawhi Leonard

  15. capricornking560

    My.Good.Jesus... yall ain’t human fam, wow 😲... 🔥🎙🔥

  16. larry Miller

    Damn crooked please go get sugar free for a cut

  17. OG Classic Jones

    "I can Look in the mirror, while Im dicking a Slut, and stil couldn't see myself giving a FucK"--- Dice Dinero

    Steve Henderson

    🔥🔥🔥 bar 💯

  18. kali florida

    Thats suga free beat

  19. Jon Schell

    Fuck this was nice! Thank you!

  20. Kxngcrooked 2pac em

    Fuckin tune fam biz album gona be so dope

  21. bigboysaul


  22. TIKI Tube

    The demolished this track! 🔥🥵🔥

  23. WLMPRO

    never in my life would i have expected them to rap on this beat, limitless creativity

  24. William Kepa

    Or is kxng crooked still signed with shady records???

  25. William Kepa

    Is interscope records gonna sign kxng crooked??? Anyone know or is he going independently???

  26. Genesis Gunn

    Fucking awesome.

  27. Vice Versa


  28. daniel nellis

    I'm actually kinda pissed with this one lol but it tells me I'm on the right track crook just beat me to this beat

  29. Likwid E

    Benedict Budden.

  30. Emmanuel Montperous

    Yo this beat and flow is sick

  31. Billy X

    Hit LIKE before I even heard this massacre!!! My goodness?!

  32. Will Pulera

    The new SlaughterHouse with no drama we kicked Beneddict Arnold out! 😭 That bar is so deep! Benedict Arnold is known as the biggest traitor in american history and turned against George Washington's army because he wasn't given the position that he thought he deserved! I hope Budden hears this and this gets a lot of views because its dope as fuck and deserves some buzz on YouTube for sure!

    Langelihle Jafta

    I literally paused the track when he said that. Shit is wild. Straight shots.

  33. monteself1968

    Pure Dopeness. (Put before they even said) Sound likes Suga Free on the table. Much love family.


    Off that Sugar Free beat and freestyle.. real shit

  35. Tyrade

    People have been sleeping on Horseshoe for way too long...

  36. Nathan Westra

    This is the dopest sickest shit I've heard in quite some time, everything about This in point
    ShoeGang with the banger!!

  37. Travis Hicks


  38. Ndabal Raph

    "pushing white like the Bible" Amen!!

  39. Mr Sanders

    To the people who said dislike... jump off a bridge & catch ya eyelid on a fuccin rusty nail... this chit is 🔥🔥🔥😤

  40. 40 KEVINS

    Suga is so proud now

  41. Double OG ent

    Fam biz is the dopest .

  42. BlueRoomProductionz

    Slaughterhouse w the drama !

  43. Maria Mañge

    The word play insane

    little wolf

    Perfect beat too haha

    Maria Mañge

    little wolf

  44. Jamaal Horton

    Every single one them got super super punches!!!!! But once again Crook had the best verse!! “ like solving a rubic cube with telekinesis, I don’t have to touch a square to twist them in pieces “ that got damn Crooked!!!!!

  45. Real Nation Business GBAll


  46. JuneyTooLooney 216

    Nice beat, crazy fucking flows and wordplay like I knew. Family business HARDEST MOVEMENT OUT!

  47. Asa Jake

    Julius had the schemes, Debo had the wordplay, Dice had the punchlines, Kenny had the wordplay as well but with a FIRE delivery, and Crook is just a monster on every level. Cannot wait for the album.

    Comrade Reptiloid

    Always see you under these vids. Goog job keep commenting hope your fans will catch up.

    B R O K U 怒りの達人

    Kenny is my least fav. But he's still the bro!

    Asa Jake

    Comrade Reptiloid fucking love Shoe Gang. If I could put every single one of my fans on, I would.

    Andrew T

    Demetrius needs to do more solo verses. Kenny’s voice just ruins it.

  48. Art Walton

    Wen KXNG goin get respek he deserves def top 5 n should def b in ur lame ass top 10 keep spittin the 💯🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥w ur fam, u all killin it

    Ænigmakil X

    Top 5 of all time.... or top 5 of recent times?


    Crook is lyrically top 3 of any rapper rn yet no one knows

    kwazi rich Mvuyana


  49. Yahya Makashima

    I can look in the mirror while I'm dicking a slut and still i couldn't see myself giving a fuck 🔥


    Yahya Makashima that’s a big bitch

  50. MrTraveller

    Group posse cut/ new Slaughterhouse Family sounds great!!

    Btw- yes I miss Slaughterhouse but there gone, Joes a dick & Family Bvssiness is the next best thing & their really going for it on these tracks. I support it as the next Slaughterhouse. Let’s get Royce da 5’9 in some of these tracks & make history

  51. joel denis

    Daaaaaaam this beat homie , only for the king !!!! 👑



  53. Carlos Solis


  54. Carlos Solis


  55. Carlos Solis


  56. Patrick Clarke

    Shots at budden

  57. Alex


  58. Dexter Bottoms

    💀 💀 💀 💀 💀 💀 💀

  59. TTM Reacts

    “It’s like our hands are tethered, they are scared of us” 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

    Asa Jake

    TTM Reacts I don’t get it lmfao. I know it’s a bar but I’m just... not catching on.

    TTM Reacts

    Comrade Reptiloid plan on doing some very soon, any suggestions

    TTM Reacts

    Asa Jake Jordan peeled made the movie “us” which in reality was a parallel universe and in that part Parallel universe , everybody was “one” , their hands were “tethered” as one entity. And their logo was the entire “world” holding hands, as one, “tethered”. Hope that makes some sense to you, it’s the best I can explain it .lol

    Kas Sorrells

    TTM Reacts 💯💯💯💯

    Comrade Reptiloid

    ​@TTM Reacts Since your channel has more fans now, you need to react to something more catchy, so people who don't get bars will like them. I suggest *Azazel from MM7* --- famous Rap God beat and super flows with theme attached to it. Another options are *Our Own Lane* _(from Dope Lyrics Matter, which is perfect introductory track),_ *Spit That Shit, HAM and Keep Going* _(following in the same vein as Azazel)._ *Gossip and Lyrical Murder* are great features with superb flows. I will bet on Azazel considering everything above, but its your choice after all.

    EDIT: I remembered one of their perfect flow songs --- Ride with Me freestyle, but it for ladies kind of. I recommend checking it out for yourself if you didn't heard it yet.

  60. OG Classic Jones

    I keep playing this mfcr!!! And just hearing more bars!!!

  61. Tyler Kaylor

    Great flows

  62. biggdell


  63. W1LDD ONE

    KICK ASS!!!

  64. Noel Johnson

    Love Horseshoe Gang. Crooked is my fav. Vultron formed

  65. 47 Ego Death

    This shit is fuckin wild.. peace negus!!

  66. OG Classic Jones

    GOTDAYUM!!! My Brother DIZZ made this! Holy Fuccn Ish!!! Glad to hear Kenny show these muthafuccas whats Good! Suga Free on the Lunch tables Beat??? Dizz is fuccn killin the production # DETROITCITYSHIT All Hail The KXNG! Every fuccn lyric is ELITE LEVEL.. AINT NO FUCCN ARGUMENT!!! DICE murdered this muthafucca!! #SSUUTT2X #FOREVERCOB #COB #THEWEEKLYS

    Oh Juice

    Suga Free "I Wanna Go Home (County Jail Song)"

    OG Classic Jones

    Its "Do It Like Im Used To It"

  67. Jason McFly

    Fucking flames

  68. A Mart

    Guess this will do, but missing that 2019 COB cypher🤷🏼‍♂️ everything King Crooked & Horseshoe Gang spit on is 🔥tho

    47 Ego Death

    A Mart yoooo that 2019 cypher gonna be 2 legit

    47 Ego Death

    It ain’t missing it’s timing!

  69. 40 KEVINS

    This shit fire

  70. 40 KEVINS

    Big bro be cleaning up shit

  71. Official PATEGEE


  72. Street Sweepa

    This song is sicc asf! Rs, ❄💨❄💨

  73. Dewy Evans

    Like Suga Free on the lunch tables

    Levi Acord

    That's so dope they used that beat!

  74. Boxer Cali 909

    Damn hard right here G.

  75. Purified Henderson

    These boys always shooting that Fire

  76. Carlos Yanez