Crooked I - Big Dreams Lyrics

Hip Hop Weekly, Crooked I, Circle of Bosses
I gotta make sure I get all my announcements together for this one
Let's go!

[Beat comes on]

Make sure you go out and cop that Jim Gittum project called The Vision
That's my godbrother, you know what I mean?
Spiritual Hip Hop, you feel me?
Make sure (What?)
You look out for that Horseshoe G.A.N.G. mixtape coming soon
Gangsta MC, yeah!
This mixtape will allow you to see
The dynamics of the Horseshoe G.A.N.G., man
Y'all don't even know what they working with yet
Y'all don't even know
Shouts out to every, everybody fucking with me
On this series

Yo why I gotta be modest on the beats
When I'm the hottest on the beats
To be honest you should pay homage I'm a beast
Crooked is a prophet in the sheets
Nostradamus in his sleep
And I conjure the sleek comments that you seek
Dominic's ominous with the speech
Like a communist when he speaks
Put Romulus in his seat
The drama is in his teeth
Meaning he eats the beef
When the llamas is in his reach
I promise I'm in the streets
I'm prominent in the beats
Long Beach, East Side representers
Fly as angel wings, so it's like heaven sent us
Some avengers, you square pretenders bare witness
To the hitlist 'cause heavy weapons got 187 on their agendas
This is how us criminals ride
I talk reckless like I'm John McCain's spiritual guide
I talk greasy like Barak Obama's preacher
But on the lyrical side
So greasy it's like my lyrics are fried
Who's above the young sire, none's higher, dumb squire
I run wires, slugs fire, strike you out like an empire
Run till your lungs tire
I was dumping them guns prior
To you die and squeeze iron when the need becomes dire
Why are - you biting homey do not clone
I'm the only living heir to 2Pac's throne
Who the fuck else could walk around with 2 glocks on
Creative enough to write Aerosmith a new rock song (Haha!)
Who else got them skills most notable in his flow
Wrote 51 Hip Hop quotables in a row
I'm a raging bull
Rappers these days couldn't keep up with Ra when he dropped Paid In Full
Or when Nas dropped Illmatic
And Jay Reasonable Doubt
You wouldn't even have a reason to be out
Go listen to Kool G Rap, Ice Cube and them KRS Songs
If you would've dropped back then, you would've been slept on
Uh-uh, 'scuse me
You would've been stepped on
Snapping your neckbone
Crooked rock with the best known
On top of all that, I'm every gun clappers favorite
In this dirty game my name's so clean I never have to bathe it
Never drop my handcock on any affidavit
Can't no pussy walk and say I had to captain save it
Nah, none of you niggas could come off harder
Hydrogen flow, my motormouth run off water
I'm the jumpoff starter
I cut off thugs, let my gun off smarter
'Cause you can't lift prints off gloves... Hear me?
Street lessons I could teach you wussies
I named my pistol Rosie O'Donell 'cause it'll eat you pussies, yeah

Y'all know what we doing man
It's number 51!
51 Weeks
Of me killing beats, 'namean?
Hip Hop Weekly
East Side, LBC
Shout out to my dude Big C-Style
We coming
Long beach is back
'Cause I brought it back
Haha, yeah dude
Look out for my new mixtape coming soon
The Block Obama
Yeah, you heard me
The Block Obama
We goin' on a campaign
I'm about to be the commander in chief of the West Coast, holla
And I'm campaigning against Hillary Pimpin'
Aaah, C.O.B. till it's over, nigga
Hip Hop Weekly, I love y'all, peace

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