Crooked I - Baggy Jeans Era Lyrics

Fresh off the cover of the magazines, yeah
I bought my first Benz rockin' a pair of baggy jeans
A Ruger in my waist, a couple of flashy rings
Tryna escape the hard knock life by any means
It hits different when your gift's different
Haters all over me like Mitch Richmond, when he used to stick Pippen
But the extended clip stick so big, I used it as a cane, big pimpin, niggas shootin', like Ben Simmons
Décombres, go wilder than Deontay
'Cause rappers be acting funny as 90 Day Fiancé
Everybody is food, for real, peace to Conway
When I look at a playlist, I'm just tryna see my entree
This rap shit is genuinely a menu to me
Walk in the venue with me and then you will see I continuously send 'em to sleep
Been in the streets, hit you with three from the tip of the key, I don't give a fuck if you a G
Anybody could get it, nigga thought he was with it, put a shot in that thought, then he'd probably forget it
I'm highly committed, say hi to the clinic, the doctor or visitor, my shot a menace, esophagus, the chopper is ominous
I ain't poppin' at anybody specific, lyrical hollow-tips, I put many bodies in ditches, woah
I started off with cornrows to the back, nigga
Max Julian, more hoes than The Mack, nigga
She called me daddy in the Caddy, we was making pornos in the 'Lac, Lord know it's a fact, nigga
OG, making plays since the Nextel
Money on my mind, but I never let my head swell
Off-white Beamer, no more walking on eggshells, and the plates diplomatic, nigga, Hell Rell
My 'caine go low, like LL, my sentences gettin' better, you feel every letter, like it's braille mail
I send a nigga pack, and when I air shells
You don't think it's fair, well nigga, farewell
I'm in a Porsche with so many horses it's parallel to a carousel, keepin' secrets I will never tell (Woah)
Send you into retirement, in my city, packin' a pistol is a requirement, trip and I'll fire it
Homies post pictures from a prison yard, some are Crippin' hard, listen dawg, I'm from a different environment
Long Beach City will fool you because it's beautiful
Cops kill an unarmed kid, business as usual
It's ironic that you could die in a drive-by, and that same car get washed to raise money for your funeral
Cause that's the way they on it, nigga
Drug dealers and snitches decorate every corner, nigga
To live and die in L.A, that's California, nigga
If you don't fuck with Crook, you just a corny nigga
On God

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Crooked I Baggy Jeans Era Comments
  1. TheAngel22222

    This nigga said "I'm in a Porsche with so many horses it's parallel" Porsche is known for having boxer engines which are unique because they are parallel. That was straight 🔥

  2. Rhymes in Truth

    BOOM!!! CROOK done the Royce and Premier beat real nice!
    🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥

  3. Its Emari

    Facts in this song bro 🔥

  4. John Dean, Jr.

    He got to rhyme over the Chronic Intro before it's over...

  5. Rhymes in Truth

    It would be great with Royce and Crook on this Premier beat..

  6. BioLogicalEX1 - アニメの反応とゲーム


  7. James Hogan

    West Coast rappers keeping the game alive lyrically

  8. Official DruX

    The instrumental!!!!!!!

  9. UNDERDOG fan


  10. Kxngcrooked 2pac em

    Royce and crook 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🐐🐐

  11. Stefan Mandish

    God damn! Every week you kill these beats!!

  12. Jdwest6

    Dope as fuck

  13. Jeremy Laing

    ayeeeee my dude shouted out Conway! They need a record together.

  14. InCloseFighter

    As long as this dude keep spittin' Ima keep listenin'. Facts.

    This shit go dumb....

  15. Rey Weeden

    Straight Beast Bars

  16. Zach Tate

    It's ironic you can get killed in a drive by and the same car get washed to raise money for your funeral #CircleOfLife

  17. Wolfhart MC

    Good lord, wow.

  18. landmine lieutenant

    Always coming with straight fire

  19. Gregory Otema

    "If you don't fuck with Crook, you just a corny nigga, On God" IS FUCKIN RIGHT!!!

  20. Gabriel Cordova

    Crook is a muthaf**kin' machine. He stays dropping consistent fire, no missteps.

  21. wally dre

  22. bigboysaul



    Who the one dumbass who disliked the video lol 😅

  24. Jab S

    KONG KROOKED - X’s are O’s and E’s bro

  25. Marcus Washington

    Can we get a kings of rock run-dmc weekly please? All day crooked.

    Ahma drop through more and the ig.. spit my verse over that bird in the hand.

    Right now Crooked holds the crown on these niggas and by niggas I mean rappers.

  26. James

    Crook over Preemo 🔥

  27. Game God 4videogamez

    I'm still in this Era at least my clothes are

  28. Eric Whitfield




  30. BknyJoey

    Jesus Christ. Does this dude spit anything wack? 🔥🔥 We need at least one wack verse from you Crook. Lol

  31. Brandon Zukowski

    🔥🔥🔥 absolutely fckin 🔥🔥🔥

  32. Geald Brisoce

    You tell them stay better stay down with crook in the family I know I do

  33. Sean Scott

    Dope as hell fire!

  34. victor griffith

    I taught crooked how to flow- tk Kirkland

  35. Jeremy

    If this one is #32... where’s 31?


    Last week was 31. The editor of the album artwork messed up.

  36. Jesus Saves

    2 thumbs down??... 2 corny niggas!!

  37. Nunya


  38. Teresa Miller

    I couldnt tell you how many times i freestyled to this

  39. TYE BUD


  40. Денис Иванов

    Crooked on Royce's Boom beat is dope!!!!

  41. EZG EZG

    Fukin Best Ever

  42. Jay Ali

    Sick yo!!! #weekly's bitch!!!

  43. ESO TOWN BIZZ!!!

    No surprise here..
    This dude killed that shit as usual.

  44. Davin Mitchell

    Young kids nowadays be like “who’s Mitch Richmond” lol shaking my head

  45. N.Aimless

    🔥🔥 🔥

  46. Our Voices. Our Lives.

    KXNG CROOKED kills it every time!!!!

  47. michael murphy

    Wheres weekly #31? The last 1 was week 30..

  48. Golden Arms

    🔥 as always

  49. Spec XI

    Never disappointed by the KXNG!!! 🔥 🔥

  50. remster00

    I'm speechless !!!!!

  51. Juggalo Fred

    They fucked the beat up. Yuck

  52. matt costa

    Crooked , Daylty, and Kendrick carrying the west..... but only crooked droppping all this music because its what he does at his core he real no fake... working harder then anyone but we live in an era of the anti-intellectual were its "not cool" to care about what you do and put in effort... well fuck all those fake it till u make it wannabe legends crooked is the truth... i got a undergrad degree in mechanical engineering from Rutgers with a mom with MS and also i was dealing with a mental illness and no money music from men like crooked and eminem pushed me to work harder when it seemed like i wouldnt be able to go further... and now im accepted for grad school and hopefully i can continue to maybe one day make it to the top of my field and be GREAT never settling for good...much love for the Kxng from the east coast

  53. IziarFknCassidyRepn3028Melb

    I Don't Give A Fuck If U A G

  54. James Turner

    BooM!! Fuck I love these classics!!

  55. Czon DeLuna


  56. bob gichiri


  57. Jay Mortel


  58. ismail bhamji

    Legend!! Straight 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  59. Julius lucci

    🔥🔥💯💯💯😎😎Crooked the king of the west.So many metaphores gotta playback 100 times. Crook the « COBGoat »

  60. Street Sweepa


  61. blvckrose

    Another one....beatz and barz 🔥

  62. mgeezraiderz

    And boom goes the DYNAMITE !!!!!!!!

  63. Emilio Ruiz

    How do you have these before crooked drops em?? @ShaDoWXGFX

    B R O K U 怒りの達人

    @darkneji190 I'm In the first country in the world New Zealand. He's not from here. Could be Australian..

    B R O K U 怒りの達人

    I don't think he's legit though as Soul was taken down for copyright on his channel but not on Crooks Corner..


    @B R O K U 怒りの達人It wasnt taken down I deleted it and re uploaded once the beat was cleared for copyright.

    B R O K U 怒りの達人

    @ShaDoWxGFX ayyyye he replies.. so you gona tell us how you get em ? 😉


    @B R O K U 怒りの達人 Spotify usually drops the tracks first

  64. darkneji190

    “If you don’t fuck with crook you just a corny nigga, on god”

  65. Danny Myers



    When we gonna get some Danny Myers music Bar God??



  67. 40 KEVINS

    Royce where you at bruh ?

    Jose Lopez

    Killin back in '99

    40 KEVINS

    Im sayin it like i think royce should do another mixtape before the year up he letting King Smash shit .


    Just when I hoped he'd hop on sumn Royce rapped to he actually did, ruff ruff! Bark at yo dawg! 🔥🔥🔥

  69. upcoming heat

    west video

  70. 40 KEVINS

    Kxng a hip hop Alien


    Frfr He Definitely On Another Level💪💪💪💪💪

    40 KEVINS

    Another dimension 👽

  71. William Kepa

    🤙 that’s what I’m talking about killed it

  72. uniqua here_909


    Angel Albino

    Not many people in these comments shout out to the Royce Da 59 booooom 💪🏾

  73. Official PATEGEE

    🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 Killing shit as always ! Appreciate you Crook & Dizz 💪💪💪

  74. Rap Salute

    tick tick tick BOOM!

  75. Jamaal Horton

    He rides a track like a metro link!!! Long live the Crook!!!

  76. Yahya Makashima

    You deserve to die if Crook aint in your top 3


    Yahya Makashima thats a huge amount of people

  77. Emery505

    The kxng on that big l shit damn crooked this is strong

  78. BigggDaddy Wildcat

    Come on man legendary God flow 💯 I got blessed with the early gift it's not even Friday good looking Shadow

  79. toni mathers

    The scientist on beats and monster spitting lyrics.
    Aahhh bablo boat memories. 🤩

    OG Classic Jones

    Midnight Cruise shit....

  80. Matthew Stewart

    Ayo Crook! Dez! Loving all the homage bon fires!! See you next week!! Salute!!!

  81. GrayFebruary

    "Niggas shooting like Ben Simmons" Damn...they ain't hitting nothing lol

  82. AlumureS NairB

    Royce, ScHoollboy Q then KXNG CROOKED, Who next??

    Nell Nell

    Kxng crooked better than Royce and eminem

    Josh Newman

    E40 does metaphors so does Ghostface and raekwon

  83. Brandon Brown

    First 3 min sutt 2× cob

  84. OG Classic Jones

    DIzz killed this Royce And Premiere #BOOM Official Detroit Shit

  85. Nick Tronson

    Yo Royce.

  86. OG Classic Jones

    #SSUUTT2X Perfect timing.. just walked in the pad from work... #COB

  87. Br1gHtB1AcK

    Word 👊