Croce, Jim - The Hard Way Every Time Lyrics

Yeah, I've had my share of broken dreams
And more than a couple of falls
And in chasin' what I thought were moonbeams
I have run into a couple of walls
But in looking back at the places I've been
The changes that I've left behind
I just look at myself to find
I've learned the hard way every time

'Cause I've had my share of good intentions
And I've made my share of mistakes
And I've learned at times it's best to bend
'Cause if you don't well those are the breaks
Should have listened to all the things I was told
But I was young and too proud at the time
Now I look at myself to find
I learn the hard way ev'ry time

But in looking back at the lessons I've learned
And the mountains I wanted to climb
I just look at myself to find
I've learned the hard way ev'ry time

'Cause I've had my share of broken dreams
And more than a couple of falls
And in chasin' what I thought were moonbeams
I have run into a couple of walls
But in looking back at the faces I've been
I would sure be the first one to say
When I look at myself today
Wouldn'ta done it any other way

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Croce, Jim The Hard Way Every Time Comments
  1. bigwille11

    Great lyrics beautiful video 💝

  2. Anthony David

    aaaahhhh, these pictures, ohhhhhhhhh! So saaaaad!

  3. jon m

    jim was a great musician and has the best library of songs compared to any contemporary of his famous but not as famous as he should be.

  4. risumotus

    If God told me, that i could ask for one thing. I would ask him, much more people on this planet like Jim Croce.

  5. bigwille11

    He was a great writer 👩☕️

  6. ruff ruff

    Jim's love songs make me feel like a better man, he's other songs make me feel like a Man ready to fight . That's life . He brings out the Man inside us and the love a Man has inside himself . God bless all of us , and Jim . Rip Jim

  7. David Simpson

    I'm a musician and have been singing and playing Jim's music since 73
    Jim has helped me throughout my life.
    Everytime I would play his music it made people happy.
    Jim Croce taught me a lot. And he still teaching me. God bless Jim Croce there will never be another guy on earth like him.
    Peace to all!

  8. Roanoke VA

    This song speaks to me. God bless Jim & Maury

  9. John Rayne

    They are polar opposites but my two favorite artists are Michael Jackson and Jim Croce. And Croce absolutely takes the cake when it comes to conveying relatable and universally felt emotions.

  10. Matthew Pullen

    Jim I been listening since 1988.

    Today it's 2019

    I'm 36, you passed at 30.
    Thanks for showing me to appreciate the days and years of life.

    You didn't die IN a plane, cuz your music is TIMELESS

    I myself --
    "I wouldn't of done it any other way"

    Much Appreciated Feller .
    All love.

    "My way or the highway" my grandpa.

    Would also tell me "Matthew take the hard way, one day you'll thank me"

  11. Maurico Cinti

    R.I.P. Jim. Con la tua musica sei immortale.

  12. Pedro Pinto de Oliveira

    Forever Jim!

  13. Pagano

    Best Italian musician to ever do it RIP Jimmy

  14. Steve Sulak

    I'm sure every show in heaven is a sellout. 45 years have come and gone and you're still one of the best. And this song is your finest.

  15. jack

    JC music are inspired from life’s experiences and wisdom.

  16. Thomas Higgins

    Love him

  17. Cindy Cain

    I cry every time I hear him...Such a gentle soul and such a loss. I was sitting in class in high school when I heard about it...So sad.

  18. Todd Dochstader

    This man only lived to be 30 in the 70's and wrote songs that now in the 2000's still ring true.he had so much wisdom and truth in his words that even todays youngest can relate and understand.I'm in my 40's and haven't the wisdom he did at 30. I am so grateful we still have his music to remember such a great influence! Thanks Jim!!!!!

  19. Jeffrey Salter

    A great songwriter and performer the likes of which don't come along very often. He got to the
    meaning of things very directly
    and had a sense of humor as well.

  20. phil holloway

    The best EVER!!!! JIM RULES!!!

  21. J Mo

    AMEN ! Jim

  22. JW dyer

    Wish I learned this on sum time ago

  23. stanley davis

    dude did more livin in 27  years than I have in 70  that includes Vietnam !!

  24. พรเทพ เจริญกุลศักดิ์

    ขอบคุณjim croceที่มีเพลงเพราะๆให้ฟัง

  25. Mr. Ed

    Today is the 45th anniversary of Jim’s death. 😢

  26. nick audrey

    How can people dislike this song!!???

  27. MEGA NZ

    thanks for this.. excellent tune. RIP jim what a great artist they don't make them like this anymore. music is not the same. love the video btw great work.

  28. Marion J

    Learned (?) ANY dang thing ?

  29. Kurt Levins

    Jim didn't know it but in this song he wrote the story of my life

  30. Derek B

    Highly underrated artist.

  31. Jim and Karen Hurren

    None Better Nuff Said

  32. Mr. Broski

    Jim and Maury were wonderful musicians, It's a shame they were taken so soon

  33. John O'Neill

    Blessed to have what Jim left behind. Saddened by how much more he had to give. RIP

  34. Johnny J

    My theme song...

  35. Michael Sizemore

    Best Jim Croce song.

  36. Brian Effland

    sure did feel his music so onQ

  37. Brian Effland

    sure did feel his music so onQ

  38. David Irwin

    Such a tragic loss of a great talent..............

  39. Rhonda Hatch

    One to many hard times! Goodbye

  40. M J Jones

    World lost a great singer-songwriter when he passed. I passed my love of his music down to the next generation.

  41. Cheryl Schmacher

    This is my life for sure, but it happens............ LOL  I wouldn't of done it any other way........................

  42. Tedderman johns

    Absolutely the preeminent lyricist of his day. I tear up when I recall hearing he'd died. I still remember pulling over to be sure I heard the radio host correctly.

  43. baler johnson

    Jim has been with me all of my life .

  44. Antonello Mortato

    How I love this song......

  45. M J Jones

    There will never be another one like Jim Croce.


    I do miss him. Still!

  46. TheConfusedhero

    Instant shivers all over whenever I hear Jim's songs. Only few artists can make me feel so many feelings all at once.

  47. Tedderman johns

    The saddest thing is he never knew great success in life. His greatness and his hits happened after he died.

  48. ron p

    Dam I still love this song!

  49. Denise Brown

    RIP Jim. You were and are a genius

  50. Moment in Time Ministries

    One of the best of all time

  51. Mohamed bakri

    so beutifull.he was so talanted. ..

  52. Greg Zulak

    What makes this song so sad and poignant is I believe Jim wrote this only two months before his tragic death. To Jim was the best.

    Steve Sulak

    He had a way of touching your soul. I wasn't even a year old when he passed. Still one of the best.

  53. 85points85

    As the saying goes, too old too soon, too smart too late... I guess that is just part of being human. RIP Jim..........

  54. 11trains

    What!? Did he die at age 30?! What the hang happened?


    He died in a plane crash.

    Karen H

    Yes, plane crash on the way to do a concert that he had to cancel previously. He was a man of honor, and he was keeping a promise to do the concert (I believe it was for $75.) See the biography here on YouTube where his wife tells the story.

  55. Mike Greive

    Beautifully done, thank you

  56. Tracy Thaxton

    yeah I was just rereading have a nice day too!

  57. pghtc56 USA

    . . .I was 17 when he went away.....

  58. The 13th Hussar

    is anybody else here from mick Foley's autobiography? I really want to know.

    Darticus the Great

    Nope, I just love Croce so much that I wanted to look into more of his music :D

  59. Ricky May

    Classic song and a wonderful singer. RIP Jim

  60. Patients For Safety


  61. Promises

    Love you Josie and its incurable.Wyatt.

  62. Ron Studley

    Yup that about sums it up,my life in a song .thanks jim

  63. Alma Guillot

    His songs are life to me.

  64. Jason Rubin

    My favorite song of his, a beautiful summation of his life and career.

    steve carroll

    Jim Croce served a tour in the army viet-nam 67 and 68 died in plane crash 1973.

  65. Greg Zulak

    It so sad and poignant that Jim wrote this biographical song only a couple months before his tragic and untimely death. Wouldn't have done it any other way.


    it's almost like...part of him knew his time was coming...

  66. Mark Lesser

    Timeless and heart wrenching

  67. The Darci 13

    Jim Croce.......timeless and everlasting......there will never be another like him.......

  68. Larry Kreh

    This guy has an uncanny way of explaining life's trials and tribulations. You got to love him.

    Cheryl Schmacher

    Top Hat !!

    daulat singh rathore

    Larry Kreh I also live jim


    So, i do love him lots. He saw life as it is.

  69. Jamie Warrior Warlord McCallum

    great song from jim croce and he was a great guitar player too. and i have learned the hard way with most things in my life everytime.


    cold truth.. traveled this path far longer than I care to remember.

  70. 1980classicrocker

    This song will be the first and last song played at my funeral. What a perfect song about life!!!! Fits mine perfectly. No one could write a song like Jim could. So sad we lost him so soon!

    Cheryl Schmacher

    1980classicrocker, pretty much describes my life, especially after losing my husband of 26 years last year to a massive heart attack. I've made some whopper mistakes....... Still trying to discover who I am without my beloved.


    Cheryl Schmacher you are a beautiful person inside and out. He wouldn't want you to ever doubt it. After my daughter died and she left. I thought i was gone. It opened another door to what i am now and i thank my daughter every day for who i am.

  71. winkledorf17

    Jim looks like Super Mario


    but Super Mario and Luigi couldn't make such a beautyfull music ever!

    Jonathan Mena

    More like Borat

  72. sonia stewart

    Even back when I was a college freshman, I realized that this would be the theme song for my life.  Thanks Jim and Maury!

  73. Antonio Balbuena Martinez

    Una verdadera lastima su temprana desaparición!!!!

  74. Gene Corrado

    God bless you Ingrid.

  75. Brian Ward

    Thank you so much.

  76. Milton Passon

    I get goose bumps every time I hear this song. One of his last songs before he was taken from us. In my opinion, the best singer/guitar duo ever. God must have wanted Jim & Maury for the angels in heaven.

    Nathan Kluttz

    Milton Passon Yeah they were pretty good. Not just anybody can guitar play their stuff. It's pretty tricky.

  77. Jason Blake

    This is Jim's finest song, in my opinion. Thank you for uploading

  78. Bill Huffman

    Learned it all the hard way.

  79. John Wander

    good one

  80. Man O'Neal

    Stoic doesn't mean void of emotion, it means having great emotion and not showing it, yet still feeling it deeply. Maybe it wasn't the best word choice, but I find that stoic thoughts and feelings are often the most profound.

  81. markadamsla

    They're actually very melancholy--there's emotion involved--stoic means void of emotion-and that's definitely not the case...

  82. Jennifer Nelson

    wish I could ask everyone I know to listen and HEAR this song....

  83. Rocco Di

    If one were to truly reflect on their own life, I believe one would find this song would cause one to pause and reflect on what is really being said. I was a much younger man when Croce was alive and 40 years after is passing, I continue to find meaning as it relates to my life. As the man sang "I have run into a couple of walls", I continue to find those walls. But then as the man sang "Wouldn'ta done any other way". I for one would not change what I have done in my life. Thanks Jim Croce.

  84. Man O'Neal

    I think that they're stoic in that they are often conceived in moments of quiet thought and observation.

  85. markadamsla

    Do you know the definition of stoic--how do you say that this songs lyrics are stoic?

  86. SlimJim

    Story of my life. LOVE Jim Croce, thank you for posting and it is a great video with pictures of Jim and his wife Ingrid. Thank you very much.

  87. William Hurren

    This man was remarkable...Don't you know he has a lot of fans in Heaven

  88. Man O'Neal

    I truly adore reflective and stoic lyrics like this. But they've got to be delivered with soul. And Jim seemed to have enough of that.