Criss, Darren - Stutter Lyrics

Remember that time?
When you wouldn't talk to me?
You wouldn't talk to me
All night

Remember that song?
And all the words we'd sing?
Well here's a song I sing
All right

Remember that way?
How you'd never lie to me
'Cause you'd never lie to me
No way

You could be faking it
God, don't be like that
I don't like the way you act
'Round me

So baby come on, come on...

Oh, don't you tell me no
There you go again
You're ten out of ten
Sorry, did I just s-stutter?

Won't tell you what you know
There you go again
You were never my friend
You were never my-
You were never my lover! No.

Remember that night?
When I saw you standing there?
Dark eyes and dark hair
It's just you

Remember the way?
How you were way out of line?
And I was way out of time
For you

And I got your number
Right next to your name
But it ain't no thing, no
No it ain't enough

And I've got your word I know
But it's all I'll get
Trying to forget
Your kind of love

So baby come on, come on...

Oh, don't you tell me no
'Cause there you go again
You're ten out of ten
Sorry, did I just s-stutter?

Won't tell you what you know
But there you go again
'Cause you were never my friend
You were never my-
You were never my lover!

I know you could be better
Don't have to waste my time
It's not like I need you more than
I need me and mine

But I know that you want it
Trying to get you on it
Baby we could fuck the rights
Turn around and wrong it

Spare me your convictions
The promises you keep
I've got a better proposition
And the friction that you need

Don't you tell me that
You don't want to
Don't you tell me that
You don't want to

Oh, don't you tell me no
'Cause there you go again
You're ten out of ten
I'm sorry d-did I just s-stutter?

Won't tell you what you know
But this is the end
You were never my friend
You were never my-
You were never my lover!

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Criss, Darren Stutter Comments
  1. Malfoy rolling on the floor dramatically

    32 dislikes? ThATs AbSUrd

  2. Genesis Adelia Collado

    Finishing the decade with this

  3. FIERCE HP FANGIRL Starkid 4 life

    Darren Criss is melting my heart right now.He's so supermegafoxyawesome hot

  4. Epic Remarc

    The one thing I’d nitpick this is that there’s not really much stuttering

  5. Chloe Chloe

    The little head tilt he does when he sings "I dont like the way you act." Is so freaking *c u t e* I can't stop rewinding (unpopular opinion but I like this better than Umbridge's)


    I actually agree with u

  6. luc

    i always have to come back and remind myself of this song .... literally wish he would have recorded it and put it on spotify ;( its a classic

  7. William Gowling

    2/10: needed more backup dancing Dementors

  8. Solane

    OMG this is the best video in the world

  9. That’s not very Cash Money of you

    I honestly never knew that this was a real song! I’m amazed and shook

    TheAnimeIdiot 9846

    i f'in love your name

  10. frid

    hes so angry

  11. TyLeR jOsEpH

    I'd like to get hold of those 30 dislikers and punch them in the face

    Hannah Spurway

    Hope Catherine urgh thanks Hermione

  12. nichole stanley

    Awww i love him

  13. TabbyCat Galz

    I was ready to start singing the AVPS lyrics and then I was like “....wait”

    Cletus Jones

    He forgot them and nobody can convince me otherwise


    @Cletus Jones look at the date, this is YEARS before AVPS

    Chloe Chloe

    @ClassicalHeroes its the same year as AVPS these are both from 2010

  14. Charlotte

    what do you want for him? I'll give you anything. I'll give you my house! I'll kill my parents and I'll give you my house

    wanky waNKY

  15. Marissa Elizabeth

    I really wish he’d record this song!

  16. lucy rose


  17. Luisa Ramos

    homão da porra esse darren criss

  18. Iftin Crisis

    Fucking throwback

  19. Alberte Solveig Bækgaard Mortensen

    which version is this? it's not the one joe sings in avps?


    Alberte Solveig Bækgaard Mortensen it’s the one he wrote originally; they adapted it for avps

  20. sana hoda

    I love how he apologizes for the curse word its really cute

  21. Cheska Castro

    I miss watching Darren perform! <3

  22. Lina Banks

    Keep coming back for ovaries explosions

  23. Luisa Ramos

    aaaaa darren me faz felizzzzz

  24. Tori Mondello

    Anyone know the chords for this?

  25. Awesomepedia

    Bless the crowd for not screaming all over this beautiful performance (like at every Darren Criss concert after this haha)

  26. Geanne Park Chogiwa

    Darren is My religion

  27. abby batkhan

    That was amazing and I'm not okay

  28. Cruella Devil

    I feel like have watched this vid too religiously

  29. lunicorn

    this video is so important.

  30. ebproductions

    I think Darren should gift me a studio recording of this song for Christmas. Anyone else? :)

    Blackfire Dragon

    ebproductions why you? Why not all of us?

  31. Mike And Amy Bendel

    He pulled another darren doesn't know on us. Lyrics, darren doesn't know them. He can make it work though, not hating on darren, but it's hilarious how he always forgets his own lyrics, but still is amazing

    Captain Neon Gryffindor

    Mike And Amy Bendel these lyrics are different to the ones in avps


    This was years before AVPS, I think he wrote it for himself and just repurposed it tbh

  32. Alicat2911

    Wow shit throwback

  33. kt !

    This is supermegafoxyawesomehot

  34. Rhianna Irwin

    love this!

  35. green ghoul guy

    dammit he didnt do the super sassy dance or click!

  36. Sammeh Wincheester

    Mmm very good

  37. Emma KId

    AMAZING!!!!! but I still loved the umbridge versio.

    Ashley Meijer

    I love when she dances with the dementors. :)

    Emma KId

    that part is soo funny!!! walker was perfect umbridge:D

  38. itsalberthe


  39. Karisma Keeton

    he feels the music so much i love it

  40. Rubavani Thevarajah

    This song is awesome! :P

  41. Orna C

    ah shit i forgot about this fuckin video

  42. Chioma Beyioku

    I will always love this song, the best part is that I have a music video for it in my head

  43. Aurelia Karol Downey

    Hi! Thank you for this useful video. By the way, I hear a lot of people keep on talking about Stutterolax Secrets (do a google search), but I'm not sure if it is good. Have you considered system called Stutterolax Secrets? I have heard several awesome things about it and my friend completely eliminated his stuttering problem naturally with this system.

  44. Ane Tjerrild

    Wow, people who haven't watched avps must be SO confused!

  45. Chris Fernandes

    i miss the hair

  46. Nikki Van'tLand

    he's sooo good!!!

  47. dodosan8

    He is SO attractive *.* Love his hair <3

  48. Holley Bender

    He wrote this before AVPS. They just needed a last minute song so they changed it around a bit for Umbridge to sing. Hint why it is different from the AVPS version.

    TheAnimeIdiot 9846

    shh he forgot the lyrics again *wink*

    Inge Haberland

    A little bit like Harry (the song😂) before it was called Sami because of Little White Lie 😂


    yeah! i found out a couples months ago. wasn't familiar with darren's AVPS songs

  50. Morgan Hackett

    And very sexy pissed ;-)

  51. Morgan Hackett

    He didn't write it. Search for AVPS - Stutter.


    Apparently 5 years ago you didn't know Darren wrote songs for all the Very Potter Musicals. . .

  52. llamalacey

    He wrote this one first, they adapted it to put it in AVPS. :)

  53. Ezra Pearson

    This is from A Very Potter Sequel, it wasn't written about anything personal! :)

  54. Pigwidgeon Weasley


  55. they call me LT


  56. Rosie Price

    Fav version of this song

  57. Alexander Adams

    I honestly thought they took the song from Beyoncé or something. It s great song.

  58. angelofashes

    That's the impression I have too; when I heard it in the musical I really liked it but it stood out to me as something that could be its own song beyond the context of the show.

  59. Geneva Boliek-Poling

    He wrote it about Dumbledore... ;)

  60. Anav Gagneja

    its a song from a very potter sequel

  61. JOGNIE

    Which Darren wrote for team starkid, but joe walker sung it as umbridge.

  62. JOGNIE

    I love this song, I love. Darren playing it, but nothing beats joe walkers version!

  63. Rebecca Willington

    How could anyone film this? I would have just fainted!!!! Ahhhh! HE IS TOO HOT!

  64. Sammy Scatman

    He wrote it for "the very potter musical" that he wrote for umbridge :)

  65. thegirlwholived7

    Darren, I would pay you so much for a studio recorded version of this song.

  66. lene m.

    No, he wrote the song for himself, then used it in AVPM. And for the person recieving that feedback comment it may have sounded like yelling. So I just gave them a tip about maybe not using capslock in the future :)

  67. Holly

    No, they aren't. It was written for Umbrige to sing about Dumbledore. Umbrige was played by a man, but the character was a girl. And they weren't yelling. They were being enthusiastic. Dude. :)

  68. Daya Maulana

    Hey! Thanks for this helpful video. By the way, I notice many people keep on talking about Stutterolax Secrets (do a google search), but I'm not sure if it's good. Have you tried using program called Stutterolax Secrets? I've heard some unbelivable things about it and my friend completely stop his stuttering naturally with this system.

  69. lene m.

    Dude, don't yell. Anyways, you're wrong too.

  70. Holly

    I wonder if he got Darren's text.

  71. Gemma C

    oh yeah... but after that!

  72. Grace Russia

    he wrote it about dumbledore

  73. mrbobman34

    actually he adapted it to fit the AVPS just like he did with not alone in AVPM

  74. M. Claire Stoner


  75. so fia


  76. JessicaJuice

    he adapted the original (this version) for avps because he didn't want to write another song

  77. hoku

    It's from AVPS, dear.

  78. Lauren ECHELON

    He really needs to record this in the studio and put it on ITunes. I've got ET and this would just be epic in the studio! Love you Darren! <3 <3 <3

  79. Naomi Carpenter

    that was awesome so good he's so talented :3 I need to stop watching these video's they're putting my expectations way too high :L

  80. School

    Honestly? The way he sings it, I can actually see this being a hit single on radio. I'm not even joking. It's amazing how he can change a song from making you laugh till you cry with Joe to singing it himself and his voice metaphorically making you pregnant. Bam. Just like that.

  81. Bridget L

    there is a video called Reasons to Love Darren Criss # 5 Swearing its really funny!!!! :)

  82. Klaine Hummelson

    Why the hell do they bleep out the word "Fuck" in Starkid??! THIS IS THE FUCKING SEXIEST THING I EVER FUCKING HEARD! FUCK.

  83. Klaine Hummelson

    Why do you not have Top comment yet?....

  84. Robyn Aitchison


  85. AngelicMouseGirl

    I know right? :(


    i wonder who he wrote this song about? he seems pissed! sexy pissed XD

  87. Bonnie Zinck

    I don't know if we're looking at or talking about the same Darren, because Darren Criss has one of the foulest mouths I've ever heard. It's just one of the more adorable, real things about him.

  88. Andria Ioannou


  89. OhLookABandwagon

    No arguments here.

  90. OhLookABandwagon

    Doubt it. Pretty sure I'm on about 100,000 views myself...

  91. werew3

    ps. Does anyone find when he swears, he's so hot because otherwise he rarely does. Plus hes hot as hell when i see his neck with sweat.

  92. werew3

    OMG he is perfection

  93. Medi K

    we're never getting the studio version of this, are we?

  94. HufflepuffFinding


  95. Helena D.

    Bless the person who filmed this.

  96. WateverWatever04

    At the beginning, he kinda stuttered (lol, irony).

    Darren: Remember that, uh...
    Someone in the crowd: Remember that time...
    Darren: Remember that time (cont.)

    He always forgets his own lyrics! It's adorkable! :D