Criss, Darren - Sami Lyrics

I've seen her face, I've heard her name
I've lost my place and she's to blame
And I can't stand it when I'm staring in her eyes
And she's not looking back, it's not a big surprise

I've heard music, I've heard noise
I wish that she could hear her voice
The way that I do when I go to sleep at night
And dream my life away but she's gone when I awake

Sami, Sami...
Why can't you see
What you're doing to me?

The way her hair falls in her eyes
Makes me wonder if she'll
Ever see through my disguise
And I'm under her spell

Everything is falling
And I don't know where to land
Everyone knows who she is
But she don't know who I am

Sami, Sami...
Why can't you see
What you're doing to me?

I see you singing on that stage
You look just like an angel
And all I do is pray

That maybe, someday you'll hear my song
And understand that all along
There's something more that I'm trying to say
When I say

Sami, Sami...
Why can't you see
What you're doing to me?

What you're doing to me!

Sami, Sami...
Why can't you see
What you're doing to me?

What you're doing to me...

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Criss, Darren Sami Comments
  1. EnchantedOcelot

    Fuck... I started crying when i heard this. My name is sam/sammie/samantha.
    im currently dealing with some shit with my boyfriend and i feel like im falling out of love...
    shit this hit me hard.

  2. Rafux 11

    Remember 💖 17/01/2020 💖 Miss that Darren 💖

  3. Helen Baines

    Am I the only one who noticed that Sami can be arranged to spell out Mia S? Could just be a coincidence but that would be so cute if he did it on purpose.

    Cough Syrup

    i dont like miarren to be honest crisscolfer is endgame

  4. Megan Robinson

    I have so many versions of this song on my iPod

  5. Emilia Bowden

    I only hear Harry

  6. Triforce Knowledge

    I was just listening to this not really listening to it and I heard the chorus and said “what?” And realized what it was

  7. Holly Broughton

    I know all the words to this and the harry version.. is this why I'm bi?

  8. - Mia Liang -


  9. Jannatul Shoilee

    Is it just me who’s sings “Daaaarreeeen” and not Haaaryyyyy or Saaaamiiiiiiiiii?
    Just me?

  10. Rosie

    It'll always be "Harry" for Starkid fans ;-;

  11. Penny Gi


  12. xZ DARTE

    I ♡ U DARREN

  13. *sad yeehaw*

    hey that's my name

  14. Ava Troxler


    Sorry. In starkid trash

  15. camila luna

    Let's face it... most of us didn't like Sami


    Tanya was the real hero

    Weird Human #1

    Draztikus THANK YOU

  16. hanna

    i new this sounded familiar

    Z file Not found

    hanna Yeah they didnt have time to write a new song, so they kinda recyled this song for Ginny.

  17. Shannon Ravenclaw


  18. Danielle Marx

    for me its still "harry..." #starkid #avpm

    Emma-Rae N

    omg same lmao

    Jessica Watts


    Rosie Criss

    Me too 😍

  19. Saquila Syko

    so glad that i found you❤

  20. Sami P.

    Love this song!! My friend just sent it to me and I can't believe I've never heard it, especially it being by Darren! I've never seen anyone spell it this way besides me, so the fact that it's in such an amazing song is awesome!

    YouTube User

    You should see little white lie because that's what this is from

  21. Gabriela Casella

    omg the memoriesssssss!!!! AVPM forever

  22. Samira Moussaoui

    this song is for me love u too lmao hahaha but seiously,amazinggg x

  23. Astorialands

    I love your voice, and I love you!!

  24. Kit Meowza

    Great song!

  25. Sami

    Always my fav <3 :)

  26. Weslley Amorim

    i'm Brazil, i don't spaek so much english, but i'm say I love you so much.

  27. Samira H.

    My name is Samira, and my nickname Sami :D great song! I like it!

  28. Nurah Abrahams


  29. ersaida

    I wish there was hq version of this song from avpm, but I love this too of course ♥

  30. Z K

    I really love this song and this human album. It was almost impossible to buy this album here in Korea but I've made it when I was only middle school student. I also have his signature pink sun glasses. I really do love him and his music.

  31. Keiku

    bless yall for posting these

  32. Samantha T

    I always felt special because this is my name!!

  33. Olive

    Who else still remembers the lyrics?

  34. Olive

    Throwback much

  35. Hector Barbossa

    Is that Blaine singing to Sam-y ? #blamforever

    rita neves

    who shipps that? Klaine forever


    no it's Toby singing to Sami

    Jannatul Shoilee

    imagine the Guilty Pleasure song being this one...for Sam E. (what a missed opportunity!)

  36. Kendra Rivera

    He's an angel 😭❤❤

  37. Raven Duvel

    Listening to this not only takes me back to LWL, but is like listening to three songs at once. The original, Dylan's vocals, and Jaime's 'Harry' duet in Apocalyptour <3

  38. Stephany Leal


  39. Caitlin Wickens

    Omgggg I needed this

  40. Sinem

    Am i the only one who puts her own name?😂

  41. Gisela Lopez

    are you going to upload your Disney Covers also?

  42. R. P. Neh

    I'm smiling bc of the memories. I used to sing this song 24/7 ❤

  43. Gisela Lopez

    oh my gosh! I watch LWL for this song sooo often!

  44. Domminique Berthier

    Is full of feelings 😱

  45. emmybm15

    Well the feeling of nostalgia is hitting me strongly 😅❤

  46. Marisabel Gomez


  47. Anahi Judes

    Sometimes i think your hair gives you superpowers 😂. You are not human, you are perfect 😍

    Ruby Taylor

    Well he just shaved all of his hair off

  48. Daniel Cortes

    Darren I love You So Much. THIS IS MY FAV.❤😍👌🙈❤😍

  49. Ry Ry

    Darren counts this as making us a new album finally. 😂

  50. natalia ayala

    i love you 😍

  51. Paul _chen