Criss, Darren - Ready To Go Lyrics

I'm ready to go...
I'm ready to go...
I'm ready to go...
I'm ready to go...

We're finally ready
And the time is right
For us to light a spark

Were keepin' it steady
With our eyes on the prize
To get us through the dark

I know there's so much more
To what I think I see
I feel a change, and the
Strange thing is... it's part of me!

My hormones are freakin' out
And I think I'm gonna blow!

We're locked and loaded...
Oh, so devoted...
Low and demoted...
Totes, just toted!...

We're finally ready
So ready to go!

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Criss, Darren Ready To Go Comments
  1. Klaine Hummelson

    Woah. First time I heard Darrens version. Someone stop me dying. I love Joe and Darren so much.

  2. megan johnson

    Omg this song

  3. mallenpostswhat?

    that wouldve been fantastic. i love joe but im just imagining darren as dick. with the fro. :> XD <3

  4. Sgt Strawberry

    oh god his voice was so high...

  5. NinjaBear

    Hehe... The top comments condradict. x3

  6. tharcblack

    You can't compare this song to the original, because this version is only the end of the original song. Whether or not sounds good is not the point, this was made for the credits. Both versions are amazing for different reasons :)

  7. dancer4life077

    Me too!!! Although i think the SPACE tour version is better than the original.

  8. Niaca allesak

    I dont't think it's autoroute, it just sounds different because it's Darren harmonizing with himself.

  9. egannon21

    I like the original one better, but I this one because it's softer.

  10. Sonja

    omg WHY do I only hear this now?

  11. TheMoldyPudding

    ugh. The original is so much better.

  12. lital dotan

    oo many Darrens :)

  13. PopsiMatt

    i think it just might sound auto-tuned because it's him singing over himself. like there's a few vocal tracks rather than just one.

  14. ImNotANightTroll

    He originally played Dick + he wrote some songs

  15. Livia Maryssael

    the original one is better in my opinion

  16. Kaleigh

    This seems WAY to electronic.. Darren doesn't need all this autotune.. >_>

  17. Diane Marie

    Wtf Darren what you doing in Me and my Dick?

  18. Molly Weston

    I agree with @MarrowsAreCool, I love the whole starkid cast with all of my heart, but Darren isn't my favourite... I prefer Joey Richter....

  19. allisonnnicole1995

    This is so short yet so catchy

  20. suppusan1

    Okay Darren's falsetto and everything is adorable but I like the show version better just because of all the voices combining in harmony <3

  21. jules

    I lessthanthree the way Darren says "Totes just toted!"

  22. Allison W

    @912pinkturtle Lol, am I the only one who doesn't get what he means by "Totes just toted"?

  23. Rhianna Williams

    I have had this stuck in my head all day. And @willturnerismybf I totes agree. I really think they need to use a Darren song in Glee. Like maybe "No Way" as they're getting ready for a competition or "Not Alone" when someone is faced with some issue.

    KL _144

    Rhianna Williams (I haven't watched glee yet) but maybe instead of fully performing it, they should just play it in the background to see how many starkid fans hear it and understand

  24. El Aracle : Video

    @willturnerismybf I know, right? I was thinking in this song the whole time.

  25. Jenny Hansen

    They should have sang this in "The First Time" episode of Glee.

  26. darkbinniexx

    I actually like the show version better...

  27. Rachel Brianna

    @Fr4Nkl31 I had the same reaction, and now it's my favorite starkid show :)

  28. 912pinkturtle

    "totes just toted" hahahah its so cute when he says it

  29. Francesca

    @ElphieGalindafied who's judging?? I am not.

  30. Francesca

    me and my DICK? O.O

  31. GamingAirbender

    I hate how short this is :|

  32. Afaf Moustafa

    @pinkconverseXD I know right!! One thing I've always loved about Darren is how raw his voice is. I still love this song, but his voice is too good to be autotuned :)

  33. vickanhp8

    I love Mamd :D

  34. Lene Bråten

    I lovelovelovelove Darren, but this song is kinda bad! With a different melody and a few pitches lower, maybe... Havn't seen the whole MAMD yet, maybe I'll change my mind after! :)

  35. NekoEcho13

    @MissElphieThropp Yea I really like their harmony better too.

  36. Clm D

    I've totes had this song stuck in my head for like the last week! Darren sounds so amazing in this!

  37. Claire Ando

    This is such a cute song! Love it!

  38. PopsiMatt

    I was looking for the version they played during the credits! Thanks for posting this version, Darren Criss is awesome (not saying that everyone else isn't).

  39. Kris 39821

    I think I'm one of the very few who likes the original one better. Don't get me wrong, though, I LOVE Darren. I just love hearing Tiffany's and Vanessa's and all of their harmonies :))

  40. ParamoreFueled

    This version is totes better than the original :)

  41. leslielovegood

    his voice is BEAUTIFUL

  42. Rowan Jones

    I love this <3

  43. Betsy A

    ok i like this version WAY better than the original