Criss, Darren - Pheromones Lyrics

I used to never get in trouble back in high school
Always payed attention in class
But when I switched my seat to make room for the new girl
All my attention went to that ass(/I)

I started thinking about 'ya in the middle of anatomy
Something was pumping through my veins
I was checking you out instead of books from the library
I didn't need them to explain

It's not your shoes, your clothes, or the ring in your nose
It's not your lipstick shade or your painted toes
No, just your super-cute smile or your XX chromosome
No oh oh, I'm fallin' for your pheromones
fallin' for your pheromones
No oh oh, I'm just fallin' fo your pheromones

Fast forward I'm at a university
All the studying was no good
Cause I could never focus when the teacher talked in front of me
All I could do was study her tits(/to)

To tell the truth, I don't understand any of those numbers
Just wanted digits on my phone
And I think it's funny when you tell me, "you should do your homework"
I'd love to work on you at home

It's not your shoes, your clothes, or the ring in your nose
It's not your lipstick shade or your painted toes
No, just your super-cute smile or your XX chromosome
No oh oh, I'm fallin' for your pheromones
No oh oh, I'm fallin' for your pheromones
No oh oh, I'm just fallin' for your pheromones

My education tells me it's a chemical, psychical magnet
My human nature tells me I just want you, and I don't give a sh...

When I'm interviewed at a job and I'm trying to listen
But she is looking cute as hell
So when she asks what attracts me to get in the position
I look at her and I say, uh what?

It's not your shoes, your clothes, or the ring in your nose
It's not your lipstick shade or your painted toes
No, just your super-cute smile or your XX chromosome
No oh oh, I'm fallin' for your pheromones
No oh oh, I'm just fallin' for your pheromones
No oh oh, I'm fallin' for your pheromones
No oh oh, I'm just fallin' for your pheromones
No oh oh, I'm fallin' for your pheromones

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Criss, Darren Pheromones Comments
  1. Vanessa Wijaya


  2. Dex KingOfSweets

    you know i dont care what ppl say if he says hes straight ok big deal just enjoy the dang song plz thank you

  3. Charlotte Faulkes

    This is the only time I will say this, but I can't wait to give iTunes even more of my money.

  4. Andi Maria

    I don't even care about his sexuality because this song is super cute!

  5. Rose Johnson

    When is the album supposed to be released?!?!

    Wale Zondo

    If it was on Darren, never

  6. fantasyfangirlno1

    aaah. im kinda shocked.

  7. Meleana Swanson

    When is he going to release this 😂😂

    Nathan Taylor

    I think he has an album releasing within the next year or two

    Wale Zondo

    It has been a year since that, so I´m hoping he gets it out this year

  8. anncop

    this song is very funny =)

  9. csilla szrsen

    Who cares if this song proves that he's straight or not. Who loves him, believes what he says, so that he's strait. Who doesn't love him (if there is such an idiot) shouldn't listen to his songs or care about his sexuality. By the way, I don't think a guy who plays a strong gay character on tv would hide his sexuality.


    @csilla szrsen  I do read fan fiction I even write it. But I don't write fan fiction about Chris and Darren I write about Kurt and Blaine. they are two different people. And the reason I do that is because I don't want people to get them mixed up. and the fan fiction I have wrote and read have not changed or effected my opinion on what I think Chris and Darren really mean to one another. And for the record I would like to point out that Darren has said he has been with a man before, and I didn't read that I heard him say that in an interview.
    And honestly I think both Will and Mia are being used. Because I don't think Darren wants Mia and I don't think Chris wants Will. I think there just there for the cameras because Chris and Darren needed to get the attention off of them.

    csilla szrsen

    You just said, that Darren and Chris are not Kurt and Blaine, that means, that they are real people, and they have their own personal life. So their sexuar orientation and their relationships are none of your business. Stop speculating. And yeah, you heard him say that he was with a man, well I heard him say "I'm a straight man who plays a strong gay character." Dont you think this could be true too?

    Dulcinea Monet

    @lotzofluvteddy I agree with everything you just wrote.  In fact you made me feel better about a couple of things that bothered me a bit.  Thanks!!


    @csilla szrsen  you know what normally I would say his sexual orientation is none of my business, but he is the one who put the doubt in everyone's mind not me. He is the one who talks about his sexual orientation in interviews not me. If he has a problem with people talking about what sex he prefers than he shouldn't talk about it. Or better yet maybe he should be a little bit more honest about it. Because his little slip ups in his interviews gave him away to people who pay attention to his answers and not his azz. But you know what like I say in all my comments this is all my opinions if you don't like what I have to say....oppss.

    Savannah Vrakking

    what slip ups ?

  10. Laura Heras

    Oh, you Darren little dirty and adorable boy! :D

  11. Samantha Taylor

    Can Daren please record these song? :) So I can hear him clearly over the screaming girls who I am so jealous of

  12. spookynanas


  13. Cami Perez

    "I'd love to work on you at home" HAHAHA OH DARREN

    Dex KingOfSweets

    Cami Perez he can come over anytime and work on me

  14. headwardo

    I really want someone to sing this song to me, particularly Darren himself. omg if that happened my face would become so red that you would mistake me for a over grown tomato. but still i'm so lonleyyy

  15. headwardo

    "so when she asks what attracts me to get in the position" hhahahhahahhahahhah I like can not stop laughing I feel really immature, but that's not always a bad thing ;). gosh I don't even understand myself right now

  16. headwardo

    this song it awesome, it may be dirty but its funny, and harmless

  17. Adam Griffith

    Darren criss is just amazing... When is his record coming out going to hit preorder as soon as it comes out! :)

  18. JennaisMrsK2

    Darren Criss has just created an Anthem for all those sexy science geek out there. Just you wait, this song will come out and then all of a sudden all the ladies will be begging their neighborhood nerd to take them on a date.
    Boys, bow down to your Lord and Saviour.

  19. elizabeth hamilton

    This song is VERY dirty. We're not being immature. It's about how he can't stop staring at her ass and tits and wants to have sex with her. And he can't help but be attracted to her 'cause she's sexy. So yeah don't say grow up(:

  20. marina

    This song is so fun and cute and bubbly! I love him :) I just wish everybody would stop screaming bloody murder...I want to hear him sing :(

  21. Becca Louise

    Seriously? Darren is most definitely not in denial and is completely straight, he has clearly stated this multiple times. Plus Darren's sexuality is not going to be decided by yours or anyone-else's opinion. I know he is flamboyant sometimes and I love him for it but it doesn't mean that he is gay or bi.

  22. Froy Destroy

    now i know what is gonna be the song i'll be singing in classroom this fall

  23. stephanie lukins

    daaaaayum.. this is hot

  24. jesuispluscoolquetoi

    lol I can't amswer directly, but the " I think it's funny when you tell me to do my homeworks cause I'd love to work on you at home" is definitly sexual, and therfore, dirty, but who cares hahaha love this song :D

  25. buddytheoc

    So, this song is dirty because he sings about pheromones? lol. again i'll say it. Grow up.

  26. NotThatKindOfSM

    Super-cute, Darren Criss? I do believe you mean super-mega-foxy-awesome-hot ;)

  27. xlenarose

    This is so funny xD

  28. catiecutie26

    this song.. a month after first hearing it and i still giggle and laugh.. Darren i love your new songs, please see that your new album will be a number one so your prepared this time ;) i love that your humble though <3

  29. Visitbaskinrobins

    Darren Criss and science!!

  30. Caroline Price


  31. marina criss

    this song is dirty, do you know what pheromones are?

  32. Olivia Cortese

    This song>> perfection. I can't even..

  33. JelkeJL

    sums it up perfectly :p

  34. buddytheoc

    So this song is dirty in your eyes beause he sings tits and ass ?? lol. gro up.

  35. tumblrfangirl

    This song isn't THAT amaz- whoops, my ovaries exploded.

  36. Kendra Wood

    I love this way more than I should haha :)

  37. Ane Tjerrild

    so... is this Darren's way to say "Hey world, I'm not gay."?

  38. Lily Adcock

    I would die if they ever played this song on the radio. Imma be like THAT'S MA HUSBAND SINGIN ABOUT PHEROMONES. AIN'T HE SEXY

  39. sienna

    nevermind he did

  40. sienna

    man i dont remember him singing this at anaheim i dont think he did :(

  41. Rebecca

    OMG I'M DYING!!!!!

  42. OhMyGodGiveMeAName

    OMG this is kinda kinky for Darren! I LOVE it!!!!

  43. Isabella T.

    ** Darren confirmed he has a girlfriend who he has been dating before he started working in Glee on the radio yesterday (KISS 92.5 Toronto). But why should that matter? Darren's an amazing artist, and that's all that should matter <3

  44. Isabella T.

    You guys, Darren is striae

  45. marissa pezzuolo

    I can't wait to see him! Friday!! Oh this song is amazing!

  46. Katby Cruise

    This so so catchy but... Do I like this?

  47. Michelle Carver

    Aahh Darren STAHP!

  48. Cruella Devil

    If this song doesn't become a number one hit I will do a Vincent Van Gogh (chop of my ear)

  49. Mara Woolsey

    Thank you for the lyrics!!! I saw him on the 4th, but wasn't close enough to catch all the words. Now I can memorize it. XD <3

  50. whitleigh92

    Yeah I know. It's awesome! He's amazing!

  51. Eleanor

    you do realise that he has bluntly said in some interviews that he is straight because he is proud of his sexuality? saying that you think he is gay or bi doesn't change things that have actually come out of his mouth.

  52. CrissColfersBed

    he is very cautios about his sexuality. And please,don't think in labels

  53. Kimmy G

    If only he could be my biology teacher ;)

  54. Kimmy G

    Only Darren can write a song about pheromones and be super hot...

  55. Nihal Salah

    oh my god :D i can't believe it ! i knew it he is too cool and open to be attracted to one gender

  56. pianoplayersb

    at 1:45 is it tits or to? it can only be one because he only says t----- once

  57. Negan

    Once this hits itunes, it's going to be everywhere. Thank you so much for this post!

  58. whitleigh92

    Check out my post on Tumblr. I think you will like it. I realized it and I thought it was interesting so I made a post about it. :D whit-the-gleek.tumblr(dot)com/post/52193840205/im-gonna-ramble-about-our-cute-little-cupcake-darren

  59. whitleigh92

    That is not what I'm doing at all. I don't care if he dates a tree. I will always love him no matter what. And he has not said he is dating anyone anyway. I will always support him.

  60. whitleigh92

    Also something I think is very cool and interesting is that Darren's tour colors are the colors of the pansexual pride flag.

  61. whitleigh92

    This video was a dang long time ago. Sexuality is not always black and white. There are sometimes some other colors mixed in. I personally do not think he is gay, I think he is pansexual because he has said before that sex does not matter it is the person. And I think that is a beautiful thing. Things change. I have a friend that has been gay all his life but then he met a woman and fell in love with her and now they are married and have a beautiful baby boy. Things can always change.

  62. JessNic

    around 2:50 its not "i look at her and say uh-uh"
    its "i look at her and i say huh well" then its the chorus

  63. WTFWithTheFans

    need to have a cllear one so we can hear better!

  64. Jackie H

    I don't think it's fair you guys decided his sexual orientation. Bring supportive is dating he's lying about who he loves? Hey, ship crisscolfer if you want but don't say he's gay just cuz you want him to be.

  65. whitleigh92

    Um how does this prove Darren is straight? I could sing a song about boobs and that wouldn't make me a lesbian.

  66. whitleigh92

    I'm gonna be rude and jump in here. :D I agree with you. I don't think darren is straight. Writing "straight" songs doesn't make you straight. If he wrote a song about puppies we wouldn't assume he was in love with a dog would we? Some people read into things to much. It really makes me angry. People need to just let him live his life and when and if he comes out as gay or bi we should continue to give him love and support. This song is dang sexy though. ;)

  67. Lauren Phillips

    Darren you lady slayer! ;)

  68. white rabbit


  69. Nihal Salah

    :D no i didn't mean that at all... i mean this song doesn't prove he is straight i still think he is gay or bi ;)

  70. Caitlin K

    "i was checking you out instead of books from the library" haha that's gold!

  71. Malin Fäldt

    And if you where doubting if Darren was straight before,

  72. tina30stm

    Lol this song is so dirty

  73. mclalirsoa 1456

    hahahah good point

  74. Rebecca Willington

    Gahhhhh! I actually love this lyrics! Darren I love you.

  75. Oria

    it's super catchy but like.. realy DARREN?! REALLY?! :b

  76. Keiku

    shhh. he says 'it's not your XX chromosome'. he left us wiggle room

  77. whaleliam

    All I got to say is hot damn

  78. caligurl2004

    I'm obsessed with this song, it was amazing live, I have listened to soooo many times already!!!!

  79. Katie Baker

    I went to my great grandmothers and was singing this under my breath at the dinner table, she is like "Are you trying to tell me something?" I looked up at her and was like "No?"
    She goes "Well you are singing a song about looking at a girls ass instead of paying attention in school so.."
    I about died, bless you Mamaw.

  80. Luna Bob

    Oh Darren. Only you would write a sexy pop song in which "chromosome" is rhymed with "pheromones". He's so articulate :)

  81. Luna Bob

    confused about how someone can be "not that straight". If you mean normally his songs aren't that blatantly sexy, I totally agree. But I love it! :D

  82. Canoodling Klaine

    i like it

  83. Krista Clay

    Thank you for posting lyrics! This would be a great summer hit! He needs to release it soon lol

  84. Nihal Salah

    i know that :) i just think that he is not that straight :D

  85. mclalirsoa 1456

    He wanted to do fun music...i know its really different from the human EP but its cool and i guess when he record ir on a studio it will sound much better

  86. Nihal Salah

    i love this song though i still think that these words are a little bit cheesy and not his style but it 'll make a great summer hit if he shoot that one

  87. mclalirsoa 1456

    No Darren das straight

  88. Nihal Salah

    do you know what my mind said during watching these lyrics? i quote " no no no you're not foolin' any one here yo Mr mayor of gay town" :D

  89. mclalirsoa 1456

    ass and tits omg Darren haha but suuuch a good song

  90. Katie Bug

    Oh my god this is so great thank you so much:D