Criss, Darren - I Still Think Lyrics

My life is a...
series of actors changing places,
except there's no back stage
and there's no place for me.

It's okay though,
the jokes on the television
make me laugh, remind me that it's okay
not to have a backstage door or place to hide.

Well I've got dinner on my plate,
got my paycheck yesterday.
How great, how cool.
I've got places, I've got Friends,
I've got Joey, Ross, and Chandler, then...
there's you.

And now, how, we like to say that we're in love,
doesn't it, seem like that should be enough,
but, the world will roll their eyes but I still think,
well I still think that we're in love.

Oh, shoes and jackets,
purses and tennis rackets,
make their way as they please,
in those SUVs to the country club.

I don't play much,
but I do enjoy having the ball in my court,
and what's more,
I like playing, for love.

But I've got arms and you've got legs,
together we've made some mistakes.
But hey, we're doing well!

Well I've got reason to believe,
in the power of you and me to break,
this spell.

And now, how, we like to say that we're in love,
doesn't it, seem like that should be enough,
but, the world will roll their eyes but I still think,
well I still think that we're in love.

One more question:
how is this one big lesson?
I don't think that there's a quiz,
but if there is I'll be, outside;
playing in the yard,
swinging on monkey bars,
exercising my life to this recess from this lesson
that I tried, oh

But I've got arms and you've got legs,
together we've made some mistakes.
But hey, we're doing well!

Well I've got reason, to believe,
in the power of you and me to break,
this spell.

And now, how, we like to say that we're in love,
doesn't it, seem like that should be enough,
but, the world will roll their eyes but I still think,
well I still think that we're in love.
well I still think that we're in love, love, love.
well I still think that we're in love.

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Criss, Darren I Still Think Comments
  1. Insane Taco Cat

    Darren is a angel purely gifted from god

  2. ryan smith

    this is still one of the most underrated songs of all time

  3. Blackfire Dragon

    Listening to this has reminded me that it doesn’t matter about the small things and I have a good life. It also makes me peaceful and in a good mood no matter how much someone has made me mad. Darren is a literal god and no one can change my mind.

  4. whovian james

    It's my jam. Love it from the bottom of my heart. Can't believe it's real. If it's how angel sounds, I wouldn't be surprised. Love you so much
    ❤️ ❤️ ❤️

  5. Hannah Durham

    Me: Just one song...
    Me: (2 hours later) but...Darren!

  6. ChemicalBubbles

    0:56 My god I love Darren. This is a reason why XD Friends references!

  7. MH bae

    Je ne comprend pas le rapport entre les couplets et le refrain??? (sorry I write in french cause I don't know how to say it in english)

    Irene Pemberton

    Ninie _d&c c'est n'importe quoi

  8. NerdLifeIsAGreatLife

    I really want Darren to make a studio version of this and put it on Spotify and iTunes. This will forever be one of my favourites of his and I know the words off by heart :)

    - Mia Liang -

    omg same

  9. Lauren Serrano

    adorable ;

  10. PocketFruit

    I love it.

  11. jayde b

    Darren's songs always got me feelin some type of way

    jane seymour

    Oh no she better don't

  12. E. Padgett

    Where'd you get the mp3?

  13. Rebecca Baird

    Haha! That "Friends" joke tho :) I like that show...

  14. Daniela Mikesth

    Did Darren wrote this ? I just have a 'jealous' feeling that this song is for Mia....:)

    Andy LA

    i don't know how long darren's known mia but i know he did write it and this song was on Little White Lie which he and his friends made like in 2007 or something. it's such a great song isn't it! i can't get it outta my head... and the whistling at the end! it isn't enough that he's a great musician, songwriter, singer etc but to subtly add in a whistle bit... too good.

    Lydia-May Cooney

    I think he wrote it when he was going out with Julia

    emily f

    He met Mia in 2008, so nope. Not about her.

    Bianca Hudspeth

    I do to

  15. becca lol

    love it<3

    becca lol

    and darren

  16. Katie N

    Can I just say how fucking hard the guitar is on this? You don't think about how hard it is until you try to play it. He's got a whole bunch of hammer-ons and pull-offs hidden in the middle of his strums, not to mention the strumming pattern is harder than it sounds. Also - finger picking. And I swear to god, he invented half the chords. I know he hates the whole "Every song uses the same four chords" thing, but this is insane (in the best way possible). I love this song. I do. But my hands don't.
    Anyway, kudos to Darren for creating something so cool:)

    Pilkington Family

    @Katie Nelson I've managed to create a simpler version that sounds almost exactly like Darren's! It's totally awesome to be able to play this (see what I did there? =D)!!


    @Katie Nelson I can second that. I have being learning guitar for around a year now, and this is a song I have been working towards for a while. It pushed me to keep trying, and challenging myself to learn more complex things and I am a much better guitar player, because of my passion for wanting to learn these (very complex) amazing songs written by Darren. If I just stuck to those ordinary four chord songs then I would nowhere near as able as I am because of these songs that I am learning written by him. (Also, my finger calluses have never been as tough haha).

  17. Laura Lockman

    These lyrics are great

  18. Angela Ibrahim

    Amazing Darren Criss as usual <3 <3 :)

  19. Shadowstroke

    Lauren's voice is nice, but it's not spectacular. Like Joey's.

    And with, say, Dylan and Walker, their speaking voices don't seem like they'd be very good at singing, but they are both REALLY good and each have unique characteristics in their voice.

  20. Shadowstroke


    I think that Brant Cox is one of the best, too. He's up there with Dylan and Brian in my opinion.

  21. msoliviagn

    Oh my gosh, if you've heard Lauren live recently (I went to London Leakycon and saw her) then trust me, she's incredible live. (admittedly yeah, not as well as the others but now I'm just insane about her voice which is why I mentioned her. :P)

  22. msoliviagn

    Oh gosh. I'm sorry but you need to put Clark in there somewhere. And Lauren needs to be up there if you've heard her recently?

  23. Bree Leicester

    I'M NOT! x.x :P xD

  24. Katielizc22

    I think Darren, Dylan and Brosenthal all have great voices, they're just different.

  25. elizabeth hamilton

    I wish little white lie never ended:(

  26. Lauren Phillips

    I'm DEFINITELY in love <3

  27. Dat muggle Life

    I can't even describe in words how much I love this song <3

  28. rockinrodney5000

    Anybody else think Dylan Saunders perhaps?

  29. Megan Biles

    Babe, have you heard of something called sarcasm? C:

  30. roz what

    It alway comes down to spells

  31. ReluctantHufflepuff

    This the Darren I think of most often. The adorable, multi-talented goofball who sings Disney songs on a regular basis.

  32. Timothy Savage

    Honestly i wish they would but so many characters wouldnt be in it.
    I was going to ask them for the rights to create a season two with my own friends replacing them but i dont think theyd let me

  33. Marit

    Someone needs to make a karaoke version! Not that I don't enjoy singing with Darren.

  34. MultiFan

    me 2!!!!

  35. cupcake132465

    I love when he says Joey~~~~

  36. LisaBananatastic

    6 Dislikes? Thanks Hermoine!

  37. starkidfan36

    One does not simply sing better than Darren :)

    Blackfire Dragon

    starkidfan36 ha ha imma a LOTR fan as well

  38. tina30stm

    Took AZ siesta were x

  39. ines k

    you wanted to punch your mom in the face?

  40. ilikemnms202

    Lol I love Matt!

  41. aminyia

    "Didn't you see that shadow of a meteor? Everyone dies."-Courtesy of Matt at a HMB panel :)

  42. The Hooded Masons

    This is the song where everyone comments about how much they love darren... The song where i comment "i'm glad you still think..."

  43. moonmoon

    Like for the Friends reference! <3

  44. Ian Weber

    Yes, but katherine9997 already said that. "'s very obvious that you're not referring to happy when you say gay."

  45. Holly Lacelle

    Darren Criss is perfect.

  46. MJVT〈3

    God I love his voice

  47. iamthetwickster _

    *~guitar~* XD

  48. ReluctantHufflepuff

    As much as I disagree with you, I just felt like this had to be done...


  49. Sarah E.

    I've been listening to Darren Criss for the past hour. I love you Darren <33

  50. coconutnacho

    the more I listen to this song, the more I like it :)

  51. BabyAccoustic


  52. Jamie Coyne

    He has come so far!:')

  53. Holly Webster- Writer

    erm he's loved in Glee too- he's happy in Glee and it's making him very famous. I love him in Starkid too and it's clear he loves that but he cant just do that forever.

  54. ana aptsiauri

    i just love him

  55. Laura

    nooo a meteor comes down and kills everyone.. duh!

  56. Abby P

    F.R.I.E.N.D.S. reference. And I thought he couldn't get much more awesome. :smh: I love him with a passion that consumes me. <3

  57. Carmen 〉w〈

    He can Do Both and be Totally Awesome! >w<

  58. katana821

    Quit Glee, go back to Starkid where ur loved and where u belong!!

  59. StarshipGRanger394

    no that is Darren whistling , says so in the credits of LWL

  60. Sandy Criss

    If you never saw the tv show F.R.I.E.N.D.S you had a miserable youth !! This is the best tv show in the whole world

  61. PiaStav

    Hes still got F.R.I.E.N.D.S, Joey Tribbiani, Chandler Bing and Ross Geller =)

  62. henlo

    I'm pretty sure that in the end it's not whistling but some kind of flute ;)

  63. smily starkid

    but thay all die the day after... starkid had told us that

  64. Jamie Jackson

    Starkid have said that they aren't going to do a season 2. But they did say what happened to everyone, I'm pretty sure that Duder and Tanya or whatever her name is got together, Sami and Kevin got together and Toby got real friends. I may be wrong but I'm pretty sure that's the gist of what happened

    - Mia Liang -

    Toby gets friends lmao

  65. ilikemnms202

    Oh my gosh thank you!! The minute I can I'm going to buy it(:

  66. voldemere11

    Ahh, I've never seen it.

  67. Taryn A

    It's a reference to the television show, Friends. Joey, Ross, and Chandler are the names of the characters.

  68. voldemere11

    When he says "I've got Joey, Ross, and Chandler." he's talking about Joey Richter, correct?

  69. henlo

    Yes Darren, we are still in love. Nothing's ever gonna change that!

  70. henlo

    you can buy an ebook called 'the bully book' that is a book about after LWL season ending. The hardback is released December 26th 2012 :)

  71. ElectroBunneh

    It's like, "Guys. Come on. I've been waiting years. Can you please just make a second season so I don't die from suspense?"

  72. SillyKat1999

    i was singing this song in my house, nobody was home, and my mom walks in. 'oh, you sing WAY better than Darren Criss!'
    I wanted to punch her in the face!
    Nobody is better than Darren!!!! :) <3

  73. Dara Ladia

    This song is so addicting!

  74. KlainerForLife

    Darren criss Rules!!!

  75. ilikemnms202

    I really wish they made a LWL Season 2

  76. ilikemnms202

    It'd break by all of Darren's fans(:

  77. Rain Freeman

    This is my personality, passion, and life written in verse and put to music. Thanks Darren for always understanding.

  78. Ronni Foster

    puhleese. I wrote an essay on Darren Criss :)

  79. Anna Gorenflo

    ...This song...

  80. Maya Betancourt

    I'm supposed to be writing an essay. If I don't get to finish I'll just write DARREN CRISS in big capital letters on it. Instant A+.

  81. iRnotamidget

    He has a very tuneful whistle :3

  82. Chloe Elise


  83. lesley915

    I could listen to Darren whistle all day

  84. JessicaJuice

    well it is very organic... (what does that even mean though?)

  85. Rory

    1 person was rocking so much out they missed the like button.

  86. Tonje Hollund

    One word; magical

  87. sami mackay

    or maybe a omg i absolutly love him button

  88. Maya Lopez

    It's not fair. It's just not fair that he's so god damn beautiful. Dammit. <3

  89. Nightwalker5546

    Huh...after reading this entire comment thread I love you too.

  90. Julie V

    Agreed. Dftba? :D

  91. Klaine Hummelson

    Same here. This man/woman is a legend

  92. Klaine Hummelson

    Love it. my second favorite Darren song, (First? The muse, obviously :P )

  93. R5_SPN_Family

    theres a place for you right here in my arms! <3

  94. Rachel Walker

    love darren soo much!

  95. Daisie Ross

    I officially love you.

  96. prongslover77

    this has always been one of my favorite starkid songs, but I think it was actually wrtten by his brother.

  97. Aiden McKinley

    I died listening to this ............. I love you Darren . Oh and thanks for saving my life ...