Criss, Darren - Human Lyrics

I feel like a loser
I feel like I'm lost
I feel like I'm not sure
If I feel anything at all

But believe me
I'm not helpless
I just need someone to love
So my situation's rough

That just makes me a dumb human
Like you.

I feel like a shortstop
Along third base
I may just help you but
I still don't like your face

But believe me
I'm not hostile
I just want to hear you laugh
When I'm sarcastic like that

And that just makes me a dumb human
Like you.

Why... do I have this
Incredible need to stand up and say
Please pay attention?

It's the last thing that I need to
Make myself see well
That ain't my intention

I feel like an artist
Who's lost his touch
He likes himself in his art
But not his art too much

But believe me
I've got something
I just don't know how to say
That I'm just fine with the way
With the way that I'm moving

But that just makes me a dumb human
That just makes me
That makes me a human like you...

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Criss, Darren Human Comments
  1. Isaiah Harris

    This is the cutest song I've ever heard! I am 1,000,000 times more in love with you! 😂🙈😍❤

  2. Rosie

    "I may just help you but I still don't like your face"

    Same 😅

  3. sheli rabani

    i cant stop hear this amazing song!!

  4. Ceikaiyia Cheeks The Director

    I found this song cuz of supercorp crack and i love it! Might even play this at my event next year lol XD

  5. DC 19

    Love, Love, Love

  6. Jimmy Arrans

    I love this song because its so matter how much our ego lets us think we are on top the truth is we are all dumb human's. Love it.

  7. Chase

    ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️love this song❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  8. hanna

    i love this omg

  9. dahufflepuffs


  10. Charlotte Harrisonsheffield

    U should ask people to join u in this beautiful & lovely song 'HUMAN' 🌼

  11. MyCrazyMind

    I really don't know why, but this song reminds me of Jason Mraz :)))

  12. Lara Badr


  13. Grace J

    i'm a little late, but i have to say that i'm glad there's such a great person like you that it's actually doing something right now. I always fall in love with artists, bands, shows or stories that are all over, like... I just got in LOVE with glee about a month ago and started watching it, now i'm on the 5th season and i felt bad because I thought it would be nothing left, I knew you, Darren, had a singing story even before but I didn't realize you were still on this, and so... I don't think you'll understand the happiness it brought to me when I saw the date you uploaded this... i felt like i can finally be in time to be part of something special, something great. I love you, and i think you're one of the kind, you may not be perfect, nobody is, but you're definitively of the best the world has seen. Please, keep on being the way you are, HILARIOUS <3

  14. Rita Machado

    This music describes me completely,i love you

  15. -_--_-


  16. m cn,

    forever my favorite song

  17. Keiku

    I say this for like every song but honestly this one is number one for me

  18. Mackenna Elise

    So glad to see you put these songs up! Can't wait to see what you're going to make in the future!!!

  19. Renata Maria Goicochea Flores

    me he vuelto fan tuya Darren y de tu carrera. Me encantas 😘😘😘 besos y buena suerte en todo

  20. Joice Oliveira

    so beautiful I love him ♥♥♥♥

  21. Sel Sel

    SOooOooOoO GOoOooOoD!! We want more!

  22. Elielson lima


  23. Sinem

    You're too perfect to be alive...

    Grace J

    don't even think he has to be dead, or i'll scream. don't consider it.

  24. tabitha knaggs

    Still my all time favorite song. The amount of school projects I've done to this song is amazing. 💙💙

  25. Domminique Berthier

    OMG 😍💕👏

  26. Rocio Stipetic

    <3 <3 <3 <3

  27. Gabriele Santos


  28. Alexis Nichole

    This is the first song I listened to that is by you. <3

  29. Ula T.

    Love it :D <3 I didn't expected, awesome!

  30. Daniel Cortes

    I LOVE YOU <3

  31. Sevde D.B.

    now I understand, he has always been this good and talented 😍💕