Criss, Darren - Granger Danger Lyrics

Here I am, face to face
With a situation
I never thought I'd ever see
Strange how a dress
Can take a mess
And make her nothing less than
Beautiful to me
It seems like my eyes have been tranfigured
Something deep inside has changed
They've been opened wide, but hold that trigger
This could mean...danger!
I'm falling in love, falling in love, falling in love
I could be falling in love, falling in love, falling in love
With Hermione Granger...

What? What the hell is this?
You expect me to sing about her?
I don't care about her
It's just a little make-up
Draco, wake-up!
I'm mistaken
She is the hottest girl I've ever seen
Now, because she's like a girl I've never seen
Don't know why I'd ever be so mean
This could mean...danger!
I'm falling in love, falling in love, falling in love
I think I'm falling in love, falling in love, falling in love
With Hermione Granger...

I want to let her know...
I feel so queasy
But I can't let it show...
She'd laugh, poor Weasley
Come on
You gotta let it go
You gotta let it go...

What? What the hell is this?
You expect me to sing about her
Don't care about her
Can take a mess
And make her nothing less than
Beautiful to me 'cause
She is the hottest girl I've ever seen
Now, because she's like a girl I've never seen
Don't know why I'd ever be so mean
This could mean...danger!
I'm falling in love, falling in love, falling in love
I could be falling in love, falling in love, falling in love
With Hermione Granger...
With Hermione Granger...
With Hermione Granger...

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Criss, Darren Granger Danger Comments
  1. bella k

    0:50 is when it actually starts :)

  2. Evie Muir

    I don’t think people understand how talented Darren is. He’s playing some quite difficult chords and they are also far away from each other, and doing it quickly without screwing it up

  3. Emma Doster

    He's supermegafoxyawesomehot

  4. Luxus Ahmed

    I love Darren Criss vioce I'm his biggest fan

  5. Katarzyna Nieposiadam


  6. Jenna Bean


  7. PD Sketch

    My new esthetic is him singing "wake up Draco"

  8. Joe Freeman

    This man is just beautiful.

  9. PD Sketch

    "There was a request for a song from a very potter musical"

  10. Boom! Bottle Gals


  11. Talia F.

    super. mega. foxy. awesome. hot.

    Talia F.

    the "I don't care about her" made me screm

    Manny Bilog

    Talia Fechter same

  12. Odalis Dominguez

    I love that his head switch from left and right during the "I want them know .." based who's part he sings

  13. Shipworm

    Oh gods, Darren singing Lauren's part gives me life......

  14. Lilian Dobson.

    HOT DANG!!!!! I LOVE DARREN SO MUCH AND HIS TALENT IS MIND BLOWING!! Do y'all know how INSANELY DIFFICULT THOSE CHORDS AND CHORD CHANGES ARE?!? Wth Darren you sing so freaking incredibly!! You know like 3 languages fluently especially Italian which you also sing in Italian as well and that's freaking incredible!! You know what?! 11 freaking instruments which it's really hard to learn just two instruments haha!!! I speak from expierence I know 3 but still it's hard!! And you sing while playing instruments and now if you've ever tried which I did today. it's really difficult!! Haha! He also hits those high notes really well!! Also he's absolutely stunning at Dancing, acting, and literally everything else!! He's so freaking goofy and funny and comfortable in himself and he has an amazing confidence but at the same time he still has this fantastic humble attitude!! He's also just such a genuinely super nice person!! Not to mention his SUPERMEGAFOXYAWESOMEHOT face!! His hair is also super fantastically on point all the time!! No matter what hairstyle wether it's the hippie fro or the slick Blaine style or short curly is the best too!! Also his facial expressions give me so much joy!! Also he's talking voice is really attractive too!!! I also love it when he paints his nails!! Idk why but it's kind of extremely cute!!!

  15. Postreh Caducado Bv

    Creo que soy el único comentario en español aquí así que, como todos hablan en ingles no me van a entender :^)

    Lo siento Harry, yo amo a Draco (tenía que decirlo, el 80% de los comentarios hablan de amarte y el otro 20% son "Thanks Hermione")

  16. Lilian Dobson.

    THIS MAKES ME SO FREAKING HAPPY!!!! He's adorable and so talented with such a passion for everything he does!

  17. F. Ruit

    Darren is at least one of, if not THE most likable famous person I've heard of. And he's one of the most talented, too.

  18. Peter Reed

    Forever a better Harry Potter than Daniel Radcliffe

  19. Just Me

    Harryy!! I love you so much!!!!

  20. skankhunt42


  21. Logical Dreamer

    I wish they had let him sing this on glee xD


    Actually among the other wtf moments of that show it wouldn't even have looked that weird :D

    Writing Talk

    he said-Darren said he tried to convince Ryan Murphy to let the crew sing Coolest Girl or one of the cast members sing it. Nope. Didn't work

    Pro Master123

    Writing Talk (yeet)

  22. Stephanie

    He is supermegafoxyawesomehot

  23. Katie G.

    I love the 'Danger' part of the chorus so much and I don't know why

  24. Christopher Jeffery

    This video is literally everything I love about Darren

  25. Haley Portier

    Wow, I didn't know how hard this is. I've tried to play Granger Danger and it is really hard. And Darren is singing too...bravo! :)

  26. ImProllyAVampire

    3 dislikes? THANKS HERMAN!



  27. RetroDisaster

    Here I am face to face with a situation that I always come across (sigh)
    how his hair can make him nothing less than supermegafoxyhot to me
    it seems like my eyes are glued to him
    the minute that i saw him i knew
    my eyes are open wide when ever I see him
    .....this could mean

    I'm falling in love falling in love falling in love
    I know I'm falling in love falling in love falling in love

    with Darren criiisssss

  28. Izzy Griffiths

    Darren's Cute I'm Falling In Love Darren Criss He's Amazing From Isobel Griffiths UK Aged 12

  29. Everday Is Hay-son

    Harry Freaking Potter

  30. The EPIC gamer

    Better than joey and Lauren

    YouTube User

    He was good but I wouldn’t go that far

  31. Alice Liddell

    Now HARRY's in love Hermione now? Oh great, THANKS HERMIONE.

    Eugenia Martinez

    +Cerise4697 hahahahahaha

  32. iylila

    I think I'm falling in love with Darren Criss

    Rumiana W

    +iylila same

    Alexa J

    You're not alone.

    My Pastel Sims

    iylila same here

    Jill McGill

    I think I'm falling in love with Joey. 😂

  33. Demina novantasette

    I Love him so much!

  34. Natalie Hawkins

    This song is so dang catchy

  35. 01MissKayla

    I love this boy tooooooo much

  36. kara smith

    Wow, this certainly defines the talent of Darren Criss, he can sing a song which is normally sung by two people (on of which being female) by himself and play the guitar at the same time! Now that is true talent

  37. Charlee Brown

    It would be really cool if you did like guitar tutorials on how to play some of the starkid songs

  38. Amrit Sandhu

    I think im falling in love with Darren Criss

    Mari Regine

    Literally thinking the same thing hahah

    Alexis Sutherland

    @Mari Regine I think everyone is. :'( i need him!!!

    Odalis Dominguez

    Amrit Sandhu omg same

  39. Chelsea Mahone

    2 dislikes? God two face, go rob the Gotham second national bank of its two dollar bills or something!

  40. Leslie H Pinto


  41. Leslie H Pinto

    Hehe hermione and draco disluled hehe.....

  42. Tardis1708

    2 dislikes? Thanks Hermione

    Number Five

    @Tardis1708 Hahaha I'm dying


    +Tardis1708 she can't draw

    Matcha Mitchell

    its 3 now. Thanks Hermione

    sage austin

    this is all your fault, jafar.

  43. Alba Hernandez


  44. Beth Porter

    OK joey and Lauren were great but that was even better this is much better then the one in the musical XD

  45. Lindsey Corliss


  46. emily !!

    2 dislikes

    Thanks Hermione

  47. Jane MG

    He's so perfect I can't even :0 gah <3

  48. Sammy C

    When Darren sings this duet by himself, he sounds like a God.
    When I do, it sounds like a dying cow DxD

  49. Katie Kustron

    He remembered all the words, impressive Darren!!!

  50. Katie Kustron

    I've seen this video way to many times!! XD

  51. david leach

    same opening chord progression as 'Steer' by missy higgins, uncanny O_o i prefer avpm though.

  52. Jaimee B

    literally every time i sing this I hear "maya granger..." so. yeah.

  53. jay

    If you play this on mute, it looks like darren is moving in fast forward.

    f s

    thank you

  54. Dat muggle Life

    Well Darren this is kinda awkward but, I'm actually falling in love with you...

  55. L Hummel

    Harry Potter is simply the most amazing fandom in the world! All the crazy talented people, if in fanfiction, art, vidding or writing whole's just too awesome and I love it so much! Thank god I was born in this generation and grew up with Harry Potter :)

  56. Kimberley Moon

    I can't handle this. i think in may actually be dead from all the feelings.

  57. Mick Heijnen

    Harry Potter covering a song sung by Ron Weasley and Draco Malfoy regarding Hermione Granger. Winning.

  58. Lauren Bays

    oh my god did he say huzzah? i love him. :)

  59. ChaziPenguin1


  60. Jaz_LiL_Bai_Kay_Hol

    and make saying huzzah attractive xD

  61. Hala Z

    I lurve this song!!!

  62. bughawagila

    Also, every pop song can be played in the same four chords, so if he ever ""stole"" the chords of that song, I don't see anything wrong with that? That is definitely not theft, because this song is his own, he wrote it, the lyrics and the arrangement are completely different from other songs. What the hell.

  63. bughawagila

    I don't know if I'm tone deaf or anything, but from what I hear it's only the same strumming pattern, not chords. -.-

  64. LactatingBadger

    Him and Charlie McDonnell

  65. Lalaland

    I just had a major fangirl attack listening to this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <3

  66. Elise G


  67. dancinkc137

    Brb dying

  68. Emily

    I couldn't find any guitar tab for this anywhere, so I just tried watching his fingers, which worked for the first like 20 seconds before it got really hard....He is so talented <3

  69. Curlyrosie88

    Ohmygod where can I buy this??

  70. Maxwell Castellano


  71. Maxwell Castellano

    1 like Draco u little shit

  72. - Emma -

    I was about to say the like bar is a green vine! Stupid small keybord en huge fingers! Aaaargh

  73. That Shayna Chick


  74. Sandy Criss

    I love this song by Joey & Lauren, but by Darren it rocks !!!! Darren is the Best !!!!

  75. Natalie Rose

    Needs more views.

  76. Shannon Turnbow

    this is about to be my ringtone :D

  77. Lauren Calvert

    Omg Darren is the HOTEST guy I've ever seen LOL and who disliked prob's Hermione <3

  78. Ashley Tanner

    2:08-2:10 SWOON! :) <3

  79. Sweetest662

    Darren is just <3

  80. Meghan Dunn

    Only Darren.. :)

  81. Sin Wi

    Is that nail polish?O.O

  82. RiverSeth

    one person obviously in also in granger danger.

  83. BoatsYourFloat

    I laughed when he stopped to scratch his face before hitting the last note. Thank you Darren, only you would.

  84. Jack Charles

    oh you made a joke about the like bar? How original

  85. erification215

    My god. that whole swaying his head for draco and ron's lines.........#DEAD.

  86. dancer4life077

    You don't know how sad I was when this video got erased

  87. knerke

    Huzzah on both accounts!