Criss, Darren - Good Ol' Moon Lyrics

Wake up, I'm lonely, let's talk about how we
Love to talk on the telephone
We would hang up and go back to absolutely nothing
and by absolutely nothing I mean pick up the phone.

The sun is out, the moon is smiling
In the corner of his eye he's crying
for his next new arrival for the rest of the night.
Good ol' moon is like me,
we want free but we're stuck in here.

I'll pick up the comics and sympathize with Linus
and the z's that Dagwood leaves behind.
As for me, I wouldn't mind just to join him along.
I mean, just look at these two pictures can you tell me what's wrong.

The sun is out, the moon is smiling
In the corner of his mind he's timing his
next new arrival for the rest of the night.
Good ol' moon is like me,
we want free but we're stuck in here.

No more pain for a while,
you and I could sit in the sun and smile.
Maybe then, we'd be friends, yeah,
the moon, sun, and me,
and we could sing together in perfect harmony.
Doo doo doo doo doo doo doo doo doo

No more pain for a while,
you and I could sit in the sun and smile.
Maybe then, we'd be friends, yeah
the moon, sun, and me,
and we could sing together in perfect harmony.
Doo doo doo doo doo doo. Oh!

Wake up, I'm lonely, let's talk about how we
need to find a better dream,
'cause it's getting much darker the sun is worn out
and I think it's time for you and I to get some sleep.

Oh, the moon is out, the sun is trying
not to look upset, but man he's dying for his
next new arrival for the rest of the night.
Good ol' moon is like me,
we want free

Good ol' moon is like me,
we want free

Good ol' moon is like me,
we want free, but we're stuck in here.

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Criss, Darren Good Ol' Moon Comments
  1. DC 19

    03:51 e eu aqui

  2. DC 19

    DARREN como eu te amei ...

  3. Molly Binnersley

    aw I forgot about this song what a throwback

  4. Caroline Pastilha

    Okay please help is the lyric “good ol moon is like me, we want free” or “good ol moon is like me, we walk free”?

    Caroline Pastilha

    Its definitely want free

  5. Mitch Matt

    This deserves it's own animation! So sweet! 😄

  6. Lissy B

    Such a cute song,

  7. Katie Bug

    The cutest fucking song I swear to god

  8. camellane33

    Incredibly cute song!  I love it.

  9. yael rahom

    And with my foot...

  10. yael rahom

    And with my foot *tap tap tap tap*

  11. Toby Steers

    My little foot *tap tap tap tap*

  12. Maddie Lam

    I take my foot *tap tap tap tap*

  13. Ikkehiero14

    And with Starkid of course;)

  14. Toby Steers

    And oh, how the feeling... Grows...

  15. emily f

    They'd get carried away...

  16. Toby Steers

    And when I'd start to sway...

  17. HufflepuffFinding

    The other boys would laugh and jeer...

  18. cenajohnlover

    You make an excellent point! I love it too

  19. AllTheGoldfish


  20. missjaninejks

    I love this song is so cuteeeeer!

  21. Angie Melissa Gutierrez Estupiñán

    i really like this song !!!

  22. cenajohnlover

    this actually sounds it should have came out of some Disney movie or Broadway show

  23. fanny cordero

    im the only one who thinks that darren will be PERFECT for Marshall's Lee voice?

  24. Klaine Hummelson

    Don't forget, she was also in the tenth anniversary for Les Mis as Eponine :)

  25. Toby Steers

    My life would seem... Complete...

  26. Coronadogrl

    I meant Mulan and Jasmine. Oops!

  27. Leeeeah1234

    I'd start to swoon...

  28. Amy Potter

    This is my new all time favourite Darren song :)

  29. Toby Steers

    I'd hear a tune...

  30. MrsScorpionette

    Lovely and amazing in its simplicity song. I gained that much respect for him as an artist and a person :)

  31. Ella Medalyer

    Please post the instrumental? :D

  32. Kevy

    I loved to move my feet...

  33. Toby Steers

    An orphan boy...

  34. HeyHeyGMA

    This song is definite proof that Darren should be the next Disney prince.

  35. R5_SPN_Family

    i didnt want to giggle but i did lol
    touché :)

  36. Tommy Stublaski

    It could be sarcasm, but it is also an answer to your question.

  37. R5_SPN_Family

    no need to get sarcastic bout it

  38. Tommy Stublaski

    There's this great thing called google.

  39. Coronadogrl

    She's a famous Broadway star, discovered when the original Broadway production of Miss Saigon was being cast. She's also the singing voice of Mulan and Pocahontas. Lea Salonga is currently in a new musical with George Takei and Telly Leung called "Allegiance: A New American Musical" at the Old Globe Theatre in San Diego that is getting transferred to Broadway, like next week.

  40. Cecelia McNaber

    This just screams Darren Criss

  41. R5_SPN_Family

    who's lea salonga... i think i know but who is it?

  42. Laura

    An orphan boy!

  43. missjaninejks

    Alan Disney Menken must do a movie with Darren (and Lea Salonga)

  44. Jeanne-Helene St-Arnaud

    WOW. Best idea I've heard in AGES! Soo smart.

  45. Ishana Dajal

    you mean supermegafoxyawesomehot

  46. voldemortvilijn91

    His Voice is PURE SEX (oops was that out loud :P)

  47. Natalie Elwood

    Petition to get Darren Criss his own Disney movie. PRONTO.

  48. Cassie-Lee Jackson

    Darren NEEDS to be the next Disney prince!

  49. Tira Paul

    His voice is just naturalysupermegaawesomehot.

  50. Miranda Muttillo

    I can whistle! And I adore this song!

  51. Amber Sage

    you have a choice to read it or not.

  52. IamDefyingGravity7

    And you're posting that somewhere Darren will never ever read it, leaving us stuck with your irrelevant statement because...?

  53. AudsTheAmazing

    the only problem is the music is louder than the singing

  54. Lorenz Gido

    The download link isn't working. :/

  55. TheCorrsFriends

    I love this song and that drawing IS JUST ADORABLEEEEEEEE

  56. Amber Sage

    I'm sorry darren but the glee fandom made me love you less.

  57. Amber Sage

    shut up go away please

  58. roxford13

    Sounds like a Disney material. Very uplifting.

  59. Mia Moui

    @Catieboo94 deffy

  60. Mia Moui

    once there was a man named darren criss
    his voice was so sexy that eveyone died X_X

    his voice is so supermegafoxyawesomehot <333333

  61. Jo V

    This song helps me get through dysphoric nights. I love Darren <3

  62. LoveToLaughx0x3

    he shouldve added all his original songs to the EP ahhahah this is so good!

  63. jellybelly98rox

    Why have I not heard this yet? <3

  64. Em Po

    i am literally obsessed with this song. and that means a lot, considering how much I love each and every single one of his songs and covers

  65. matsybabe

    Can you imagine a glee disney movie...with this as the theme tune! :)

  66. me2drescue

    He should totally do this in a Disney movie :O !!

  67. Gabriella Pereira

    i could have sworn he covered this because it sounds very disney like but then again his inspiration is disney so, but absolutely amazing, i can't get enough of this guy

  68. Tessa Hill

    Whose playing that boss xylophone?!?!

  69. Leah Bauer

    This is one of my favorite songs by Darren. I wish I could buy it! Keep wooing me with your happy songs Darren :)

  70. elizze6

    I can't believe I didn't know this was his original song. I've seen videos of him singing it so many times and I just thought it was one of those songs that he likes to cover a lot.

  71. Antonella Luz Bustos

    oh little hobbit♥ i love you so much you make me smile

  72. howisitnot0

    I can whistle. But I got my wisdom teeth taken out recently, so currently, I am incapable of whistling along...

  73. LiliQ0111

    I love this song, it's really sweet ^^, I also really love that Darren's own songs rarely are transparent like most music these days! :D You have to think and sympathise to get it!

  74. me2drescue

    such an adorable song :3 sort of like disney <3

  75. Irene Jacobs

    His voice is like unicorns and ponies and butterflies frolicking in a happy meadow with rainbows.

  76. 88michellea

    thank you!

  77. Miranda Muttillo

    I b believe the lyric is we WANT free but we're stuck in here
    But anyway, I adore this song

  78. Lily Harty

    when did this come out?

  79. EJbella67

    I feel so late. where the HECK did u get this?!?!

  80. Anshika B

    how the hell do i not have this on my ipod.

  81. Erin Ellis

    from college theatre, to writing his own spectacular music, to glee, to broadway, to the big screen... Darren, we couldn't be prouder. <3

  82. GypsyagilityBC44444

    @glowNthedarkkid Thanks :D i love how on any video of any of Darren's songs everyone is really nice, i cant say that about some other vids

  83. KraziiIsMe

    @justajumpingypsygirl Nah. I think it sounds spectacular with just Darren:)

  84. Tabitha Mitchell

    @GypsyagilityBC44444 dagwood is from a comic called Blondie. the Zs, i believe, just refer to how in comics are used to signify sleeping/snoring. ya know, like "ZZZZzzzzz"?

  85. GypsyagilityBC44444

    @mckisplash19 thanks anyway i'm one name less confudelled

  86. McKenna Ross

    @GypsyagilityBC44444 linus is from peanuts. i dont know the other references

  87. GypsyagilityBC44444

    who's linus? and the Zs? and Dagwood?
    awesome song though other than me not getting ^that :D

  88. Bruna S.

    Good Ol' Moon is like darren - so cute and funny

  89. starkid1020

    Darren is amazing! Drawing is so cute

  90. cgIris18

    I think that from now on I'll sing this as a lullaby to my 5-year old sister.

  91. Heirofbooks

    That drawing is so adorable !! :"3

  92. Nicole C

    that picture is amazing!

  93. IKia92

    this is gonna be my lullaby for the rest of my life, my niece's and mine <3

  94. IKia92

    @ummyeahhi9 jst thought the same!

  95. Tony Vuong

    the background image was meant for this song! :)

  96. Fancy_Bred

    This was my myspace song back when myspace wasn't dead.
    To think, he's come so far. I mean, really, look at all these new fans that didn't even know this song existed!

  97. BlueMarble81

    why isn't it on iTunes? why? i lovw this song so much!

  98. Helen Goldhill

    Who did the cover art it's soo cool :L

  99. StephClover

    I can't believe I didn't know this song before right now!!!! I thought I'd heard at least most of his originals!!

  100. oneninja8

    Oh my god, I think I might cry from how amazing and totally awesome this song is!!!! Just when I thought Darren couldn't possibly be any more perfect. There he goes again! But you know...I'm okay with it :)