Criss, Darren - Even Though Lyrics

Even though I was blind before
I've realized there is so much more
And it was always deep down in the core of me
I know it now

And even though it seems too much to take
There's a feeling I can't seem to shake
I feel like, I am reading the signs
'Cause I know that I'm
Coming around...

I thought I wanted someone
Perfect as could be
When what I needed was
The one, who was perfect for me...

Even though it used to seem so wrong
I've taken you for granted far too long
I'm falling right into the denouement
And now I'm breaking ground

Even though I felt it from the start
It's only now we're beating with one heart
I'm sure that, now is time
'Cause I know that I'm...

The sun is starting to shine
Cause I know that I'm...
I'm coming around!

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Criss, Darren Even Though Comments
  1. Stella Bella

    His breathing 😂😊❤️

  2. Ur Moms A Hoe


  3. Gabrielle261

    Heck. I'd listen to this kid sing the phone book. What a voice <3

  4. Mitch Matt

    What a sweet song, just wish it was longer!😚

    kitty bax

    There is a reprise!

  5. Molly's Covers, Vlogs and stuff

    he my inspiration for wanting to play guitar 

    Chris Ervin

    Same! I started teaching myself 11 months ago, I finally learned Granger Danger!!

    Paulene Gonzales

    +Chris Ervin sameeeeee

    Amaia Rodriguez

    Molly's Covers, Vlogs and stuff same

  6. Casey

    His voice is like the best thing in the world no one can tell me otherwise

  7. dancer4life077

    This is the most beautiful thing I have ever witnessed.

  8. Oria

    Are you sure this song is called even though? ahah Loved him

  9. Ally Johnson

    i dislike? thanks hermione

  10. Michela Pezzini

    ME SEEING DARREN WHEREVER: Oh my God...I can't breath he's to HOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. Roses. W

    I love this song

  12. AndreaInspired

    Such talent <3

  13. Elle Oswald

    Where and when is this?

  14. Dara Ladia

    Darren: "Wait! Don't go!"
    Me: "Okay."

  15. ukegirlzoe13

    Oh Darren your...... You. Just.....everything.

  16. rubi mendez

    puppy eyes!.. i love you!

  17. Malin Fäldt

    Been watching this video every day for like a week because clearly I don't have a life.

  18. mspianoplayer1

    i love this song... EVEN THOUGH i wish it was longer... haha see what i did there

  19. kiefercarlos

    That's it I've decided I want to marry this man, or at least his voice !!!!

  20. Maddie Taylor

    I can't stop listening to this... <3

  21. Iman Labanieh

    where was this?

  22. xlauralovesx

    clearly you didn't watch the video till the end lol :D !!!

  23. Danish Nerdess

    Has anyone ever thought that Darren... might be our Bill Pullman?

  24. sapienveneficus

    Has Darren performed this live anywhere since this event?

  25. noigirl

    I think i might take a bullet for Darren

  26. Sophie Pearl

    at least he played this song instead of flight of the pussies, "and now im going to sing a song called flight of the pussies" *awkward

  27. Gali Zaborowski

    i always thought that this song was written better for darrens voice... i mean i love Joeys voice so much but i guess darren wrote it so its made for his voice... agh idk

  28. audrey leong

    i know the other part to the "conversation" in the front so it kinda seems like im talking to him....and oh gosh... supermeganfoxyawesomehot-ness ... HUZZAH ON BOTH ACCOUNTS!!

  29. basketweaver912

    I absolutely love this song:)

  30. gabryska89

    "This is a song from Starhip and this is about bugs.." echhh...... :)

    MariMarMakeup SFX

    gabryska89 this is from me and my dick. Not starship

  31. Nicole Madera

    @mandys315 Np. Well, I guess because he's Darren Criss. To quote him, "I've always been that annoying guy who sang." :)

  32. FaerieDust

    What's he talking about at the beginning, the "they're louder than the quiet ones are" bit? Anyone?
    *sigh* I love this song, whether it's sung by Joey (love the SPACE versions!) or Darren - it's so, idk, SWEET, it makes my heart melt just a little... :P

  33. Nicole Madera

    @mandys315 Someone off to the side told him he had two more songs, and he mumbles, "Yeah, two more." Then, he says, "Umm, I got I'm gonna do three." Meaning three more songs. I just found that amusing :)

  34. Nicole Madera

    "I got I'm gonna do three."

  35. dreamjinx40

    I love how he acts the part he sings. All the time. :)

    Okay, off to watch MAMD again. Curse you Darren and your awesome talent. Hahaha. :)

  36. SqueakyGirl234

    It's so lucky that we have a recording of him singing this at a good, QUIET venue, considering he never performs it. It's a shame that he doesn't, because his voice is wonderful for this song. I listen to it on repeat sometimes, and it almost always makes me tear up a bit.

  37. pinkopalrose

    @tehrainbowgirl not ashamed to see i did too.

  38. jovanddavid

    Why did Darren not forget any lyrics??? darn it!

  39. Kat Rudman

    @NaomiGower I think you are talking about Carlos Valdes?

  40. Dearbhaile Farrell

    like, one of teh few videos on youtube without a dislike, well deserved :)

  41. tehrainbowgirl

    guess who just did all the Sally lines and pretended it was real.. <3

  42. 4LiveLifeWithLove4

    Um, of course I did NOT do that... no, no I actually did. *sigh* Can't deny that power of Darren freaking Criss!

  43. dakota

    @pepperbaby101 definately not ;D

  44. h0pef0r

    @pepperbaby101 hahahaha i TOTALLY did that. good thing nobody else was around

  45. David Bowie

    Was the only one who started doing the "oooo, sha-la-la-la-la, ooooo..." during the second chorus?

  46. LavelleLa1

    Darren should add this to his regular playlist. Wow.

  47. catiecutie26

    i love this song!! he is right he never performs this live i have looked because i have always wanted to hear him do it, yay he did it !!! :D :D :D

  48. hcmotherster

    "I don't think I EVER played this live." THANK YOU FOR RECORDING THIS.

  49. Natalia Avendaño

    I think everyone has written my feelings jajaja... how great is to find out that I'm not the only girl who is totally crazy about him! jejeje... =D

  50. angelannarocks

    I love how all the starkids in the room start laughing when he says show with an innapropriate title :D

  51. Eileen Joyce

    The awkward moment when he didn't forget his lyrics ..

  52. pinkopalrose

    @Joypiratesings i just have a playlist just of him

  53. LectricLinzo

    Finally he does Even Though live! Thank you for this video. He needs to do more MAMD.

  54. juliamact

    While watching the show, i was checking who wrote every song. When this song started, i instantly knew that it was Darren's. It's just... <3

  55. crystalblue904

    Oh wow. This is honestly the best I've ever heard his voice. Those first few lines... Ohh <3

  56. Lila E

    @kirmitiskool2 Oh Darren your eyebrows....

  57. kirmitiskool2

    Oh Darren your eyes....

  58. Macharmza

    One of my fave Starkid songs.Anyone else do Jaime's part during this?

  59. Earl Hatter

    omg....O.O now i can't finish my homework.

  60. Eratko18

    i truly adore this song <3

  61. LehcarS

    thank you soo much for recording this!!