Criss, Darren - Any Of Those Lyrics

Last time you were mine, I was just a kid
I didn't know there were consequences for what I did
Then at times it was good, though when it got bad
I didn't have much pride, I gave it everything I had.

Cut to today,
I've lived enough to know that love is such a mess.
I have to say that seeing you with someone new has got me pretty curious.

Is he gonna kiss you in the rain?
Is he gonna cook on Sunday?
Is he gonna love you?
No, he won't do any of those things.
Is he gonna take you when he goes?
When it's out of his way.
Is he gonna miss you?
No, he won't do any of those things.

No, oh, no, he won't do any of those things.

Remember there was a time when we used to laugh,
You said nobody else could make you do that.
Sometimes I got it right, even when I got it wrong,
I really thought that you meant I was the only one.

Cut to today, I saw you smiling with the diamond on your hand.
I know that this, I can see behind it, you're hiding something you don't understand.


Something in me is still with you, do you feel it too?
Something's asking, are you still in my heart? Is this really you?

Oh, you tell them...

Is he gonna kiss you? (No)
Is he gonna kiss you? (No)
No, he won't, no, he won't, hmmmm.
Is he gonna nah nah nah?
Is he gonna nah nah nah?
Is he gonna... He won't do any of those things.

Is he gonna cook on Sunday?
Is he gonna miss you?
No, he won't do any of those things.
Is he gonna take you when he goes?
When it's out of his way.
Is he gonna miss you?
No, he won't do any of those things.

No... No, he won't, any of those things.
No, no, no!
No, he won't do any of those things!

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Criss, Darren Any Of Those Comments
  1. Studio Channel

    I came to see this so i wouldnt have a nightmare about hime in the series.

  2. Yoongichi

    I’m in love w him

  3. Olivia Macpherson

    he is def not straight

  4. J MM

    Great actor

  5. phawck

    harry potter

  6. Emmanuella Yakubu

    I watched that interview so many years aga back then with glee and him not been guy. I knew he was meant for great things

  7. Samaria Prieto

    Have Cody Fern on your show!!!!!

  8. ItzCara •

    omg its Blaine

  9. BRi iS A WHORE Heck yeah

    Darren is so hot I love him better on Assassination of versace he totally rocked that serial killer, Andrew Cunanan

  10. xX GachaRose Xx

    The beard makes me scream!!!!!!!

  11. Sydney Uliasz

    wow supermegafoxyawesomehot

  12. Amy Sepple

    he is perfect😍🤤

  13. ChrisColfer'sgirlfriend:3 Bri

    I need to watch ELLEN more

  14. Wolfie Wolf

    He did an awsome job playing Andrew Cunanan. I've learned a lot watching the series.

  15. lynn ruebush

    what's the logo on the t-shirt mean?

  16. Ben Schaeffer

    WANT, WANT, Darren's Keith Haring sweater. I LOVE him. What a brilliant actor.

  17. Bhakti Chokshi

    Liam Hemsworth?

  18. Bobsworld76

    He should go all the way next time. Show it all.

  19. Lolalai

    Keith Haring..........

  20. Alejandro Abner

    I knew he was gonna de huge!

  21. Breeka Foll

    darren is so freaking hot omg

  22. Kenneth Ansano

    That's not Darren Criss sitting in that chair.. thats Andrew Cunanan

  23. Lex bebii

    when he was ab to do that Ryan impression LMAO

  24. Kenny Saenz

    Darren Criss, love you

  25. 2Bdiscovered


  26. pumped up kick

    Is that Dot and Bette on his sweater ?

  27. jcb561

    He is so incredibly good looking!

  28. latronqui

    As a pregnant woman I can tell you: no, you didn't bake them yourself.

  29. lizbethmedina3

    He is so funny !!! I like him a lot as a person and as an actor he plays his rolls amazing

  30. Adriana Rosas

    They totally blurred his verticle cleft, but you can see it in Netflix.

  31. Lou White

    He kind of looks like Screech with the beard.

  32. saroxkingdom

    influenced by the people... hm... now that is something I can relate to.

  33. sleepyhead

    ugh hes such a cutie

  34. Jonny_mazerati

    He talks too much

    Pamela Williams

    Its an interview.... is he suppose to just sit there and stare at Ellen?

  35. Úlfar Viktor

    He's funny, smart and extremely attractive. Not to mention very talented actor!

  36. Demi Decano

    Darren ❤️❤️❤️

  37. Gabriela Trindade

    he's gayest straight guy ever, the first one is james corden

    Sinefia G

    Too vain to be straight theres alot of those on Asian countries.

    E O’Rourke

    And Jeff Goldblum

    iop erty

    Michael Sheen

  38. human zalez

    Lol Ellen were you drooling a bit

  39. kayla monet

    hes so cute oml😩🥺💘

  40. Moddie

    He looks like a dark Liam Hemsworth

  41. Abbz

    Darren: “Those are my buns, I baked them myself.”
    *Close up*
    Darren: “Oh yeah, let’s get in there.”

  42. Ben Dover

    Oh look- the little bitc* that doesn’t want to be identified as Asian. You’re Asian Darren bit** lol

    Stephanie L

    I am getting REAL sick of this completely misinformed argument against him- I can tell you with 100% certainty that he has very proudly claimed his half asian heritage for as long as he has been in the public eye!! How do I know this? Because I literally remember him tweeting back in 2009 or 2010 about how he was "proud hapa through and through!" (that may not be the precise wording, but it was definitely something of that nature.... and that, for the record, was among MANY instances of him clearly identifying himself as half FIlipino and proud of it.)

    There was ONE single article from last year- one that Darren immediately clarified, by the way!- that took what he was saying out of context, and from that this ridiculous notion spread that he somehow "doesn't want to be considered Asian." No, what he was actually saying, and what he has ALWAYS said, is that he's aware he doesn't necessarily look very Asian, and is super *proud* to have that heritage as a bit of an ace up his sleeve when people assume he's just your standard white guy. And yes, he's spoken to the fact that he is aware of his white-passing privilege, and so perhaps doesn't feel right laying claim to the "person of color" label when he hasn't necessarily had the same struggles as other more obviously Asian actors might. But that has nothing to do with him "not wanting to be seen as Asian." On the contrary, it's him having respect and awareness of the fact that his fellow Asian folks who aren't so white-passing might face certain challenges that he probably wouldn't.

  43. Josue2018

    What a talented hotty!

  44. babygirl31

    Do some of you think he looks like liam hemsworth? 😍

  45. KUDI adel

    Happy for Darren, a son of a Filipina woman from cebu,,i heard him say when he accept the award,,,😊

  46. Wilson Mandani

    Mixed race Filipino to Causian
    This is the result
    Beautiful blend of Genes

  47. Hoops & Boxing

    He talk a little bit too much🤣
    Ellen can't get her turn😂


    Congrats . Filipinos are proud of you .

  49. Joe Jumani

    I still miss Versace himself - and his clothes...!! I've seen his house in Miami...- it looked very small but i guess i was wrong..

  50. T M

    I only know him from glee 😂

  51. Azza White

    Darren Criss/Blaine Anderson/HARRY FREAKING POTTER! 😂💖💖💖💖💖

  52. lali emerson

    “I’m nakey” he’s so cute :,)

  53. Oniket

    Andrew as described by his friends had the same personality like Darren. 😵
    So creepy. 😂😂😂😂

  54. Aerys Targaryen

    Seems similar to his character in Versace.

    Louise Hulme

    Yes I agree.

  55. Cody Condon

    Does anyone know what brand that sweater is?

  56. Courtney-Lee Collins

    I just saw a comment saying Darren should have been cast in 50 Shades rather than Jamie Dornan and I 100% agree!!!!!!!!!!

    Kim BlaQue

    Nah....he's too short

  57. LeoValdezUpInFlames

    Me: Everything Darren says is a Starkid Reference

  58. Gl ST

    solo controlled by satan salen a cuadro en Hell en-

  59. uhhh orange juice

    he went from cinnamon roll to cinnamon roll p2 to serial killer in the span of 9 years , we stan a king

  60. uhhh orange juice

    Words cannot describe how much love I have for him

  61. Chiara !!!

    At 0:22 when he pulls his sleeves over his hands aww

  62. Fall Husky03

    I'm gonna say "these are my buns I cooked them myself" alot now 😂 #DarrenCriss2018

  63. Diamondelle84

    2:51 "Look at the booty...." lol

  64. pineappletree

    darren cris?
    darren cross?
    ant man?

  65. Joel U.

    It's nice that he has an appreciation for his own butt.

  66. cbj alltheway

    On glee Ricky Martin was in season 3 when Darren was with the new directions did he never meet him then

  67. Shannon Ravenclaw

    We don’t prefer Gandalf, Merlin, or Oz. You’re a whole lot hotter!

  68. Mister Who

    I liked Darren as the Music Meister from The Flash and Supergirl

    Fall Husky03

    Mister Who omg I didn't even realise that

    Sam Mcknight

    Mister Who I loved that I freak out I was just like wooooah omg I love this I was so happy I was basically screaming the whole time b/c Marley and Sebastian weren’t together much at all so that amazed me I diiiied

    BRi iS A WHORE Heck yeah

    I can already picture Darren criss as the Flash!

  69. Tazooui


  70. btsprologuetheorists Namjin

    Mouth kiss me

  71. New age spiritual awakening New age

    Why dislikes? Wow 🙈😮

  72. bubblesandbackflips

    What does he say around 1:56? He's under strict orders not to do what?

    Stephanie L

    do an impression of Ryan Murphy, I think xD

  73. Hosanna Catallo

    I love this guy. Big fan

  74. Tan J

    When the comments aren't disabled...

  75. imapisces1

    He is hot AF.

  76. field north

    Too Hollywood now.

  77. Fantastic Beasts

    Should’ve cast him instead of Jamie Dornan


    I could see Darren Criss playing Mr Grey in 50 shades, visually. It would have been more sexier in general.

  78. julie

    But he has a problem being called Filipino

    Stephanie L

    Um... no, he doesn't whatsoever? In fact he's always been very vocal about how proud he is to be half Filipino, and how it's one of his favorite things about himself! I recall him talking about it (and tweeting about it) even before he was ever on Glee I believe. He also has a "Hapa" shirt that he's been known to wear all the time, as seen in this video:

    If you're referring to that one article from recently that made it out like he was saying he "likes that he looks so white" or whatever, he swiftly clarified that that comment had been taken out of context, and explained what he'd actually meant: that he likes that while people might assume he's white, he has the Filipino heritage as a bit of an ace up his sleeve, and one he's very proud of. He LIKES having that connection to the Filipino community that people might not necessarily expect at first, and that's what he was getting at. Not that he's distancing himself from the community in any way because he happens to be "white passing".


    Stephanie L that’s good to hear then. Sorry, my bad. I did read it from an article and they must’ve taken certain things out cause I really didn’t like the way it was worded even if I’m not Filipino myself

    Stephanie L

    No worries, and I totally agree- the way they took his comment out of context wasn't cool! He wasn't happy about it either, which is why he clarified :)

  79. artificialintelligence

    Darren's cute buns ❤️ 2:38

  80. Cha Miranda


    those who got it, hands up! ✋ ✋ ✋

    Bing Bong

    Agree!... 👋🏻👋🏻👋🏻👋🏻👋🏻👋🏻👋🏻👋🏻👋🏻👋🏻👋🏻👋🏻✋🏻✋🏻✋🏻✋🏻✋🏻✋🏻✋🏻✋🏻✋🏻✋🏻✋🏻✋🏻✋🏻✋🏻

    I wanna be a starship ranger


    Leenah Sameh


  81. habbogigi

    he comes off as a huge narcissist

    Stephanie L

    Not at all- he's just an extrovert by nature, but tons of people who've met him/worked with him have gone out of their way to talk about how nice and generous he is :) Enjoying attention as a means of connecting with other people isn't the same thing as narcissism.

  82. Sergeantpaprika

    Ugh I want his sweater

  83. m cn,

    i really love him so much i cant believe

  84. Elijah Wagner

    I don’t have a problem with it either 😏

  85. lady nymeria

    I can never unsee him as harry freakin potter

  86. Abi Abbby

    “Those are my buns, i cooked them myself”😂😂😂😂❤️

  87. oxforddictonary

    Naked part at 2:46

  88. Robert Schrader

    Darren Criss is straight?!

    Imtiaz Uddin

    Umm I have my doubts....

    Mama Seokjin

    As a straight girl i need to ask if he’s a sub? I need one of those.

  89. Torch Silke

    I LOVE those green eyes of his but in certain scenes, especially holding his hand over his mother's mouth..NO! THIS CAN'T BE DARREN CRISS! Just as Ellen said "you can't trust scary" (I know that is not verbatim) but dang, if Darren doesn't get an EMMY NOMINATION AND THE WIN? GAH!!!!!
    I kept having bad dreams, sleepless nights after binging the series. I worked at The Fontaine bleau Hotel and that very same houseboat was there back in the mid 1970s! I also was surprised to learn both Darren Criss and Andrew Cunanan are half Filipino. I don't know if in the last episode a photo of Darren was used or Andrew but gave me the chills! To see the betrayal of Andrew's dad in an interview talking of movie rights after Andrew had been promised in a phone call to his dad in the Philippines he'd come and help his son, I guess I'd have shot the tv too. Darren played that scene so dang well that it made me feel a bit sorry for Andrew's getting so lost. I'd not expected him to shoot himself but finally give up.
    I better hear Darren Criss' acceptance speech on Emmy Award's night.
    To be so loyal, humble is so very rare. I hope he and his now fiance stay together for the next 50+ years.

    Melinda Brooks

    Torch Silke What was that about his father yapping about movie rights? IRL? That’s what his father did/said? He didn’t want to come and see his son, I’m gathering? I’ve not researched AC yet because I haven’t finished the series but yeah, I was definitely wondering what kind of people his parents were and if it had anything to do with that or nothing at all.

    Melinda Brooks

    Torch Silke btw, doesn’t DC have extremely brown eyes?

    BRi iS A WHORE Heck yeah

    Do y'all think Ellen is hitting on Darren through the whole time?😉

  90. JJ20

    Such a personable and talented actor/singer. Keep going Darren, you will be an even bigger star...

  91. Carmen Lopez

    Cute Cakes

  92. satuesday

    very gay

  93. Dean James

    What show are they talking about? Why didn't they ever mention the name of it?

    Montgomery Cam Jr

    Dean Yordanov, they're about the Gianni Versace Story.

    Mama Seokjin

    The Assassination Of Gianni Versace

  94. George Oliver

    Darren Criss is the Paul Rudd of mixed race ppl

  95. Lauryn Olivia


  96. Jordi Goyanes

    this guy's personality looks like a copy, idk why

  97. Latasha Sanchez

  98. I B

    Ellen has this weird obsession with showing her males guests naked.

    Nella J

    Mr. C lol yep. I may not be Ellen’s main audience demographics in her viewers as an African American, straight woman but the hot, naked men still applies and its fun to watch haha

    Nella J

    Jean Kennedy interesting


    And we love her all the more for it


    She knows her audience and also she doesn’t have to feel creepy about it because everyone knows she’s not attracted to them

    melakue gree'

    She just want some d

  99. Sherif Gateway Car

    And thank god for that, that ass is perfect!!

  100. loois ibanez

    And neither do I