Creed - Rain Lyrics

Can you help me out, can you lend me a hand?
It's safe to say that I'm stuck again
Trapped between this life and the light
I just can't figure out, how to make it right...

A thousand times before
I've wondered if there's something more... something more...

I feel it's gonna rain like this for days
So let it rain down and wash everything away
I hope that tomorrow the sun will shine
With every tomorrow comes another life...

I feel it's gonna rain, for days and days
(I feel it's gonna rain)
I tried to figure out, I can't understand...
What it means... to be whole again...
Trapped between the truth and the consequence
Nothing's real, nothing's making sense...

A thousand times before
I've wondered if there's something more... something more...

I feel it's gonna rain like this for days
So let it rain down and wash everything away
I hope that tomorrow the sun will shine
I feel it's going to rain like this... rain like this... rain like this...

Fall down, wash away my yesterdays
Fall down, so let the rain fall down on me...

I feel it's gonna rain like this for days
Let it rain down and wash everything away
I hope that tomorrow the sun will shine
I feel it's going to rain like this... rain like this...

So let the rain fall...
I feel it's gonna rain like this... rain like this...
So let the rain fall down...
I feel it's gonna rain like this...

I feel it's gonna rain.

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Creed Rain Comments
  1. Harry Prater

    I'm 61 y.o. I have been a creed fan since their first album. I love them...!!

  2. Snake Plissken

    As fantastic as the Full Circle album was it blows my mind they were not more successful with their relaunch in 2009.

    Nothing Alter Bridge has done since then has been anywhere near as good as this album.

  3. Tyler Olson Films

    Love creed but this sounds like a unused jeremy camp demo

  4. Mateo Alejandro Ray

    This song is AMAZING. It's a song that makes me happy but In some way, it makes me feel sad like has if the song reminded me of someone very close to me that has passed away. Still a very good song!

  5. Испания с B. Bravo

    Uno de los mejores✌️🔥

  6. Eko Ari

    2019 december creed please reuniet

  7. yazid hagi

    This song Remainds in 2010 ago

  8. Sudan Bhandari

    Love u creed
    .My favorite band
    Love from Nepal

  9. Iwan Junkiezt

    Creed i hope reunion and create some a new Song indentic to creed long time ago 🙏

  10. Samara Samuel

    Alguem por ai.??

  11. aquaviva923

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  12. Ipswich ΠΒ ́

    This song from creed makes my heart jumps.. Cool vibe and its so refreshing.. Goosebumps!

  13. John A Askew

    This song seems a lot better to me now than when I heard it several years ago, I appreciate it a lot more now............very very good

    John A Askew

    Just bought the PRS Tremonti

  14. Lincoln Bomfim

    Brasil 2019 08/11/

  15. Sue Silva

    I'm here enjoying this beautiful song on 2019/2020 ... anyone else?

  16. Kory S

    Scott's got his issues settled and His New Album Kicks Ass! It is TIME for a Creed Reunion!!
    There is just something special about that Band!

  17. Edwin Mukti Wibowo

    Selalu ada kangen tersendiri, tiap dengerin lagu ini. Sediihh...☹

  18. Trinath Barma


  19. Chris Rhodes

    Sure wish they could have kept it together for a tour! Maybe one day! Love CREED!!

  20. Tremonti Fan

    Love this song . One of my favorites off that album.

  21. KAFF’FX


  22. Lavincent Rush

    This song is my life right now...i just want the rain to stop...

    Awuondo L.

    It can't rain forever,this too shall pass...just ride the wave. You are not alone.

  23. Mikey_Suze Four

    *Rain* - I like simple, titled songs.

  24. gislainne romero da silva

    Alguém outubro 2019? 🥰🥰🥰

  25. Juliétte Aparecida Pires

    Nossa amo esse homem 😍 Scott Stapp , e as músicas 😍

  26. Ray Hutchinson

    So I feel like this and "Waters Rising" by Alter Bridge are describing the same thing in vastly different tones. 😅

  27. Bruno Correa

    Chorei ouvindo essa música no meu carro ontem. Saudades da minha banda!

  28. Luciano ghitar

    Que saudades de 2009
    Só de ouvir essa música e como se voltasse no tempo.

  29. Canal do Nardo

    Desde os 15 ouvindo, com 18 apaixonado nessa música! Tempos bons!

  30. Muse Russell23

    He looks so much different with a buzz cut

  31. edwin deleon

    rain makes the plants happy -Tony Robbins

  32. Scorpio

    1.2k idiots for giving a thumbs down. This Song Rocks.

  33. Christopher Ryan

    2019 yup

  34. Raymond Class

    He must have arthritis cause he feels it's gonna rain lol

    Oscar Sebastian Andrés Cartes montes

    Ha ha ha ha ha

  35. Fabrice Vianes

    We need more ..... Creed

  36. Juliana Fernandes

    Muito gato😻😻😻😻

  37. Anothai Boonjai

    หายไป นะ

  38. Debbi Rogers

    Saw him last week and I'll I can say is they were fabulous!! His voice was fantastic and his energy lit up the room. Just as good as when I saw him with creed 6 years ago. What a humble man who has definitely come through the darkness.

  39. mm4forever

    2019 u still listening??? :)

  40. jamie stone

    Amazing song and band ! So glad I got to see them live

  41. Antoinette Lashay

    The guitar riff here I'm in love 2:09

  42. Mike H Esq.

    2020 reunion please!!!!!! The USA needs Creed right now!!

  43. Joan Jett

    God I love this song!!

  44. Darren Shelley

    Awesome song!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  45. Gabriel Velasco

    Great song.

  46. Tarss Karter


  47. Sam Holt

    Here during Hurricane Dorian. #HurricanePrep

  48. Keith Watkins

    Wish they could have had actual (water) rain on the set not this video. It would've added great effect to the whole video. Plashing off the drum set and instruments. Just my 2 cents.

  49. Seidy Chicas

    Pelon bello!

  50. S K

    wow will give this song a chance yet used to long hair and in concert in front and never even looked at me and not like bad to look at yet never even a look a chance and walked out sad

  51. twinklesvm

    2019 and their music is totally awesome with laughter, motivation, inspiration and determination
    love Creed💛💞💛💞💛

  52. MDC Camacho

    Show 🤘☠️👊

  53. Luiz Ito

    I love the music creed the best song

  54. Sue Campbell


  55. Rukshan Nirmal

    2019 anyone??

    Hit a like🤘🏽

    I hope they reunite and make some good music again❤️

    L.T. ladoire_ciompi

    Yeah, our best wishes for the admirers

  56. Abinash Mohanty

    Most different band "Creed".

  57. Cleiton Santos Costa

    Creed - Rain (Official Video) August 2019?

  58. Toni CESAR

    Reunion guys,reunion

  59. Shingo Mizuno

    get out alter bridge

  60. Jonathan Amos

    Marines 1998 Jonathan Amos God bless you

  61. you happy

    Two thumbs up!

  62. David Magar

    Love this song btw

  63. David Magar

    No joke but, when it rains most of the time I always feel so calm n different. I feel like some mysterious things going on through out the world (spiritual things) when it rains.

  64. Carla Silva

    Creed 👍😉👏🏅

  65. João Nascimento

    BR 2019 eita som bom da peste

  66. Tom Ebbs

    Can we get a Longer Playthrough with more Audrenal bpm

  67. Kory S

    Time for a reunion of Creed! Scott's got his issues figured out and under control not to mention his new album Rocks! There was just something special about Creed when they were together. It's worth it guys!

  68. Travis Cypert

    Scott stapp finally to you brother I want you to know God put his anointing back upon you you're back in God's grace I know you fell once as we all do I want you to know God placed you back where you need to be praise God and God bless you brother may the anointing flow through you may God's voice while you're singing flow through you in the name of Jesus I pray amen

    Travis Cypert

    Godbless you brother and Godbless the band as well

  69. Travis Cypert

    Scott stapp finally to you brother I want you to know God put his annoying on you lifted you back up and put you right back in the spot that you was supposed to be in Prescott for that

  70. Renata Alves

    Eu amarei eternamente !!

  71. KSH172

    wash away my yesterdays

  72. Daryl Money

    This is my first time earing this song an. It tuch me .. Wow

  73. Sahem Rai

    Those ppl who unlike the in peace.

  74. VikingMaori ****

    It never matters what the people think. They can sing. They can play. They can help. All we can do is listen and yet they get criticised ahahahahaha. Weak people of the world

  75. Notorious Ring

    ❤ best song

  76. Ani Stephanian

    very good band

  77. Felipe Camilo Coxa

    brasil 2019 musica boa

  78. Swati B

    Evrytime I m stuck in life , I listen to this song's like my soul song ! ❤️

  79. Bayu Rahardianto

    when we can see your concert in 2019?

  80. Gabriel Santos

    Brasil 🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷

  81. Jeffry Summer

    House of Blues will have complementary tickets to see Scott Stapp this Saturday in Dallas, TX (7/13/19). Bummed I'll miss out working another gig. D'oh! 😝

  82. Matías Perdomo

    Latinos que reconocen la excelente música que hace Creed

  83. Den 1

    I heard this song at a really sad and low point in my life. My mum passed away and I had been ill and out of work. Listen to the lyrics and the underlying message it's got a layer many people miss. Your going to go through difficult times in your life but let it wash over you. Things will improve if you perceiver and often you have to start over. The Sun will shine again...


    My favorite Pearl Jam song

  85. Roberta Kaskamin

  86. Joey Bingham

    Honestly this band should not be hated at all. They were incredibly talented and crafted beautiful hard rock with tremonti’s guitar work and stapp’s vocal power.

  87. Cibelly Nunes


  88. Jesus Ramirez

    Is my song since 2015 now 2019

  89. Colby Lothbrok

    Its amazing how we associate songs with specific times in our lives. How deeply a song can affect you. Creeds music brings back memories of the times of my younger childhood.
    As I tear up while listening to this, I'm just glad to have grown up listening to this music.
    RIP Uncle Dave I miss you and I love you.

  90. imanual mahida

    It's first rain and im listening this song ❤❤

  91. Fishing With Dom!

    Hell yeah. Got me some Creed

  92. nikon d3200

    Great band

  93. Elegant Sound Recording Studio's

    Creed, One of the greatest bands/musicians of our times!

  94. Maria Paula Oliveira Nascimento

    Listening in 2019. Still epic!


    Maria Paula Oliveira Nascimento

    me too! 🎧 listening in 2019

  95. Eric Moraes

    Bela música, Perfeita

  96. oliver abraham

    One of the best bands of the late 90s early 00s alot of gud memories from my youth when I hear creed

  97. Alex Darling-Krauchunas

    its just a kickass song!!!