Creed - Overcome Lyrics

Don’t cry victim to me
Everything we are and used to be
Is buried and gone
Now it’s my turn to speak
It’s my turn to expose and
Release what’s been killing me
I’ll be damned fighting you
It’s impossible, impossible
Say goodbye, with no sympathy

I’m entitled to overcome
Completely stunned and numb
Knock me down, throw me to the floor
There’s no pain I can feel no more
I’m entitled to overcome,

Finally see what’s beneath
Everything I am and hope to be
Cannot be lost
I’ll be damned fighting you
You’re impossible, impossible
Say goodbye, with no sympathy

I’m entitled to overcome
Completely stunned and numb
Knock me down, throw me to the floor
There’s no pain I can feel no more
I’m entitled to overcome.




You’ll never know what I was thinking before you came around
Take a step, take a breath, put your guard down
I cannot worry anymore of what you think of me
I may be crazy but I'm buried in your memory


I’m entitled to overcome
Completely stunned and numb
Knock me down, throw me to the floor
There’s no pain I can feel no more (to feel no more)
I’m entitled to overcome (to feel no more)
Completely stunned and numb (to feel no more)
I’m entitled to overcome
Completely stunned and numb
I’m entitled to overcome,

I may be crazy but I'm buried in your memory

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Creed Overcome Comments
  1. Chell Q Hall

    Creed is still one of my favorite bands. I wish they would get back together ,& make a new explosive Album..

  2. Snake Plissken

    The Full Circle album was amazing...and nobody knew it came out.

    Blows my mind that Creed did not come back with a vengeance with that album. Nothing Alter Bridge has made sense then has been as good as the Full Circle album.

  3. I know you’re Right

    That solo is GOD!!!!

  4. Greg Jay

    Vegas woman oldest trick book

  5. Greg Jay

    Match makin make drop hit it bitch

  6. Seriously People

    Man, I had hopes for a triumphant comeback when this single came out. Alas...

  7. Sk Merwitz

    Hes so hot in this video

  8. Francisco Willian Azevedo

    Tenho um amigo que não gosta de Creed. Ele só pode não ter o juizo certo

  9. R C

    How you can walk away from this Scott??? Probably the best band ever...Dumbass!!!

    Dutch van der Linde

    R C he didn’t walk away from it. The drugs got the best of him.

  10. Brandon Hale

    This band needs to come back asap.

  11. Andreas Doroshuk

    I miss Creed

  12. Hunter Pennington

    This song is fucking amazing 2019 and this song is still in my opinion their best song

  13. Dutch van der Linde

    First comment in 1 month lol...

  14. RayRay

    CREED Forever!!!

  15. Mike H Esq.

    This song could start rock radio rotation in 2020 and be the song of the year!

    Where has this gem of a track been the last 10 years?!?!??

  16. Salacious Farang

    Creed 4 life!

  17. Ruben Coba

    A creed fan since 1998 and will be forever. Please bury me with a mp3 player playing this and higher on eternal repeat.PLEASE

  18. Denise Hedden

    🥀Amazing song Thank's for posting this video it's priceless🥀🤘

  19. cekso

    2019 still love this tune. Powerfull!

  20. Yosef Adiwijaya

    This is my favorit band.....

  21. the girl that likes roses

    this is one of the best bands when I was younger love Creed

  22. Kayo Nogueira

    poha scott pq raspou o coco?

  23. sansao Kaeda

    Musica que ouço antes de sair de casa

  24. robinater

    My go to song for encouragement.

  25. Jeremy Johnson

    That guitar arp is pretty hot.

  26. Existence Constellation

    Great song 😈😍👱💜💛💚💓💗💖❤💙👌👍

  27. Sh4d0w St0rm

    Sadly Scott stapp went bankrupt and the chances of this band getting back together are very very slim, I would love for another album from them

  28. David Lane

    For the love of God
    Get in the fucking studio and anouce a world tour!

  29. Manuela Saraiva

    Somebody 2019 🎶🎵🎼😍❤🇧🇷🍷😈

    Jeremy Piquette

    Oh yea!!

  30. krzynianek

    song like a drug....

  31. Brendon Lavigne

    You have a great voice man!

  32. Vampire In Darkness

    Wow!! It's a hell of a song. You guys rock it baby!!!!

  33. oliver abraham

    Mark tremonti just keeps getting better so underrated



  35. Gessivania Ben

    Sou fã desses carass....

  36. Dui A

    kaget gw pas intronya...

  37. misono hope



    OK CREED! It's been almost ten years since the last concert! Let's DO IT AGAIN. . . NOW!!

  39. 実況者、海外旅行もする


  40. donamick


  41. Milson Matos

    Alguém em 2019? 🎶🎵🎼🔊🇧🇷✌👊

    Karine Melo

    Brasil! Perdi o show dele aqui esses dias. Aff!

  42. mike cafano

    Awesome band

  43. Greg Jay

    Linkin park crawl three days grace lefft right wrong

  44. Greg Jay

    Attention webster mercy cant find

  45. Greg Jay

    Simple goodbye

  46. Greg Jay

    I agree defense rights lets go

  47. Gary DuBois Jr

    Thank you creed for helping men

  48. marco bryant

    Blasting this in the gym this am 💪💯😎

  49. Tammy Cass

    Love Scott Stapp and Creed this is great rocking song 🤘💜🤘

  50. Deathblooms 12

    Scott and mark make magic together

  51. Tommy Tsakonas

    Creed the Reunion touring again could it be true 2020


    scotts HOT and ready! firing on ALL cylinders!!

    Axel Huerta

    Tommy i wish the same

    Lord[commander] 41

    Would love to see them. Been my favorite band since forever. Let us pray lol

    Lily Bond

    Would love that but alterbridge are touring so don't think that would be happening

  52. James Couto

    Great song, im listening in april 2019

  53. Matthew Tait

    Mark Tremonti is my fucking guitar hero ...

  54. xTony92

    Had this playing in my head, needed to hear this masterpiece again

  55. 2ois em 1


  56. márcio alves


  57. Tsuki The Android yandere

    10 years bay bay 10 years

  58. J’s gamechannel

    So apparently this song will scare away wolves

  59. muser channel

    Love Creed

  60. Ríndio!

    Algum Brasileiro na área?! Deixa um like aí, que esses caras merecem!

  61. Greg Jay


  62. Mike JD

    I still get goosepimples from this song

  63. Paul Tomow

    Creed still sounds good they still have good music

  64. Lance Shepler

    This isn't traditional Creed by a long shot....ya the epic tremonti rhythms are there....but stop w the guitar solos....Creed wasn't built on guitar solos....a solid rhythm guitar, powerful vocals and solid bass guitar and drums is what Creed was built upon and what makes Creed one of the best bands Creed solos just don't belong....

  65. Nglayap Dhewe

    Tremonti 😍

  66. Evandro P. Batista Arruda

    Creed was a great band with great musicians. Scott had problems and it took the best of him. But this doesn't mean that Creed was shit. No way it doesn't!

  67. Shaneoblack

    One of the songs of Creed where Mark can actually display his insane skills. Thats why this is my favorite Creed song.

  68. Patrick Hurley

    Workout music

  69. Luke Vuidreketi

    what a deadly solo! tremonti is a beast!

  70. Grace OM

    Why don't you guys work it out? 'One Last Breath' 🎶💓

  71. Alex Jones

    Fucking amazing full circle great álbum overcome and and thousand faces the best song in this álbum tremotti is one of the best guitar ever the solo is fucking amazing and scoot one of the great frotman please creed come back one more álbum i listen creed in 1997 human clay and now i have 32 is 2018 and i still love creed 🤘

  72. Guilherme P

    4 wolves

  73. Ben McCluney

    Sad what Creed, as a band, has gone through. Some of it may not have been Stapp’s fault, but the delinquency and drug abuse was inexcusable. Both Stapp and Tremonti are awesome musicians, and the band as a whole. Great run and awesome music.

  74. Theo Suharto

    Goddamn I was born too late to be a Creed fan :(

  75. larry fries

    I didn't notice until now that Myles Kennedy played some with Creed. I saw him at 0.10 and around 1:14.

  76. timothy newsome

    SCOTT STAPP KEEP DOING IT BROTHER. Love what you have done for me and so many others that pulled help from your message, talent, and art

  77. Chapolinho

    Anybody in 2019?

  78. boo boo Game cock lover 314

    MAN... I actually forgot how much they jammed...this song rocks and gives a outlook on life to who ever is looking for it.

  79. TheDreReichDude

    It might just be me, but I think Scott looks better with longer hair.

  80. DARKROOM81

    Por favor volver otra vez a juntaros

  81. Jeffrey Gonzales

    Tremonti is one of the greatest guitarist of this time

  82. Arty Powell

    Empowering words thank you for this song it helps me get through my own hard times

  83. Timber Humphrey

    why do people hate them again?


    never knew they were hated.....?

  84. Levi Austrea

    2005-2018 <3

  85. sounds mix

    Algum br??

  86. none of your business stut up now

    I saw this in my science class

  87. Leila Caetano


  88. Cd Original Rock Collection's

    Lagu favorit saya euy....keras...menunjukkan jati diri sebenar nya Band Creed....alus kacida....

  89. Kevin M

    We need a new album! K thx.

  90. Michelle Markle



    happy 45th birthday scott stapp

  92. Sidiney Santos

    Creed caralho!!

  93. Andrea Loto

    tremonti ♥♡♥♡

  94. Moisets cross

    mostro esta rola 🤘😎

  95. Wot Wot

    Damn his voice is so beautiful and powerful. The kind of voice that we'll miss if lost like Layne.

  96. Samus Couto

    Sdd de 2009... #Creed4ever

  97. Rosemberg Fernandes