Creed - Lullaby Lyrics

Hush my love now don't you cry
Everything will be all right
Close your eyes and drift in dream
Rest in peaceful sleep

If there's one thing I hope I showed you [x2]
Hope I showed you

Just give love to all [x3]

Oh my love... in my arms tight
Every day you give me life
As I drift off to your world
Rest in peaceful sleep

I know there's one thing that you showed me [x2]
That you showed me

Just give love to all [x3]
Let's give love to all [x2]
Just give love to all
Let's give love to all
Just give love to all
Let's give love to all

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Creed Lullaby Comments
  1. Dale Morris

    Played at my uncles funeral 9 years ago. And I'm only now able to listen to it in its' entirety. Such a beautiful song. RIP Wayne. Your family misses you every day 💜

  2. Matt Adkins

    A beautiful articulation of the circle of life. I played this at my mom's funeral in 2011.... today I found out my aunt, who is like a second mother to me, is terminal

  3. Melody Lyon

    My big brother use to play and sing this song.. he has been gone 2 years today and I can still hear him singing this...

  4. Juan Esteban Perez Negro Ficachi

    Excellent and magical song. Great art.

  5. CJ Sicilia

    My dad just sent this to me saying this was the only song id fall asleep to when I was a baby. And honestly that is the sweetest thing ever

  6. ShaDHP23

    My husband sang this all through my pregnancy. He really wanted to learn it for our twins. He's such a sappy guy, I love him so much.

  7. Roman Sochacki

    I wish I had someone to sing to. I'm single and rather poor and will be; say so no girl would ever want me. I look younger than myself and I'm/Old-fashioned. I just think my <3 is too old and R.I.P.

    Roman Sochacki

    Holy fuck, but it's true. I only don't want African American women or grossly obese women

    Roman Sochacki

    It sounds fucked up, but I had to include that. Or, I'd get very inappropriate responses. (BTW Bubble totally sucks!!! Just for the reason that it doesn't respect men seriously looking for a relationship) Just saying.

  8. Nayomi Shores

    A few days ago my dad told me that he sang this to me when I was a baby and now that I listen to it I can not explain the amount of happiness it brings me, im in tears

  9. Wendell Lovatti

    Shore. Just give love to ALL is hat God want.

  10. D. boy

    The most powerful msg to give your kids....( just give love to all )

  11. Troy Cochran

    I grew up listening to creed and i refound the group just before my son was born and I remembered this song and for some reason he likes me to sing and this song came up not I sing him to sleep with this song now i need to learn this song on guitar

    ke b3115

    So sweet that you do that

    I also grew up listening to this my dad would play it in the car at night when we were tired and in the car for a while. To this day this song can still make me fall asleep if I listen to it on a loop this song also reminds me of when I was little 😊😂 happy flashback memories

  12. Bruce Curry

    This is the ONLY song my daughter would sleep to when she was born in 2001. Thank you !!

  13. Jonathan Lockwood

    Bless you all that you find the peace you need and are cradled in the arms of our mother Mary under Christ. I do not know you but I know some of your pain. Please realize that there are those out there that would fight for you everyday. Never give up hope and faith and understand: The Lord Works in Mysterious Ways!

    Peace and Love Is Our Hope

  14. jon gonzales

    2018 hit like

  15. mysecretdestiny

    I love this song so much, thank you for posting it. This was my song when I was pregnant with my son. He's 13 now and he plays guitar. I hope he picks this one up some day. <3

  16. Christine Adler

    Im preg now and when i play this i feel her kicks ❤ cant wait till shes here

  17. Alex Anton

    I came here because my cockatiel love this song... He's crazy whistle it right now😁👍👍💖

  18. Angela Allen

    Me and my brother listen to it whenever you're haveing a hared time

  19. Larissa de Abreu

    Such a beautiful song!

  20. Maestro The Original

    I'm about to have my first baby. This song is one that's close to my heart and the day she comes into this world I will sing it to her. She has already stolen my heart. My eyes always glisten with tears when I hear this beautiful melody. 👨‍👩‍👧

  21. Henrique Silva

    Continua sendo uma das melhores músicas. #2018

  22. Kiyomi Studios

    I remember when I was Younger... My Father used to sing this to me every Night when I went to bed.. I miss My Father so Much and everytime I hear this Song I amlost Cry.

  23. Alexes Johnson

    Rip daddy. It's been 3 years without you.... Rest in peaceful sleep.... I will give love to all. I miss you like no other. I hope you are having an amazing time up there. #4XCJ

  24. Yo Ya

    Pensé au couzin au ciel 👍✊

  25. larry drake

    i listen too this song when i got a new girlfreind back in 2002 when the cd came out an i playid this song on repeat all night long no lie i was that happy that i was with her..but it didnt last she gave up on me..but i always will love her no matter what..aslong as shes happy thats all that matters too me..but i wont lie i wish it was me with her..but i cant be selfish i guess..


    2017 anyone

  27. Aj Macry-Pike

    I love this song. I sing it to my daughters when they are in bed. Both of them fall fast asleep.

  28. David Bentacu

    Listen to this song when I get overwhelmed and my anxiety shoots up.

  29. Līva Spulaša

    When i was little , dad play me this song on guitar. Im crying now

    Henrique Silva

    Līva Spulaša try to get better.
    I'm from Brazil, if need to talk, contact me.

  30. Erwan Reyzal

    15 Years ago this was what calmed me down when I feel like I'm in a downwards spiral. 15 Years Later? I find myself sleeping to this still

    Henrique Silva

    Now, after 7 years of your comment, I'm here to say you that it still being the better lullaby at all

  31. Caleb Budde

    30 dislikes? That's 30 people who like cradles falling from trees and children rolling down hills breaking their crown. May those who disliked this video be damned for an eternity.

  32. radolf p

    I m making my baby to listen this

  33. Heel ZOD

    I got to sing this to my daughter two nights in a row, then she passed away.

    Dccs PPap

    Chris Bush so sorry for ur loss

  34. Crazy Frog

    Bro, my moms cat just died and she's cradling his dead body in her arms, bawling her heart and soul out. Before he died, she was cradling him, telling him how much she loved him... She was begging us to help him, but there wasn't anything we could do. This shit has me fucked up and I'm crying. 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 I love you mommy, may Shadow (aka Memow) rip. An angel in furry four legged form. 😢😢😿🐱❤️ If she knew this song, she would have been singing this to him.

    Crazy Frog

    You guys know when cats slowly blink their eyes at you, that means they trust and love you? My mom did that to him, and he did it back... After that, he twitched his tail one last time, gasped for air a few times, and died, all while still looking her in the eyes... Seeing the ones you love cry like that and knowing there's not much you can do for them is the most heartbreaking thing ever. Please always spend time with and tell those you hold close to your heart that you love them, because you never know if that previous conversation (or playtime with your furry friends) you guys had will be y'alls last.

  35. Jade Shernowitz

    my dad passed away when i was 15, there was one song that made me feel complete, for the longest time, i forgot what song it was, i finally found it.

  36. Adam Lee Nichols

    Rest in peace to my niece Lillian Isabel Nichols who died the same day she was born. I love and miss her so much.

  37. Alisha Ratcliffe

    Happy Birthday to this Aquarius!

  38. Samantha Antolik

    This song is my everything. Sometimes it's my song to my son, sometimes it's my song to myself- a reminder to give love to all, including myself.

  39. Red Blue and Green's Daddy

    I have a 11month old daughter and this song is the only thing that will settle her down at night

  40. Red Blue and Green's Daddy

    I have a 11month old daughter and this song is the only thing that will settle her down at night

  41. Thomas Spence

    Learn to play it on guitar you will feel even more awesome pretty simple song to learn

  42. Lindsey Stevens

    Listened to this song back in December when I lost my baby I love it makes me somehow feel a little better

    Dave Nettleton

    Lindsey Strickland she is waiting for you

    holly vaughn

    Lindsey Strickland I did the same thing last year when I lost my baby, it made me feel better to

    Luis Bohorquez

    My deepest condolences....💛❤💛🤙..Beautiful song... LOVE Creed.. God bless...🤙💛❤🤙

    Brandon Palmer

    I am so sorry 😔😔😔😔


    +Lindsey Stevens I’m so sorry :( love from me in east Europe

  43. Shnagle Ragle Girl

    anyone else listen to this when their sad I do

  44. Bryon Watkins

    When I held my daughter in my arms when she was one, this song came on. This is why I nicknamed her Lullaby.

  45. Amy Dupee

    please don't ever delete this

  46. Amy Dupee

    the only thing that calms my panic attacks down I love you I listen to it multiple times until I come down again

  47. Harlee Votra

    *Cries* I used to sing that to my little sister b4 she died....

  48. ika krisnawati

    lets give love to all

  49. Jessica Dawn Newcomb

    I got an idea for a story listing to this song

  50. sergio vinagre

    Incredible <3

  51. Amparo Diaz

    When I was a baby my use sing this to I miss him so much 😭😭😭😭

  52. Eric Sandberg

    now I have a lullaby for when I have kids

    Amanda M. Kumher

    +Eric Sandberg Exactly! Thats what my father sang to me! The nursery rhymes and other lullabys are just disturbing.........Why would you sing about a cradle falling from a tree? That would be put in a news report about a tragic accident caused by horrible parents. This song by Creed and Dont Stop Dancing are wonderful for children. I want a lot of kids when I grow up (still a teen) about nine children and I'm always looking for songs that aren't so.......depressing.

    Ex: Jack and Jill went up the hill to fetch a pail of water. Jack fell down and broke his crown and Jill came tumbling after.

    What person smoking pot wrote this for poor children?

    Joey May

    +Amanda M. Kumher it is pretty disturbing but if you think about it, all nursery rhymes are about death. trippy.

    Dccs PPap

    Eric Sandberg same here😂

    Dale Morris

    @Joey May the darkest is definitely Ring Around the Roses. A literal rhyme about dying of Black Death 🙈

  53. David Guesswhat

    I hope I've shown you***but I showed works anyways


    Sorry about that. I never noticed before, thanks for pointing it out. :)

    David Guesswhat

    OH no problem mate :D I thought it was showed as well but then I figure out it was I've shown(lol englihs is weird haha)but both works anyways

  54. Valerie Villarreal

    My dad used to sing me this when I was little, I cry

  55. Nicholas Ramirez

    this is my fav song in the world it was played at my baby sisters funeral i miss her soo much

  56. JillianaMichelle

    R.I.P to my Uncle Santiago. I will be making your famous soup recipe for everyone at your funeral tomorrow. It's the best. :)

  57. AllieBarnBro

    The guy I really like dedicated this song to me... <333

  58. Ad Hominem

    I am so sorry for your loss.

    Taylor Davison

    That was a personal attack. Not because it was a legit personal attack, but because your screen name says so. lol

  59. christian johnson

    A dear friend died from suicide last month, i dedicate this to her.

    Henrique Silva

    christian johnson muito bonito da sua parte.

    So beautiful of your part

  60. Hayden Roderick

    R.I.P. Ariel Lillian <3 I love and miss you baby girl, you shouldn't have had to go threw what that monster did to you <3 love you Bubbles :(

    Henrique Silva

    Hayden Roderick so sad. What happened?!

  61. Dafreckles89

    I play this for my son and I sing it in the car always puts him to sleep its a great son for kids

  62. Rocio Ponce

    Love this!

  63. kayle Tomlinstyles

    i have trouble sleepin at night and this is my first time hearing this song and definitly wont be my last i love it and it makes me tired

  64. Payton Calvin

    love this song.. <3

  65. Ashley Marie

    my mom used to sing this to me when i was little *.* now every time i hear it i start to get sleepy-tired i absolutely love this song though

  66. Quinton Denson

    My daughter is a year old today. This is her song along with Zoe Jane by Staind. I love you Alexandria Elizabeth. Daddy will always be here for you cuase i want to show you show you all the things that this life has in store you and i'll always love you.

  67. ShadowBagelZ

    This is my uncle bubbys song he died in 2011 RIP BUBBY CARR

  68. Roy berlanga

    the guitar kills me every time

  69. Kiraniko

    Close your eyes and drift in dream rest in peaceful sleep... just put my oldest dog to sleep last night and she was named after this band =(

  70. Joshua Huck

    Im sorry for your loss. Stay strong. Light always follows darkness

  71. Sara Vandenberg

    My Daddy showed me Creed and he showed me this song before he died. It means a lot to me :)

    Henrique Silva

    Sara Vandenberg I really felt so sad when I saw your comment. I hope you get better today.

    Espero que supere isso.

  72. Jon Bear

    My daughter loves this song she is 3 and tries to sing it

  73. mcloven295

    I use to sing this to my child all the time before he sadly passed away :'(

  74. Lynsey Crone

    This is the only song that will get my godson to sleep when he is fussy. (: my dad used to sing it to me and now i sing it to him. 3

  75. jessnryan4

    My sister played this at my 3 month old nephews funeral so sad

  76. Alone under the stars forever

    I would love to sing this to my baby when i have one <3

  77. Gylfaginning16

    Yaay =D You're right! And then our sons and daughters will say "this is the song my father/mother used to sing to me all the time when I was a kid", when they grow old =)))

  78. Castalia Rayne

    same here! i decided to do that when i first heard the song! its a perfect lullaby i think :)

    Henrique Silva

    Castalia Rayne best one

  79. Haleigh Griswold

    This was one of my moms favorite songs she sang to us girls before she died...

  80. ArinnMackenzie

    i know you said this for weeks ago:) but congrats, spend every second you can with her. <3

  81. Sara Vandenberg

    I want this as my wedding song!

    Henrique Silva

    Sara Vandenberg are you married now? Hahah

  82. Skylar Chavez

    I love all you guys. (: <333

  83. Jeffeh Hardy

    @ThreeDaysGraceeGirl it's really easy i taught myself :)

  84. dcoolf100x

    My girlfriend has trouble sleeping, I grab my guitar and play this peaceful song... Falls asleep everytime. I love you baby <3

  85. Gylfaginning16

    When I have a daughter or a son I will certainly sing it to sleep with this song.

  86. Martina Beijer

    ive been lookng all over for a lullaby and this is the one! i dont have kids of myself but i will sing this to my nice im sure she'll love it :)

  87. Denise

    @jellybean9986 thank you for watching :)

    Henrique Silva

    Denise I was 18 yo when you posted this song! A long time has passed. Now I'm 25

  88. Katelyn Weaver

    I love this song