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To what do I owe this gift my friend?
My life, my love, my soul?
I've been dancing with the devil way too long
And it's making me grow old
Making me grow old

Let's leave...oh let's get away
Get lost in time
Where there's no reason left to hide
Let's leave...oh let's get away
Run in fields of time
Where there's no reason left to hide
No reason to hide

What are you going to do with your gift dear child?
Give life, give love, give soul?
Divided is the one who dances
For the soul is so exposed
So exposed

Let's leave...oh let's get away
Get lost in time
Where there's no reason left to hide
Let's leave...oh let's get away
Run in fields of time
Where there's no reason left to hide

There is no reason to hide

No reason to hide

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  1. Raffael Angeles

    Such an iconic band. Laugh at all the bozos that compared creed to pearl jam. both are unique in their own way lol. atleast creed aint beyonce ffs!!!! late 90s rock at it's finest - their entire catalog. oh and a killer live show too :)

  2. sue Castro


  3. Andrea Reis Rios


  4. Matt Sipe

    I was excited about this album because of "My Sacrifice." Bought the album because of "One Last Breath." Fell in love with the album because all of the other songs such as "Hide" were beautiful and thought-provoking.

    Haters can say what they want. This album was one of the best records of the decade, if not the genre itself.

  5. - RAZZIH -

    Sou da nova geração mas carai que musica, nenhuma se compara

  6. eric gelder

    Great song

  7. Jessy Joyce B

    No reason to hide!!! :'(

  8. Luana Ribeiro

    If I were a man, I would have this voice.

    Here, from Brazil.

  9. Gph90dwr e50

    The intro of this song is my ring tone for more than a year. For me this song gives a feeling of pain of loneliness and losing someone.

  10. Mel Oliveira

    Música linda ... Amo creed

  11. Daric Simonis

    This song should have been a single. It would have been a massive hit on par with One Last Breath.

  12. Nicolas Santana

    Im still listening guys😎😎2019

  13. J. Gonzalez

    Get's to the heart of the matter.

  14. Catia Simoes


  15. Tnbt 21

    “Where there’s no reason left to hide” -2019

  16. Johanes Pasaribu


  17. Andrew Flood

    LUV THIS SONG STILL IN 2019 !!!!

  18. Mohamed SaZiD

    2 0 1 9

  19. John Lennon


  20. DUDUGAMER12345 Cruz

    Creed nesse momento.

  21. Gary Beck

    Why would anyone want to play or try to stop something so beautiful and needed in our world today? It,s freaking sad!

  22. Denisse Sanchez

    Yo bro u gome romg i will kill you

  23. Martin Terrell and Jennifer Ann Weller

    Jenny pls help me from tryna hurt myself n tha ones i love esp u n lana. I nv wanted to hurt u nor my lana

  24. William Kusuma

    2018 Nov anyone?

  25. Denis Silva


  26. Barbara Ostemberg

    Meu Deus que voz é essa que alcança a minha alma, tempos bons demais! Obrigada por ter vivido isso.

    Eder Eduardo


  27. Mashudu Rathogwa

    Someone please explain the meaning of the song to me.Thank you


    i love creed

  29. Felipe Le Blanc

    2018 someone?

  30. Trevor10 Jennings

    Creed's the best rock band I've ever heard in my eyes even better then Led Zeplin! Scott's lyrics are so deep and spiritual "not religious" with the right combination along side Tremonti!

  31. ragson

    back when mainstream is not club beat...

  32. Mecky Wiando Wiando

    Wenny Mahdalena... I Love You...

  33. Wander Batata

    Feliz 2018! pra você que curt este som

  34. Kyle Bond

    No reason to hide

  35. PRIYESH 360

    anyone interested plz check out my take on creed hide "karaoke".rock rules

  36. Samuel Haokip

    Oh those days when i would rewind the tape to listen to this song over and over again. Used a hexagonal pencil to spin the cassette when i needed to save the AA batteries on my walkman.


    Samuel Haokip 😂😂😉😂 the kids have no idea what you’re talking about.😂😂😂👏🏾👏🏾

  37. Monica Umpierre

    This is actually my favorite song from the album. It brings back many great memories from my adolescent years.

  38. Darko Dameski

    Levrone brought me to all Creed songs !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  39. Pedro Washington

    se tivesse um acústico....

  40. Daniela Yeager

    Love creed it helps me reach out to God in my sad moments. God bless Scott.


    I love Creed music too. Eu escuto toda noite pra eu dormir

  42. Ironinquisitor

    Worst band of the 90s my ass. Creed's msic is deep and good.

  43. Derek Neff

    this song taught me to live my life and be MYSELF! dont ever hide who you truly are guys. be YOU!

  44. Simone Mello

    Que delícia de som...

  45. Jaden McClellan

    Whenever I hear this song, I think of myself being in the snow away from the all year long heat from Florida

  46. Linda Shaffer

    am 59 still love Creed!! favorite Christian rock band! been listening to their music since I was 42
    love the song hide!! theses guys are awesome timeless. lead singer is fanominal!! love you guys. from a grateful grama who will play your music to my grandkids!!
    no band will ever top them.! lead singer is fa

    Austin Lowe

    Linda Shaffer ain't no christian rock band

    Trevor10 Jennings

    Never a Cristian rock band although Scott is very clear about his Christianity!

  47. herri tri


  48. Beckii Barton

    this is exactly my life to a T for 12 years....not hiding....just need help getting some of my personal things outta this hells pig sty and fuck this fucked up pico rivera ca hells gate bs town....come get me...lets bounce to anywhere....still cute as ever!!

  49. Donna Britt

    This song hits me in My heart! Wish creed would get back together!!!! The music inspires me so much!

  50. ingrid souza

    Creed sempre 🎶❤

  51. M fahrizal

    no reason left to hide.... ( its best from creed)

  52. Antony Mandato

    love this

  53. BulletProofBodz X


  54. BetweenTheLyons


    Bambino 55

    @TheSonicNiGHT hahaha

    Eric El

    EnterTheLyon yeeeeeoooooooo lolol

    Nazif Hossain

    Haha love it

  55. Fluffy Bunny

    Human Clay is my favorite album, but this is my favorite song.

  56. Sara Alencar



    Vc. E linda....

  57. Marta Domanowska

    Latwoscia poskromic niz umknac w zaswiatach🌹

  58. Tio Kobs

    Feliz 2017 pessoal que curte um bom som

    Coquetel da Morte

    Cleomar K. Schmengler escuto esta música há mais de 10 anos e nunca ficará velha pra mim

  59. Accumulator

    Can't believe this is the first time I hear this song from them, so happy I fount it :D

  60. Scott Jones

    I nearly live and breathe Creed. I'm all in with my boy Stapp. I love their music, and his voice in particular!

  61. Sung Yul Taylor

    Creed is by far one of the most talented REAL bands alive. I NEVER bought into all that bs back in the day that they sucked. All the idiots saying that couldn't make music to save their life. CREED FOREVER.

    Jimmy Lost

    yes indeed!!!


    It was just a cool thing to say, back then... 'Oh Creed suck'. Yet, Tremonti is one of the greatest guitarists alive today and Scott Phillips is a well respected drummer. There's no denying Stapp's vocal strengths at this time either.

    greg wilkinson

    Three guys, guitar bass and drums, making all of that sound!

    Flight Channel

    @Tweekend27 Scott Phillips had a *huge* influence on me as a drummer in my formative years with his sturdy style. I started out in 1994 and I wouldn't say everything from _Human Clay_ onwards shaped me "little".

  62. 3rios 3rios

    Creed adorooo

  63. Nayane Borges

    linda música

    Thiego Maziero

    Nayane Borges alalio

  64. Nayane Borges

    i love creed

  65. Hugo Rampazo

    Kevin Levrone

  66. Chuck Roelofs

    Love playing the drums to this song

  67. fede camusso

    great song!!!

  68. Justin

    Horrible song.


    @njnya I just hate the song. I literally hate everything about the song. Don't get me wrong, I love Creed. However, I just despise this song for an unknown reason.


    there is no reason to hide from this song

    Ashish Kant

    Justin Dobbs fuck you you tard


    @Ashish Kant I didn't know that Creed fans were so hostile. But while I'm at it, fuck you too.

    Nolram Young

    the truth is you cannot hide Justin dobbs fake name

  69. Andréia Jordão

    Creed ❤❤❤

    Renan Tavares

    Andréia Jordão foda🤘

    Cássio Gleidson

    Melhor banda

    Nayane Costa Borges

    Sem sombra de dúvida desde criança eu escutava quando minha irmã tinha cd é claro

  70. osvaldo santos

    o que é bom sempre volta a ativa, umas das melhores bandas de rock de todos os tempos!
    boas raízes sempre voltam a crescer...

  71. vania cristina de souza

    Muito boa

  72. gil mix

    cred hide top

  73. Sergio Pena

    love this song

  74. Chris Nadeau

    hey scott stapp, have you ever eaten your own shit?

    Zac Atkinson

    Of course !

    Ashish Kant

    Chris Nadeau have you eaten my friend

    Angry Japanese Ducks

    Have you ever ate your own shit? Maybe try it and tell Scott all about it so he could take your word for it

    Ashish Kant

    J J i think you eat your shit daily and tell everyone how it is !

    Angry Japanese Ducks

    Ashish Kant wouldn't talking to you but I don't

  75. Chris

    Run free of the time *

  76. larry robinson

    my favorite group. wish they could get along. maybe one day a farewell tour.


    larry robinson That will be EPIC 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  77. TheGreat LordPonch

    Just one mistake brother, the lyrics actually say: ''Let's leave, oh, let's get away''. I saw it at Weathered CD.

  78. Sergio Pena

    no reason to hide

  79. Kevin Paulsen

    Scott writes songs about life not just his Fuck ups u guys need to listen closely to what he's saying.

    Sergio Pena

    your right brother tell them

    Kevin Paulsen

    he'll yeah

  80. Agnelo Torres

    love creed

  81. Juliana Correia

    Melhor musicaaaaaa *-* #Creed

  82. Ali Acetate

    Kevin levrone <3 .. no homo

    Luis Marsh

    hell ya bro ahahhahah

    White Russian

    ahahahh yeeeep... no homo...

  83. Tina Di Troia

    Scott, you are still loved and there are many prayers going up for you. Find your faith again and let it set you free. Don't throw away that beautiful gift God gave you. You're voice is what I imagine an Archangels voice is like. Come back home, Scott. We're pulling for you. 

    bebe victorious

    Yes!!!! I'm hoping he's OK. love this guy. hes an awesome singer. He's a blessing to many! He has fans that truly loves him without judgement. <3

    Jennifer Odom


    Glen Reed

    he has been touring his solo stuff and stepped in for Art of Anarchy after Scott Weiland passed away. they have a new single out

    emerson marques

    Tina Anderson tmj

  84. Rocky flyer

    Thanks Saint J..

  85. mi mor

     Brilliant, one of their best.

  86. sergio catalan

    no hide anything. 

  87. Justyna bee

    romantic song ;3 

  88. Tatiana Karpoff

    Damn I forgot how awesome these guys are...just goes to show good music is timeless...

  89. TheMoey


  90. *Kyra*

    This was mine and my best friends song when we were younger.
    We are still as close as sister's.
    We have been through everything together and this song is a dedication to that.
    I love you Beanie.. ♡

  91. Midobecker Gundisalvus

    You see, I was right when I said you are so conceded that you feel you have to make a point because you felt like. You are just another idiot who think that his logic is the only logic. Go away, you are boring me with your stupidity. Even better, I will leave you accompanied by your religious zealots and Creed. Have a good long life.

  92. Midobecker Gundisalvus

    But, that's it. You got no point. I don't feel threaten by anyone. One thing is not want to see the religious shit everywhere and another thing is to feel threatened. You are criticizing me for giving my opinion to comments not directed to me? So what does that make you? A bigger idiot for defending or answering to a comment not even made by you in the first place?

  93. Brandon Johnson

    That's funny. So you post a pointless comment making fun of my pointless comment. Not sure why they call something so unusual "common sense"

    There is no winning or loosing this conversation. The entire point is you feel so threatened when someone mentions religion you feel the need to fight back. Even when the comments weren't towards you, and I find that funny. So no winning just a simple point I felt like making. I do have to say reading your comments does bring laughter to my day.

  94. Midobecker Gundisalvus

    Now; you know you have no point, but you want to keep the argument alive I guess until I concede that somehow you are right, but you ain't. That's a figurative speech. Stop being a fool and let it go. Breath deep and long and let it go.

  95. Brandon Johnson

    That's interesting. So you follow people so much you know they don't go a day without quoting religion. That must take a lot of time.

  96. Midobecker Gundisalvus

    Since no comments on you tube affect you at all, what are you doing answering to mine? Perhaps, you consider yourself as the protector of religious people or maybe you are one of those who think he/she is always right and everyone else is wrong and you "MUST" correct them. Either way, I don't really give a damn a single bit what you have to say! (#THINSKINEDCHILD) has not disputed my comments because he/she knows I am right about his/her intention by writing religious comments in here.

  97. Midobecker Gundisalvus

    If your feelings are not hurt why do you keep explain yourself? Religious comments written in here are with the "Intention" of turning people. Go ask Christian Evangelicals the purpose of their religious comments on you tube or any other blog or comment section. The other reason could be they want everyone to know that they know the bible well enough to quote it. Either way you are a religious fanatic, when you can't go a day without quoting your religion.

  98. Brandon Johnson

    When did someone call me out for religious preaching or having fanatical ways? You aren't very bright are you?

    Also not sure where you got that my feelings are broken. Far from it. There is nothing anybody can say on a comment for a music video that will affect me in any way. That's where we are different. You see a religious comment you feel someone is pushing something down your throat (#THINSKINEDCHILD). You clearly are the only one with hurt feelings.

  99. Brandon Johnson

    If you're here just to watch music videos why are you spending so much time reading and replying to comments? You are clearly pushing hate of religion more than any comment I have read on this video is pushing religion.

    I also made no comments at all about God or attempted to preach at all. I simply said if people type a post about God and you feel that is pushing it down your throat you need to grow up. You may want to practice up on reading comprehension.

  100. Midobecker Gundisalvus

    Why are you the whiner? You are the one talking about feelings and the supposedly hatred towards your religion by me. That's where you got it all wrong, the only sucker in here who need to tough up is you. Stop bitching because people call you out for religious preaching and attempting to excuse your fanatical ways. So, really there only one more thing to say: Fuck off and go preach to your congregation for no one in here gives a damn about your feelings being broken.