Creed - Full Circle Lyrics

Got your freedom now boy
Who do you serve
Took for granted what you, should have preserved
No time left, no time left, to make amends
Keep burning bridges while you're buying your new friends
A day of reflection hits, you're a shell, skin and bones, counting costs
Is it worth your soul
A day of reflection hits

It's funny how times can change, rearrange and distance makes
The pain fade away
So important then, doesn't matter now
Both feet on the ground
Come full circle, yeah, come full circle

No access granted now boy, you've been denied
Jump a fence to see what's on the other side
Are you wanted, are you wanted
The question is, could second chances mean another impression
A day of reflection hits, your you're a shell, skin and bones, counting costs
Is it worth your soul
A day of reflection hits

It's funny how times can change, rearrange, and distance makes

The pain fade away
So important then, doesn't matter now
Both feet on the ground
Come full circle, we've come full circle

I got one foot stuck in heaven, yeah
One boot stuck in hell
I looked at God, he winked at me
I made this mess myself
Don't be surprised and don't deny
Hear every word I say
Close the door and don't look back or you will fade away

It's funny how times can change, rearrange and distance makes
The pain fade away

It's funny how times can change, rearrange and distance makes
The pain fade away
So important then, doesn't matter now
Both feet on the ground
Come full circle, full circle, come full circle
We have come, full circle

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Creed Full Circle Comments
  1. Joel S

    Best song on album

  2. Sven Land

    Why didn't somebody tell me they had a new (old) album? Damn!! this sh!t is some of their best!!

  3. Agent Johnson

    Just doesn't sound like Creed

  4. David Lane

    The wife and I saw
    1998 My own prison tour
    Creed/Days of the new
    2000 Human Clay tour
    2003 Weathered tour

    We are looking forward to the reunion tour 🤘

  5. juamparally

    2:18 "Nu-metal" mode activated haha
    It's a great song, great for training

    Ian Robson

    DISTURBED time! \m/

  6. José Sellva

    Muito boa essa música.

  7. willian moura

    Obra Prima <3

  8. Jerzy Dziś

    sounds bit like Sevendust's Denial, but I love it

    Tenzin 68

    Holy shit!!! No wonder I like this song so much!! Love both bands.

  9. Celeste Cote Smith

    I love Creed Saw them live in my twenties and I met Scott in Florida at Disney World in 2005,He was behind me on Space Mountain and I said"Hi Aren't you the lead singer of Creed?Scott? I didn't want to bring attention to him,too many fans as he had his kid and wife there..Super friendly and nice!!

  10. Robert Walters

    Luke 10 : 19 ....I gave you the power to tread on snakes and scorpions to OVERCOME all evil and not be harmed ... (and yes it is tattooed to my left arm ) ...

    Mike Erickson


  11. Jamie Warrior Warlord McCallum

    don't know if i have heard this before but i like it, love the voice of the lead singer so raw. good band. good rock track. 

    O Martinez

    Scott Stapp is a good vocalist, but the sad part, he's just like Scott Weiland from STP.

    JC GuitarRacer

    O Martinez Scott Stapp is sober now


    Well at least he's not dead
    I wish scott would have sobered off. But he had it even worse than scotr ever did

  12. FrostmourneFK

    Can you dedicate a song that you had no part in? Does it even make sense to do so?

  13. danbobbit153

    Now google the same for Megadeth song. Don't trust everything you read.

  14. slightlyoutofreach01

    Aww. Somebody didn't get a date to the prom.

  15. James Ely

    this song fuckiing ROCKS....period.


    I dedicate this song to all modern females!!!!

  17. DevAx

    Not only that but piracy, the pop boom, and the digital market has made it a lot harder to obtain platinum status. RIAA finally certified Full Circle platinum on their album, which is really good these days for rock. Its sad that you have such emotional songs like this being put down in favor of a Lady Gaga song with little value. I will try my hardest to tell everyone about their next album when it comes out, because they deserve it.

  18. raiban19v

    no wonder the wolves didn't like it it's horrible BLEGH. is something i would say if i didn't like creed. i bet the wolves were apart of the beiber pack

  19. Biel Murilo

    Brasil com creed no sangue !

  20. dakielster

    creed should do more heavier stuff like this

  21. Howard Huge

    Wolves say goodbye with no sympathy LOL

  22. Luke

    when you become one? I will look forward to watching you walk down the aisle as a challenger for the wold heavyweight title then.

  23. cacity40

    when i become a WWE wrestler... this is gunna be my theme song.

  24. Aar Li

    Songs like this have Power! I bet a Song from Katy Perry would NOT be able to scare wolves away :D

  25. Dave Coleman

    Man. I really love this song. The solo is just crazy! :3

  26. nowmetalhead


  27. TheCrumpers

    @travisdoborwicz who the hell said alter bridge sucks their so talented

  28. Holiday

    @OneTwoOne1212 Lol

  29. A. Galvin

    Fuck you wolves

  30. gjg50

    I really dont understand how people can say Stapp is a rip off of Vedder. Yeah their voices sound the same with a small difference.

    Its not like Stapp in his younger years said: yeah, im goin to rip off Vedders voice, download it and program it in my voice box.

    Pearl Jam and Creed are both pretty good bands.

    Vedder is great but alot of times, you cant understand what he says

    Stapp, alot of times, you can understand what he says. Thats the difference.

  31. guitarstheshit69

    ugh.. aww... ye...ahh..
    im sorry, i just creamed my pants, i meant to say CREED RULZ

  32. tori hernandez


  33. Austin Bruner

    i dont like creed at all but i like this song for some reason

  34. CCubed1717

    @ScornfulReFleX I don't hate Creed.

  35. Bronisłaf Komoroski

    Ogień kurwa!! Zajebiste!

  36. ravbruggen2

    @skyle223 are you busting my chops?

  37. Scarpaw1

    Overcome = Anti-Wolf charm <3

  38. Thetruesithis

    damn song is so good it crashed my comp... again

  39. Nathan Wheat

    Im gonna go pick a fight with a rotweiler now. :D

  40. George665511

    you say wolfs, i say creed XD

  41. Jonas Mitander

    74 people are wolfs

  42. SpottedAssedApe

    @plow250 If you listen to AC/DC then you already know Rock'n'Roll will never die.

  43. plow250

    you say lady gaga, i say Led Zeppelin

    you say hannah montana, i say AC\DC

    you say owl city, i say Deep Purple

    you say jonas brothers, i say The Rolling Stones

    you say justin bieber, i say The Beatles

    you say taylor swift, i say guns & roses.

    95% of teens these days listen to thesame crap pop songs over and over. if your one of the 5% left who still listen to real music, thumb this up, then copy and paste it to t least 5 video's. dont let rock n' roll die!

    Derek Lewis

    only 1 thumb up

  44. Luth

    @tatoo190 also listen to isolation by alter bridge

  45. Luth

    the guitar is awesome because it the same dude from alter bridge. Also if you guys havent heard the new alter bridge isolation your missin out on the best guitar solo ever

  46. Fábio Martins

    The wolves dind't attack him cuz they thought: "Wow this guy listens to Creed, he's cool, let's not eat him"

  47. Sebastien Cayer

    It's not bad. It's good hard rock.My only problem is that it's labeled metal.

  48. Byron Sadik

    74 people are actually wolves

  49. Jorge García

    @tatoo190 First time listening to them, all thanks to UG's article lol.

  50. ScornfulReFleX

    Everyone, human or not, HATES Creed, I am beyond depressed that they called this heavy metal.....

  51. Jesse gleeb

    even wolves hate creed

  52. HRodMusic

    @tatoo190 lol

  53. JustMazlum

    those wolfs accepted the awesomeness of this song and walked away after that the little boy pissed himself.

  54. 92SJ


  55. reppenandtearin

    if u like this song, go to Ultimate-Guitar & read "Creed Song Saves Norwegian Boy From Wolves"

  56. Peter van der Ploeg

    FU wolves

  57. Rafael Parente

    @DemonFlavour not really i read the interview and he said that they simply turned around and trotted away

  58. Matt Jerkhole

    @DemonFlavour yep, I read that in the news just a sec ago.

  59. Co19801003

    @DemonFlavour I just read that too! I find it hard to believe that wolves lack musical taste, but the facts don't lie. I just hope my dog has better taste, otherwise I pity the poor thing for what she has to endure ;-)

  60. chero232

    regards from germany AWSOME TRACK *_____* i luv ur music go ahead with it pls

  61. darrel shimmer

    great song

  62. irulethishood123

    @FullCircleSongs hey send me the link please i wanna see it. you know my windows media player said this cd was catorgorized as religous there more rock or hard rock

  63. thegooddoctor239

    If you want a christian band like this you should be listening to Kamelot or Adagio..but chances are that bands like this aren't a christian band, its just that your misinterpreting the lyrics, just like you can misinterpret the bible. PROGRESSIVE METAL AND ROCK FOREVER.

  64. 73gboy

    @theaethyr I Got Your Back Brutha...Creed Kicks Ass!

  65. Dirk Eyjafjallajökull

    better than alter bridge

  66. Nick From Cleveland

    im not embarassed to say i like creed (well at least not anymore) this a whole different ball game with this album and i for one enjoy it thoughrly

  67. Andrew Young


  68. Avery Clements

    @MyMytalMajesty nothing rong with be a christian he can still sing

  69. George McClure

    Wow when did creed actually start sounding half decent? Thank you overcome

  70. none

    It is 2009, Creed is back together, and they're playing guitar solos.

    What am I suppossed to be thinking right now?

  71. xblizkx

    totaly a budist band!

  72. Ag Otl

    @Tjunior92 You are a fucking idiot for even posting. what the fuck does that have to do with creed? think before you speak and keep to yourself about your fucking religion and stop trying to push people into it you fucking illiterate ingrate.-_- people like you need to know what having a religion is about. its not about preaching about well Jesus did this and Jesus did that. its about worshiping god.. you need to get a life.=Dand just for the record i don't believe god helps us we help ourselves

  73. hellboundxraven

    @Tjunior92 ok this is just a part
    you would all down me if i posted a vid right now of me doing black metal music but youd be more then happy if i played something like this so dont try and hyppocrize yourself and say that im the bad guy here im saying that it should just be left out sometimes thats MY TWO CENTS

  74. hellboundxraven

    enjoy the damn music.. religion should not be talked about in music.

  75. deadmanshafter

    @LastElementBand if you dont like the singer look at a band called alter bridge, its all creeds band members only with a different vocalist

  76. shadzzz441791

    @FullCircleSongs you should start approving comments, this whole religion thing is getting out of hand...

  77. aggressiveregresser

    Don't care what anyone says. Creed always has and always will rock!!

  78. ITMeCE

    How come EVERYONE is fighting over a song THAT DOESNT EVEN HAVE ANYTHING TO DO WITH GOD?!??!!??! wtf.... i was on a alter bridge song yesterday too, and i all i saw was fucking morons fighting over if there is a God, so please don't fight over a fucking song that has nothing to do with God, i think people just like to troll. And one more thing if you've actually listened to the song whats this life for.. you'd KNOW that Scott cusses on that and that dooesnt sound like a christian band to me.

  79. Yirrah23

    @MicHardesty its a very good album no question. but the old creed is much better.

  80. TwiceKnightly30

    Breakdown in this song is sick, great band, great song!

  81. Anna

    you guys are idiots. no one cares about your opinion on here. this is youtube. fighting isnt going to get you anywhere. get over yourselves.

  82. FullCircleSongs

    @smoke5one3 i never said that i was telling a guy that they were not

  83. TheMistaJB

    @spikeman23 yeah they are dipshit

  84. Michael Hardesty

    Better than the old Creed.

  85. rockertopper

    @MrJoshua2626 dude... its not a christian band... never has been never will be....

  86. KingZerxst

    this song reminds me alot of Tantric. if you likke it, you should look them up

  87. Patrick Rose

    I'm glad that they came back sounding exactly the same

  88. TheCrazyMex13

    hell yeah creed i comeing to iowa sioux city on augest 9

  89. shadzzz441791

    (slaps forehead) can the uploader PLEASE have comment approval so that no comments with religious/ antireligious views would show up?? friggin listen to the song, people!

  90. FullCircleSongs

    @MrJoshua2626 hey man if you look up interviews of scott stapp he said himself this was not a christian band and he is tired of people saying it.ill send you the link in a message .

  91. RyanUnplugged

    Man, have I've been living in a hole, writing my own music for too long, It's so awesome that creed got back together, Freaking awesome new songs. I'm like a kid in a candy store and it's Christmas and my birthday!!!!

  92. tori m

    this is great music... and for people to be having fights about religion? is pretty childish if you ask me.... does it matter is you are christian or not??? if you believe in god thats great!!!!! i believe to.... but if you don't believe in him... dont make hateful comments saying that HE'S NOT REAL... ITS what you believe... and not for you or me or anyone to judge.... god made you who you are today... and no plastic surgeon, can change you... only god and you can change who you are..

  93. Nikko Enriquez

    @phunkjunkie68 There is a distinct difference in playstyle and lyrics. If you can't get over the pronunciation of one phrase in the lyrics then that is your own problem.

  94. adrianisthemaster

    @motillaman4life wow u just said fuck u to those guys and then u tell them that may God have mercy on their souls.

  95. MetalMike91

    if you don't like it then quit putting comments on them, and why disgrace such a good cd

  96. Phil Coulson

    @nekronuke ????? dude, i doubt that u do that

  97. s0ldier898

    @motillaman4life awesome post i feel the same way as you people want to talk the talk but dont walk the walk using church to makeup for there sinful week then going right back out and doin the same shit when chruch is over. awesome song btw thx for postinf fullcircle

  98. Rose M

    ily creed,
    always had since there first CD and i always will.
    Like this is u love Creed

  99. Lauri Eloranta

    @StevieHendrix92 yeah it's fucking redicilous to argue about religion... ev'rybody's got their own opinions so shut the fuck up you hypocrite christians

  100. spooky_swirl

    GO CREED!!