Creed - Away In Silence Lyrics

You walked away in silence
You walked away to breathe
Stopped and turned around to say goodbye to me
I'm pleading as your leaving I'm begging you stay
I'm not the man I used to be, I've changed
I'm not the man I used to be, I've changed

Don't give up on us, don't give up on love
Don't give up on us, don't give up on love
If my life is the price, then my life it will cost
Now that I'm picking up the pieces see the pain that I have caused
It's hard to believe in someone you thought was lost
Don't give up on us, don't give up on love
Don't you walk away in silence...

In tears you counted reasons
Tears covered you it seemed
Face down screaming "God help me please"
I'm pleading as your leaving; I'm begging you to stay
I'm not the man I used to be, I've changed
I'm not the man I used to be, I've changed

Don't give up on us, don't give up on love
Don't give up on us, don't give up on love
If my life is the price, then my life it will cost
It will cost my life

Now that I'm picking up the pieces see the pain that I have caused
It's hard to believe in someone you thought was lost
Don't give up on us, don't give up on love
Don't you walk away in silence
Please come back to me
Don't you walk away in silence
I'm not the man I used to be!

Well I pray that tomorrow you'll be home
We can rebuild and forever we can go on
Go on, and go on
We can go on, well I pray that tomorrow you'll be home
Look at horizons and let the light bring you home, bring you home

Don't give up on us, don't give up on love
Don't give up on us, don't give up on love
If my life is the price, then my life it will cost
Now that I'm picking up the pieces see the pain that I have caused
It's hard to believe in someone you thought was lost
Don't give up on us, don't give up on love
Don't walk away in silence
Please don't walk away
Don't you walk away in silence
I'm not the man I used to be!

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Creed Away In Silence Comments
  1. The Invisible Metalhead 2001

    2:49. Ladies and gentlemen, Mr. Mark Tremonti on vocals.

  2. Colton Hess

    14 days sober today. Recently found this song and I’ve never had a song describe my current situation. I dated the love of my life for 2 years and I let it all waste away because I drank so much and didn’t care about her like I should have. Now that I’m finding the power to be sober she doesn’t believe I’m not the man I used to be. It’s weird because I thought about cutting my hair before hearing this song and Scott Stapp did the same thing. One day at a time. Maybe she’ll believe me one day. I hope it’s not too late at that point.

  3. Sirsho Banerjee

    Its sad that songs like these are so tremendously underrated.

  4. Valdemar Batista

    2019 Br ❤

  5. Seevetee Tee

    the chemistry between scott and mark was relived one more time in this album. this song is really up there as one of Creeds best

  6. Just A MEMER Savage

    I listen to this for motivation almost daily and sometimes when I go out for runs definitly a great hit

  7. Deise Silva


  8. liberals suck

    Great lyrics , hits home to so many

  9. Justin Wallace

    my new favorite song

  10. Random Thoughts

    this hits me every time. i was going through rahad, and lost the love of my life. she left because she could not deal with the changes i was going through. i hope one day i can tell her I'm sorry.

  11. Joseph Williams

    I 💙 this Song Man It has a lot of Heart - Touching True & Real Meaning to my life " Thank you I Love you Creed ya'll Rock Forever 💑🎸🎵 it Reminds me and my Wifey trying to Work our Beautiful Marriage out !!!

    R4V3N CR4V3N

    Twas all meant for a reason!;) Please believe that. As well as the both of you to find this song... Together

  12. mateus ferreira

    muito foda

  13. Six Feet - Creed Brazilian Tribute

  14. Chris Maltman

    love this tune

  15. Ayala

    So much love. A very beautiful song. This song hits hard. Love it.

  16. DutchRules


  17. Romulo De Olivera

    Show de mas

  18. Jeremiah Polston

    Good song

  19. Danny Darmody

    I must say that I love this song

  20. agus alzaidi

    amazing and cool

  21. RasenShuriken-Gaming

    this albu,and this song especially means so much to me. They have gotten me through alot. I love you creed. Thank you for this wonderful music.

  22. Lee Lewis

    cool song I like it.Thanks for sharing.....

  23. GyldeNj

    This track was written by frontman Scott Stapp to his wife, Jaclyn, to mark the day back in November, 2006, when she almost walked out on him. Stapp explained that this event was the turning point in finally confronting his well-publicized demons, which included depression-fueled bouts with alcohol and drugs. "That's the day that rock star with the long hair died," he said. "I had to go a thousand feet backwards to move forwards, to get back to what I was before 2002, rediscover myself mentally, emotionally and spiritually, then grow from there. By no means have I arrived at my destination, but the issues that would have devastated all that I loved in my life are now gone. I originally wanted to translate the title of the song into Arabic because my wife is from Jordan."

  24. Mephivision .Gaming

    Three years later but I had to lol at that, he sounds real insecure about Christians lol
    They may not, or have not(Dunno if they are still together) been a Christian band but they have plenty of Christian themed music, :P

  25. Daniel Knight

    After i heard this song for the 3rd time stright i hit my knees.

  26. crys vio

    can't get it out of my head

  27. Zuzanna Lupa

    I like Creed they made unical music, diffrent-real muisc,not sweet, stupid music like now becaome....I like real muisc,not techno itp-music must be have soul-Creed made deeply music, and tkank for relam music Creed,I listen you when I was younger, and now I listen too;-)

  28. tony helms

    I know a lot of people relate this song to human relationships..but in my point of view it refers more to spiritual birth and growth...

  29. Mr. Slump

    not really

  30. srtb3931

    Thought he wrote for his wife?

  31. Symphony X are badass

    2:45 is so awesome. Mark is actually a really awesome singer. I'm glad he's starting to sing more.

  32. MHLagoona1

    Just simply amazing!

  33. michael day

    Still making good songs although the 90's and early 2000's were there best

  34. Wife Life

    My ex husband wanted me to listen to this song,it is amazing but we can never be again.

  35. dragonspirtsister

    wish i hadnt walked away.....just when we were trying to work it out....God took him away.
    if the love is there you can work thru anything...never know what tmarrow will or wont bring!!!

  36. Ryan Smith

    Actually its about how he wants god to forgive him for his sins when he was about to abandon his bad years ago. Then he wanted gods forgiveness and his bands forgiveness for letting him back into the band. "Not the man i used to be i changed" is showing this. He explained it in an interview but love works too! :)

  37. Snwcat7

    Love how their songs are from the heart, good stuff maynard!

  38. Mark Branson

    Awesome song, I can relate

  39. Felicia Stewart

    What a beautiful song about! so beautiful!

  40. Felipe Gonzalez

    Im not the man who I used to be.. I changed :)
    F y B <3

  41. Daniel Romero

    I try do all 3 at once :O

  42. איציק קלה

    Tremonti - i might say genius

  43. Nick Harden

    Kick ass album for the first time listened to it

  44. Samin f

    If this makes any sense, these guys make sad songs filled with happiness.

  45. Maria Leonor Dominguez

    Shutup stop fighting about fuckin shits and jjust hear this precious music sorry bad english

  46. stewart mcleod

    lol its not that hard to believe that someone miss identifies them. stapp and tremonty took all the credit for creed for a long long time. but mark has grown up since then lol.

  47. Caleb Venym

    This is beautiful

  48. DevAx

    Oh and if you didn't know they are going to try and put an album out this year! I am going to tell everyone I know. They deserve another platinum album!

  49. DevAx

    Yea MAB has one speed, and it kills ;)- those three have always done a great job of making the riffs fit the singer and the mood to be portrayed.

  50. Clayton139

    WOW! Interesting! I can't find anything Michael has done mellow? Is there another side of him some where? :) This seems my favorite now. "Rain" coming on strong and more.. I wish Mark would play more like this with (Alter Bridge and with Myles Kennedy's tremendous voice) Mark Tremonti, Scott Phillips and with Bryan Marshal back on Bass. (These three Magical Musical Band members can do anything!

  51. DevAx

    @Clayton139 Some people may not know, but he helped his technique by getting help from Michael Angelo Batio. He is a lot more versatile now than he was when they first started Creed for sure.

  52. Clayton139

    OMGosh! Mark Tremonti's acoustic and mellow electric guitar work on these songs are tremendous...! We need more of this Mark!

  53. Grant K

    Best slow Creed song period.

  54. Kasztabastan

    @iijumark you know that Paramore did A LOT of covers and also took ideas from different bands. I like paramore and they were a good band. Also I think its just your imagination/hearing

  55. Citysin Angels

    @iijumark this riff was on tremonti's instructional dvd which came out a little more than a year prior to this album.

  56. Gustavo Barbosa

    love music + Creed = spectacular

  57. Seemansgrab


  58. Keith D. Hargrave


  59. Spack1801

    I never gave up on Creed when they broke, I knew they were too good of a band to break for a long time :D

  60. igorcurumim

    Creed Rulez !

  61. Carolina Morais

    caraca eu amo o creed sempre vou amar desda primeira muisica que eu ouvir e pra sempre vou gostar !! s2 dari tudo pra conhecelos!!

  62. trentmccoytv

    @burnmehdown214 You know phillips is the drummer, right?

  63. siddharth kumar

    everything about creed's music is full of soul........from the vocals to the killer guitar and simple drumming.....just perfect

  64. moazzamlxxl

    9 are still the same as they used to be !!!

  65. Utpal Roy

    its mah song......its 2 gud!!!!!! awesome!!!!!!!

  66. Timothy Valles

    I love when tremonti starts to sing the backups at 2:50

    Caleb Budde

    Timothy Valles Me too it’s too bad they shelved their 5th album and moved on to solo careers to die and be forgotten by other than a few hundred thousand loyal fans.

  67. Radu Popescu

    @burnmehdown214 Thumbs up if everytime you hear a great song like this, you just cycle between airdrums, air-bass and airguitar, while mouthing the lyrics of the song and everybody thinks you're weird for that, but you just don't give a flying f**k!

  68. Jeams Dalaguit

    i discovered CREED it was back in 2003 or 2004 (i dint really remember the year) I found out that they broke up in 2006, and now I rediscovered them, just right now!

  69. humanoidcontent

    @SouljaSkull Seems like he's become a much stronger singer since Creed 1.0, I remember having to really listen to hear him before.

  70. oneofanceantproficy

    @professorbastardizer and the creed vs alter bridge crap... it might be cool if myles kennedy and scott stapp and the rest of the gang should all team up and make a TRULY awesome band!

  71. GASPER G.

    they are back?

  72. Avatar .Donnie

    @humanoidcontent from like 2:47 to 3:18 yeah thats mark

  73. Spiros Pagiatis

    @pjkr123 maybe, maybe not. but just as sweetsongman1 said, its the thought that counts and few people would be able to describe creed in a better way! :D

  74. Spiros Pagiatis

    @pjkr123 maybe, maybe not. but jsut as sweetsongman1 said, its the thought that counts and few people would be able to describe creed in a better way! :D

  75. humanoidcontent

    Is that Tremonti singing the background vocals?

    Caleb Budde

    humanoidcontent Yes it is!

  76. Touc

    T: I love thing song very much. Elle est trop belle, j'aime trop trop trop :)

  77. pjkr123

    @burnmehdown214 damn how come your comment have many thumbups?
    does anyone really know who creed is?

  78. Nick Reck

    @spjfrat phillips is the drummer and marshall plays bass

  79. stewart miller

    This song speaks to me right now, I'm having relationship problems and this fits perfectly! When my girlfriend and I hang out today I'm going to play this song in my truck!!! It will be an apology to all I have done!! Thank you Creed!!

  80. Kmaxima7490

    I saw him a month ago, AND HIS VOCALS WERE FLAWLESS. Get off the internet and so see their show if you think im wrong.

  81. Bysjorss

    Like the new songs

  82. Barbara Bacic

    So happy theyre back ... I got to hang with them for a day back in 2000 ..was heartbroken when they broke up and elated when I heard they were back together, just saw them live on this passed thursday, love em .. great guys , awesome talent ..hey burnmedown just wanted to let u know that Phillips(Flip) is the drummer and Marshall is the bassist ..

  83. Red Hmong

    They don't sound the same anymore.

    Caleb Budde

    Red Hmong True, but as Smash Mouth says in All Star: “All that glitters is gold. Only Shooting Stars can break the Mold.”

  84. scuttlebuttin13

    @crivera88 My theory is, with Scott moving around like a spaz the way he does live, he's not focusing on his singing. Also, they recorded this CD RIGHT BEFORE they toured last year, so I'm sure his voice was hurting the whole tour, which is why his tone is worse. He sounds way better now than last year though, look up some videos from this year.

  85. crivera88

    @burnmehdown214 True that, but why does Stapp sound off/flat live? Studio manipulation?

  86. Wolfhound

    @spjfrat Damn right we are!! Loved this band in highschool and for the few years after highschool and I'm glad they're back now that I'm old enough to really appreciate how great they were compaired to the crap thats now popular...

  87. AstrophelTDeath

    @j202020 No they are not. Scott Stapp and the other members of the band have specifically said in past interviews that the band is not a christian band. Scott Stapp is a christian, some of his songs are about religion but not even half of them. Do some research you idiot, " time to expose and evangelize". Religion has had long enough to make itself look stupid. Its time for them to put down the jesus juice and shut the fuck up.

  88. Pascal Wiegmann

    wonderful song ... exactly in that situation .....

  89. Caleb Hedrick

    @j202020 They are not a christian band. Stapp is the son of a pentecostal preacher. His christian background is what lends to his lyrics but Creed is not a christian band and never has been. The album title is full circle and when he's talking about being entitled to overcome...he was probably talking more about his drug addiction.

  90. A Poole

    @j202020 nowhere has it been said that they're a christan band, because they aren't

    Caleb Budde

    A Poole Just think: If the declared themselves as a christian band, how many millions more would hate them? This music is healing to ALL people no matter what. Many of the songs do unintentionally come out with christian themes and questioning but that is because of his background. Scott Stapp and all the members are Christian and love and believe in God now, but they never were straight up a christian rock band.
    *Just to Clarify*
    Hope you liked the explanation!

  91. Tanner Penski

    this new album sorta like shinedown and pearl jam, i like it

  92. Alex Mercer

    we can rebuild and forever we can go on

    i love this song

  93. Silverfuck1981

    Te alejaste en silencio,
    Te alejaste para respirar,
    Te detuviste y volviste sólo para decirme adiós.
    Estoy rogando por tu partida,
    Estoy rogando que te quedes.
    Ya no soy el hombre que solía ser, he cambiado…