Crash Test Dummies - Sonnet 3 (The Cold Is Here) Lyrics

The cold is here, the woods are full of snow
The river with its crusted banks of ice
Bespeak of winter drownings long ago
The chest pressed tightly, as though in a vise

The birds have flown away to warmer climes
The mammals in their caves to hibernate
The summer seems a lost and gentle time
When grass grew up against the swinging gate

The children's cheeks have turned a rosy red
The wealthy are beside their fires, warm
And then there's he who is without a bed
In which to lay and ride the raging storm

And in the graveyard, cold old bones do lie
And far above, the stars light up the sky

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Crash Test Dummies Sonnet 3 (The Cold Is Here) Comments
  1. ch h

    great album! my favorite cut of the album is You've Had Your Run.

  2. Pauperganda

    EASILY my favorite one...and I love em' all

  3. Andrea Asioli

    so unexpected - profound, beautiful, haunting, sinister

  4. chainmatrix

    Thank you for the upload. Especially "The Unforgiven Ones" abd "Come Down to the Sinkhole" are damn near perfect songs.

  5. [Place Holder] Gaming

    Their best and most underrated album imho

  6. samrachelh

    Finally someone uploaded this album. I love these guys!!!!

  7. Ophelia Steer

    Thank you for posting this! I've been looking for a lot of these songs 🖤

  8. Chris Hussey

    This album was recorded in my hometown. Love this album

  9. dreil55

    I love this album with a unique passion and listen to it exclusively in wintertime, around christmas. This is SOTU season.

  10. adamtwelve

    Thank you, had this album a long time ago and couldn't find it in spotify for some reason

  11. Christopher Banbury

    Canada's Johnny Cash


    Gordon Lightfoot would like a word with you

    Kendra VanBurkleo

    @BosheefaJohnstone lol

  12. CyricD

    OMG ty for this upload! I can't get this cd anywhere!

  13. J Grif

    Lol what happened to you man? There was a brief period in my life where I thought you were jesus. Do you at least do local pubs and stuff? on the east coast? Man God Shuffled His Feet got me through some rough times. What is your storry man?


    J Grif we are lucky he didn’t blow his brains out. Tough times for the intelligent but cyclical man. You know he’s a good guy but he’s also explored some very dark stuff.

    DM Crew

    Hope you got to see the God Shuffled His Feet tour going on now! Just saw them in Portland, OR. Absolutely awesome!!!!!! Great music, great wit, great people, great times!

  14. preserver7777

    This is quite good isnt it? Sober as fuck, but quite engaging.